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Failure to Launch

September 19, 2012


I dedicate this post to HUS.

Census 2011: Canadian families get smaller, married couples fewer

Canadian families are getting smaller, the number of married couples is lagging

Check. Women not wanting to marry down, women holding off till 30+, rampant divorce fear. Take your pick. It’s not a good look now.

And while married couples are still the predominant family structure in Canada, their numbers only increased by 3.1 per cent since 2006, while the number of common-law couples rose by 13.9 per cent over that same period. Single-parent families rose by 8 per cent.

Check. A few more blue pillers took the plunge. I will pray for you. A huge margin prefer cohabiting or FWBing their way into ‘couple’ category in the census, how nice. Bringing up the rear are a majority of future fucked up children with no male role model. The decline continues.

Families themselves are getting smaller and not just because single-parent families are on the rise. In 1961, the average number of children per family was 2.7. That number is now just 1.9.

Check. Yeah.. that whole fertility thing kinda puts a cap on having more kids late. Oh of course it’s also much more expensive to raise the little tikes too.. but my guess is it’s harder to keep cranking them out when the internal plumbing has lost it’s sheen and been backed up no matter how many attempts of roto rootering are made. And as OKCupid and POF can attest to, those lonely single moms with children just begging to get wifed up just simply aren’t reeling them in for some curious reason.

The census also confirmed the existence of the “failure to launch” phenomenon, registering 42.3 per cent of young adults in their 20s — particularly men — still living with their parents.

Check. When you take sex off the table, giving it to only the lucky few at the top, you create disincentive for the masses from wanting to leave the nest to build their own nest with another bird, especially a used up gangly, featherless bird that can’t really fly anymore and squawks about how fabulous it is. Factor in a man-cession that killed millions of male jobs, a tendency to push females ahead of males in the new workplace, and the general fiscal responsibility men display vs. the consumerism and debt spending women display, and it’s no wonder that men are opting out to stay home with mummmy n daddy.

Such a pretty little graph. Too bad it doesn’t have a separate line for Upper Middle Class…

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Toxic Waters

September 6, 2012

[edit: May 28. 2013 – contacted by one of the women i linked to. I’ve disabled all the links, tho most were already dead. She engaged me in brief conversation, some of which i’ve taken to heart. Nevertheless, the post stays up, at least as a continuing lesson to the reality that men must face of constant solipsistic women who wouldn’t have one iota of a clue what men face in the digital arena of online dating, and how women can better improve their profiles by taking much of PrivateMan’s advice instead of feminist Grrrlpower advice.]

And the second angel poured out his vial on the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.”

<< Revelation 16:3 >>

Something foul in the water

Something foul in the water

There is something wrong with the water.

I have heard stories about how pitiful the dating scene in Toronto is. Apparently it’s been talked about here, here and here. I mean.. when you make it onto Roosh’s forum, it’s bad.. very bad. As bad as Washington DC? I dunno.. but something is definitely most foul emanating off Lake Ontario.

I have tried online dating in the past, and still been trolling the waters as of late, but i’ve been dredging up nothing but toxic sludge from the bottom of the deep dank and dark places under the surface.

I’ve had more conversations with women from the U.S. than my own city. The ratio of messages to responses is a fucking joke.

I can count on my hands the number of returns i’ve gotten after the hundreds of messages i’ve put out. Some really well though out shit.. POOF.. nothing. So when you come across a profile that begs the guy to put more effort into writing something beyond a cut/paste routine.. you tend to want to tell this woman off in the kindest way possible. Okie dokey.

Part of me is seriously considering an expat move which would simply involve me obtaining a copy of Rosetta Stone language instruction for Polish so i can learn what i failed in my childhood. My own native language. A world of possibilities could open up with just this one act.

(side note, i came across a very cute polish lass at my best man’s sons birthday party. Mid to late 20’s, very sweet, and looked promising. Sadly she’ll be leaving back for Poland shortly. Hopefully i’ll get to meet her again before she goes back and i get to plant the idea *inception style* of her wanting to return to come back to me. Very interested in my photography, behooves me to try and go pro with it. Also, she knows my Polish blows donkey balls so if i got proficient at it.. i think she’d be impressed. Besides.. talking dirty in a language she understands better would make things so much more exciting. I need to be better than just understanding the language, i need to *think* it!)

