Keep Spoon Feeding Them Shit

January 14, 2014

M3 takes the form of Elmo sometimes… feel free to share my Photoshop goodness.

A woman’s GPA has never helped her in intersexual competition between her sisters and instilling attraction in mates.

Women compete with other women attempting to lure the best quality mates. And the really astute ones now what bait is best – regardless of what tripe social justice warriors and educated retards with letters after their names try to tell you.

Brains is a nice to have, but it won’t make us fall in love with you or make our cocks get hard. A high GPA on a beast like Lindy West is the same as a Beta herb who’s chock full of ‘nice’ qualities yet completely undesired by women because he generates no attraction. Those qualities only contain ‘value‘ when the person is interested in you. The ‘NiceGuys’ who think the loyalty, ability to provide & provision, dependability, treating females as equals, shoulder to cry on, white knighting, etc… are qualities which women SHOULD value! Yet women would rather sleep with the man who’s a jerk and polar opposite of that – because those men DO generate attraction.. and if that women can get any one of those ‘nice’ traits out of the jerk… then all of a sudden that trait has immense value!

A socially awkward geek can offer women a lifetime of loyalty, honesty and provisioning up the whazoo. And she will reject it. Those traits are worthless to her coming from an inferior SMV specimen. Internally she recoils in disgust at the thought, the thought of inferior seed gestating for 9 months.

I got into a pissing match with a feministy woman on Facebook not long ago. She was getting angry that men would rather get involved with dumb bimbos and awful gold diggers rather than with good, intelligent women. I had to remind her that she was conflating sex with relationships. A man will fuck those types of women because they have assets which arouse them. Doesn’t mean they want them forever. But let’s switch it up on her for a second and ask her the following:

  1. Do you find the hard bodies of Magic Mike attractive? Do they get you wet?
  2. Do you find the cockiness and confidence of Magic Mike arousing?
  3. Can you envision having sex with him?
  4. Would you fuck him right now?
  5. Now let me tell you he sells drugs to children.
  6. Now let me tell you he kicks small puppies for fun.
  7. Now let me tell you he blows all his money up his nose in coke.
  8. Does any of the last 3 items change how his rock hard body makes your body feel? Does it change how you react to his cocky swagger?
  9. Knowing everything you know, and the option of sex was on the table, a one night stand that did not involve you having to deal with any of those other facts in a long protracted relationship… would you still fuck him?

My guess is most women would. If there is no long term relationship at stake and just instant gratification.. what woman wouldn’t?

Coincidentally, it’s why they choose to hang around with people who might abuse them over men who are guaranteed to treat them right. Being treated right by a man you aren’t attracted to has no value.

As an aside, i just wanted to note that women who try to ‘change’ or ‘heal’ aloof, asshole, alpha types with their magical vagina’s so that they finally bestow upon them the ‘nice’ traits they seek, are no different than beta’s who go around trying to rescue broken women by trying to shower them with the ‘life and love’ they think will open the woman’s eyes so she realizes she’s worthy of love and will not need to endure abusive relationships once she’s with him. Both are trying to to use the power of the gates they’re supposed to be guarding. She gives sex, he gives commitment. Both deluded into thinking relationships form from abandoning the castle walls and leaving the gates unguarded.

Attraction leads to lust/sex/love. Everything else (GPA included) determines whether your partner is compatible with you for the long haul. That’s it. You don’t get to B without A.

I’ve friends who asked me ‘Yo, what if i found a woman who cooked and cleaned for you and sucked your dick just the way you like  and did everything for you and worshiped the ground you walked on.. but she was a BBW’. My standard response was “If my dick isn’t interested, neither am i”. They would then say “Ok.. same thing, everything.. except instead of a BBW, she’s a feminist”. I would say.. “Is she hot?” They’d say “Ya”, and i’d say.. “Well, technically, the scenario you propose cannot exist without fucking up space and time. Why would a feminist cook and clean for me?” 😛

After a laugh they asked me to imagine one that held all the ideals, but didn’t apply them to me, but i’d still have to hear about it and deal with her activism. I said “Yea, i’d stick it in her, but i could never get into a relationship with one. Too fucked in the head. Couldn’t live with myself or the hypocrisy of helping her fuck over either guys either.”

You can have all the intelligentsia in the world.. if you create your own gravity well, i’m probably going to choose a slimmer sister over you.

You can be the hottest thing since a Quizno’s toasted BBQ chicken sub.. if you speak feminazeeze, ape masculinity and you’re proud to be a ball buster, you instantly become relationship ugly and drop off the rader for the sweet girl who smiles and her femininity fosters an environment where i enjoy being in her company.

