Six Degrees of Separation

January 19, 2014


It seems almost uncanny that on the day i get a Feminist named Paradoxy to leave me a comment on my post Reproductive Slavery i would have been listening to a conversation by my girlfriend a few hours earlier regarding OOOPSIE births.

From the article:

Three months ago, I started seeing a nice guy. He has potential. But I feared he’d go the way so many had: dating for a while, then moving on. This time I was determined to at least try to get something of what I want, so I did what I never thought I’d do. I lied when he asked if I was taking birth control.

As far as i’m concerned this is as bad as rape. I also understand it’s more common than feminists would have us believe.

I’ve already written about one of my friends being OOOPSIE’d HERE.. and last night my girlfriend told me about how one of her friends a long time ago confided in her that her friend stopped taking her pills while telling her partner she was on the pill – resulting in an ‘accident’. The woman has never fessed up to the hubby to this day.

That’s 2 stories i alone know of. Personally, 1 is 1 too many.. and i know of TWO!

I’m willing to bet there are others out there that have similar stories to tell, so for this post i’m asking something different of my commenters. I don’t want to see a round of ‘women are whores’ or ‘sideways’ comments. I want this post to spread far and wide in the hopes that lurkers de-lurk just to write about genuine stories they are 100% certain about that they either heard of, or heard from a 3rd party (like my gf) who is absolutely in the know about such an incident. No intimate details or names required, just the basics of who in relation to who told you, how the plan went down, did she go through with it and if she did, did her partner ever find out. Simple shit.

Use a pseudo-name, remain anonymous, sign up for a throw away webmail account – i don’t care. Just de-lurk if you have a similar story to share and jot it down. I wan’t to see how many comments this post unearths. Sign off with your city/state/prov if possible.



  1. Most guys I know take a sort of “fog of war” approach in a relationship. They don’t let on their true feelings about the direction of the courtship or what they are looking for, even bluffing off her uncomfortable conversations about “what do you want/where is this going.” This is even backed up loosely by some game psychology, indicating that women may be more into a guy if they are not totally sure how he feels about her. This can be effective in maintaining some semblance of the “dread” that makes her queasy about the idea of you leaving.

    However, I wonder if a guy can improve his protection against things like oopsies by going against this principle and making the landscape of their relationship very…clear…to her.

    I have not done this but I have been thinking about whether a man should clearly state that, in the event of an oops, he is NOT going to be a “nice guy” and has no intention of fulfilling any more than his minimum legal obligations. There will be no “trap baby,” just a “fuck trophy” for her; she will be a single mom with no involvement with the father. If she wants to sentence herself and her child to that future, he will feel no moral responsibility, he’s put his cards on the table early. Not only would an oops impact her career, let’s be serious that baby-mamaing is a major mark of low class and these girls would never take that kind of a status hit.

    I _have_ told women that I had no interest in becoming a father at that point in time, so I was wrapping up no matter whether she was on the pill or not and if she wasn’t on the pill I expected her to use some vaginal contraceptive foam I had around my place

    I have found this is one advantage of dating the urban career women that the Manosphere so disparages (and often for good/understandable reasons). These women are so possessed of their career climb that they have as little intererst in getting pregnant as I do in knocking them up. They are fastidious and detail-oriented people and take that pill religiously. If they got pregnant they’d probably have the abortion on the quiet and not tell you anything at all.

    This is anecdata but I get the idea that the woman you have to worry about the oops with are ones for whom getting a check from you would be a better life than whatever she’s doing now; girls who have boring lives and boring minds, who don’t enjoy their jobs and would get off on being the brief center of attention in her friend group until the hard, hard reality of raising a child becomes clear.

    Now, what you do have to watch out for is the career woman who does the approaching-30 flip to wanting to be a mom, and starts looking for that beta provider.

  2. Also notice this:

    “This time I was determined to at least try to get something of what I want”

    This is a view into the eternal solipsism – it’s dark-funny how she equates “lying to my getting knocked up with bastard spawn” “getting something of what I want.”

    It’s certainly a hint into the idea that the outcomes of the relationship are more important than the terms and means…what makes her think that a knock-up caused by a lie is going to produce a relationship anywhere near what she thinks she “wants”? Maybe TFH is right that some women just don’t get cause and effect very well?

  3. Sadly, I have two stories also.

    1. One of my mother’s friends, who I used to babysit for, had her first child as a way to “finally get Allen (the husband) to commit”. As I heard it, they had been monogamously dating for about 4 years and Fiona (the wife) was getting tired of it. She had a future planned. It included children and a house, and someone who was a good provider. Allen fulfilled her “requirements”. The rest is history.