Ok. so back to the computer version of fishing in the Dead Sea.

Oh, you want more than just ‘Hi whasup?’ even tho you probably got 500 bazillion emails and you’re going to delete mine right away even if i wrote out a message that rivaled War & Peace in terms of word count.. well alright here you go.. words upon words upon words. Not enough? Here.. perhaps a little blood to go along with it to show my sincerity! Not enough still? Take my life while you’re at it! You want my soul too?

There’s been a rash of posts coming out about dating scene stuff. Just got an email from the not so Private Man’s blog about women’s piss poor dating profiles and how to fix them. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s both humorous and sad to read so many female online dating profiles where women proudly shout their independence and tout their travel adventures and careers as selling points to a rich and fulfilling relationship. Worse, they use the codewords that reveal a bossy and domineering nature.

He goes on to discuss how some women have actually taken his advice and ran with it, creating good profiles. I’ll add all his linkage here too because i think it’s all wonderfully sound stuff.

Online Profiles Used By Bossy And Domineering Women

Helpful Hint For A Woman’s Online Dating Profile

A Dating Exercise For Women – Amazing Follow-Up

Hooking Up Smart – Choose Attraction

Heartiste even came up with a post about women who have caught on to the rise of game and how to respond to these game aware women,  tho one must wonder.. using the old maxim “The first step in avoiding a trap is knowing of the traps existence”.. how does one avoid something when it is the trap IS the very thing actively being sought?

Listen to Seafood! It knows your nature.

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What i’ve been buying and doing as of late..

September 2, 2012

Lets see, since June..

  1. Bought new computer in July after my old computer melted
  2. Bought a new HTC One X android phone and new cell plan with 6 gigs of data
  3. Got a 2 year upgrade on my vehicle registration
  4. Had time to read game, start watching MindOS
  5. Drink lots of beer (Molson 67 eh) and relax
  6. Paid off over $1,000 of my braces treatment
  7. Picked up Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (my current addiction)
  8. Picked up Forza 4 and NFS:Shift 2 (with Xbox wheel and 5.1 surround, and the Top Gear track with Jeremy Clarkson voiceover.. EPIC)
  9. Picked up Crysis 2 (FPS fix)
  10. Bought Puss in Boots 3D and Cars 2 3D (on my 55″ LED LG 3D tv)
  11. Bought WD TV Live media streamer for viewing my.. uhh… ‘rentals’ from someplace called The Pirate Bay hehe
  12. Got some new jeans and tank tops
  13. Got started on ProActiv again to clear up my complexion to make me even more sexy
  14. Putting tiny amounts of fuel in my completely paid off 2012 Ford Focus Titanium
  15. Opened up a Costco Premium membership
  16. Purchased more Whey protein and vitamin supplements for my weight training
  17. Not being rushed in my workouts to accommodate someones plans
  18. Extra weight plates and dumbbells
  19. Went out to see Prometheus and Batman Dark Knight Rises in theaters
  20. Hanging out with only people i care to hang with due to their quality
  21. Hit a few parties, socialize for the sake of social interactions, not outcomes
  22. Go on late night bike rides throughout the city with no curfew

What i *haven’t* been buying or doing as of late:

  1. Stupid outings for ‘Sushi‘, the entitled princess meal
  2. Wondering where i’m going to find money to cover the credit card bills
  3. Buying panties/lingerie that would be worn in anger is if it were a chore to wear
  4. Trying to find room to store things in my own home
  5. Being told to renovate or fix things around the place that were fine
  6. Paying off anyone else’s student debt
  7. Being asked to take the dog out in the middle of the night
  8. Watching the gas bill rise for stupid inefficiently planned trips being done in the ‘family’ SUV
  9. Wondering why we need to buy a 5th bedspread from IKEA (because it’s purple!)
  10. Being asked to repaint perfectly fine walls
  11. Being asked if something looked good on/made them look fat
  12. Arguing about the need to buy new cookware with money that doesn’t exist (because the Lagostino set is in shiny red!)
  13. Wondering why we have no closet space when my stuff only takes 1/5th of the space
  14. Staring at an obscene pile of shoes
  15. Having to listen to complete drivel or pretend to care about inane bullshit
  16. Being required to entertain out of obligation
  17. Stressing out over ‘is this a shit test’?
  18. Chewing off my finger nails or losing any more hair
  19. Worrying about what anyone’s given opinion of me is at any point in time
  20. Being anyone’s doormat or emotional tampon
  21. Putting anyone’s needs before my own

My brother would have turned 40 seven days ago. I think he would be happy with where i’ve come since he departed.

