Sexual Market Value Boosted, One Shed Pound At A Time

August 1, 2013

Interesting snippet here from CH, the spheres own Bill Nye the Science Guy. I really like where he shows the naked disparity between what a low cost it is for a woman to jump 5 SMV ranks vs the high cost of a man doing the same thing. This should put the final nail in the coffin for why the double standard exists and why attaining sex can never be viewed through an equality lens so often described by women. As the old joke says, take 2 equally ranked people, 1 man, 1 woman, put them in a bar and have them hit on 100 people. The woman will get 100% of men of equal rank to bed her and a slight decrease of higher ranked men above her to bed her, with each jump in rank decreasing her chances by a factor of 2. For a man, he is lucky if he can get a woman of equal worth, and if he does.. he is happy, whereas women usually want better or higher than themselves. But men today are LUCKY if they even get their SMV equal. Most often they don’t, and shoot ranks lower, each successive rank lower increases their odds of attaining sex by a factor of two. This is the reality. In the game of attaining sex, men work for it. Women can phone it in. Double standard sandwich.. served up hot. And wow.. props to this chick from going from Manatee to MmmMmmmMmmmmm. Take that fat acceptance movement. Go drown your sorrows in a bucket of the Colonel’s secret recipe.

Chateau Heartiste

Visual proof of the damaging toll that fatness extracts from a woman’s sexual market value, and of the major increase in SMV that accrues when the excess fat is shed, is in this series of photographs of a single girl taken at regular intervals as she lost weight and went from a hippo to a totally bangable hot babe.

At 197 pounds, this girl was a hard 3 on the 1 to 10 looks scale. A hard 3 means that she would have had trouble getting love from a dweeby loser beyond a shameful one-night drunken rutting.

At 124 pounds, this girl is a solid 7.5, perhaps pushing into 8 territory. Let’s call her an 8 and unsplit the difference. Perfect curvy body (“feminine curvy”, not “feminist curvy“), youthfully peaking nubility, shock of fire engine red hair, exquisitely smooth milky white skin. You wonder if your eyes aren’t playing…

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  1. Super sexy!! I’m on that weight loss journey hard for this reason, and CH killed it. Of course, the feminazzies will still squeal “Size doesn’t matter, sweetie! It’s all about your personality.”

    I usually reply, “He can’t see your personality from across the room…but he CAN see your ass. Might as well make it look good.” *shrug*

  2. I would do all versions of this girl but I find chubby girls sex.

  3. This is where I part ways with the harsher wing of the sphere. On her, 185-132 looks great and both edges are fine, too. I guess I can’t be cured. Maybe a span of 1 point on either end.

  4. @ Lianne CST

    keep at it girl. The rewards will be beyond you’re wildest dreams 🙂

  5. @ Dr. Faust

    I have a friend at work who’s just like you. Loves all shapes and sizes. His motto is ‘if it’s wet and pink, I’m in’

    Tho I’m surprised. I would imagine a doctor to be encouraging folks to lose weight 😛

  6. @ OTC

    yes the sphere tends to enjoy being cruel. I’ll admit I fall on the bandwagon every now and then. Tho the principle still stands on generality. The more weight you lose, the more in demand you become.

    Even I as a man can attest to this.

  7. I didn’t read the original article.

    But the picture and saying that her SMV increases misses a huge point.

    73lbs. That body may look great clothed, but once you get it naked it’s going to be wrecked. Ever been to a strip club on a wednesday? Notice the stretch marks and sag on a fairly skinny girl? The girl at 124 is going to be a mess of lines that will make it look like she’s been clawed by a tiger and then had the skin folded back up on her.

    Sure she’ll look great on your arm. But be ready to bang her with the lights off and get it in the right flap.

    That’s why it’s better to not gain the 73lbs in the first place than try and fix what’s been wrecked. She gained a fake SMV boost, likely losing 2-3 points once you feel around.

  8. Thanks, m3. I don’t get how women get mad when men mention size… yet study the number of women that practically turn into fire hydrants over Johnny Depp… would they like him if he wasn’t in shape? What about Christian Bale? Oh, my favorite — the fan worship over Christian Grey (50 Shades of Grey crapola book) … just saying. I will “support” women getting angry about weight when they drop their expectations of men…oh wait. Not happening.

  9. For some reason, she looks thinner (or at least better) at 165 than at 155. Maybe black isn’t really slimming after all. At 140 she’s cute and plenty doable, but at 124, yowza. And as great as her body is, I think the change in her face may be even more striking. Think about it: she probably only lost a pound or less in her face, and yet there’s a complete transformation there.

  10. I’ve known more than a few women who have undergone this transformation. You can tell they are losing weight in an abstract way – but it doesn’t really do anything for you, then at some point – wham, it hits you and you would hit-it… I have had it happen to women that were well beneath my notice – a 3 is there… An 8 is something else entirely… And I have bedded several that underwent such a transformation…

    And it isn’t a question of being “cruel” – it is a question of what you find attractive. You can’t control it – any more than she can. Long ago in my younger days, I was a “nice guy” but I got over it, and more than a few of the women that I lusted over were now available to me, but only a few were now worth my notice. It’s amazing how your SMV determines what you will “settle for”. Although, quite a few of those women’s hotter friends were now on the menu. Were they cruel when I was “beneath” them? No… I was well beneath what they could command – unfortunately, by the time I was done, they were beneath what I could command. It isn’t cruel, it merely IS…

    For women, the transformation is as easy as losing weight, for a man it is distinctly harder – but success has it’s own rewards and lasts for a life-time… So losing weight and becoming more in shape is worth maybe 1 extra point for a man – reshaping his attitude and outlook is worth a lot more – that is why it is so much harder for a man. It can be done, but it takes effort, determination, and not just settling. Most men stop when they get a reasonably attractive woman that will commit to them, and later end up finding themselve 40 and back on the market… .For those that don’t stop the rewards are well worth the effort…

  11. @ Jimm

    While everything you say is technically true, I do give her an a for effort and better late than never. She reaps a reward, there is one less obese person being gawked at, and her self esteem improves where she no longer acts like Lindey West.

    Is it better not to gain in the first place? Of course, but I give this girl nothing but kudos. Would have been easier to quit.

    And hey, I got some hidden stretch marks too so I’d be a hipocrite to say something negative. So does my gf. Stretch marks are not the end all be all of relationships. Maybe for bagging quality notch counts,but that was never my cup of tea.

  12. M3: “being cruel. I’ll admit I fall on the bandwagon every now and then. Tho the principle still stands on generality. The more weight you lose, the more in demand you become.”

    Yeah, that I can agree too.

    Low SMV men don’t have the luxury of being turned off by weight.

  13. As Heartiste would say, women have one simple requirement when it comes to attracting men: look decent and put effort into their appearances.

    Compared to the 100 + checklists that women expect men to fulfill.

    So no, I have zero sympathy for fat women who claim to be victims of unfair beauty standards.

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