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Why Woman’s Economic Choices Have Made The World Stupid

August 22, 2013


How’s that for an inflamatory statement, hehehe.

OK, we all know NAWALT.. but let me explain why the general statement is true.

And i have proof.

I was recently over at my mothers for dinner when i caught this show being advertised on A&E.

A&E Premieres New Original Series “Modern Dads”

One can only wonder what kind of show it’s going to turn out to be, and whether it will further the misandry in our culture or show modern dads doing right by their kids in a system that works against them every day.

But it also dawned on me that it was just another damn ‘reality’ tv show.

Now i’ll admit, i have a small weakness for Parking Wars, but that’s about it. And to be honest, i don’t have cable in my home. I catch snippets of it when at my parents or other peoples domiciles. Cable is a fucking mind numbing disease nowadays.. but i reflect upon my early years and lament a time when this wasn’t always the case.

I bring to you the tragic tale of the channel i personally hold responsible for both my love and fascination of space, science, and the curiosity of the world.. and for the decline of our collective IQ’s, our attention spans and the whole of Western Civilization. This one channel helped bring about an Idiocracy on this continent.

I present to you


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It’s not up to Men to kill Feminism

September 19, 2012

In my last post where i quoted DetiCarolina posted a comment that reiterates what i’ve heard quite often and can actualy sympathise with. Feminism lied to women too. There can be no argument of that.

My response started drifting into a large amount of text so i decided to make it a post rather than leave it buried in a comment.

I have made the same point on HUS many times, only to be told unequivocally that this was not ‘her’ problem to fix, her only goal, her blogs goal, was to get UMC folks hooked up and married. Apparently in the digital domain of HUS, they are secluded on an island somewhere where the rules governing society don’t apply to them. They will just coast along and make whatever adjustments are required to get UMC college brats to hook up in the hopes of getting married, with all inequities and injustices still in play. That is why i left. I cannot condone telling people to march blindly and willingly into such a possibly self destructive situation that still operates under the law of feminism and all its inherent dangers.

Just because UMC divorce rates are a low 17% according to her stats, that makes it peachy to advocate marriage. Tell that to the possible 1,700 men out of 10,000 that will be divorce raped out of their lives. The only way you could convince me to accept an operation with a fatality rate of 17% is if my life was at stake. Given that outside UMC, the rate borders on the odds of a coin toss.

HUS still operates for marriage 2.0 and does nothing to bring or effect change. So i walk away, with my sanity intact.

But back to Carolina’s comment.

It’s often that i forget that a lot of women got suckered in with Feminist propaganda and rhetoric thus were herded away from their proper natural role as a pinnacle of civilization into the feral hypersexualized and gender bent women of today via peer pressure and the need to fit in with the grand narrative Feminism built. I recognize NAWALT as real no matter how much it plays out like a meme. I only need look at women like Carolina, Stingray, GirlWritesWhat, etc.. to know there are great women out there (they just all end up being already married lol) who are capable of introspection, understanding and pushing back against feminism. I would really ask any woman to please check out GirlWritesWhat’s Youtube channel. It will open your eyes hearing everything we men talk of coming from a woman who knows her stuff better than most men! And we must always remember that it is a mitigating factor that women were conned by Feminism, and we must accept that they acted upon a lie, because as me and Deti have been saying for some time, men have been acting upon those same lies too, and paying a heavy price for believing in them. Just as it’s not the fault of Beta guys who followed the script we were force fed in the 80’s and 90’s and followed it off a cliff, so too can we not blame women for following it off a cliff either.

Yes women are victims of it too. Propaganda does not affect just one gender. If a boy is taught and told enough times that the majority wants him to get in touch with his emotions, feminine side, not be aggressive, to ‘be nice’, respect and always listen to what a woman says (and not what she does).. no matter what visual evidence to the contrary, he’ll buy into it.

So if women are told and reinforced constantly that they are just like men, can fuck just like men, work and party it up now and get marriage kids later, live a fabulous life and have it all, no matter what visual evidence to the contrary, she’ll buy into it as well.

I feel we’ve only still hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of fallout from it’s influence in society.

Blame can’t be assigned for those who followed blindly. But at the end of the day it’s not up to men to fix the problem of Feminism’s lie machine for society.

Feminism fucked up both genders. It taught women to be masculine and feminized men. Now we have a world of beta men and masculanized women who cant stand those same feminized men. Those men are woken up violently by the redpill and come to despise the masculanized women. They fight back by learning about being men from men and use this knowledge against those same masulanized women that marginalized them while chasing the dream of feminism, fuck like a guy now, give away your most precious commodity to those least deserving of it (your youth, vitality, fertility, loyalty, sex and love by proxy), marry later at your convenience. Well the alpha men they enjoyed fucking didn’t want to marry them. The beta men either went rogue and became alpha as well or remained beta and bitter. Neither of which will be chomping at the bit to play into feminism’s fabulous ‘have it all’ endgame. Hence spinsters and cats.

