Baby, You’re A Firework – CUM On, Let Your Colours Burst

January 16, 2014


Originally i was going to title this “Let Hypergamy Work For You”, but not enough of my bullet points have anything to do with it, so i changed it.

I am going to disagree with Roosh here about whether making a woman orgasm is worth your time. While there are some groups of women for which it is pointless to try, my belief it’s a very small group of undesirable women that fit into it which will be addressed within the post.

I say make her pleasure your number one priority <unless your purpose is solely for instant gratification>. Personally, i love taking an active interest in taking the girl i’m with to new heights of pleasure. Seeing her delight and excite under my oral ministrations and methodical motions, witnessing her undulate by my design – enhances my own pleasure center. My biggest loads have always come from simply observing a woman revel in her sexual delight! Words cannot do justice how aroused i become seeing a woman’s sexual excitement of which i am it’s chief architect (that fall within my acceptable parameters for reasonable playful enthusiastic sex. Those who need to be choked, slapped, gagged, beaten and humiliated to enjoy it need not apply).

And the effort reaps rewards a plenty.

Here’s my list of reasons why.

  1. It solidifies your Alpha status.
    “You are a god among insects. Never let anyone tell you different.”Magneto/X3
    Remember, the fact that you are having sex with her indicates you had enough game and alpha cred to get those legs to open. Now hammer it home to make sure you are one to occupy her mind when she’s having her 5 Minutes of Alpha moment. Sure you can be alpha and still completely ignore her needs.. and she’ll still probably keep coming back for more of the same, if she’s a self esteem cripple with no father figure (avoid for LTR).. but nailing her to the point of setting off her fireworks cements the Twilight fantasy if you intention is for something more long term.
  2. Women ‘gossip’. Word spreads. They talk about partner count. Penis size. If he knew what he was doing. Whether he likes going down and whether he’s a GOD with his tongue (yes, yes i am ladies). They enjoy one upping each others partners with schoolyard ‘My partner is better than your partnerbrinkmanship – or they will find girlworld solidarity in cruelly enumerating just how bad you were by judging your performance. What image would you rather have dancing in all her cute friends minds. That you’re a 5 minute/roll over and done jackass or that you’re a sexual tyrannosaur?
    tell tales
  3. Your reputation can follow you. If you’re taking care of business, bait and encourage those with whom you’ve smashed hips with and who have social media accounts like Assbook and Shitter to reveal how much she enjoyed ‘last night’. Nothing screams “This man has a mighty dick and knows how to swing it!” like the slightly unsolicited critical review plastered on the biggest digital billboard on the planet! Don’t be surprised if Angela from 6th grade who you friended a year ago, and who’s status says anything from Single to It’s Complicated ‘pokes’ you…Christ the only way you’d get more exposure is if you recorded your dick for 30 seconds with a voice-over of you partner reading off her description of ‘last night’ and got it played during the Super Bowl!
    facebook-sexOnce word gets out, sit back, relax and let nature take it’s course. Works better than AxE!
  4. Even if you only intend a 1 and Done, one night stand.. should you ever hit a dry spell and desire to hit her up again or ‘accidentally’ run into her.. how likely is the chance of her wanting to relive an exciting memory for old times sake if you left her feeling completely unsatisfied and cheated?
  5. By making her body shake and quake like it’s convulsing under a Pokemon induced seizure [Picachu you little yellow rat bastard!], you help release the bonding chemicals of cling.  While too much cling is never a good thing (can you say crazy stalking lady) it never hurts to make her have ‘One-itus’ for you.As they say in tennis – Advantage YOU. And when a girl has Oneitus for you, you can bet her sweet ass that all of her friends would love to have a man like that, perhaps EVEN the man she speaks so glowingly about around the office water cooler! Like vultures circling a carcass, they’ll wait for signs of trouble and bide their time. When it comes to hypergamy, all’s fair in love and war. Women will eat their own. Mate poaching is a thing ya know.
    Erotic couple
  6. A completely satisfied woman who is wearing the orgasmic glow of a thousand stars gone nova will do anything.. and i mean virtually anything you want, to the point where you could claim it becomes hypnotic suggestion. A woman spent is a woman who wants to please in return. No more ‘ewww’ face, they’ll swallow you like they haven’t eaten in weeks, and they’ll do it with a smile on their face!
    [ of course there are some women out there that will do this on a cold call… but they usually demand a whole lot more as well. Persue at your own risk ]
    You are also pretty much guaranteed cuddles and pancakes in the morning!
  7. Because working at it as your goal gives you something to shoot for and master so you can take pride in. To become that sexual Casanova that can proudly be writing checks that both your ego and your cock will know they can cash! As i said in my Incel post.. when i did those strippers and realized i had mastered control over my stamina, my body and my climax, my confidence reservoir hit capacity! While i was still Beta and unsure of a whole lot of things in my life, and still not self actualized or redpill aware, the one thing i had absofuckinglute confidence in was my ability in the sack. That confidence radiated from me like Fukushima and women picked up on it. What held me back was not having enough game to take me into conversations that could lead to sexual questioning and innuendo. Hence why i continued to game strippers since introductory conversations were not a requisite and polite company not required before striking up talk of my tongue on her pulsating clit.
    radioactive_man_number_one_v_1024Every man has to find his own way to build up his stamina. Whether it’s continual practice, edging, watching so much porn you get desensitized, using desensitizing cremes, lotions or potions, double bagging condoms, tantric control.. whatever, i encourage guys to learn how to read the body language of women and amplify and to be able to keep your own orgasm under control so you don’t bust early. At one point i even suggested it’s worth it for those who are so afraid to hire professional escorts to teach them control by focusing off their own excitement and focusing purely on giving pleasure. Knowing you know how to handle a female in bed and give her the gift of orgasm is like drinking a cocktail of testosterone, steroids and liquid Viagra with a shot of Jack Daniels! And women can smell that scent from a mile away! And ultimately it allows you to face rejection better, you won’t be bitter, because you were the prize, your ability was the gift and she showed herself unworthy, freeing you up to walk away smiling moving on to the next woman who might earn the gift.post7
  8. Because it’s the right thing to do! Sex is supposed to be a reciprocal enjoyment of each other wanting to please each other. Otherwise it’s as one blogger said “Masturbation with a warm body” [can’t recall where i saw this, if anyone knows, comment so i can link it]. Sex is best when you are both putting your partners needs ahead of your own. Giving encourages more giving back. Reciprocity is the foundation of both great relationships and great sex.

