Just a quick update..

October 30, 2013

Hello folks. Just a quick one. Got some big posts in the works so i thought i’d give you a small to tide you over.

  1. Got my results back from my cardiologist. The heart is solid. No defects at all. Chalk this one up to exercise over exertion and Vasovagal syncope. I have had a history of passing out due to seeing blood/trauma ever since a child. I’ve gotten better as i’ve aged but it’s always been there. I was actually hoping it really was heart related so that i could deal with a physical cause. Looks like hypnosis is my last option. In case you’re wondering, this is what it is.ย It’s probably in no small part the reason why i was brought up beta. Being the baby of the family, born premie, and having this condition.. probably led to my mom sheltering me, over protecting me, and kept me from taking the risks normal male children enjoy taking (which can lead to broken bones and copious amounts of blood). I’d have been a police officer or paramedic if my early childhood heroes could be realized.
  2. I’m very interested in an idea brought up on JustFourGuys post ย Just Four Opinions – Daily Beast. Specifically making a documentary about the “manosphere.. from which this day forward i will simply call ‘The Sphere’. [Like the earth where different peoples migrate and create different cultures and ideas, so too is the sphere not one unified voice but a collection of different opinions, ideas, dogmas, etc.. where discussion is encouraged, assailed and held to peer scrutiny]. We are all here because we understand the outside world has peddled us ‘pretty lies’. We all knew as we looked out that window that what we saw was somehow not real. We knew a truth that had no name. The same realization that feminists originally claimed, a condition that had no name – bored housewives stifled at home.. we too have a condition – our lives were not our own. We all ended up here seeking truth and answers the ‘real’ world would not give us. And in light of the hit piece ABC’s 20/20 tried to pull, i want to see a real documentary with sane and sound individuals talking about/explaining/detailing exactly what the sphere is, why it exists, who participates in it (men/women), and what it preaches (lifestyle/game/mens rights/discussion/facts/sound statistics/etc..). Yes there are angry voices, but we have lots of men who find the sphere after the worst day of their life, so it’s understandable. But no one extremist voice speaks for us all.. unlike feminism, where every extremist follows the same core aspects of feminism. GirlWritesWhat took that on with the Not all feminists are like that trope. So, i have the camera, i have the editing software. I’m going to try and put together a quick little monologue together and run it by the gang at JFG and see where we can take this. If things go well, i’d open it up to other sphere bloggers to submit video to me to add. Guess if things really went well and it was coordinated well enough, fly out to record folks in their own environments. Dare to dream.
  3. Just thought i’d share this video i found on Youtube today. Probably one of the best point by point refutations of Feminism i’ve seen in a long while!

And oh yeah.. GO LEAFS GO!


  1. The sphere video sounds like a great idea.

  2. I have a lot of idea’s floating in my head. The main issue for me is time. Obviously working full time sucks and hinders the idea from being realized right away, but i’ll plug at it in my spare moments for sure.

    I also had another idea that could be done on very little money and would be wonderful as well.

    I don’t know if you’ve watched this (and if anyone is religious they probably won’t like it.. but it goes to my overall point) but i envision something very similar to this video of the Four Horsemen of Atheism discussing their case and their issues regarding debating all religions. It’s a fascinating thing to watch even if you’re religious (i’ve watched tons of critisism of Atheism so grow some backbone you theists lol)

    Anyways, check this out

    Then imagine the same situation, except it’s Roosh(PUA), Danny(MGTOW), Dalrock(Tradcon) and John the Other(MRA)… and maybe me (teehee) all sitting around a table having a calm discussion around a table, both discussing our points.. but ALSO bringing up feminist counterpoints and seeing on which points we tacitly agree, qualify, challenge, engage. The discussion would obviously overlap and i’m sure there would be many disagreements, concessions, capitulations, self examinations and agreements.

    Something you would never see in a hive mind groupthink session of Jizzabel round table kitty commandos.

    You could replace any one of those round table members with anyone you’d like.. or HELL, you could even have you JUST FOUR GUYS do a round table and start your own YouTube channel! I’d subscribe to that for sure!

    Think about it eh’


    Lucky you. Being a Rangers fan these days is just depressing. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Glad to hear the ticker is healthy.

  4. so many things we as a society lose when fathers are ripped out of our lives.

  5. As it happens, I work in television audio (mostly documentary programming) so may have something to offer re: the manosphere doc.

    I can be contacted at a_the_est {at} ponymail {dot} com

  6. I feel a documentary will be ignored.

    What is needed is a feature film with the flavor of “Dennis”

    That demonstrates how badly the masculine is demonized in society, how far those virtues (and they must be portrayed as virtues) are rejected, from the masculine perspective.