I turn 36 in two days. I am very happy with myself in who i am and where i’m going.

Could it have all turned out so very different. Yes. My marriage could have remained intact if hypergamy hadn’t reared it’s ugly head and had feminism, my mother and father, and all members of authority not so deeply ingrained beta thinking and attitude into me. (My next post will be a multipart series detailing many aspects of that)

But that time is done and past and mark my words.. never to be repeated. Mojo makes the case that my heart and mind have known ever since i was forced to leave my own home on my hands and knees by the women i pledged my life to, one who could not uphold her end of the contract.

For all the reasons i just enumerated above.



I think Captain No-Marriage would be proud. I have not had to check in with, run any numbers by, ask for permission for or beg to do anything i have wanted to do.

Now if you excuse me, i have to get back to helping Optimus Prime save The Ark!


Why oh why should i bother to try for an LTR?

July 20, 2012

I just had a very interesting time exchanging with Cooper, Rich.Aubrey and Susan over at HUS stemming from a comment Cooper made in the thread Misery in the Friend Zone.

It was a comment so absolutely touching as it hit on all the latent beta in me that yearns to FEEL like there must be something more in this SMP than a simple algorithm or chess like strategy of using evolutionary excuses to justify certain behaviors while still asking for civilized action and chivalrous attitudes in an era that clearly shows they have outlived their usefulness. Without the ability to put the genie back in the bottle, can we ever get to a point where ‘love‘ actually means something tangible and concrete, rather than a ‘feeling’ that burns out as fast as it starts and becomes as dark and cold as the remnants of a Sun the burns out and dies?

Not to scale

But it all started in another thread that took on a life of it’s own..  regarding the Sexual Selection Theory.

After having read (and agreed with) Ted D[link], Esco[link] and MikeC’s[link] revulsion towards woman’s attitudes (or films portrayal of, take your pick, life imitating art imitating life i suppose) regarding a newly wedded woman’s ability to rationalize sleeping with an apex alpha that is not her husband in the following terms [off of Susan’s comment in response to user Passer_By; emphasis mine]

Susan Walsh July 19, 2012 at 9:59 am

@Passer By

“Do you think most would have said no to Elvis or Paul backstage if one of them invited one of those girls home (and they weren’t worried about pregnancy or dad finding out)?”

There’s a great scene in Woody Allen’s new movie To Rome With Love. By chance, a newlywed woman meets a movie star on the street while he’s filming, and he asks her to lunch then brings her to his hotel room. She goes into the bathroom, looks in the mirror and says this to herself:

“If you sleep with him, you will regret it for the rest of your life. If you don’t sleep with him you will regret it for the rest of your life. Regret either way, might as well sleep with him.”

I think that is a very accurate representation of the female thought process in a situation like that.

I’ll give you a couple minutes to digest that one for a moment.



Sunk in yet?



Betrothed. Wedded Bliss. Hot Alpha walks by. MY LIFE IS OVER, I WILL REGRET THIS FOREVER!

I just slept with the BEEB and we love each other and he’s so much better than you and i want a divorce because i’d regret not quitting you and let go of my hair you’re hurting me, help, POLICE im being assaulted!!!

Please kill me.

Ted followed it up all those exchanges with a killer line here:

Isn’t the whole point of wearing a wedding ring to remind you about this, and to tell everyone else you are off limits?

I was recently at a wedding to a friend of mine. It was at a Baptist church, not a Roman Catholic like i went through. It was similar but there were notable exceptions. The vows sounded a little different. Plus the Pastor(not Priest) was VERY explicit about the meaning behind the rings each partner gives the other, about the commitment it symbolized, about it being there to REMIND you that you are now connected, one flesh. He used a word, I believe it was troth but i can’t recall, that connoted the very essence of commitment. I heard the word commitment so many times, and their service was half the length of the one i went through. They take their shit seriously with regards to FUCKING COMMITMENT!!!

