Call for Heroes

May 30, 2013

I know i’m not posting as often as i should (or as often as i’d like to.. life gets in the way) but i’m making a personal plea here.

Doesn’t matter which side of the divide you’re on. I know many PUA’s don’t get along with MRA’s don’t get along with MGTOW’s don’t get along with TradCons don’t get along with The Kitchen Sink… but you get the drift.

A Voice for Men wrote up a great summation of what is on the line here with fascist femcunts have in store. Truly if you believe this is simply about crude offensive vulgar and detestable rape jokes and only that.. you’re in for a world of hurt. This is their first major offensive to do something about the SPHERE, it’s influence and their inability to shut up or silence their critics through calls of misogyny or socially conditioned mangina white knight brigade. Enough men have woken up and can’t be stopped. The power of the internet folks.

This is feminism’s last gasp at controlling the narrative! They have thus far failed to silence the continued onslaught of redpill awkenings at an exponential rate (one need only see the comment threads of any media outlet that is not moderated to death by the scared and timid tit mice of feminist leanings to see the explosion of rep pill knowledge being used to debunk fem-centric solipsistic garbage that would normally permeate throughout a docile and ignorant bluepill society), and without any ability to argue their points with any logic or rationality, seek to criminalize the thought and it’s control the delivery mechanism.

This is not about rape jokes or violent disgusting language. It’s about taking out A Voice for Men on Facebook for starters. Then it will go after people like Matt Forney, Roosh, and any other sphere persona who has decided to make their presence felt on Facebook. It will then go after the multitude of pages dedicated to spreading knowledge of feminism’s innate misandry, such as GirlWritesWhat(already target of YouTube DMCA take-down harassment) Humanists Against Feminism, Anti-Feminism, Exposing Feminism and the much loved AntiWhiteKnightBrigade.

It won’t stop until they control the medium so only their dogma can go unchallenged, making their echo chamber sound as if it is the only uncontested and unmolested voice on the internet. Goebbels would be proud.

I implore you, if you have a Facebook account, make your voice heard here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-safety/controversial-harmful-and-hateful-speech-on-facebook/574430655911054

Do not let these parasites have the final say on what is allowed. If they win here.. what will stop them from going after your YouTube channels? Lobbying Google to drop you from search?

Putting a gag in your mouth, disappearing you, and pretending to the world that everyone agrees with them because there are no dissenting voices?

This is your time to stand.

It’s your time to be a hero. Ready to answer the call?

“As a Libertarian.. this shit sickens me. Keep all speech out in the open, where it can be judged, criticized, argued, debated and see if it can withstand public scrutiny. Getting rid of something because you’re feelings are hurt doesn’t stop the problem, it only drives it into the shadows where it can fester. Speech should be encouraged out into daylight for all to see. That’s why i would never take away a rad-fem’s right to speak. They do such a good job of hanging themselves on their own words and show the world just how batshit crazy they are! U of T protest anyone?”


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  1. Reblogged this on stagedreality and commented:
    Another reblog concerning efforts to silence the opinions and views of people feminists/the left doesnt want to hear. Unlike with the recent Karamazov threat of having his anonymity doxxed, this time they’re angling to have a one sided enforcement of ‘hate speech’ on facebook.

    It isn’t hard to imagine a successful attempt at such encouraging further radical actions in other areas, both onlineand off

  2. I have been doxxed. I have been threatened by leftists and feminists. A commenter at Manboobz wrote that s/he hoped my children all died. I believe feminists want to shut down our ability to say our piece. I despise feminism.

    But M3. Did you actually look at the kinds of pictures we’re talking about here?


    I’m okay with censoring that. Facebook is a private company in the same way that your blog is your own private space. You can delete comments that you think are way over the line, right? And people who want to say those comments can go somewhere else and say it. Same with Facebook. It’s a private space; it’s not a “right” per se. They should delete content like the photos above. That’s not feminism right there. That’s sick and messed up.

  3. SSM, it’s not about censoring, it’s about WHO “trains” the censors bu WHAT standards. Facebook already doesn’t tolerate much in the way of violence, and at the same time Facebook violates its own policies regarding “hate speech” toward men. This is an avenue toward censoring anything that “offends” WOMEN WHO COMPLAIN LOUDLY – guess who?

    M3, thank you for publishing this!

  4. Reblogged this on Breaking through illusions and commented:
    Call all the heroes around the world for this cause. May our enemies never triumph.

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  6. I’d be honored to respond to the clarion call.

    But I ditched FaKebook years ago.

    What can I say?

