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Why Woman’s Economic Choices Have Made The World Stupid

August 22, 2013


How’s that for an inflamatory statement, hehehe.

OK, we all know NAWALT.. but let me explain why the general statement is true.

And i have proof.

I was recently over at my mothers for dinner when i caught this show being advertised on A&E.

A&E Premieres New Original Series “Modern Dads”

One can only wonder what kind of show it’s going to turn out to be, and whether it will further the misandry in our culture or show modern dads doing right by their kids in a system that works against them every day.

But it also dawned on me that it was just another damn ‘reality’ tv show.

Now i’ll admit, i have a small weakness for Parking Wars, but that’s about it. And to be honest, i don’t have cable in my home. I catch snippets of it when at my parents or other peoples domiciles. Cable is a fucking mind numbing disease nowadays.. but i reflect upon my early years and lament a time when this wasn’t always the case.

I bring to you the tragic tale of the channel i personally hold responsible for both my love and fascination of space, science, and the curiosity of the world.. and for the decline of our collective IQ’s, our attention spans and the whole of Western Civilization. This one channel helped bring about an Idiocracy on this continent.

I present to you


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To My Female Readers Who Support Feminism or Hookup Culture

December 12, 2012

I have been told i may have a few more female viewers than i thought by an little birdy that goes ‘whakawhakawhaka’ instead of tweet.

And i know some of my somewhat regular female readers who have posted here in the past on various topics, specifically wrt Sluts, Slut shaming, Carousel Riding and Casual Sex.

I want you to go read this post HERE and pay special attention to this quote here:

Feminism has done an amazing job of turning pussy into a commodity, not unlike internet bandwidth. I remember it used to cost me $10 per gigabyte over ten years ago to host a web site, but now it’s just a few cents. If a company today offered a hosting plan at 2002 prices, they would go out of business. Today you have many women pricing their pussy at 1960 levels when the current market value—in the form of a man’s cost per notch—is approaching $0. Too many girls are giving it away for free because it has become free.

…Relationships have more to do with economics than love. If the price of your current pussy fluctuates out of your favor, turn in your rental to get a different pussy that gives more value.

..and then tell me whether you are still proud of all feminism and it’s bastard spawn ‘hookup culture’ has wrought? You’ve reduced yourself to nothing more than Pumpkin futures! And Halloween is OVER!

And if you need any more lessons in market forces and economics.. let ol’ Cappy Cap here fill you in. It is his area of expertise!

“The price is based on what the market will bear.”


Game and the Rise of the Kwisatz Haderach

August 16, 2012

So, some time ago i decided to be a smartass and tell the world i was reading ‘the Game’. It was on my Assbook, my TUMBLR, this blog, on a billboard downtown and on OKCupid.

Well, maybe not the billboard.

In any case, one day one of the women i politely asked to chat with in a non cut&paste manner previewed my profile before responding and noticed that i had written in ‘The Most Private Thing I’m Willing To Admit’ box was that i was currently reading the book. Here’s the extremely quick chat we had.

Preconceptions and an inability to argue beyond emotional hysterics. This is where conversations go to die.

I have another post in the works about a trend i’m noticing online, and how women talk in the real world as well. About how they’re ‘tired of the games’ or ‘guys are assholes’. It’s the Chicks Dig Jerks syndrome of course.

And they’re starting to blame it on ‘Game’ because it is starting to go mainstream. Fuck, i even saw an episode of Criminal Minds not too long ago where they were investigating someone who was running ‘Pick Up’ training, and the killer took one of his courses on the dark arts. Of course the actor they chose looked like a sleezeball and slimey (had to get your digs in MSM) but it shows that Game and PickUp are becoming part of the mainstream narrative. More and more women are becoming aware that men are learning and reading about how to seduce women and are becoming frightened by the thought.

You’d think women would love the chance to have MOAR alpha men to choose from to satiate their hypergamous sexholes need for top dog sausage.


Almost paradoxically, the more alpha’s that enter the system, in the minds of women.. DILUTE the prize of becoming the prize pig to an alpha. What is the victory in shackling one down when they’re a dime a dozen? It’s like currency. Flooding the economy with more printed money and what do you get? People buying bread with wheel-barrels full of paper. Women don’t want to wheel around dump trucks full of useless kindling.

BUT WAIT, it gets even better!

Women are starting to also catch on to the fact that PUA’s, while maybe not having been naturals, seem indistinguishable. Yes the bad ones have certain tells, but the good PUA’s.. you don’t know it until they’re asking you kindly to leave their flat while throwing your clothes out the door and saying thanks for the lay. Another one for the pump and dump files. They are scared of ceding control, of losing the ability to make t-shirts that say ‘I have the pussy, I make the rules’.

Others who won’t bother to become hardcore PUA’s will still nonetheless learn how to react with dignity and not to be a pussy beggar, thus ending the free ride of so many entitled mooching whores. These men will not bend or yield as they force women to qualify to them and reject outright the batshit crazy, the entitled princess, the narcissist attention whore, the beta-orbiter collector. As was pointed out to me by both my brother and Leap of Beta, even learning to withhold the act of surrender-commitment is a huge game-changer IF enough men learn this concept and enforce it.

The point i’m driving at is that women want to paint Game as some evil entity and that your association to it in ANY WAY marks you as a villainous user of women (as if that isn’t just female imperative with gender reversal). What they fail to grasp is that Game isn’t moral, it’s amoral. Game itself is unaware AND indifferent to questions of right or wrong. It doesn’t care! (like Hypergamy)

Over at Dalrocks, guest blogger Cane Caldo touches upon the symbiotic and inverse relationship of Game/Hypergamy on his post Cypher’s Dilemma.

What is Game? Here’s the definition, as I understand it:

Game is the applied science of attraction, most commonly expressed as the art of seduction. It’s based on the supposed evolutionary psychology of human; with a special emphasis on exploiting the condition of hypergamy.

Hypergamy is a philosophy of the condition of women that says, whenever possible, any given woman will choose to mate with the male in her vicinity that is exhibiting the most, and most dominant, sexual traits. Those sexual traits, themselves, are Game.

It’s a really good read, but it devolves into moralizing about why Game is bad/wrong/not necessary for Christians. To each their own, but i think he’s missing a key point that Dalrock got. It’s not game that’s evil.. it’s how the practitioner decides to use Game.

Maybe this graphic will help.

Everything pictured here can kill. EVERYTHING.

Game is a Tool.

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