Long Weekend

August 1, 2013

Just letting y’all know i got a 4 day weekend that i’ll be spending with the miss’s so i won’t be able to get around to that Questions 2 and Redemption posts i had been penning. Plus lots of other posts i want to launch off as well to get off this one track slut horse. It’ll come, but not right away.

I’m also going to start introducing random posts that have virtually nothing to do with ‘sphere’ issues, but will explore the sphere’s beliefs and contentions that men are always the logical ones who don’t let raw emotion or irrationality get in the way. I think i’ll call those posts Shit Disruption of the Week.

And i will certainly *TRY* to find the time to pen a post or two about the goodness of women, when they behave like women and play to their strengths instead of aping masculinity.

I should also write a post about Tomboys. They’re the coolest chicks, and they love getting dirty and in the thick of it. I believe in their ability as capable gamers, sports players and even soldiers. Sadly, i think it is Tomboys that were co-opted by the feminist movement to presume that ALL women want to be like them. This would make for an interesting post. I’m sure TarnishedSophia and Anna (if she’s still around) would be invaluable in information.

Also just wanted to mention that i’ve been bugged by so many of my readers to unlock my p90x page.. i admit, i have been TOO LAZY to actually finish it with all the tips, tricks, encouragement, etc.. i planned to write in there. So i will scrap that and just throw up a few ‘before’ picks of my lanky beta ass and then the after photos. Again.. soon, but not right away.

Also, a commenter asked me to give him a link to the 1st post of my blog so he could follow my blog from it’s inception to know to watch how i grew from a freshly ground up beta in the feminine imperatives meat grinder to the guy i am today. If you look over to the sidebar you’ll notice a new page called DAY 1. That’ll take you to the start so if you are bored out of your fucking skull.. and have a couple hundred hours to kill.. have at it 🙂

Audi.. sorry luv, you’re response will have to wait.

And he’s off!


  1. Niagara? Rama? Muskoka? Haliburton? Kawarthas? Wherever it is… have a great Simcoe Day bro.

  2. Awesome! I hope the two of you have a spectacular time, whatever you decide to do. I’m sure the both of you have earned this getaway.

    I greatly look forward to reading about tomboys/masculine females from your point of view. You’re correct…it should be quite interesting.

    And that p90x page. Dear Gods, man! I was beginning to think it was there just to tease us. I’ve been looking at the regular p90 program for a while now for myself, and when I get back from Gencon I’ll buy it when the money is there. Also got some questions about it…but they can wait til the page is open.

    Once again, have fun!

  3. cool. have fun. uncle Mitch is heading down my way for the weeknd. we’ll be shooting guns and getting girlys. wee weekend.

  4. Have a great vacation, M3. 🙂

    @M3: “I’m also going to start introducing random posts that have virtually nothing to do with ‘sphere’ issues, but will explore the sphere’s beliefs and contentions that men are always the logical ones who don’t let raw emotion or irrationality get in the way. I think i’ll call those posts Shit Disruption of the Week.”

    Looking forward to reading this one. In my experience it’s obvious that men get emotional and irrational at times (family of boys=much fighting, usually over nothing). However, a guy will get over it and his behavior and decision-making ability are less fluctuating unlike women who have hormones that drive emotion which turns like the tide. And women will stew on their anger FOREVA. I’m still mad at a girl who cut my barbie dress when I was five. I wouldn’t recognize her, but she cut my barbie dress! And we were poor, and it was my best barbie dress (I usually sewed my own barbie clothes back then). Damn b*tch.

  5. @ protagonist

    Canada’s Wonderland! And from there it’s to infinity and beyond!

    Hope you and everyone else has a great weekend too!

  6. Hello there.

    I was just dropping by to read around (as I haven’t in a while) and decided to post a comment this time (I dont think I ever have) because something your wrote caught my eye.

    Please post about tomboys. Lol. Please 😐

    I too think that feminism piggy backed off these women and did the “well if they can be like this we can ALL be this this” thing which is so shake your damn head worthy.

    I don’t like the term “tomboy” but I guess I technically am one. Always have been. Not so much ‘one of the guys’ since I dont do boy things like sports (and I like video games, just not first person shooters which seem to be popular) so I’ve never hung out with men, but Im certainly not one of the girls. Never have been. Just don’t really ‘get’ other women. I believe in things like honor and integrity and having a moral code…..>____>

    I actually never really realized how much of my own behavior was anomalous. I used to think something was wrong with other girls.

    Anyway, I feel like term tomboy has terrible connotations and isn’t clearly understood since every chick (read: attention whore) that hangs out with men just for the attention and ability to feel “different” claims to one.

    Thats all. 😀

    Hope all is well.


  7. Yeah I miss Anna she was cool

  8. The manosphere often makes the same mistake liberals do, i.e., confusing individuals with statistics.

    Statistically, men are physically stronger than women. The liberal says, “I know a woman who can do ten pull-ups! Therefore, this statement is false.” The manospherian says “Science says this is true! Therefore, any man can do more pull-ups than any woman.”

    Both conclusions are equally false. The correct conclusions are things like:

    -A randomly selected man has a high probability of being stronger than a randomly selected woman.

    -A man in a given percentile of his sex is stronger than a woman in the same percentile of her sex.

    The same goes with male rationality. To use a very specific example, my mother is generally more rational and forward looking than my father. My dad is probably a somewhat above average guy when it comes to decision-making. But my mother is, for her sex, probably in the top 5%. Maybe the top 1%. She’s more rational than just about any boss or colleague she’s ever had, and I’m saying this because I’ve been her go-to guy about her career ever since they got divorced over 10 years ago. And sure enough, when they took some sort of test on this, my mom outscored my dad.

    Where my mom *is* like most women is that she’s hard-wired to want the man to take charge. But since she was objectively a better decision-maker than Dad, this worked out poorly in their marriage.

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