The promise of enlightened hedonism for women has backfired (and the lesser men who fought alongside feminism in the hopes of jumping in on the plentiful pussy bandwagon). One only need to see the plethora of hedonism espoused on some of the greatest PUA sites of our time as they slay pussy left right and centre like hunters going after the prize elephant as they employ every facet of game including the dark arts to let these women tingle themselves out of their panties and believe charm over reason. One also only need to traverse and online dating site and see a Tsunami of 30+ year old women all barking out the same tune of wanting to settle down and have that child that their 20’s hedonistic lifestyle didn’t alot for. And society as a whole falters while this all takes place.

Society was built on the barter of sex. Of this there is no doubt. Men always did honorable things for it. They did horrendous things for it. They built cities and castles to house and protect it, Kings sent men off to die in wars for it. At the core of every man within ‘civilized’ society was his trading of utility for access to sex. The Patriarchy, whatever the fuck it means, is what built us up from grass huts into skyscrapers and collecting muddy water in buckets to tap water on demand. It was built with men’s labour in exchange for females honoring the social contract.

Feminism is poised to end that civilization, by allowing women to go feral, and let a derth of men, good decent men who simply failed to be taught how to turn on instant awesomeness, whether the douchebag variety or otherwise go wanting for years on end. Passed over time and again with no ability to string enough ‘wins’ in their column to build real confidence, they turned to their hobbies and video games that they excelled at eventually withdrawing from the thought of doing anything to help ‘civilization’ along. Why bother? There was nothing in it for them. The women voted with their feet and their vagina’s. To the winner go the spoils, to the losers, Warcraft, D&D and online porn. Go without long enough, and you train yourself to live without it, and any desire to build that family that cranks out future consumers and taxpayers as well. Call of Duty’s a’callin.

But at the heart of it all was feminism. The dark dead heart of it was playing that there were no gender differences. We all think and act the same, same strengths, same weakness’s, we are identical except guys have floppy bits around the crotch and always think about sex because we’re stupid bastards thinking with our dicks therefore inferior (oh wait, so there is a difference after all?) And in trying to fuck with nature, they fucked with the course of human evolution and civilization for the next couple hundred years to be sure.

No more grand bargain or social contract = No more chivalry. No more caring to man up, get a hard job to earn a good wage to provide for a future family and work my way into an early grave for the love of a good wife and wellbeing of my offspring. There is no one stepping up to the plate, WOMANING UP to be a dutiful wife and great mother worth the effort of that hard work. There is no need to plan for that big house, the minivan, property taxes, mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc.. required to make a family prosper. No women around me were willing to abide by the old rules to make it worth my time to try. As long as feminism continues to teach women to hunt alpha’s while building up careers and extolling those virtues as marriage/mate credentials in their 30’s as something to consider accomplishment or be proud of.. this death spiral will continue. As long as marriage 2.0 remains on the table the death spiral will continue. As long as men’s sexual urges and desires are deemed unruly and criminalized the death spiral will continue. And as long as women are told to burn away their 20’s destroying their value through casual sex and riding the carousel with a myriad of guys in the top 20% to the exclusion of the bottom 80% this death spiral is all but assured. The internet means the manospheres message will be taken in by men at an exponential level. Every day it will become harder and harder for spinsters to find a chump to pick her up after 30 armed with this knowledge. Everyday more and more men will go redpill, discover game, go their own way, become bitter, hostile and react to discovering the truth by living for themselves, hedonistic, slaying pussy or working just enough for their own needs and give the rest of civilization the finger. More men every day will pass on the knowledge of the manosphere to others. With each divorce comes a new recruit, and all those who witness it primed to look down the rabbit hole themselves.

And it is a pity that good women will get caught up in this as collateral damage.. of which millions of my beta brethren can attest to as they have also been sacrificed on the alter of a great evil social experiment gone haywire. The sad part is men can only band together and help themselves whilst sounding the clarion call of the danger, but ONLY women will be able to fix this, and by fix i mean kill feminism off. Enough women have to go against the HERD and renounce feminism’s black ideology of female supremacy and irresponsibility as it stands now. This isn’t about clawing back women’s right to vote or get them preggo n barefoot in the kitchen. It’s about recognizing men as individuals, with their own desires and dreams that are DIFFERENT due to biology.