    The Oinomancer saw this coming.

  7. Reblogged this on 80-Proof Oinomancy and commented:

    I’d be honored to respond to the clarion call.

    But I ditched FaKebook years ago.

    What can I say?

    The Oinomancer saw this coming.

  8. dude, i niked my FB a looooong time ago. but i’ll def chime in.

  9. @ SSM

    Totally agree with you that FB is a private entity. It’s not gov or political. They are free to do as they see. But it begs the question… where does the line get drawn at offense?

    Some of those pics are down right atrocious and make me cringe (and SHOULD have been removed because they do appear to hit the threshold of FB’s own policy wrt ‘graphic violence’ – tho one would have to wonder if news outlets like BBC or AlJezeera or RT would have to censor their pics of violent world events too).. BUT, some of those actually made me giggle. The Rhianna pics(theres your 5 minutes of alpha, she’s just a “NiceGirl(tm)”, and the difference between spit or swallow.. total LOL. Why did i laugh? Because i condone violence? No, because the context in which it was displayed was humorous. Win her over with Chloroform? I LOL’d hard! Do i go drugging my girlfriend with drugs before sex? Not at all.. believe you me i’m getting INTENSE ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT each and every time.

    Because i laugh at something does not mean i practice or condone it, in the same manner i can watch Robot Chicken or Family Guy and laugh at the absolute silliness and ridiculousness of what’s being displayed. When does your taking offense mean i must be deprived of something?

    I’m atheist and am pro-choice. I find abortion repugnant and vomit when i see pics of dismembered fetus’s.. but i’ll never TAKE AWAY a woman’s right to choose (but i also want men to have the right to financially abort/walk away too). I respect the views of the other side to voice their opinions as well. Now what would happen if all of a sudden, pro-lifer’s got shut out of the debate because showing pics of dead chopped up abortions is ‘too offensive’ ‘too graphic’ or irritates the sensibilities of some jezabel feminist cunt?

    I’ve been on FB for a long time. I’ve seen trolls bring up images of a legless dude a few hours after the Boston bombing with the words ‘TOO SOON?’ on it.. while i was eating lunch. Almost threw up. Disgusting, but i understood the troll for what it was. I had the same reaction when Family Guy did the 9-11 episode. Stewie said the same thing.. ‘TOO SOON’. Where is the divide between offensive and hilarious wrt to time?

    I found cancer jokes hilarious right up until the point my brother died. Now that it affects me, should i crusade to stop other peoples delight at dark satirical humor? I can take away their enjoyment because it bothers me? What about suicide jokes? Genocide jokes? Famine jokes?

    On a final note, we all have been around things that offend us and never said a word. We simply ignored it, or challenged it in the open so that it would face public scrutiny. What you will see now is a tit for tat game of ‘shut down the offense’ where each side will say ‘well X went down, and Y is just as bad so knock it down’. There are hundreds of misandric pages littered across facebook too. I would never have known, or cared about until all this hit the fan. Now you’re going to see counter claims, people throwing out bald faced lies and false accusations and generally using FB to harass sites. And with each successful removal, the bar will be lowered as to what is acceptable. That’s what happens when you start drawing lines in the sand. It tends to get redrawn when people say ‘close enough’ to meeting the threshold. Soon, simply stating ‘Men and Women are biologically different’ might get you shut down for promoting a ‘patriarchal model of oppression against women and cultivating a misogynistic attitude that supports rape culture’. (i just made that shit up out of thin air, but you get my point)

    Long diatribe over. The best model is allow all speech, except for direct overt calls for violence and specifically targeting individuals or groups of people to have violence acted upon them where serious possibility exists.

    If you hate what you see, leave a comment, put a spotlight on it, or change the channel.

  10. My apologies, M3, for my previous comment. As a mother, I had a very emotional reaction to the pictures of those children being abused. You and Suz are right; feminist foxes cannot be placed in charge of the internet hen-house.

    p.s. The spit and swallow one made me laugh, too.

  11. @ SSM

    No need to apologize dear. As i said, i understand where the feelings come from. I would tear a rapist limb from limb myself. And i find many of the images/pics/posts disgusting and vile.

    It’s just that we should always act with our heads, not our feelings. Many a deed done from good emotional intentions always go bad once it’s in the hands of those who know how to exploit it to the max.

  12. Maybe it’s time for some black knighting? Give it right back to them should this go through. Our speech is hate speech? So is theirs.

    I don’t have Facebook so I can’t help out. My opinion is that it should be dumped anyway. Check this out, by using Facebook, you are the product.