But i’ll still throw the latter my bone, over the former. Sex =/= relationship.

You’re still asking why?

It goes right back to my last post on ‘Worth‘ where i said:

When a feminist gets pissed off because you speak of what attracts you, and enumerate them and compare them against the lesser ones.. they get very angry.. because they don’t want their ability to attract a mate to be based on desire. They want it to be based on a checklist of ‘their worth’ and all the qualities they have to offer like being empowered, tough, independent, feisty, full of moxie, intelligent, etc. They want exactly what i wanted before i took my pill. They want you to value them for x,y,z.. not for how they make you feel as a person of the opposite sex who knows what you are attracted to and desire.

But that’s what they keep trying to tell young women lol!

This is yet another disturbing trend that is set to go viral with Internet selfies. When are girls going to Instagram and Snapchat their real power part: Their GPA?” adds Walsh.

Real power part: Their GPA?

1937-lolfaceI did a double take, at first expecting the name Susan..

Woman are smart – they don’t need a GPA to figure out what they have to advertise to compete against the sisterhood for the top prize…

..satiating their own hypergamy.


  1. It’s my experience that women who claim to be smart usually are not.

    One I knew that was smart denied that she was.

  2. In further support of this post when was the last time a guy said “Wow! Her PhD makes me so horny!”

  3. 1. No. They look like Ken dolls, or the jocks who tormented me in high school.

    2. I’ve never seen this movie/show, but their screenshots make them look like egoists and supremely overconfident asses. They *might* be nice people…I don’t know. But they don’t seem it.

    3. Lol, no. I don’t know what he’s like. How could I share such an intimate activity with someone I know nothing about?

    4. Hell no!

    5-7. Just makes me want to push him off a cliff or bridge. Waste of a life.

    8. Yes. Now he’s even *less* of someone I would give pity sex to if he was crying to me that he was desperate for touch.

    9. Yuck. Now I can’t eat my lunch… 😛

    Seriously, how DOES one disconnect enough to have random, casual sex? Even bigger question; How would you ever feel clean after having sex with someone who is willfully addicted to drugs, destroys children’s lives, and enjoys causing pain to our animal cousins? I think I’d have to wash with a Brillo pad and Lysol. *shudder*

  4. As I’m attracted to women as well as men, let me just put this out there too;

    Yes, most of the women in M3’s pic up there are hot. My own body type is closest to the one in the bottom left corner, and I find her most attractive of all. No, I don’t find the large woman in the middle attractive (though a big part of this is because she has a “bitchy take no prisoners face”).

    But even though I am aroused by their pics, I still wouldn’t just randomly sleep with them. For one thing, the fact that they probably have numerous pics like this up on some social media site speaks volumes about narcissism and pride. For another, they could all be total bitches…not saying they are, but they could be. Ergo, not people I’d share myself with.

  5. Love how the Toronto Sun piece admits the bikini bridge thing is a troll hoax, then proceeds to fall for it anyway like it’s a real “trend”!

  6. A woman’s GPA is a good indication of how well she can follow instructions and do extra credit work. So it might be a good thing so long as she doesn’t wear it as a badge of honor or think it makes up for a shit personality and fat figure.

  7. […] M3 takes the form of Elmo sometimes… feel free to share my Photoshop goodness. A woman’s GPA has never helped her in intersexual competition between her sisters and instilling attraction in mates.  […]

  8. I remember one time in my 20’s, when I still held out hope for companionship, a buddy and I were discussing women, and I mentioned that women seemed to have no problem in talking with me. Their insecurities, their issues, etc. Also, these women would often express admiration for my ability to explain things in such a manner that was clear without being condescending, and that I had the ability to handle clients, higher-ups, and even kids in such a seemingly relaxed manner. I told my buddy that all that admiration of women was not getting me laid. Half-jokingly, I said, “I want a woman to want me for my body, not my mind!”

  9. “I remember one time in my 20′s, when I still held out hope for companionship, a buddy and I were discussing women, and I mentioned that women seemed to have no problem in talking with me. Their insecurities, their issues, etc.”

    Read this, and immediately remembered this incident.

    I was in college, working at a retail store as a cashier, so most everyone else were women. I was friendly with all of them, but not friends with them socially.

    Yet, one time this girl tells me about her quandary and enlists my advice.

    Her boyfriend is coming home from college during break, and she wanted to have sex, but she was having her period then.

    So she wanted to know if it was something I would do.

