Online Dating – Toronto PoF Edition

June 4, 2013

Private Man’s post over here reminded me of one such incident i had a while back that was post worthy, but i never got around to. I also had a very insightful chat with a very good woman who i had mischaracterized in one of my posts called TOXIC WATERS. She actually emailed me and asked me to redact her info [And i obliged. Turns out she’s very much a girl like Stingray and just happened to write one silly line i grabbed onto while looking for monsters to kill the night i made that post. She got caught in my net.]

With that behind us.. welcome to Online Dating in Toronto!

What it felt like around here for a while.

Kill it with Fire!

Keep in mind:

  1. This took place a few months ago, before i found my girl
  2. I was punching well “below” my weight here (explain in a second)
  3. I bit my tongue and went above and beyond a gentlemanly response.

I had a telephone chat with Danny during and around the Christmas break and was telling him that i was intentionally punching below my weight.. more as an experiment and less as a means of finding someone. I wanted to see the dysfunction of the SMP for myself by actively courting the lesser averages to the dregs of the SMP to see whether they knew their own correct value.

Aside from most women not even responding (thus telling me they are either inundated with emails, simply there for ego validation, extremely skewed in their belief they can hold out for Brad Pitt.. or fake profiles) I did get a few responses that told me everything i needed to know about today’s dating scene, online or otherwise that would guide my future fore into the world of courtship. A world where i would not court based on placating or jumping hoops, but effectively screening these same dregs away with a filter that would make Sir. HEPA proud.

And i consequently did that by writing the most up front, no nonsense, high word count, character limit profile of my life on PoF. One that had women actively soliciting me, more so just to tell me they appreciated a man who knows what he wants even if we weren’t compatible. It also helped me end up where i am today.

But on this one day (which i could accurately say was the majority of my days on PoF and OKC) i ran into women like this one.. who if they responded.. were trouble right from the start.

Perhaps they were burned once too often by alpha’s and pua’s that they were simply reacting instead of thinking? Perhaps.. guess they still have a ways to go before they learn how to build a better filter. This one certainly has much work left ahead of her:

Picture 14

Picture 15

So here i find this girl who has an ‘average‘ body type (which in online dating runs the gamut between the threshold of a cutey with just a small layer of baby fat over the belly and big dimples to the outer limits of swimming with the Manatees). I took a stab at this one who i garnered was below me in terms of SMV since:

  • She smokes / I don’t (except on holidays derp)
  • She’s getting over the hill / i’m hitting my prime
  • She’s average body type / i’m p90x styels
  • She’s got high school / i’ve got some business college cred
  • She’s 5’1 and i’m towering over her at 5’11 so her average is spread out over a smaller frame, and she gets her requirement of a tall man met as well

In the SMV sweepstakes, i’m blowing this girl out of the water, yet here i am basically scuttling my own Battleship by sinking it in order to meet her (or creating an artificial reef for her to lay waste to school’s of plankton). Objectively speaking this can’t be denied.

YET!!!! While all these pics (the only 3 she had on display) are deceptive and employ MySpace techniques of ‘disappearing’ the majority of the body and take an above the shoulders attitude of selling the package.. I recognize she has a cute smile and 2 of her photos are displaying some charm and femininity. I see long hair, i see a smile. And i see overpriced drinks which indicate someone who enjoys a lavish lifestyle of YOLO and high calorie beverages.. but let’s ignore that for a second. Only focus on the first picture.. and ask yourself “What is wrong with this picture?”

Picture 16

I know i did. And i made the horrible mistake of vocalizing it…

Picture 4

Picture 12

Notice that originally she only had 2 pics up. And she only added a third ‘smiling’ pic, after i had messaged her. Eventually i checked back onto her profile and her ‘mean’ face was gone, replaced by all manner of happy pleasant smiling pics.

Having the temerity to actually ‘advise’ a girl on what it takes to be attractive is a death sentence because knocking the solipsism out of them is just too fucking much of a burden to take. EVEN if and when they come to realize that advise was a worthwhile pursuit, there will be zero forgiveness given to the one who killed their beloved hamster. Having to bury Mr. Whipples in the imaginary backyard of ones mind is a horrible thing to endure.