Obviously my list isn’t for everyone. And i’m not saying that wanting to have the odd one-off instant gratification blowjob is a crime, as long as it’s kept in perspective. Sometimes i just want a release, and my girl is happy to oblige without a reciprocal requirement. She does it because she wants to. And vice-versa. In my advanced old age, there are days where i’m actually not horny and don’t care to, but she has needs so i will help her ‘rub one out’.. pro bono. We want the other person to be happy because it instills in them the desire to want to give back even more than taken in.

Although i’m not a chest banging, keyboard warrior who encourages all men to go hedonistic and go out to pump and dump sluts, I don’t recommend putting that kind of energy into women who are selfish themselves who just treat men as walking dildo’s as they shop for their next dopamine hit of new car smell. Nor do i recommend it for broken women and self-esteemless dregs who are willing to accept being treated like filthy sluts and want to be denigrated and humiliated because that’s what gets them off. Why try, just cake their face like a Krispy Kreme donut and go home.. they’re as happy as a pig in shit that you dominated them and chocked the shit out of them and shat on them and.. well, you get the idea.

And i’m sure a bit of this list will come off as misogynistic because it advocates utilizing women’s hypergamy to create more options in the background for your own SMV to rise in relation to hers, consolidate more power and control within a relationship and kill one-itus in men. Yes it can increase the chances to spin more plates and become a notch banger. But it’s not misogynistic. It’s called leveling the playing field. It’s to help men build up the same advantage women have, to allow men to be able to enjoy serial monogamy like women do. It is for optimizing the male sexual strategy.

