Just Four Guys i’d like you to meet

June 29, 2013

Back in the good old days when i frequented HUS, there was a great collection of male input speaking a vast amount of wisdom and truth. Things would get contentious and some of us remember the history that went down after that. Some voices left, others carried on.

Recently i was made aware of a new blog featuring 4 guys who are passionate about getting facts out and cutting through the noise and the bullshit.

I write to entertain mostly. If you pick up a nugget of wisdom through my own life experiences then hot diggity dog.

But these guys write with purpose and poise, back everything they say with facts, evidence, studies and so forth.. and present it in a non-combative, non confrontational manner, a skill i sorely lack 😉

The reason i find a site like this important is that while we both fight the same fight, theirs has the truest potential for resonating with the outside world and making a difference where it counts. I guess you could say i’m already preaching to the choir a bit, and my inflammatory rhetoric will entertain those already sucking on redpill, but will be hard pressed to win converts, tho a few of you fine ladies who call yourself readers of M3 are the pinnacle of womanhood 😉 hehe. But any woman just coming across this site still full of her own solipsistic point of view, still unaware of her own hypergamous nature, still being cajoled by the feminine imperative and still being sold a world view of Princess behavior from the ignorant and professional victimhood from the Femcuntista.. well chances are they will bolt through the door relatively quickly.

But it’s hard to bolt when your being told in a calm, rational, non combative manner actual facts and statistics.

When i made the post Turning Point to show people that more and more men were consciously waking up and through the power of the internet, able to see other men starting to stand up and assert their facts, not be hamfisted or shamed or guilted into hiding under a rock for having or espousing these views, i saw the future. A future i wrote about in my About Me page when i first started my blog:

Who I am is not important. I’m just another voice. Just one more twig that can be broken.

But if you collect a large volume of twigs and combine them, the resulting mass becomes nigh unbreakable.

I lend my voice to the manosphere to add one more twig to the growing movement that allows us as men to make it known that our interests matter, what we feel matters, what we say matters and that we have a right, the human right to go about our own way to pursue a life of freedom and happiness as we see fit.

The reason the internet was so important was that it allowed us to collect our individual voices and support each other. With each additional voice of support behind us, no longer did we feel intimidated to shut up and be quite when we felt the need to challenge a feminist trope or lie. We didn’t have to fear an onslaught of female herdlike commentary using the fear of exclusion from society as a means to control the narrative. In the past you could have 50 women and 50 men in one room, and have one women say a blatant lie and the other 49 would just agree, even tho all 50 men knew it was bullshit, if one had the temerity to stand up and call it.. none of the other men would back him up for fear of women’s punishing wrath, woman scorned and all. Don’t rock the boat, let the women peddle their lies, as long as we’re getting sex.

The internet changed the rules. The internet is what will kill feminism. Count on it.

And that’s where JustFourGuys comes in. Where it would be easy to use my rhetoric against me and call me a raving misogynist (even tho we all know i’m not 😛) you’d be hard pressed to read over their site and find even a hint of it. It’s actually funny watching a thread like this one where HanSolo debated an obvious feminist troll and every rational thinking person on the planet without brain damage will see that the only person who carries hate for someone based on gender is the person he’s debating. And by clearly and calmly using evidence and statistics and facts, he rallies others around him and lets the feminazi skywaverly hang herself on her own vicious stupidity, arrogance and ignorance.

End of shameless plug. Go check them out.


Han Solo brings a scientific and logical rigor that combines data analysis with seeking the root causes of the phenomena we see, plus lots of personal experience in dating women. He has the perspective of being highly restricted in sexual behavior back when he was highly religious–a voluntary virgin until a rather late age–and then going to the “dark side” of casual sex. However, all is not lost and he eventually wants to marry and have children. He grew up in the middle class but has also worked in the upper middle-class world of consulting and amongst Nobel laureate scientists.