It’s about women saying ENOUGH, we got the EQUAL rights we wanted so now STOP FUCKING AROUND WITH OUR MEN, OUR HUSBANDS, OUR BROTHERS AND OUR SONS.

Women need to rise up and say to Feminists:
– stop telling us there are no gender differences and that gender is a social construct
– stop telling us our men need to be emotional and in touch with their feelings and to talk out their problems like women
– stop telling our men that they should be ashamed of their sexual role, function, drive and need for sex
– stop telling me im just as capable as a man of putting out fires, fighting wars or building skyscrapers, most of us can’t and i don’t want to
– stop telling me, my daughter, my sisters that i can fuck like a man without any consequences
– stop telling us our brothers, sons, fathers are potential rapists we should always be in fear of and to teach them not to rape

and most importantly


But until that day, men will continue to do what they always do.. adapt to the current situation. PUA or MGTOW.

As Morpheus would say, Carolina.. Welcome to the desert of the real.


I have a dream! That one day, in my city, the city that spawned the ludicrous ‘SLUTWALK’, where it is now all but certain to be an annual event (with dwindling numbers as was reported in Vancouver) they will run into a counter protest led by women to face off against them, in such numbers that the media is forced to notice. Ideally i think no one would be more suited for this than GirlWritesWhat. I can see her verbally eviscerate Feminists on CNN and CBC now in a manner that will make a lot of women wake up. It is just a dream.. but it’s a nice one. If we could get enough Redpill women to get their voices to carry over the feminazi ones in the lamestream, perhaps enough women will wake up to the reality and have their own redpill moment.

And it would mean i’d get to personally meet up with them when they come to visit Toronto.. wicked bonus!


PPS- i understand that there is a lot of rage by men, who have seen the light and adopted a take no prisoners approach, who refuse becoming a utility to the extreme. That being said, i do not view ‘women’ as the enemy, only feminists. (Like Danny, i love women, not teh wimminz) I want women to be complementary, to be the masculine to the womans needs providing she returns the feminine back to me that i require. I would not have an issue with working harder and longer hours, providing the woman appreciates it by doting upon me and honors the social contract as it used to be. My fight against being a pack mule is reserved for entitled and unworthy women who expect it as a matter of course and entitled to it solely because they have a vagina. That’s the distinction i draw.

No marriage until laws are fixed.

No kids/slaving away to provide unless woman is worthy and feminine (knows her role)

No manning up until women women up.

There’s more i can write on this, but i gotta get back to ‘work’. Hope this clears some of my positioning up.


Another man bites the dust, but don’t forget to mention about women too.

August 29, 2012

Caught this on Global TV last night. I can’t embed the video so go to the link below and watch the clip.

See if you can spot the part that made me kinda spit a little beer out of my mouth. I’ll wait.

Click to go to video

Didn’t hear it? I’ll give you a clue. It happens at the 47 second mark when the constable is talking.

Did you notice the only female in this report is the reporter narrating?

Here’s the Toronto Sun report with a picture slideshow of the scene. Notice anything?

Some Canadian stats:

A recent 131-page report titled A Roadmap to Men’s Health, produced by a medical team from SFU, UBC and Vancouver General Hospital, found that men are the victims of more than 97 per cent of all Canadian workplace deaths. (article)

A insurance report entitled Jobs that can kill: Workplace fatalities in Canada by gender:

There were 1,097 Canadians killed at their place of work in 2005 according to a recent study by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards. When we take a look at who these people are, the gender trend is clear; the average rate of workplace deaths in Canada in 2005 was 30 times higher for men than women. In other words, 97 per cent of the people killed on the job were men. In actual numbers, of the 1097 reported workplace deaths in 2005, 1069 were male workers while the remaining 28 were female workers. The study also reports, the rate of workplace death is rising for men and falling for women. (article)

Some U.S. stats supplied by the beautiful Carolina in her smashing article Do Any Women Work at the Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous Jobs that Men Do? Any Women At All?

  • “In 2006, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Stats, 5,396 men and 444 women were killed on the job. Women were only 7.5% of on-the-job fatalities.”
  • “And, btw, the 412 rescue workers who were killed in the 9/11 attacks were…all men.”
  • 99% of coal miners are men.*
  • 99% of garbage collectors are men.*
  • 100% of deep sea fishermen are men.
  • 100% of electrical power line installers are men.
  • 100% of roughnecks (work the oil drill) are men.
  • 99% of auto repair mechanics are men.*
  • 99% of roofers are men.*
  • 100% of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics are men.
  • 98% of metal fabricators are men.
  • 97% of aircraft maintenance and service technicians are men.
  • 95.5% of firefighters are men
  • 92% of construction workers are men.
  • 88% of patrol officers are men.

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