In my ideal world, guys will want to please the woman they’re with because she’s earned it by being feminine, affectionate, receptive and giving respect. To those women whom you CHOSE for exemplary qualities whom earned the right to be given the 9.7 on the cum-cataclysm scale. But whereas women can have a relationship with a guy for a year, drop him and pick up with someone new the very next day without breaking a sweat.. men too deserve the right to cultivate that ability by utilizing hypergamy’s natural effects and web of influence.

Everyone who enters the sphere is taught about hypergamy and then taught not to hate it. It evolved for a reason to serve female sexual interests. It is a fact that women act on hypergamy and that’s ok. And it’s also ok to use it to your advantage as well.

So go on, get out there, i want to hear the night cum alive with the sound of women screaming YOUR name and letting their colors burst! And enjoy your pancakes…

Boom boom boom.


  1. Yep, I agree. Never understood why guys wouldn’t want to get the woman off. Nothing sexier because it means she’s completely and WHOLLY turned on by you. There’s nothing like that feeling (with an automatic smirk) that you get when a woman is laying in a pile unable to move other than the convulsions like aftershocks of the huge orgasm(s) you’ve given her.

    The one I’m dating right now gets like this cute giggle/high pitched moan when she cums. It’s so damn hot, almost gets me off in and of itself.

  2. Delivering her to umpteen orgasms is a hell turn-on. Great when she’s a quivering mess who can’t think for 5-10 minutes.

    Regarding “masturbation with a warm body” it sounds like something from The Rawness. This post seems relevant:


    “The sex is a mutual masturbation society where you’re using each other’s bodies.”

    Though it might be this post about narcissists and sex:


  3. Good catch BlackPoisonSoul! Thank you. I’ll have to read both posts to make sure which one of the two it was.

  4. I’m sure that all your points are spectacular, M3, but for me #’s 8 and 6 are the real deal. Reciprocation and actually caring about making your partner cum as hard/long as possible is a very good thing. I am in my element when I’ve actually made my FwB shout out loud…or when earlier today I was on top and he came just from me doing kegels on him. (If any man or woman reading this doesn’t know how to do kegel exercises yet…get on that. Now.) Of course, I had to pay him back for last week, when he actually made me go temporarily blind. ;)

    But yeah, making sure your man/woman is satisfied purely from your actions and your knowledge about their body? Biggest fucking turn on ever, no contest.

    As for where this idea of “sex = using someone’s body for masturbation”, I don’t know where it originated, but EK recently used it in a post;

    “Now, about non-reproductive sex. Let’s dispense with an anti-puritan knee-jerk reactions about this, and approach it from some intellectually honesty. If you are not getting a girl pregnant, or trying to get her pregnant, you essentially are just masturbating with someone else’s body. If you find yourself disagreeing with this you really need to be more honest with yourself. Does your body or mind ‘know’ you have a condom on, or that she is on the pill? No. So it is the EXACT same as porn because you mistakenly ‘won’ by successfully ejaculating inside a girl. Pills, condoms, dams, these things did not exist in the world we evolved from, when you were having sex with a girl and orgasmed there was a VERY good chance she got pregnant assuming her cycle obviously. But again if she is ‘willing’ she must be on her cycle where she is ready for fertilization. So we self-sabotage ourselves here as well. Maybe you really are putting it in some hot girl’s ass (as so many PUA’s treat as a holy grail) you might get a few high fives from your friends, but you are NOT being a reproductive success, you are training your mind for the wrong things, and addicting yourself to the failure.”

    His version links in with the post this is taken from, which talks about how (in some ways) video games, porn, and recreational sex are false highs since they don’t “produce” anything…You didn’t *actually* kill 50 guys in CoD, you didn’t *really* just have sex with a porn star, and if you had awesome sex but used birth control you *haven’t* had successful relations. (According to EK’s post.)

    Since I love video games, porn, and having sex with my vasectomized lover who is *quite thankfully* unable to get me pregnant, I obviously disagree. A lot.