Yet there is no shortage of women who cannot wait to jump on the vindictive list of ‘NiceGuys’ to slaughter by telling them what they’re doing is wrong.. without even the fucking courtesy of doing what i did and giving advise on how to actually fix ones problem and ACTUALLY BECOME MORE ATTRACTIVE TO THE OPPOSITE SEX IN A MANNER THAT CAN BE EMPIRICALLY MEASURED!

This was one of the most egregious, but to say i didn’t run into scores and multitudes of women like this, or even ones that started off with great conversation but then flipped out like a crazy fucking fruitcake just because i intoned some redpill knowledge that offended their sensibilities…. well, let’s just say i am glad to no longer have to swim in this cesspool of female ego and entitlement.

Rare is it that i have to make an apology, and apologize i did to that one woman who emailed me and instead of throwing the equivalent of the digital sink at me.. simply and politely asked me to redact her profile info, explained in a calm and courteous manner why she wrote what she wrote, and engaged me in non hostile communication over a series of emails in which we better got to learn about one another. We might not see eye to eye or be compatible.. but i certainly learned i can’t always judge a book by it’s cover.

However, after engaging the woman in the pictures in the examples above, i can see that this was one book that belongs in the bargain bin and should be used only for emergency toiletries or kindling during the next ice age.

If you’re still using online dating.. and you’re not just looking for pumps n dumps but rather actually looking for gems in the rough to find partnerships with.. build a better filter, screen like hell, and what you’ll be left with after a lot of hard work is real gold. Let the rest of the shit sift over to the fools.


* i finished this post up tonight because i want to delete the pics off my desktop and all other PoF related shit off my computer. I’m so glad to be off that life sucking hell hole. If you can manage.. interact with people in real life so you can vet them early and honestly. Unless you want to pump n dump of course.

*for you’re viewing pleasure i give you my last and finale PoF profile in it’s entirety.. the barest parts redacted but you will get all you need from it should you choose to follow it’s style. Cheers!

AboveHonesty: Chivalry for Ladies, Equality for the rest
Non-smoker with Athletic body type

Toronto Ontario

36 year old Man, 5′ 11″ (180cm), Non-Religious

Caucasian Virgo with Blonde hair

AboveHonesty is looking for a relationship.


Exotic Dancer

I am Seeking a

Long term

Do you drink?

Do you want children?

Marital Status

Do you do drugs?

No Pets

Eye Color

Do you have a car?

Do you have children?

Longest Relationship
Over 4 years

Graphic Design
Visual fx
table tennis

 About Me

I’m just laying it out here to see if anyone of you might actually relate to this. If you were to sit down with me and have a coffee conversation you would discover the following:

– I don’t want children of my own. Ever. I’m not going to be a geriatric dad or someone’s last chance express for a baby. Sorry.
– I don’t believe in marriage. I went through it once and got stabbed in the back. Marriage is an archaic institution that grants zero benefits to men today. Give me 3 reasons why a man should marry. I’ll wait….
– Legally, it’s a minefield to frivolous divorce too.
– I don’t do casual sex. I have been with only one woman since my divorce 2 years ago. I’m choosy. I expect the same of the person i end up with. If you’ve been around the block, we won’t work. Not judging you[ok.. so i streched the truth a bit :P], but i want to be with someone who places a premium on their sexual value.
– If your hero is Samantha from Sex and the City and you’ve been with as many men as she has, please skip over me.
– If you are a single mom, that’s cool. I have no issue being a role model, friend or source of wisdom for your children, but i would never try to be a ‘dad’ to them, they already have one. And i know i will never be #1 in your eyes, that spot belongs to your children. However, if you will constantly make me feel like i’m number 2, i’ll next you before you can blink.
– I don’t care if you are a cashier at a grocery store or highly educated power lawyer. Your earning ability matters not to me. You spending habits do. And so does your credit score and debt load. If you’re carrying any student loan debt, you need to pay that one off on your own. You’ll appreciate your education more that way. If you’re really bad with money, either you submit to my way of doing things financially.. or pass me by.
– I don’t care about your education level. Just prove to me you’re life smart. I’ve run into Ivy league people who can’t figure out how to put gas into a car or understand dashboard lights. I’ve seen 5w light bulbs burn brighter than some with University degrees.
– I hate loud / brash / bratty women who think being strong and empowered means running your mouth like a sailor and bossing people around like you’re a better person than. If your favourite quote is by Marilyn Monroe about not taking you at your worst, please leave me be. If you expect me to accept mediocrity as a norm for mere flashes of whatever ‘your best’ might be, you’d be wrong.
(someone mentioned the quote meant accepting people at their lowest point in life and needing help. If the quote is about empathy and helping in a time of need, yes, that interpretation is sound. Tho i find too many women on PoF use the quote as a shield to justify immature bratty behaviour and requiring me to accept ****y attitudes. Sorry luv, you act like a brat, this Captain makes you walk the plank)
– I adore women who show their soft feminine side. Just be fun and pleasant to be around. Give me a reason to want to be around you.
– Realize i like many, deal with sh*t and ballbusting people throughout the work day, i don’t want to come home to or go out with another major ballbuster who is going to make my life one long miserable sh*t test after hours. If your idea of being attractive is verbal sparring and busting my chops, you seriously need to learn some girl game yo.
– I am a humanist and fight for human rights, not women’s or men’s rights. But if you believe in Patriarchy.. you need help.
– In no way do i harken for the old days of pushing women into the kitchen barefoot and pregnant, but i do abide by the code.. if you wanted to be treated like a lady, respect me as a man. If equality is what you desire, equality is what you will receive. I’ll do the cooking and you can carry all the heavy items up the stairs.
– I am shallow, guilty as charged, i freely admit it. See, I only ask 2 things. That you be in actual *average* shape or better, and that you have a pleasant demeanour. (average =/= a few extra pounds) I don’t require Victoria Secret, but i don’t want pleasantly plump either.
– Physical attraction is a must, i can’t deny my biology. Women require chemistry, Men require physical attraction. Welcome to evolutionary psychology 101.
– if you need help with what is average use this as a starting guide (http://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/assessing/bmi/adult_bmi/english_bmi_calculator/bmi_calculator.html)
-This is far less shallow than most women because these are factors you can control by.. dun dun dun.. eating properly, moving around and not being a **** 24/7. What IS shallow is to use genetically unchangeable aspects such as height (must be 6’+) or hair color (or baldness). (Only dating tall, dark, handsome classifies as shallow) Shallow is to care how much money he makes, what kind of job he does, what clothes he wears, whether he loves his job, or is awesome 24/7, etc…
– I work out hard, play hard, and continually strive to make myself better. This includes being 50% done with my orthodontics treatment for a perfect smile. Is it wrong that i would want to pair up with someone with a similar self improvement and healthy body ethic?
– I love great conversation that actually matters with regards to real life. I could care less about Jersey Shore type drama and garbage. If you care more about the Kardashians than the politics of the Middle East..
– I am naturally introverted, tho i am quite capable of being very sociable given the right crowd and atmosphere. Having said that, i was never part of the ‘club’ scene and will not be attempting to any time soon.
– I’m not a wild rider or a jet setter. If you’re looking for endless trips to faraway destinations, you’re looking for an oil baron or railroad tycoon. I’m financially well off and didn’t get that way by booking vacations to Vienna 4 times a year because “YOLO”.

To sum it all up, i’m looking for a level headed, non-religious woman who wants a stable, monogamous, loyal and true wing man for life. I scan over every one of your profiles and realize over 90% of you want children so i click away so as not to waste your time or mine. I realize i have drastically reduced my dating pool but so be it. I’m not about to become a twice married, twice divorced and now stuck with children and paying child support man ready to go postal just because society tells me to ‘man up’ and get married and crank out some kids. With a 50%+ divorce rate, you’d have to be a mental deficient to gamble on marriage. I want a relationship with a woman where it’s based on reciprocal needs that are worked for constantly, and not taken for granted or sought out of ‘marital’ obligation. Marriage breeds complacency. And it’s a legal minefield that can ruin a man if you pull an Eat Pray Love so ya, i’ll take a pass on marriage 2.0 thanks.