    Ugh. Jesus! TMI, honey.

    I got off a decent initial response despite my shock (mucho Beta then):

    “Well, oral sex is definitely out…”

    But then proceeded to try and answer the question.

    Still shake my head at the memory, trying to picture me asking a similar question in similar circumstance. But, that is Beta mindset. Of course, she might have asked me because she perceived as one of her ‘friends’, ie, zero sexual interest.

    Or who knows? Maybe she wanted to fuck me. I was stupid too know the difference back then.

  10. @Seraph

    Uh, wow. That is a really weird situation, for numerous reasons…

    1. Even if you *were* friends outside of work, most guys don’t want to talk about periods. Heck, I’m female-bodied and it can make me uncomfortable to talk about it. I can’t believe any chick over the age of 13 wouldn’t know this ahead of time.

    2. How the hell are *you* supposed to know what *her* boy likes? Are you a mind reader, or did she honestly think all guys have the exact same opinions about sex?

    3. Asking a coworker for sex advice is just odd to begin with, especially considering you did not do activities together outside of work. I can only think of 3 coworkers I’d discuss something like this with, and that’s because we’ve been good friends for over 6 years.

    Although, I would disagree that oral sex is 100% off the table. So long as she lies on her back on a towel (no 69ing, in other words) and they use a large latex dam, he could still go down on her if he wanted. Not saying he should feel like he *had* to. But he could.

  11. I actually engaged in a similar conversation with a young lady (pre-feminist) maybe a few years younger than I (21-24). Her position was that being viewed as a sex object devaules women. I just proposed to her that sexual attraction to a woman is natural for a man rather than some decided or negotiated dynamic. I offered that women and men alike exploite this because it has a certain amount of value in our society (women use it as leverage). I had convinced her that being sexually attractive to a man in no way inhibits women from being smart, driven or successful. It was interesting because I got her to admit that it is women who are flawed enough to belive that this is all they can offer to society. But one thing that she held onto is the why should they want to be attractive to a man? Is this really what the feminist movement wants to teach young women is to be entirely indifferent men? The worst part is that she is sexy as hell! If she wanted the D I’d throw it to her quicker than she could say patriarchy. It is unfortunate that they are teaching beautiful young women these brainwashing ideas. And to be honest it kinda scary that she can’t fathom any reason for why she would want to attract males while she is in her prime years of her smv.

  12. @Seraph:

    Second year of college, a girl I crushed on the previous year and I were walking back from the library. By this time, my eye went towards another woman, which might have explained why this girl was all of a sudden hanging out with me to a degree she never would our first year She was still cute, and we were getting along fine.

    While we are walking back, she asks me what I think about the idea of having sex, but pulling out before ejaculating, and just emptying into a condom. Now, at that age, I still believed that sex was part of relationship, not just some activity like raquetball. So, I said that it seemed unfair to the guy.

    It was not until much later, reading between the lines, that I realized she was probably gauging me to see if I was interested in fooling around, so long as I pulled out. Or, that can be just the most painful interpretation of events.

  13. Agreed that it can help but that is a secondary condition, not a primary motivator for what men seek in women for sexual relationships. Yohami summarized it perfectly in this quote over at laidnyc’s place


  14. Interesting take.

    The classic red-pill take is that nice-guy behaviors are turn-offs that actively negate sexual attraction in women up front, but even in established relationships, too. When a woman lacks sufficient sexual attraction – the (in)famous ‘spark’ – at any stage, then a genuine lover’s relationship is impossible. LJBF or frivorce follows.

    What you’re saying here is that nice-guy behaviors are not turn-ons for women, which all of us here know, but neither are they the aforementioned turn-offs. Rather, they can be positive as added values once the primary sexual attraction is established. Nice guys can still be nice guys without turning her off, but the priority is to establish and then maintain the foundation of sexual attraction.

    In other words, having game matters most, but it’s possible to have game and be a nice guy as long as game takes precedent.

    Is that correct?

  15. You nailed it Eric, that’s exactly what i’m saying. Given the choice, every girl would rather have a nice alpha over an abusive alpha. It’s why the phrase ‘Why can’t i find a guy just like you’ (but not you) so grating. They want to be validated, sexually desired and treated well, but they only want it from the apex men they are attracted to sexually. Who cares if they are cruel to the world, so long as they are nice to me.. that makes them tingle more. And they see that alpha’s don’t give the niceness away as easily as the beta’s as an indication of value, worth fighting for and that if they just use enough of their magical vagina music they can ‘turn’ alpha cads and abusers (who are just merely misunderstood of course) love will finally conquer all and he will be nice to her. It’s romcom 101.