  5. I’ve been called a watcher a number of times. I tickle and tantalize and observe every result as it happens, tuning the method as I go. There is no wham bam when I have scored a lady for the night. I love the naked flesh too much to let it go so soon, same goes when I’m ball-deep inside her. Five mins of her heat enveloping me is way not enough time. Unless I had bitches on-tap, there’s no way in this world I’d settle for a minute, or an hour.

    It’s not difficult to control ejaculation. It’s all mind control. Think of something non-sex related for 10 secs (like mowing the lawn) as it builds and you’ll see the climax soon drop off. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing, just what you’re thinking – A (www.mfp.com.au/angelwanderer)

  6. That confidence radiated from me like Fukushima…

    Dude, I call metaphor of the year. No contest.

    Also, true.

  7. @Angelwanderer

    I’ve always kinda wondered how anyone can think about anything non sexual while having sex. Is it something that needs a lot of practice? I’ve tried to do it, but never can for very long…instead I’m planning what moves I’m going to use, or remembering a trick I read and wanted to try on him.

    I find that for me to delay orgasm, it’s much easier to switch position or focus in his body rather than my own. (I know people say that women don’t have to delay, but I like to for various reasons…though sometimes it’s impossible.) For him, I rely on him to tell me when to go slower, so he gets many small inclines and declines before the climax.

  8. Truth. I vouch for every line.

  9. This post is a home run. Good work.

    Of course, the other extreme (i.e. being continuously focused solely on her orgasm) is just a sexual form of “Nice Guy” supplication. That was me in my Blue Pill days, and it left me holding the short end of the sexual stick on more than one occasion.

  10. “That was me in my Blue Pill days, and it left me holding the short end of the sexual stick on more than one occasion.”

    Why? Were you with someone who didn’t care about your satisfaction? If so, I’m sorry…that sounds like it royally sucks.

  11. It wasn’t like I never got off or anything like that, but my Nice Guy desire always to put a woman’s needs and interests before my own naturally crossed over to the bedroom as well.

    Once I gave a woman an orgasm after she claimed that she hadn’t cum in 12 years at anyone’s hand other than her own. I broke that dry spell with an investment of my time, technique, and persistence, and was left completely unreciprocated.

    That is an outstanding example of the old me.

  12. Wow, that was bitchy of her.

    I’m sympathetic to the old you, and happy for the new you. We need to love ourselves before we can even begin to love others…in both a mental and physical sense. Glad to see that more guys are waking up to the idea that they deserve satisfaction too.

  13. You’re welcome M3. I find that TheRawness has some very interesting stuff on it, though much uses concepts beyond my knowledge-base. Some things definitely resonate though.

    For example: I have been thinking recently about how so many of those who go down the PUA route are still chasing and validating women. Like when I go to a bar it’s nothing more than a meat-market of the selfish and needy, narcissism and codependence desperately trying to find each other.

    What got me started thinking like this was reading old posts by BoneCrkr and a recent post by Dr Illusion, about how so many Manosphere bloggers tend to shut down and disappear. Am coming to the conclusion that blogging and chasing women is simply a step in something akin to the 5 stages of loss and grief, and that the PUA becomes stuck at one of those points. Call it something like the stages of enlightenment and adjustment.

    Started to write something along those lines – then *bang* run across a post on TheRawness which psychologically deconstructs The Game, Neil Strauss, Mystery, and the mindset behind PUA. It explains what has bothered me, completely says what I wanted to say, plus a whole lot more.

    Kinda leaves my post dangling in the wind, nowhere near as polished and complete. Makes me laugh at myself. The man has skill…

  14. Is this what the majority of bars are like? Do people not go to them just to hang out and drink, or are those places different bars?

  15. You’re talking a different time of day Tarnished. I’m talking the PUA’s time-and-place for sarging, when all the girls are out to be seen and have fun and open to hooking up for the night or weekend.