    2. My aunt has 3 children in all…all by my uncle and all within the confines of a legitimate marriage. However, he had always said he wanted to A) wait til they’d been married 3-4 years after the honeymoon to have *any* kids, and B) he wanted 2 at the absolute most. Neither happened because my aunt conveniently “forgot” to take her Pills on 2 separate occasions after my first cousin was born. I remember being shocked and repulsed when she let it slip to my mother over a Girls Only dinner one night that she didn’t actually forget…she just wanted more kids and was tired of fighting about it. Now, my uncle loves his children, don’t get me wrong. But the fact is that he clearly stated X and my aunt chose to do Y instead.

    I agree with you, M3, that these types of situations are a form of rape. There may not be any blood, pain, or physical force involved…but if you do something that negatively impacts another beings life to the extent that they now have a responsibility that they never had a chance to decide on for themselves? Well, regardless of what we call it, it’s unfair, unjust, and in many ways downright cruel.

    I’m in the New England section of the US, but that’s all I’ll put for my location. Hope that’s enough, dear M3. ;)

  4. I’ve got one, but it’s not from a LTR so I’m not sure how relevant it is. One of my friend’s boyfriends had a one-night-stand about 8 years ago, and the woman in question deliberately got pregnant from the interaction. I’m not entirely sure how she did it and I know the bloke was drunk at the time, but I’ve always been told pretty explicitly that she got pregnant on purpose and that he was under the impression that some kind of contraception was being used to stop that happening. So yeah, it definitely happens in real life. Dunno if I’d equate it with rape, but calling it slavery to trick/trap someone into financial bondage does seem reasonable.

    Oh and just for the record, I don’t actually identify as a feminist. Don’t identify as anything actually, just someone who believes in gender equality and thinks that both feminism and men’s rights have a lot to offer in trying to achieve it. Not trying to be snarky or anything I promise, just wanted you to know where I’m coming from, since I find your blog interesting and would like to keep commenting if you don’t mind.

  5. My younger sister did this twice, and both times it backfired.

  6. I don’t know of any guys who fantasize to orgasm at the thought of an oops pregnancy.

    so no, it’s not as bad as rape.

  7. “I agree with you, M3, that these types of situations are a form of rape. There may not be any blood, pain, or physical force involved…”

    “Dunno if I’d equate it with rape”

    Well considering how feminist law has expanded the definition of rape to include situations lacking any blood, pain or physical force, I’d say comparing involuntary fatherhood to rape is entirely appropriate by their standard of rhetoric.

    “My younger sister did this twice, and both times it backfired.”

    Do tell?

  8. Yeah, I get what you’re saying Badger.

    While there are instances where there may not be blood, pain, or physical force (for example a man or woman can simply give in to psychological pressures, even if they truly don’t want to or they could be drugged into “obedience”), that is generally what I think of when I hear the word rape. I don’t believe that a man and woman having drunken sex is rape, unless one partner is 100% sober and is taking advantage of the other. If you and your partner are both drunk during sex…you made a couple bad decisions, had too much to drink, and were immature.

    I’m guessing that’s a situation similar to what you meant?

  9. My twin brother and sister are the product of such a ruse back in the 60s. Granted, mom and dad were married, but I am not sure if that is better or worse.

  10. Friend has nice job in business. Is player. Is tall. Had former girlfriend. She hooked up with him for casual FWB supposedly on B/C. Bang, pregnancy. She was pre-Wall.

  11. my friend was lucky – his girlfriend was mentally unstable (even threatened to commit suicide), but he finally managed to split up in quite civil way – he even gave her lift to her parents when it ended and during that ride she confessed, that when she saw about month ago their relationship was coming to the end, she got off the pill… He said that he never had such urge to strangle someone with his bare hands…

  12. ah, forgot to mention location – Czech republic – so when you hear Roosh praising Eastern Europe again, take it with a grain of salt :)

  13. One of the moments of clarity in my life that led me to the red pill was when my middle sister informed me that our mother had admitted to her that our youngest sister was not quite the accident the family (and my father) thought she was. By now we were all on our 20’s but the fact that the most righteous example of a woman in my life (my own mother) was still, in nature, a woman really opened my eyes.

  14. I was dating a Jamaican woman, about ten years ago. We broke up, and looking back, she conveniently started going to the same places I did, and church.

    She also asked, I found out later, to go out to dinner with a mutual friend on his birthday dinner. She drank nothing, but kept buying me drinks. Honestly, I never thought she would do something like this. For that night, twice, and a few times after that, she “neglected” to tell me she was on birth control.

    We have now spent tens of thousands of dollars on attorneys two times in two different states. She has yet to see a lick of punishment for moving over seas without telling me.

    But she has garnered ten thousand in support from me per year, and God only knows how much in federal, and state dollars. She also wanted in to the military. So she needed someone.