Send me a note/line/questions if your curiosity has been piqued.
First Date
Congratulations you’ve reached the end. If you haven’t put your fist through the monitor yet and have actually found yourself agreeing with this, act now and send me a message with the phrase “your profile was SUPERTAKULAR” and i will send you a hero cookie. At the very least, you know i don’t have the personality of wet cardboard, and i’m word smithy.. so our conversations will always stand on the knife’s edge between eccentric and surreal!

First date would be the simple and standard meet and greet or mini photo shoot where i take pics of you by the -redacted-. If things escalate with real interest, i’ll grab the first round of drinks on the patio when the sun comes out and spring arrives! At the very least, whether things work out or not, you’ll at least end up with some photo’s you can end up using on POF hehe.


  1. Was wondering when we’d get to see the PoF spread of a discriminating man that was able to find a woman. Thanks for sharing.

    Curious, because I haven’t figured out the mechanics of how PoF works, do you know if you show up more if you log on? Also, did you put that up and message people, or put that up and walk away to wait for them to come to you? Just curious.

  2. Mr. M3,

    I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t bring this up…

    I thought the whole nice Guys of OKCupid was really fucked…

    I thought it was messed up how dirtbags like fatuous Mr. Manboobz and Huggs Skeezer went on the warpath against romantically unsucessful men…

    Now, while you raised some awesome points, I still have to say I disagree with the doxxing of this woman…

    Even though she has a shitty attitude and you can consider it lucky you dodged a bullet…

    I think it woulda been classier to blott out the eyes…

  3. […] whoism3.wordpress.com […]

  4. (Only dating tall, dark, handsome classifies as shallow).

    OK I’m shallow then. Like you say, you can’t deny biology, neither can I.

    “Shallow is to care how much money he makes, what kind of job he does, what clothes he wears, whether he loves his job, or is awesome 24/7, etc…”

    So which is it then? Shallow is being attracted to good looks or this other stuff?

    Money doesn’t matter for only dating but if a couple plans to have kids, then it does.
    Clothes? Not so much.
    Kind of job? It should be congruent with his ethics, and his ethics should be congruent with mine.
    I never date people I’m ethically incompatible with.

    Loves his job? I want him to be happy.

    Awesome 24/7? That person doesn’t exist.

    “And it’s a legal minefield that can ruin a man if you pull an Eat Pray Love so ya, i’ll take a pass on marriage 2.0 thanks.”

    The author of Eat Pray Love is still paying alimony to her ex-husband to this very day. Despite the fact that he has been remarried and has a child for years now. Welcome to Marriage 2.0.

  5. Well you weren’t teasing a frowny co-ed, you were picking on a little old lady, what response do you expect?

  6. @ Leap

    As you can see, that profile hit the character limit for profile creation. I was very thorough. I could have added more.

    Most women were receptive to the fact i was being very discriminative. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of women who even if they disagreed on a base level about my train of thought or viewpoints.. gave me higher props for character and sticking to my guns, being decisive, living with my choices and admired my willingness to tough it out in the deep end of the pool. This was a truly a ‘man who knows what he wants’ and i guess it made them tingle a bit, even if at odds philosophically.

    And there were many that simply wanted to say it was the most enjoyable read they’ve had on PoF in a long time, so bonus points for creativity.

    A number of ways to show up more is 1. Play “Meet Me”. The yes/no/maybe game. At the very least it puts you on the radar since every yes/maybe turns into an instant message to that person. 2. Message girls. Very short messages either 2 lines or 1 paragraph worth. No war and peace.

    The beauty of having a really monster profile is (and this goes counter to game wisdom by removing ‘Mystery’) by laying all your cards on the table (thus filtering at a higher level) your initial MeetMe tags and short messages get the woman’s attention, and your profile will do the rest. You can even tease them into reading it by jokingly saying that they should go read your profile if interested but you don’t think they’ll be able to get to the end of it without laughing/smiling/puking, choose your action. How could a woman not accept a challenge?

    I messaged a ton of women(40%), played meetme a ton of times(50%) and got unsolicited messages (10%). None of this was done like a job. It was all done while i was bored, had downtime, was sitting on the porcelain god.