  16. Sorry, I don’t know what you mean about me “talking about a different time of day”…?

    I haven’t been to a bar, so I was unaware they were of a separate species in afternoon vs night. I’ll take your word for it though. So is it that the afternoon crowd is more just patrons hanging out/eating and the evening is all people doing PUA/flirting stuff? Sorry for my inexperience, but I do find this fascinating.

  17. Pretty-much Tarnished, though like anything there are crossovers. Lunchtime and afternoon/early evening – at least in NZ – is generally for winding down after work and chewing the fat with mates.

    Late evening is partaaaay time for the empowered, selfish, greedy and needy. Those whose lives and souls are a sucking emptiness that absolutely has to be filled with something flashy and oh-so-hip and the latest thing – because there’s nothing else solid in their core.

    Once age turns off the attention, it’s bleakly amusing to see the desperation take over. Often infused with slutfuel to get further attention. For at least a short time.

    The schadenfreude, while some might consider it to be bitter pleasure, is at least a pleasure. A pleasure at the workings of Karma as the balance is righted then tipped the other way.

  18. I don’t find it that difficult to do but I’ve doing it a long while. Perhaps a little stop and go method might make it easier – A

  19. @Angelwanderer

    Well, whatever works for you. :)
    But why do you do it? Is it to have more staying power, or because you like the feeling of “edging”, or because you subscribe to the notion of “she comes first, he comes next”? (Both of these are excellent books, btw.)

    Personally, I don’t care if my lover cums first…or I do…or we do it together. It’s not a contest, after all, though it can be fun to make it into one. ;) If I’m honest, he’s been under a lot of pressure lately, so I prefer if I can get off quickly and then focus on pelvic massage and orgasm for him. It’s kinder that way, methinks.

  20. Okay, that makes more sense with my observations. The only “bars” I’ve been to are sports bar/grille places like Champions in Indianapolis, since they stay open til 2am during Gencon. (Not sure if those count, or if you guys are actually talking about clubs, which I’ve never been to.) Even at the aforementioned restaurants, the area around the bar is a fascinating mixture of men and women dancing around various topics…it’s actually kinda fun to “people watch”, as I don’t fully understand their reluctance to just say what they want/mean. It does literally look like they’re playing a game of attraction and push/pull. Of course, I’m with the guys chowing down on our meal before our next event, but hey: dinner and a show!

    It’s curious that you mention karma, which I literally believe in (or at least the Wiccan version aka 3 Fold Law). Whatever you put out will eventually come back to you…so why not be kind, nice, pleasant, respectful, helpful, etc? It’s the right thing to do anyway, since (in my mind) we are all the Gods’ children, and even if it is proven tomorrow that no Gods exist, it’s better for society if people work together, challenge each other, and cooperate to achieve a common goal.

    Honestly, I don’t understand waiting til you’re older to finally have a real personality. I’m reminded of an interview I read involving some retired female supermodels. One of them said something along the lines of “getting older forces you to take stock of your life, and focus on becoming a full person” which just shocked the hell out of me. So for the first 35 years of your life, you weren’t a real person? Did you truly live so much according to the whims of your beauty/attractiveness that you’re only acknowledging your mind and ethics *now*? Seems revolting, to go through half of this life relying on only one aspect of yourself…it’ll take these women that much longer to become self-actualized, and I don’t envy them trying to be introspective for the first time at age 40. It must be incredibly sad, to be forcefully confronted with one’s mortality, rather than embracing it for what it is at a younger age and living life knowing you could die tomorrow…yet still wanting to leave a good impression on the people you love and strangers you care about.

  21. Hi, Why do I do it? Why the hell not? It’s not a race to see who comes first or last. I like the body of a female too much to let it get away from me so quickly. A man’s entire life is spent trying to impress a woman to get her into bed. It doesn’t seem right to get the business done in record time.
    I like it. I like it so much that I want to savour it. That’s why I do it that way – A

  22. “I like the body of a female too much to let it get away from me so quickly…I like it so much that I want to savor it.”

