The canary in the coal mine.. fewer kids

June 22, 2012

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

I’m not Nostradamus but…

World with less and less marriageable women, and men taking greater precautions during pathetic economic times, the  man-cession and inability to provide for a stable family (or avoid getting raped by divorce, alimony, child support, losing access to kids, you get the point)… it’s not abnormal to see this dip.

Put a fork in it, it’s done.

Births in Canada down for the first time in a decade

“The bump-up seems to be that a lot of couples have postponed child-bearing and then they get to the end of the child-bearing possibilities, or what they perceive as that, and they have a child later,” she tells the Canadian Press.

So maybe it was just a 10-year blip, and now we can all go back to raising our 1.67 children.

With more and more men swallowing red pill knowledge by the day at an exponential level.. how many men are going to start avoiding helping these women  who are at the end of their ‘child bearing’ years pop out a kid when they’re targeting the young’ns.

If anyone can find info mirroring this for other countries like the U.S., U.K or land down under.. do share.

The canary is twitching. Ye have been warned.


  1. I’m 23 and I’ve seriously considered getting a vasectomy. Go figure.

  2. I’ve pondered it. Today, it’s safer to shoot in a cup and freeze it, get snipped.. and if the procedure can’t be reversed later on, you still got a bunch of swimmers in the fridge. Too bad your balls look like a bruised plum for a little while after the procedure. That’s why i’m waiting for the Vasagel injection. As non-invasive as it gets and 100% reversible. Question is.. can you wait?

  3. Haha. This makes me laugh simply with the timing. I just had a debate with a Canadian female friend of mine last night about entitlement and how I’m sick of it. Posted the transcript to my blog if you want to laugh at some hamsterobics

  4. Haha. This post makes me laugh because I just posted a transcript of a debate I had with a Canadian friend via Facebook. Crazy hamstering.

    Though then Yohami came and showed me some of the things I should have said instead. Doh. Such is life and learning.

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