Obsidian brings years of blogging and a wealth of knowledge from the realms of evolutionary psychology, along with street-level experience of game, relationships and the black community in the US, often seen as a harbinger of what may befall the rest of society if current trends continue.

Ted offers his logical analysis of how to be both successful and unsuccessful in marriage and choosing a wife and how things are like in the middle and lower-middle class world that often gets ignored by the elites. Ted cannot fathom ever engaging in casual sex–he likes to think of himself as a grumpy old young bastard but we all know he’s a good guy–and is a devoted family man.

Morpheus has a sharp mind and offers keen insights into the sociosexual world we’re in. He loves to seek out logically consistent and deep explanations. He also offers important knowledge about fitness and finance that the common man can apply.


Women Against Feminism


  1. The internet will end feminism. Hm.
    Think of the things that are still around.

    First thing that comes to my mind is Communism. Complete failure, millions of people died to support that ideology…we can even juxtapose north and south Korea as an example. “It just hasn’t been tried RIGHT!”
    Feminism “just hasn’t been tried right M3!”
    You need to bottle up and sell that optimism….

  2. Had me wsnting to read until Obsidian’s name appeared. Now not so much. When he stops cheering for Team Black blindly we can reassess.

  3. They sound interesting, especially as it’s not one but FOUR people writing. I’d love to check them out…but does anyone know if they allow female commenters? I loathe finding a site with good writing, research, statistics, and necessary discussion only to find that they are male-exclusive.

    There’s been more than once I’ve written long, detailed, supportive comments that never saw the light of day because I use a kinda feminine name. It gets disheartening after a while. 😦

  4. @ tarnishedsophia

    They encourage and welcome female voices as long as they keep the tone civil and try to keep an open mind to redpill truths that might initially offend delicate sensibilities.

  5. @ Liz

    Hehe does north Korea even have electricity, much less the internet? And let’s not forget the great firewall of China.

    Call me an optimist, but the internet is the free market of ideas, not a controlled space like state run Media or corporate controlled shit holes catering to advertisers and share holders.

    I could be wrong though 😛

  6. @M3

    Thanks. Good to know.

  7. @Sean, take a look. Jfg is very mixed in lots of ways. It’s about the male experience in general. Obs fits right in…

    @M3, thanks for linkylove. we have conversed previously, here and elsewhere

  8. @M3

    Thanks for the favorable write-up and invitation for your readers to visit Just Four Guys. We do want to keep the tone civil. Opinions are welcome but clear thinking and facts are even more valued.

    As I point out in my recent post, feminists wield some of the greatest power in today’s society, affecting both men and women. And women’s more collectivist nature often causes them to want to be part of the herd even when the herd demands behavior in conflict with some of their most powerful and good desires.

    You provide a link to a perfect example of that at the Atlantic where feminists have so shamed the high-achieving women into thinking career above all else is their highest mission in life and that children and relationships are a betrayal.

    Let me be clear. In a free society, where arranged marriages don’t exist then what women demand, what the female “herd” demands is one of the most powerful forces there is.

    As you say, the female herd demands and the males follow along.

    It used to be that the female herd demanded marriage and a good provider. That has now been thrown on its head in many cases.

    Now there is much more demand for badboy sexy or out-of-her-league provider. This leaves the average guy in a tough spot. He must acquire more sexiness, be it charisma, muscle, humor, whatever. Or he can go his own way and “leave” the herd and wander in the wilderness.

    Feminism so infiltrates society now that even many people who wouldn’t call themselves that ascribe to many of its principles, part of those being that men are the guilty sex, the trouble makers, the privileged, the potential rapists, the creeps, etc.

    These reasonable people can be turned from the dark side. These people can be drawn away from the Fempire and the Fempresses who delight in reigning down blue fem-lightning on men and non-conformist women.

    We can point out how schools are biased against boys and their learning style, that they’re taught to be ashamed of being boys and that they’re potential rapists, and that all this misandry gives boys lower self-esteem and causes many of them to check out or rebel. No way is there a war on women, as they define women–namely, feminist women. Rather, there is a war on men…and on non-conformist women.