    Much agreed, but in the reverse. I’m happy to hear you have such a big appreciation for the finer things in life. :D

  23. sex is a race. the first to finish wins.

    honestly, i don’t make a big deal out of her orgasm. if she cums, great. if not, we’ll try again next time.

  24. I also respectfully disagree with Roosh and think that ringing a woman’s bell sexually brings major payoff.

    SW once told an anecdote that I thought was germane, her slutty little focus group knew some dude who was having a bunch of ONSes, however he was never seeing any of these girls again. Typically, only the most high-level apex alpha can be so certain of sexual supply that he never tries to convert a ONS even into a fuckbuddy.

    SW made the point that she wondered if he was bad in the sack if he was never getting the girls to agree to a Round 2. That’s one time I thought she had a good inference on the situation, with the caveat that one other reason a ONS might not repeat is if the conditions of this guy’s pickups are such that the girls feel ashamed or “not themselves” somehow and don’t want to be reminded. Again, giving her a good face-splitting orgasm is a good way to wipe that away. (On the other hand, the first time between two people is often pretty pedestrian so I wager the girls are overrating their expectations that a rando is going to know how to make her come hard.)

    Two posts:

    Danger&Play on getting dominant:

    Athol Kay says that when he gets really rough, his wife is really nuzzly and nurturing the next day:


  25. :)

  26. Girls are built differently, sometimes there is chemistry and it just feels great, others not so, carry on. A girl will give you a round 2 regardless if she came or not, so long as your value is higher.

    Focusing on a woman’s pleasure is for people who have the scarcity mentality. Besides, nothing is quite like the taste of a new pussy (no I didn’t mean going down on her).

  27. Lol, why would it matter if you did/didn’t literally mean going down on her? Just wondering why the need for clarification…

  28. Great post Mike. I agree with you.

    I see female orgasm as a just another useful tool for harem management.

    The better you make them cum, the more likely they are to tolerate other women. And stay loyal to you.

  29. I agree. My greatest orgasm comes from watching my lover enjoy herself. After all, we’re visual creatures! Sadly, there are many women in western society who are unable to orgasm that way because they worry about so many things; how they look, smell, act, behave, during sex. Find a woman who isn’t tainted by sexual commercialization and you’ll witness an orgasm like no other. -M (https://michaelformanonthenet.wordpress.com)

  30. […] explains why it’s worth a man’s  time to give a woman an orgasm. […]

  31. Interesting post. Precisely because I agree with your point of view, I’m currently in a sort of dilemma and would love your opinion about it. I’ve been dating a recently divorced woman (39) for a few months now. She has a sex past that pisses me off, but I decided to give it a try anyways. Sex was great for quite some time and I wasn’t having any trouble making her reach the big O. But lately it just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter if I’m rough or sweet, or if I spend literally two hours trying different positions, oral, anal, whatever. As I reflected on this I started wondering if she was kind of getting used to me. At the beginning she would even cum just with a few minutes of oral sex. So I did what any reasonable man would’ve done: I hacked her email… ha! I found out that she was with six guys before her now ex-husband. Four of them were short relationships in which she obviously thought that sex was the way to conquer a guy’s heart (sign of our times) and she also had a couple of one-time experiences towards the end of her slut career and I can tell that those were just ‘oh-what-the-hell-one-more-dick-won’t-matter-now’ kind of experiences. She kept a few diary-like emails that were revealing (and pathetic) to me. Even though she was obviously feeling hurt and disappointed every time that one more guy used her and then disposed of her (surprise, surprise!) she would make the same mistake with someone new just to end up in a cycle that I believe many women fall into. I read about one of those one-time deals of hers (I wish there were details about the second one) and she obviously enjoyed it (she came twice while being roughly penetrated with her legs on the guy’s shoulders). I’ve made her cum three times in a day before, but not during the same session and now she can hardly cum, no matter what we do. I obviously questioned if I was doing something wrong, but I honestly don’t think so. I treat her very well, I’m never rude and I’ve never put pressure on her about anything, especially about not having an orgasm. I truly don’t consider myself to be lame in the bed department (e.g. I was able to make my previous gf cum up to six times in a single session) and I know that every woman is different. But I’m truly starting to worry about this because it affects my ego and because it makes me wonder if this woman is carrying too much baggage from all those past encounters. Maybe she got used to the thrill of a new wiener in her bun after a while? I’ve thought about menopause too, but I don’t see any signs of that whatsoever. I care for her, so it’s not just about sex. But I’m not sure I can stand this forever. Sorry for the long and personal post. I know this is not a ‘Doctor Heart’ forum, but I feel like I’m in the middle of something that has to do with all the great stuff you write about.