    I would love to help write such a script, though I’m certain I don’t have the credentials to convince someone else that I should.

  7. Sure it might be ignored at first, but as a snapshot of what will probably be seen later as a stealthy sea change, its historical significance will be big. You guys get it rolling, I’d absolutely love to do the narration voiceover.

  8. “Itโ€™s probably in no small part the reason why i was brought up beta. Being the baby of the family, born premie, and having this condition.. probably led to my mom sheltering me, over protecting me, and kept me from taking the risks normal male children enjoy taking (which can lead to broken bones and copious amounts of blood).”

    M3, this has nothing to do with fainting. Fainting is mainly caused by low blood pressure as clearly explained in the linked article. Fainting can be prevented if you avoid the causes of low blood pressure. Sugar and salt can relatively solve the issue.

  9. Thrilled to hear that your heart is well, M3. A documentary . . . . what a fantastic idea!

  10. And oh yeah.. GO LEAFS GO!

    Honestly? LOL. I may have a few ideas for your Doc………..

  11. in order for ANY sort of “discussion”, a few bloggers would need to settle petty differences for the greater good of the ‘Sphere.

    and, well….i’ve been calling it the ‘Sphere for a minute. a female friend (hot as all shit btw) laughed and dropped her phone when i said, “manosphere”. lol. and deservedly so.

  12. it is interesting, and quite apt, that you compare the current status of average men to the status of women in the fifties. Back then, at least for white women enjoying a middle class lifestyle in the suburbs that would have been imaginable just a decade earlier, it was not enough to negate that certain feeling that something was not right. Something was keeping them in a box, not of their own choosing, forcing them to comport themselves in a manner they had little hand in shaping.

    So it is with many men today. Most men are not alphas, they cannot be, otherwise the term loses meaning. Also, men’s behavior changes. One can move from alpha to beta, and back again. Men of my generation, who were taught to never push a woman who was not ready, bought into that “friends first” nonsense – found ourselves left alone while women had their fun.

    Then as, as we got older, we noticed that while men were held to increasingly unrealistic standards of looks, wealth, and behavior – men were expected to adjust their standards. We were expected to look past a woman’s promiscuity, her choice to pursue a degree/profession that did not support the lifestyle she felt she deserved, they out of wedlock kids we are expected to treat as our own. It is a world where a woman raising a bastard or two can look at a man of the same age, who has not been in a serious relationship due to continuous rejection, and say, “There must be something wrong with him.”

    One of my co-workers has a daughter studying at UCLA. Her daughter looks much like you might expect a UCLA coed to look – blonde and fit. Her mom used the phrase, “She sowed her oats” to describe how her daughter spent the first year of college. The thing is, she might just get away with it. All she needs to be is an average student with her looks, and doors will be opened for her, and men will go fall over themselves to try and impress her.

  13. […] “I Guess I’m Not a Feminist”ย – Video at the bottom shows yet another dude catching on to the different between equity and gender-feminists.ย  Pretty comprehensive. […]

  14. Awesome news that your ticker is good, M3!!


  15. I think the documentary is a GREAT idea!!! I hope you do it and I hope it comes out seriously and professionally done. I think you and many other bloggers have an outstanding talent to say things the way they should be told. I am a native Spanish speaker and I humbly offer to create Spanish subtitles if you consider this appropriate and useful. Keep up the great work!

  16. Hmm….I’m concerned about your cardio issues. Have you been checked with a stress test to see if your heart has abnormal rhythms with exercise? A heart rhythm can appear normal with a quick one second EKG they give in doctor’s office, but very abnormal under stress. A heart can also look normal with an echocardiogram, but not be.

    The only way to see if you have heart rhythm issues is to wear a holter monitor for a week or so and see what happens to your heart under your daily life activities. Have you done this?

    Sorry, this probably isn’t the place to have this personal discussion. We should email. : )

  17. Carolina my precious!

    Thank you for thinking of me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Alas, all is well. I did 2 rounds of nuclear medicine imaging, a stress test, and ultrasound, and a 24 hour holter. My heart is a-ok. It appears my condition was simply Vasovagal Syncope onset by overexertion during my workout.

    Feel free to email me anytime just to shoot the shit luv and let me know how things are going in your life. Any new crazy people bothering you? ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. Glad to hear you’re okay!!

    Oh, I need to give you an update. Isis (Keanu’s stalker) got so upset with me over my blog post that I took it down. I felt that it wasn’t worth it to make someone so unhappy. Believe it, or not, we’ve sort of become friends. We email each other, and I like her. LOL I will have to email you in soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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