Toronto Underwater

July 9, 2013

Just a brief note.. the Apocalypse visited us last night and dumped an ocean’s worth of rain on us, flooding streets and basements and knocking out power in my neighborhood since last night 6pm EST. I’m writing this from work.

Info on what’s going on:


Will post again when things return to normal.

Unless.. this is the end?


  1. Stay dry, brother.

  2. wasn’t so bad out here… East Side FTW!

  3. Luckily I’m up the escarpment

  4. First time city has been fully rinsed sinc the Army snowfall.

  5. Typical Toronto, can’t stand other cities getting all the attention. Calgary flooded? Well look at us, we’re even more flooded.

  6. LOL.. touche V10, touche.

    Still, we don’t live on a flood pain so what happened here was freakishly epic. It’s rare to get a months worth of rain in 2 hours.

    Apples and oranges man.

  7. It was my birthday last night =) Uptown Toronto was pitch black, so scary….haha, my classmate was one of those people needing boat rescue from a GO train, though =/

  8. @ Sean

    Ya, hehe.. i remember that day and Lastman’s call to the army. That was a lot of snow.

    Good choice of words.. rinsed out. Sodom and Gomorrah needed to be cleansed.

    @ protagonist

    lucky bastage. i’m west coast, in that last little section without power near Queensway / Windermere. Cam Wooley of CP24 fame was there today.

    @ ARoss

    double lucky bastage you are

    @ CatRea

    Happy post belated bday. Hope the soaking didn’t get you down. I saw video of the boat rescue yesterday (along with a motherf*ckin snake on a motherf*ckin GoTrain) and hearing all the people saying “This can’t REALLY be happening in Toronto can it?”.

  9. Thank you! And nah downtown was fine, but I had to stay over with my bf in Vaughn because it was dangerously pitch black as soon as you enter uptown Toronto. lol two of my classmates had to be rescued from the GOTrain…

    Great post today btw.

    I just feel like a lot of times some rape accusations or protests are like a person choosing to not wear a bike helmet then blaming the bike for giving them head injuries…..it’s like…..you knew what you were getting into, don’t blame it fully on others because of YOUR lack of precautions -.- Obv rape does happen and is terrible but encouraging women to be careless is stupid (i.e. wtf is this whole slutwalk thing!??)

    But saying such things is socially unacceptable offline :/

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