  32. Hey Johnson, the problem isn’t you, it’s her. Either she’s like a drug addict who no longer gets high off Xmas amount and needs a new greater amount or new drug altogether to get high.. Or she just ain’t into you anymore. Or, she’s very bored and lied about the kind of sex she likes. Depending on your feelings for her, you may or may not take my advice. She’s 39, post wall, divorcee with a cock carousel past. No big loss if you walk away at the end of all this. Approach her, tell her that you are aware that she is not enjoying sex with you and offer to cut her loose. At this point she will either come clean and you both walk away, or she will profusely deny anything is wrong, so you keep digging with your reason and she admits what the issue is and opens up with a desire to change the status quo, whether it’s changing up the routine, role play, etc. Making a woman cum is glorious, but over trying on a woman who isn’t into sex with you is anything but. Find out why fast, from the horses mouth and take it from the. Have the balls to be ready to next her if need be. Good luck.

  33. @johnsondaniel70

    Hey, this wasn’t directed at me but I think I can help. It’s most likely a combination of factors, though 1 is more prominent than the others.

    First, at 39 she’s probably not experiencing menopause yet, so you’re right in that. But hormones don’t just turn off like a switch…it’s an extremely gradual thing. So she might be feeling the initial stirrings of it, in this case a lowered libido/ability to cum. Adding some soy products to the diet(steamed edamame, soy milk, veggie burgers from Morningstar Farms brand, etc) helps greatly with this, since when the human body digests soy it creates compounds very similar to estrogen.

    Another, in my view larger, issue is the fact she may be subconsciously falling into her cycle again with you. No, it’s not that you’re an insufficient lover or that she’s deliberately looking for a new man…it almost sounds like her body thinks you’re going to be “like the others”. I’m not a psychologist, but recall that the mind is very powerful and capable of creating psychosomatic responses. If she’s been dumped by numerous guys after having great sex with them, her mind may subconsciously be saying “Oh look, we’ve been having awesome sex…now it’s time to break away so it doesn’t hurt so much when he dumps us.” Her inability to cum now, after it being so easy before, could very well mean she is seriously into you as a partner.

    Again, I’m not a licensed psychologist or have anything more than some minor college level psychology courses under my belt. I’m 30, and have only ever had sex with my long-term FwB, so I’ve no personal experience to draw on with multiple partner issues. And there may be other bits of information you didn’t think to include here. This is my layman’s response based on what I’ve read and similar situations I’ve been privy to from various social interactions.

    Hope this can help you, man.

  34. I agree with M3 though, that if she’s unwilling to admit there’s a problem you should move on. It’s good to have feelings for someone, but only if they’re capable of reciprocity. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to fix someone who can’t see that they are broken…it’ll end poorly for both of you.

  35. Thanks, M3 and thanks, Tarnished. I will follow your advice. I’m inclined to let her go even though I was truly expecting way more than just another failed relationship. It’s very discouraging to think that thanks to feminism, women are becoming victims of their own poison. I just want to love a woman in a mutually respectful relationship, but it seems almost impossible to find one who’s not carrying some type of hard-to-ignore feminist crap. I want a lady who’s not afraid to act or be treated like one. Sometimes even those who seem intelligent end up throwing up mental vomit, especially when they try to minimize or justify the consequences of having ridden the cock carousel.

  36. […] Fonte da imagem: Reprodução/M3 […]

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