If ABC and 20/20 Were a Print Publication…

October 21, 2013


That’s pretty much my feeling on their journalistic integrity on the matter.

Matt Forney covers every aspect of this in depth HERE

I would be reticent to mention this will be the second time i bring up Reagan and the revocation of ‘the fairness doctrine’ and the Supreme Courts ruling that ‘NEWS’ outlets are not required to tell factually accurate or truthful stories. I raised this during the run up to the Iraq war when FAUX newz was selling us drones of death and Saddams links to Al-Quada. If the news isn’t required to balance stories or give a shit about the truth, and everyone is in a race to the bottom for ratings instead of accuracy.. well..

you end up with the National Enquirer mindset. Pump out pure bullshit.. the American consumer will buy anything.

As if you didn’t hear me complain about that already

*image created by me, M3. Feel free to use.


  1. you can’t comment on american culture Canucklehead. lol.

  2. Nice work on that graphic! The hell of it is, I wonder who would even see that damned *20/20* piece. I don’t know of anyone, on or offline, who puts aside time in their schedule to watch crap like *20/20,* *Dateline,* etc. On the other hand, I think it’s important to put out there just how twisted and corrupt TV “journalists” are.

    Major props to you for mentioning the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine. Right after that the tone of the media changed. (Yes, I’m that old, I remember.) That the New York *Times* and the Washington *Post* still exist after their blatant cheerleading/misleading for the Iraq War — that they’re even still *respected* as news outlets — says all you need to know for the decline of the U.S. — and, alas, the rest of the Western world, your fine nation included.

  3. In 2000, on the eve of Bill Clinton’s trip to India & Pakistan, Peter Jennings of ABC did a solid one hour documentary on the region called “The Dark Horizon.” I’m sure I still have it somewhere on videotape, but portions can be seen on YouTube. After 9/11, Jennings did more specials on Islamist groups – not of the paranoid Fox News style, but a more level-headed approach that looked at their rhetoric, where they got their money, and how some of our allies like Saudi Arabia & Pakistan are part of the problem, not to mention America’s sponsorship of Islamic groups in the 1980’s in Afghanistan.

    Up until he retired from ABC Nightline, Ted Koppel did solid interviewing not just of politicians and newsmakers, but her was less likely to feel the need to balance “left & right” on his show.

    ABC News has collapsed as a news gathering operation since then. It is People magazine on TV. Among broadcast networks, CBS News still tries the hardest to be a serious news gathering operation. Cable news channels are just shouting contests, and not worth the time.

  4. Lulz. Sorry Danny, it’s just that i sometimes find Canadian culture so dry.. i feel the urge to poke my big brother in the arm.

    Think i’ll go write a sternly worded letter to my member of Parliament to shake things up a bit.

  5. No. Let’s just watch the hockey. Love the hockey.

  6. What a ko-inky-dink…

    I’m actually watching hockey again! Jumping on that bandwagon while it’s hot.. tho 2 game losing streak makes me wonder if there is a cliff the horses are racing my bandwagon towards…

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