  13. If you don’t like Facebook’s censorship rules, then why are you still using Facebook?

  14. It’s impossible for everyone to have freedom of speech and freedom from offense at the same time. The two are mutually exclusive.

    When there is free speech, everyone will be offended at something, eventually. When there is freedom from offense, then no one is free to speak because someone, somewhere might take offense.

    The only way this can come about is if the rules are applied unequally, so that some (i.e. feminists) have both freedom of speech and freedom from offense while others (non-feminists) have neither.

    The right to not be offended ultimately means the right to police the words and behavior of everyone around you. This is what the feminists really want. They can’t win the debate, so they want to make the act of debating or disagreeing with them a “hate crime”.

    This is already happening on American college campuses, by the way, thanks to the new speech codes administered by Obama’s dept. of “education”. In theory these rules should apply to feminists too, but we all know they won’t.


    Leftists are totalitarians, through and through.

  15. @ FSK

    I still wish to use FB, call it whimsey, call it what you will. I do have limits tho, and at the end of the day if FB does bend and starts nuking ‘sphere’ knowledge and anti feminist pages while leaving feminists retardicon shit up, i’ll vote by leaving the site and make sure to fill out the ‘why are you leaving?’ box fully before i nuke my account.

    Every private company can choose to behave and set its own rules as it sees fit. I’m simply encouraging as many folks as possible to politely let FB know that the bread and butter of their service (users) might decline if it gets enough negative press. The most offensive shit on the planet is not going to keep teenage girls from utilizing ‘social media’. Facebook was not in danger of losing members by maintaining a free speech zone and telling feminists to fuck off and die.

    Men on the other hand, if you can logically show them (especially those now awaking to a red pill world) will easily leave the site because they can just pick up the phone and call their buddy instead of Fbook them. The loss of facebook will kill no man. All social media from FartBook to Twatter to Binterest to Instascam revolve around a woman’s need to share the latest recipe on how to make cupcakes, or pictures of their cat.

    If enough men decide to leave the one sided white knight prostrating blowhards of FB to make their shitty stock plummet even further.. they might reconsider fighting the good fight of free speech.

  16. http://www.womenactionmedia.org/examples-of-gender-based-hate-speech-on-facebook/

    Half were sick and made no attempt at humour, just aggressive and violent sentiment – the other half were actually piss funny.

    The rationale behind trying to get this kind of stuff banned is patronising in the extreme – that us men are barely controlled animals, and all it would take to push us over the edge into an orgy of rape and pillage is a few pictures on some Facebook page. Please.

    Feminists can try and censor and block all this shit as much as they want, it won’t make a difference to the perpetrators of actual crimes – rapists gonna rape regardless.

  17. Umm… GNF… there is not reason anyone with a penis should be on facebook or twitter. Real men work for Google. Cheers.

  18. […] can’t compete in the marketplace they always go for the lawyers or other means. Feminists are going the censorship route with […]

  19. […] 2. Before wiping the Santorum off its strap-on, the femc*nts will widen the net and go after mainstream male interest sites, such as ‘Hot Girls’ (citing that it promotes objectification and rape) or ‘Megan Fox’ (citing ‘thin privilege‘ and ‘attractive privilege‘.) This is in addition to the deletion of Manosphere sites like AVfM, Roosh V, Matt Forney, and your very own Viva La Manosphere!, as predicted by AVfM and m3. […]

  20. Hero for Hire ready for action!

  21. […] Why do WRA? Good comments by Stingray and Stickiwick. Related: Vox and the gatekeepers. Related: A one-sided FB censorship campaign. […]

  22. I have been following this FB censorship thing for a while, the entire situation is turning into a debacle in my opinion.

    Are there horrible pictures/images out there that show violence against women (and men) that should never see the light of day? Of course…but then I think those are fairly easy to spot. Certain demotivational posters do toe the line, but also make good discussion points in their own way. Most adults can find humor in dark places, but they can also completely understand that the true message behind it is something worth fighting against (like domestic violence, prison rape, etc).

    Personally, I’d prefer it if these images were not taken down but that there would be barriers/warnings before making them visible, much like the protocols we have for certain porn sites. A simple “Trigger Warning: The profile/site you are attempting to access has been reported to have (blank). Do you truly want to continue?”.

    That way, no one has to see images they might find offensive, triggering or disgusting. Just my two cents…

    Great blog, by the way. Feel free to stop by mine any time, I like people who can have rational discussions about difficult topics without it becoming a cesspool of stupid. You seem alright in my book so far, M3.

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