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Another one for the IDWTLOTPA files

July 3, 2012

For anyone asking IDWTLOTPA stands for

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. It gets it’s own category.

Just scoped this story over at Heartiste from one of the anonymous commenters. Had to take a break from my workout to put this up. It just makes me seethe.

‘I’ve fallen in love with man who beat my boyfriend to death’: Victim’s girlfriend admits she’s been writing to killer in jail

[edit: link fixed]

Seriously.. is there any way to get the killer of her boyfriend and this girl in a secluded area for a couple of days…

..perhaps her body will turn up in a river somewhere?


My wife went off the pill, our marriage died. Science?

June 22, 2012

Apparently there is evidence that suggests your partner may lose the whole ‘till death do us part‘ feeling if she comes off the pill…

A new study has discovered that the Pill alters the way a woman feels about her partner – and researchers are urging women to come off the contraception in the run-up to marriage to ensure their feelings remain the same.

Who knew? My wife caught the rabies around the time she hit 34. A few months after our marriage she went of the pill to plan her cycle. It was a tumultuous time, the whole 2008 economic crash had just taken place, the big banks fucked up the world economy, she lost her job as a direct result of it, and the effects of the bailouts down south were having a direct impact on the company i worked for and it started downsizing and cutting worker pay. I was barely hanging onto my job. This was not the time to try to have kids. Eventually my job tanked as well. She eventually landed a job that paid very well but had a brutal work schedule and i was going through a depression at my lack of work options. I told myself this:

I am NOT going to take the first menial shit job that comes along slaving away in a factory or some other mule-for-hire employment simply to bring home a paycheck so we can squeeze out a kid. Not under these conditions no way no how. It would start us down a path that we would both regret.

Turns out that path was already set upon. My finickiness over my future career (even tho i helped pay off her student debts and helped pay for her continuing education, see Briffault’s Law) and inability to find meaningful work started the ball rolling towards ‘unhaaaaapyland‘. Within 5 months we were in counseling, 2 months later our marriage was in the E.R. flat-lined with a do not resuscitate order in place.

I, ____, take you, ____, to be my lawfully wedded(husband/wife),
to have and to hold, from this day forward,
for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

Keeping couples together since 1963

I can only imagine what things might have been had she stayed on the pill? I’ll never know… but damn.


3 Pieces of Info you need as a man…

June 16, 2012

You’ve come along way baby.

No i’m not talking to you feminists and Slutwalkers. I’m talking to you Beta’s, Omega’s and Zeta’s. You have come a long way. You’re making headlines! You’re driving feminazis crazy by GOING YOUR OWN WAY and saying fuck it to a society that decided to give all power to the feminine and just expected you to keep taking shots to the nuts and like it. Man up you fuckers! The cries of the millenials getting pumped and dumped, the spinsters looking to marry and all the men they shunned in the past now look to greener pastures and easier life rather than get bogged down in a vicious cycle of work/consumption/debt/death hell that was modern marriage. They can’t stand you guys standing up and saying they can’t dictate what is best  for you and be obligated to do for society/women at large.

Great job guys.

Keep it up. But in case you’re still out there looking for companionship, because we all would like to find that one sane life partner who makes our lives better, not worse, i have 3 points for you to adopt into your lifestyle.

As you go through life, always understand that the old rules always had you being the one qualifying yourself to a woman and having to do all the hoop jumping in order to be with a woman. (unless you are an alpha that has pumped and dumped enough chicks to be so brimming with confidence and know you are the shit that no qualifying is required, they just throw themselves at your dick).

She blew the whole football team but you’re the guy she’s turning a new leaf for to make you wait and qualify for her awesomeness… oh wait was that Hugh Jackman that walked by? Oh wait, is that her hanging off his dick too?

With the current changes to the landscape in the last 40+ years and the removal of social mores and rules of courting destroyed, along with science, technology, the pill, feminism, etc.. a great rift has opened, and through the internet and the manosphere, men are educated about the pitfalls and obsolete-ism that is dating/marriage/courtship/chivalry. In a world where the notion of women being sexual gatekeepers carries no meaning, men can now utilize their power of being the gatekeepers of commitment. Hear me out.

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