    And rotate your pics every 2 weeks. And by rotate i mean physically delete and reupload so you become viewed as having added new pics and not reshuffled old ones. Make your profile pic different every week to 2 weeks as well. If you can get your pic taken while riding a crotch rocket or Harley.. do it. That pic garnered more hooks for me than any. Bikes. Bitches love bikes 😛

    I just want to mention now before i forget. Before i put this profile up.. i got unsolicited messages from way ugly war mammoths every day thinking that just because i was a dude with a dick, i’d want to sink it in them, as if i had no standards. This profile put that shit to rest.. because it pre-emptively told them “Sorry, you’re SMV DOES NOT MATCH mine.. there’s the door”. Gatekeeping. I was doin it right!

  7. @ stoner wit da boner

    I’d concur.. if i actually doxxed her. I consider ‘doxxing’ taking actual personal information like address’s, phone numbers, surnames, place of work, etc… and attributing them to public images that can be tracked down with ease for the express purpose of outing someone so as to silence them, shut them up, etc..

    Ask SunshineMary about doxxing. Ask many of the sphere blog heads that have gone dark with threats to be outed. I think Martel made a comment somewhere on the sphere that rang very true. If we men are the oppressors and women are the oppressed as is so often claimed.. why are we the ones who need to fear the system or work in anonymity while the like of Jizzabel, Feministing, Manboobz and the Atlantic can all spew their filth in the open and be publicly accepted and supported? Since when was the oppressor afraid of the oppressed?

    That’s what doxxing is. I have no issue with dating profile images being used since they were in the public space of the internet. Reverse image searches will overcome blotted out eyes, and to distort the entire face would lose the effectiveness of my message. The reason the NiceGuys shit was so heinous was because it attacked guys who vocalized what we all know “Women say they want this, they go after that”. And they did so with absolute glee and joy across a multitude of suffering individuals without giving any proper critique on how they should ‘fix’ their problem. It was a privileged pogrom simply for one purpose only, to enjoy kicking those who were already down.

    I’ll reconsider putting X’s over her eyes for the lot of good that will do, but i hope i’ve articulated my point. Doxxing is the realm of the weak feminist who wants to oppress away opinions she disagrees with. I just point out bad PoF profiles and what men face in online dating today.

  8. @ Wilson


  9. Women don’t really know how lucky they have it. Men can tell women objectively what will help them be more attractive to men. What’s more, they are usually things as simple as that, smile more. Oh darn ladies, a man asked you to smile, your world must be ending.

    Meanwhile, if your average beta man openly asked a woman what he could do to be more attractive to women, he would get answers like this: Be more of a jerk. Women don’t know what really attracts them to a man, they don’t know. Men can easily tell any woman what they find attractive.

  10. The first pic of PoF girl was a bad one because her not smiling made her look like a bitch.

    I think it’s just another example of women aping men and trying to project about what they find attractive: She’s showing her competence and toughness and “I -don’t-take-no-shit-from-nobody” attitude. Not what a guy wants to see in an online dating profile.

    Let’s face it: a woman is doing online dating because she is a failure at dating and relationships. If she’s hot, or pleasant, or nice, or an otherwise good catch, she’d be snapped up before even logging on. You would think such women might want to hear some input on how they come across to men.

  11. @ New Happy America

    I don’t ask you to deny your biology.. but can you maintain reasonable expectations in relation to your actual SMV? My biology would want me to sleep with Victoria Secret.. am i going to stupidly hold out giving other women who don’t measure up a chance in the hopes a land Alyysa Ambrosia?

    Men value visual/Women value everything under the hypergamic sun which includes but not limited to status/power/wealth/fame/provisioning/security/comfort/lust/alpha social dominance/beta niceness/fathering/hawtness/etc.

    The author of Eat Pray Love wrote a book about the wondrous life she got to experience after blowing up her marriage to a great and awesome guy who did everything right for no other reason other than an irrational impulse. Yes he made the best of that situation and should consider himself lucky that he didn’t get bogged down with her for the long haul. Marriage 2.0? Fuck that shit… i’d rather use Windows 8.

  12. Ok. Good to know. I quickly gave up on POF the couple times I tried it – I had a hell of a time getting any woman to respond to a message and it only got worse the more I tinkered with things. And as you said you got previous to the final incarnation of your profile, the only unsoliciteds I got was from warpigs.