    The preference would always be for a cocky, confident, dominant sexually attractive alpha (that makes her wet) who treats her with adoration and respect.. and ‘nice’ qualities. But given a choice, they would try and tame the ones who would subject them to humiliation, abuse and torment rather than get the free love, affection and nice qualities handed out on a silver platter by those who will give everything without cost. There is no challenge in getting the beta to commit his energy/resources/heart, he would do it even if she were unworthy.

    There is a corollary to sluts in that remark.

  16. @M3

    Do you have a post that describes the differences between alpha/beta/omega behaviors? It gets somewhat confusing, trying to remember what traits are supposed to go with what type…

  17. Who cares if they are cruel to the world, so long as they are nice to me… that makes them tingle more.

    No surprise. It makes “me” (them) feel special in a positive manner. And short term relationships nowadays are all about making the girl feel “special”, even when she is anything but special. Heh, the cognitive dissonance is tiring, isn’t it?

  18. @Exfernal

    Ha, your comment reminds me of two things;

    1. One of my bumper stickers; “Always know that you’re unique…just like everybody else.”

    2. A scene in a new comic I’m reading called “Red Rover Charlie”, about the end of the world from 3 dogs point of view. (Written by Garth Ennis, so gorey to the extreme, but actual kinda interesting.) Anyway, our 3 canine heroes meet a group of chihuahuas in issue #2 and all they can say is “me me me what about me what about me what about me!” They’re like narcissistic seagulls. Or, apparently, certain groups of people. 😉

  19. @ Eric

    Just wanted to add. When an Alpha does ‘nice’ things for a woman, it’s a reward. Recognition that she has earned his appreciation. He isn’t doing nice things as a means of securing attraction. He doesn’t buy her flowers hoping she gets wet, to build romance or to show his worth trying in an effort to keep her loyalty – which is what most beta’s are conditioned to do. An alpha does it because he wants to/ not because he’s obligated to. That’s what distinguishes the disparate value for the same act.

  20. Exfernal

    All relationship advice in girlword is centered on what the man is required to do in order to please the woman. (and they wonder why the double standard exists) There is virtually no literature that asks of women to show how they might qualify themselves to men and be worthy of commitment beyond simply playing him with her devil vagina music lol.

    She is never asked to show why she is special.. the girl is the prize dontcha know?

    Alpha men know they are the prize that women fight for, not the other way around. If most men understood this instead of swallowing hollywood romcom nonsense of jumping through hoops to show fair maiden his worth, would be a lot less AFC’s and victims of gold digging whores.

    You’ll note that the ‘makes me feel special’ but no special themselves girls are the easiest victims of the Roosh’s and Roissy’s of the world by following that rule – IX. Connect with her emotions


    Girls that are special and do have value tend to put up a lot more resistance before spreading their legs in an effort to weed out the cads. They know their value transcends just their vagina and will make sure the man is recognizes the greater relationship material she provides over a one and done. The ones who are special will work to make you realize it to earn alpha commitment. The talentless hacks who operate only on ‘my vagina makes me a princess’ model expecting it alone will earn alpha commitment are the ones writing into Dear Abby asking why they can’t keep a man, or why all men are assholes.

  21. @Tarnished
    Last two manga titles I have read, find interesting, and have little qualms mentioning in a polite company, LOL, both illustrative of the alpha-beta-omega spectrum: “Golden Time” and “Ore ga Doutei wo Sutetara Shinu Ken ni Tsuite”.

  22. M3: “He doesn’t buy her flowers hoping she gets wet, to build romance or to show his worth trying in an effort to keep her loyalty – which is what most beta’s are conditioned to do.”

    Makes sense. Something I’ve heard is “He doesn’t know how to be romantic.” I didn’t understand because, to me, the man was romantic as far as I understood romance.

    I didn’t know about ‘tingles’ at the time and what I thought was romantic behavior was not the cake, not even the icing. It was just decorations.

  23. “Given the choice, every girl would rather have a nice alpha over an abusive alpha. It’s why the phrase ‘Why can’t i find a guy just like you’ (but not you) so grating. They want to be validated, sexually desired and treated well, but they only want it from the apex men they are attracted to sexually.”

    The perpetual lament: “I just want a nice guy who will treat me right!”

    Translation: “I just want an alpha dominant guy who will be nice to me and treat everyone else like shit, and who will have sex only with me.”

  24. GPA = weight? Does not compute.
    Maybe her SAT= weight

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