    We can point out to women how feminists don’t want women to choose what’s best. No. They want women to only make feminist-approved choices. So, hold off on kids or better yet, never. Hold off on a relationship with those patriarchal oppressors.

    By calmly pointing out that we’re for fairness and common sense, most reasonable people who have unconsciously imbibed of the watered-down feminist society we all swim in, we really can get them to see the light, that feminism may have once been for equality 100 years ago but it has long since sought female supremacy.

    By simply making a true call for fairness and equality, we can bring the majority to our side.

    By pointing out how this or that is not fair in a respectful way, these people will open their eyes.

    And that is the power of the internet.

    It allows the disparate rebel outcasts to have their voices heard and group together and inform one another to then act as rebel agents to more and more people.

    The Fempire may try to shut us down but they won’t succeed.

    As Leia told Grand Moff Tarkin on the Death Star, “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

    Once again, thanks for the warm endorsement.

    I invite everyone to come over and read and comment, since it is in the sharing of powerful ideas that we each can come to a better realization of the truth and how to implement that in our lives and those we deal with. Sharing an idea here, taking an action there, soon these things add up and change takes hold.

  9. @Sean

    I would say Obsidian cheers for Team Black but he is both aware of and speaks to the faults in the black community. He is very aware of the hypergamy amongst black women that leaves the black betas without someone to date or marry, and the every-man-for-himself attitude of many upper black men that are basking in the spoils of the battle for pussy.

    Obsidian and I often disagree on some things and there was one time where we strongly disagreed. I calmly showed him the stats and he changed his view. So, yes, he can be blunt, passionate and even argumentative but he will listen to reason. However, you’re free to think otherwise.

    The thing about Just Four Guys is that it’s not just one guy. There are a variety of opinions and though we agree enough to work together we don’t see everything the same way.

    But that adds to the strength of the blog. And in sharing our arguments and facts we can help correct each other’s blind spots and dialectically come to a closer view of the truth.

    And, in the end, if there’s someone you don’t want to read. Don’t read them. But I would say give us a visit and judge for yourself first before just writing us off.

    Cheers and hope to see you over there.

  10. I’ll just add that, yes, some men are all those bad things I mentioned above but the problem is that the extent of the problems are exaggerated to make men look bad and gather more power to the feminist Fempire’s cause of supremacy.

    One example. Did you know that completed rape has declined by 68% from 1995 to 2010? And sexual abuse by 58%? And I want all of it to go away but can’t we appreciate the progress while at the same time figuring out how to eliminate the remaining cases? But according to much of the Fempire’s propaganda arm (aka the mainstream media) you would never know that. No, it’s more and more bleating about how much rape there is.

    A similar thing about the often-bandied 70% earnings of women for every dollar a man makes. Very misleading since it gets interpreted as 70 cents for every dollar doing the same job!

    But no, when you account for numbers of hours worked (women work less hours) and the type of work (women choose lower paying professions) then there is no discrepancy. If there were then every company would hire women to get such a savings on labor. At the consulting firm I worked at, both men and women were paid the same starting salary and, in fact, if anything, there was favoritism for the women since they wanted to bolster the number of female partners there.

  11. @M3

    You were right. These guys are are frilling awesome. I mean, they only have a few posts up so far, but each one is a mouth-watering gourmet treat for the brain. Thanks for doing this post about them. 😀

  12. Thanks, T.Sophia.

  13. Thanks M3.

  14. M3 – thanks much for the kind words and support. 😉

    And yes, we would love to have females commenting. But our site is not all rainbows and candy. We are real and sometimes maybe too blunt. (Although that’s mostly me lol) By all means stop over. I promise you everyone will get a fair shake at our site.

    The other guys there are good, solid men from different walls of life than my own. We have our differences, but we all agree that the Western World is in trouble, and we would all rather see it saved than fail spectacularly.

  15. And it’s gone.

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