    Granted, I honestly don’t have a p90x body. I consider myself average in many ways because experience has realistically taught me I am. I still will do punches above my weight online and off, but I do it for the thrills and the fun with no hard feelings if they say no, which usually leads to at least having a fun conversation and avoids nuclear rejection.

  13. “The author of Eat Pray Love wrote a book about the wondrous life she got to experience after blowing up her marriage to a great and awesome guy who did everything right ”

    Have you read the book or seen the movie? Where was the “awesome guy who did everything right” part?

  14. Ahh, let me amend my mistake. She didn’t blow up her ‘marriage’.. just a perfect 3 year relationship with her bf Allen. Still.. in her own words:

    “In 2001, when I was 28, I broke up with my boyfriend. Allan and I had been together for three years, and there was no good reason to end things. He was (and remains) an exceptional person, intelligent, good-looking, loyal, kind. My friends, many of whom were married or in marriage-track relationships, were bewildered. I was bewildered. To account for my behavior, all I had were two intangible yet undeniable convictions: something was missing; I wasn’t ready to settle down.”


  15. now 39 and the hamster is spinning some very interesting rationalisations, sorry Kate your talking bolick

  16. Gentlemen,
    this is John Rambo, Anti-Feminist Soldier. I am posting this on behalf of Peter-Andrew: Nolan© also now known as Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©. I am doing this because, as a young men who knows Peter well, I know he has our best interests at heart.

    It is well known that five years ago, April 2008, I spent a month suicidal as I went through the process of disowning my former children. When I came out of that rather unpleasant experience I contacted other men who had been similarly affected. I realized that many men were killing themselves because of the criminal abuse of the family law courts all across the western English speaking world.

    As a direct result of this experience, and my compassion for my fellow men, I made a vow in June 2008 to re-introduce the rule of law into Australia and Ireland. Naturally, at the time I made the vow I had no idea how that might be done. We call it “throw your hat over the wall”. You make the vow and “figure it out later”.

    Along the way I have talked to many tens of thousands of men, perhaps as many as 100,000 men have seen at least one comment by me one way or another. What I heard from men in 2008 was that they were DESPERATE for a remedy for the crimes being committed against them in the family courts. They were DESPERATE to find a way to end the criminal effects of feminism on their lives. Because so many men told me the same thing I mistook this to mean they actually WANTED to solve the problems of the family courts and feminism. As I said. My mistake.

    Through very extensive research and labour, and collaborating with the best and brightest, the remedy for both the family courts and feminism was proven on 2009-11-26. A mere 18 months after I was suicidal. The court meeting that I did on 2009-11-26 I regard as one of the finest achievements of my life. Regardless? The very men I risked my life to create a remedy for have ignored that remedy, preferring to whine, bitch, moan and complain because that is far more rewarding to them than actually solving their problems. If they solved their problems they would have nothing to whine, bitch, moan and complain about.

    The remedy has now been available 2.5 times as long as it took to develop and has proved uniquely unpopular. I am hated for even talking about it. The blood of every man who kills himself due to criminal abuse in the family courts is on the hands of those perhaps 100,000+ men who have heard from me and done nothing. I did all I could. They did not. It is actually very simple.

    The mechanism for men to free themselves now is the Mens Business Association. The MBA provides individual based services to get men out of the control grid. Such services may well save the mans life from suicide. Going forward? It is necessary to create second economy outside the control of any government entity. Why criminals in governments can dominate and control men via the economy they will continue to do so. There is no reason for them to stop. The MBA is the proposal of a second economy outside the control of the government. This is a NECESSARY ingredient for men to live in freedom.

    Only a small percentage of men will want to live in freedom. Those men who want to live in freedom? You are invited to watch a short update on how we are going in our efforts to get the second economy going. Naturally? The second economy will grow just as quickly or slowly as men join in and contribute to it. Those who want to “stick with the government run economies”? You are welcome to do so. I wish you luck with that because you are going to need it.

    best regards

    your brother peter

  17. ANHA @734:
    “Have you read the book or seen the movie? Where was the “awesome guy who did everything right” part?”

