Feminism IS Fascism

January 13, 2014

So much irony.

Guy tweets #fascistfeminist to a bunch of feminists. How do they respond?

They take him to court to silence him.

You can’t get much more fascist than that.. unless they sent feminazi’s in jackboots to shoot him in his sleep as an enemy of the state.

Good Ol’Toronto.. you never fail to give me torturous stories to endure.

And from the very liberal rag The Toronto Star no less..

When does tweeting become criminal harassment?

Lets just dig into a few select parts of this putrid vomit on tree pulp shall we?

Stephanie Guthrie (what is it about all feminists looking so very much alike.. the stereotypical “i have a brain problem look”) decided she had had enough being called a fascist so she went about her way to silence that criticism of her.

Gregory Alan Elliott was charged with three counts of criminal harassment and one count of breaching a peace bond after repeatedly sending Twitter messages to three women that allegedly made them fear for their safety.

Yes, because being called a fascist makes you simply recoil in fear and dread of your life.

Perhaps you should talk to Matt about what constitutes a threat, he has some experience with that.

Guthrie had met Elliott via Twitter when looking for someone to design posters for a group she founded, “Women in TO politics.” They met once in person, and Guthrie later told the investigating officer Det. Jeff Bangild that she felt “seedy” just sitting across from him, court heard Tuesday.

What horrible journalism. Might as well have just stamped a huge “CREEPY” label on him. But of course her description must be valid, how could it not? Quite unfortunate that the paper did not bother to ask him how he felt sitting across from her? Maybe he was feeling ‘dirty’ or ‘disgusted’ sitting across from some venereal disease ridden skank? Maybe he felt ‘oppressed’ or ‘queesy’ sitting across from obvious cuntish and gender supremist behavior? Pity that we will never know his feelings on the matter. I’ve just had to make due with extrapolation…

She then discovered that Elliott had a history of sending tweets she considered sexually harassing and offensive to women, and decided not hire him.

That she considered sexually harassing and offensive? Has she become the arbiter of what is and isn’t? Were they or weren’t they actually sexual harassment? I’d certainly like to find out. If she denied him employment based on her own biased view, then would i be entitled to not hire women because they wrote for a fucking jizz encrusted rag like Jizzabel? Could i deny employment to ANY feminist based on what i view to be hateful and offensive rhetoric?

Rae told Bangild that it was “exhausting” being regularly tweeted at with the hashtag “#fascistfeminist,” Elliott’s defence lawyer Chris Murphy told the court.

What’s good for the goose…

However, Murphy contends that the complainants also engaged in hurtful behaviour on Twitter by using the hashtag “#GAEhole” to refer to Elliott.

…is not good for the gander. Color me shocked.

Here’s the best part.

Elliott’s lawyer also questioned how the women were still being harassed by tweets from Elliott when they blocked him on Twitter.

Telepathy no doubt.

So here we have Stephanie Guthrie, a local activist who tweets prolifically about feminism and Toronto politics… crying about being a victim like all good feminists do, trying to shut another individual up because his rightful accusation of her being a #fascistfeminist has hurt her wittow feewings. And the big blue media is eating it up like gold because it makes for good media consumption by the tards of the town. Nothing sells the morning news like


And you see, it’s bad enough that i had to read the whole article to get to the truth of the matter. That the entire article debunked itself in the last paragraph.

Guthrie is no stranger to the dark side of Twitter. After tweeting in support of American feminist and gamer Anita Sarkeesian in 2012, Guthrie became the target of death and rape threats.

Any outlet that lends it’s support to Anita  “I’m not a gamer”  Sarkeesian, is bereft of any credibility and has no place to be dishing out ‘newz’.

Even women understand she’s full of shit!


  1. Has all the feel and charm of an elementary school playground pissing match between the boys and the girls. We know how that ends: the boys get detentions after class and the girls go home to daddy. There’s your “male privilege”.

  2. These poor women so very badly want a dominant man to make post-coital sandwiches for.

  3. If he ends up being convicted of these charges, the Canadian courts are opening up precendence to criminalize an individual based on ‘hurt feelings.’ A female not being able to take criticism on a political view to the point where she runs to the courts crying basically-rape should not be a political activist.

  4. what if they gave a war on women, and no men showed up?

  5. […] So much irony. Guy tweets #fascistfeminist to a bunch of feminists. How do they respond? They take him to court to silence him. You can’t get much more fascist than that..  […]

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  7. […] Feminism is Fascism – M3 – Posted mostly for my own reference.  Just finished a book on sociopathy and I was struck by the realization that the Apex Fallacy and its consequences are related to sociopathy.  Something I hope to write about, eventually. […]

  8. Elliott used #FascistFeminists (plural) and rarely #FascistFeminist (singular).

    On closer inspection, the Toronto Star and Torontoist and Now Magazine reporters who seem to be friends with Guthrie and the others started using the singular hashtag to direct curious readers to tweets made by parody Twitter accounts of Elliott. perhaps to make sure no one would research the story fully. Also to lead people to their pro-Guthrie blogs and stories.

    The Star also started misspelling Elliott’s full name when the trial started favouring Elliott.

    Proper spelling is “Gregory Alan Elliott”.

    Some one should tell Christie Blatchford of The National Post to use Elliott’s full name, with middle name, as Blatchford’s fair and accurate articles about the trial are being buried by those sympathetic to Guthrie et al. some suspect Guthrie has a lot of friends who can and do skew Google Search results.

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