    You know, honestly, she seemed pretty honest at the time, but I was out to sea a lot. I was lonely, and also grew up with a single mother. So I was blind. Of course, I should have seen it coming. Yet when someone earns a level of trust with you after a long amount of time, you don’t expect them to lie to you like that. We dated for a while, and I honestly never thought she would do me like that. To a man like me at that time, it made no practical sense.

    That was my undoing. I thought women had something akin to practical sense. They think emotionally, and based on their personal security. Had I been better equipped to see it, I would have dumped her right away,a nd gotten myself snipped no matter how many times the doctors denied me. Twice BTW before she and I met.

    Moral of the story. Never, NEVER, trust a woman. Especially when she has earned a level of trust based on prior actions, and you noticed she is getting more emotional by the day. Always assume they are up to something. Even a wife whom you trust after many years. They can’t help themselves.

  15. ” They can’t help themselves. ”

    I’m sorry, but that’s bullshit. Not your experience…THAT is horrible, and I hope she is brought to justice soon for her manipulation.

    But to say that a otherwise fully functional adult human “can’t help themselves” is crap. Even someone who is alcoholic can help themselves…by not drinking. A recuperating addict can help themselves…by not taking drugs. A pedophile can help themselves…by staying away from schools/playgrounds.

    Even if you chose to believe that 100% of people who happen to be born with vaginas are capable of doing something so manipulative and cruel…they *can* help themselves, by not being bitches and acknowledging that men are people with lives/goals/wants just like them. The fact that some (maybe even a majority) go through life with an over exaggerated sense of entitlement and unearned privilege doesn’t mean it’s a sex-linked trait…it’s a cultural failing, or a case of bad upbringing.

    That said, I sympathize greatly with your situation and pray that justice will be done sooner rather than later.

  16. Sorry if I got a bit ranty at the end there, but I hate it when people (however inadvertently) give others a way out of taking responsibility for their actions. When we say “men do X because they can’t help themselves” or “women do Y because they’re genetically predisposed to”, we are saying that our species is still limited to our instincts despite our rational minds. In some cases this makes sense, and can be very difficult to fight against…but in other situations we should hold each other up to a higher standard.

    One of the biggest problems I have with feminism is how it creates a constant “victim status” for women; a pat on the head, saying it’s not really their fault or a slap on the wrist when they’ve truly hurt someone, because they were abused as a child. Look at Catherine Kieu…she fucking cut off her husband’s penis and threw it in a garbage disposal, all because he wanted to get a divorce (gee, I wonder why). Immediately after she got arrested, many women started saying “oh, she was sexually abused as a child, she has problems with men, it’s not her fault!”

    Well, guess what? I was too, for 7 years. But I love my male friends, I’d take a bullet for my lover, and I’m not so idiotic as to say that AMALT. Why? Because you can have horrible things done to you and still be a good, rational, caring person! To claim victim status your entire life is pathetic…eventually you need to move past it and become a Survivor.

    I guess your words just seemed like you were willing to give half the population a way out of their responsibilities, just because they were born with a certain reproductive system.,

  17. Good day to my fellow blokes and interested women. I have a story to recollect too.
    About 5 years ago now I met a girl after I had moved to a new state to continue my university studies. We started seeing each other and had all sorts of drug fueled shenanigans but she had verbally agreed that she was not ready or even able of having a child.

    So this next part might seem somewhat predictable.

    Keep in mind I was not working full-time, nor was she and I had only known her for 3 months.

    When I get the inevitable call from her saying she is pregnant, I freaked right the fuck out. We had discussed that neither of us wanted or was ready for a baby and that she would terminate if it came to that.
    Unfortunately she had been having veeeery long conversations with her ‘ex’ and her mother. Her mother told her that if she terminated the family would disown her and she would remain a pariah. Her ‘ex’ was an incredibly mentally unstable cross dressing fag who said that the baby was meant to be.

    And here I am and my opinion and rational argument gets thrown out the window. Keep in mind she smoked weed and cigarettes during the whole pregnancy and multiple times asked me if I wanted to ‘do this alone’, after the baby was born.

    So in conclusion, after an epic amount of fucking around and some very good peoples time being wasted by this ex, the baby was finally put up for adoption.

    This was another example of a woman trying to trap a man with a baby. We had no money, no education and not even a house together and she was the most maternal women I ever met.

    I was 23 at the time and was in the state of Tasmania, Australia.

    Currently 27 and in the state of QLD, Australia.

  18. LOL. I know a guy who returned from the bathroom & caught one of his MLTRs red-handed putting a hole in a condom with pin.

    Think bagging it will protect you from chicks secretly going off their BC?

    If she’s really got the baby hots, think again. Well, just check the condom packages, I guess. Then she’ll wise up and poke the condom after it’s out of the package?