    She left her husband at the beginning of the book because he wanted children and she decided she didn’t. After they had made the decision to get married TO HAVE CHILDREN, bought the house, even the baby furniture. No explanation. Pure fraud on her part.

  18. M3, You could have phrased that exchange a lot better. Saying you’d prefer she smile is different from “Not sure what face you’re trying to pull off”. Unless you already have a rapport with her, that isn’t going to establish one.

  19. Just to add: Gilbert went into some detail about the dissolution of assets during her divorce in the beginning of that book, of little correlation to what she indicates in the article M3 posted to (boyfriend…who cares, really? I’d say if that special something isn’t there three years is high time to end it). I have to wonder which one she embellished. It has been a long while since I read (the first part) of Eat, Pray, Love. I was so disgusted with her from the beginning I found it difficult to care enough to read the rest.

  20. @ Liz

    Yes i could have phrased it better. Notwithstanding..
    1. her belligerence was immediate
    2. even upon clarification she still held onto her hurt feelings from her assumptions
    3. she still decided to utilize my advice, while having pissed all over me for giving her that advice.

    Could it have been better? Ya. But the complete and unfeminine manner of the response tells me all i need to know since any manner of retort like ‘oh really, what’s wrong with it’.. or ‘why?’ or ‘that’s my anti douchebag face.. are you one?’.. etc, would have fit the bill.

    Remember.. we’re talking about Toronto here.

  21. @ Liz

    Thanks for the Gilbert correction. I still view blowing up a great relationship for no practical reason other than some misguided feeling (and then lamenting about that decision in an future article) as being quite profound, whether just a boyfriend or husband. Many people would question my sanity and my ability to gauge reality if i ended a 3 year relationship with a hot woman woman who had sex with me every night and made me dinner every night just because deep down inside i felt something was missing so i should dump her. It’s like cold feet syndrome on steroids. Besides, it seemed to be a prophetic precursor to her replaying the same event over again in her marriage. Broke up with her great boyfriend (in her own words) for no good reason, only to do the same thing to hubby years later. I wonder if the husband she divorced would have married her if he knew her predilection for relationship self destruction based on acting upon irrational feelings?

    Full Disclosure: I couldn’t force myself to read the book.

  22. @M3: “Full Disclosure: I couldn’t force myself to read the book.”

    It was my first and only experience in an all female book club! Very bad idea.

  23. I agree with Liz that your comment to “Attempting to find my Prince” was a little awkward, but her hostility was way over the top. It’s not like you said, “You look fucking ridiculous in that photo, what kind of face is that?”

    You dodged a bullet.

    And “Attempting” wonders why she’s single….

  24. @ Carolina

    Not so much i dodged a bullet, rather i avoided getting crushed by the same rock Indianna Jones avoided.

    Yes, i agree, my opener will not go down for best opener of 2012, but ya..

    Hope things are going well with you!

  25. Things are okay with me. I’m glad to see you’re back blogging regularly. You always give us something interesting to talk about.

  26. […] rather filter, and end up with what i knew i wanted right from the start. No matter how long it takes (almost 2 […]

  27. M3,

    Thanks for writing this up. I know you don’t subscribe to religious beliefs, but I’m going to borrow it and modify it from a Christian perspective. We’ll see what happens.

    My gratitude is yours.

  28. […] i never should have tried to Photoshop in the first place (One-itus)… i instead waited(MGTOW) and filtered(inner game) for nearly 2 years before taking my next shot nearly perfectly, and now i barely have to use any Photoshop(Game) at all, even tho i have now mastered a majority […]

  29. I found this post to be very well done, and very entertaining. I could def feel how you felt being on pof. I had a profile going, had a simple, yet to the point about me sections, and message an average of ten women every two days. I had some nice pics, and all, but never got an answer except for once or twice. I did get a couple of teases who messaged me a couple of times, then just vanished. I got sick of it, and just didn’t go on it for a year. Well, a friend of mine who is in the SF here in the U.S. made a profile, and just for shits and giggles, put on some shirtless pics, and a fake Ducatti pic on his profile. Well, the women came in in droves, young and old alike. lol Many of them wanted to take him for a ride, and not the ducatti. lol It was rather pathetic, but we got some good laughs at these pathetic womens expense. Gotta love POF and it’s users.

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