  19. @Badger: She has two kids from two different guys; and both times were on purpose, against the guys wishes. It backfired on her both times though, because the first guy asked for a paternity test, and showed that she cheated, and got pregnant from someone else, and the second guy took off when he figured out what she did. She’s not a nice person.

  20. After reading this post I thought about the girl I knocked up. At the time I was young and foolish and took her word that it was an accident. At the time however I had found a girl of my dreams and I was trying to get rid of the other girl so, in hindsight, it seems very coincidental that a ‘mistake’ happened when it did. I hadn’t really put two and two together until your post. I feel like an idiot.
    If you are interested in the full story its included in my ficitonalized autobiography available free here. The pregnancy, and ensuing aftermath, is all true with only the names and a few minor details changed to hide people’s identities.


    Starts at chapter 24

    I learned my lesson the hard way. I always take care of protection myself and assume the girl to be lying. It was hard enough going through it once. Not again.

  21. I know of two guys who got caught this way, one of them my cousin. I caught a gf “accidentally” tearing the tip of the condom (long, sharp nails – second time she became an ex). I live in New Zealand.

    The most damning stat though is that approximately 40% of pregnancies are self-reported as being “unplanned” – or oopsies. That’s both in and out of marriage. Given that The Pill has a scientifically-proven <1% failure rate, that's a lot of oopsies that I'm not buying.

    It's also very interesting that a lot of women flip their lid at the thought of men having a male equivalent of The Pill. Their rationalisation: "You can't trust a man with something as important as birth-control!"

    40% "failure" rate – and *we* cannot be trusted with something as important as birth-control. IMO they're really flipping their lid at the thought of not being able to entrap a man, or not being able to surreptitiously have that hot Alpha's baby on the sly.

    When Vaselgel comes out every man must get it. No pill, 100% effective, 100% reversible, lasts 10 years: no fuss no muss no problems. Ever.

    Goodbye entrapment, too bad for the predatory females.

  22. Actually, according to this:


    It’s about 51% for unplanned and mistimed pregnancies.

  23. Only pregnancies i consider unplanned are the ones where protection was used but it failed.
    Either woman are deliberately getting pregnant or people are so stupid they’re using hope as birth control.

    I know of 4 woman who had “unplanned” pregnancies and believe all 4 wanted to have a child, hell 3 of them went on to have another “unplanned” pregnancy.

  24. @ paradoxy

    “Oh and just for the record, I don’t actually identify as a feminist”

    sorry, i just have a visceral reaction to anyone or anything covered in ‘smash patriarchy’ sloganeering and your gravatar made me see red – quite literally hehe.

    You may continue commenting to your hearts content. I don’t bar or ban anyone and all comments are welcome, so long as they provide to debate/discussion that doesn’t devolve into inanity.

  25. A few years ago I had a female friend who was enormous fun, great personality, mid 30’s and the most raging case of baby rabies I ever did see. Don’t get the impression that I was a beta orbiter, I never was sexually attracted to her, nor her to me, we just had great fun going out drinking together.

    Well anyhoo, she moved off to another country for work and within six months found herself with a nice guy. A few months later, Oops, she finally had the baby she had desperately longed for for many years. I still chat with her on facebook every few months, but it is very obvious that all her posts are about her and her baby, nary a mention of the father.

    I would not be surprised if he disappears from her life in the near future apart from monthly checks.

  26. My wife left me for Bad boy Mcthugster.
    So I did what any self respecting man would do, and proceeded to bang every slore on POF.
    I had Three slags say oh my god I can’t believe you just came in me.
    I am not on birth control.
    This of course was after I had asked them if they were on birth control they all said yes they were and all begged me to shoot away.
    The laughs were on them, The boys were sniped!
    Wait there’s more
    The nice woman I dated right after my first divorce I had to brake up with her because she was trying to get pregnant.
    The woman I met on pof and met at her house and two hours later banged in her pool who told me thank god I got my period I was not on birth control when did it in the pool I told her don’t worry I was snipped.
    I have to say getting a vasectomy was the best thing I ever did.
    This is quite common.
    Friend wife wanted him to man up stopped taking pill.
    Friend was moving to Florida Has to hit it that last time.
    She stopped taking her pill to trap him.
    Friend two kids business doing poorly stress of the world on the poor bastard, Guess what the pill did not work. Later told my wife she was afraid he was going to leave her so she got pregnant.
    Any woman on the pill who gets pregnant is a liar it is 100 percent effective if taken.
    When I was frivorced my first wife ” lazy fat pig threw me out”
    I was warned by a lot of men to be careful.
    I live on the west coast of Florida. I was told, you are a good looking guy you have game and a good business these slags will try to get pregnant for the child support. Divorce lawyer a woman told me the same thing she had clients with 4 kids by 4 different men pulling down $3600 a month in child support.
    We call it pulling a Dana.
    We also call packing on a hundred pounds after a marriage pulling a Dana

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