Update and You Must Watch This

May 3, 2013

Hi folks.

Yup, im still here and a lot has changed over the last few months. I’ll let details slip out slowly but surely. One thing is for sure, i’m a tenant of the sphere, but i don’t live here, i just rent. I’ve come to realize that spending so much time within it only fed and fueled my crankiness and bitterness. It helped me understand the world, but then.. like crack cocaine.. it became all i did.

Read about shitty women here.

Read about injustices here.

Read about female privilge here.

Read about stupid dumb fucking feminist cunts here.

And on and on.. to the point where i couldn’t turn the corner without seeing devils and demons around every corner waiting to pounce.

So it came as no surprise that once i pulled away for a while, sort of like detox or withdrawal.. i slowly started to stop expecting a fight, expecting stupidity, expecting solipsism.. i just would be me, and become better for it. And it’s paid dividends.

Does that mean i’m leaving? No. But parts of me have softened a bit, and parts of me have opened up to new realities. Ever since my redpill room interview, i’ve concentrated on one central rule. Treat everyone as an individual and don’t put them into a box. Let them do that for you.

And filter filter filter… for what YOU need. Don’t go chasing shit or doing things or trying to get together with people who will suck the life from your soul. Filter for what you know you want. I did. I filtered so massively.

Maybe one day, i’ll show you just how hard i filtered. And you know what? That filter produced more responses for me on PoF than all my other profiles combined! A majority of the responses were unsolicited. And a good chunck of those were to tell me that we had nothing in common BUT that they respected my stance and agreed with a lot of what i wrote AND found it entertaining.

I maxed out the word count character amount for the profile… i had to continue writing my filter into first date box hahaha.

I filtered all the shit, all the weeds, all the debris. And wham…. i’m here.

In any case, i’m with someone right now.. and it came about in the most unusual of ways. I might write a post about it. I might not. Most of you would be surprised at me having ended up with her, given a lot of the stuff i have written, but again.. individuals not generalizations. And while it’s really early and too soon to say anything, she’s met everyone of my major criteria’s, she is mentally on par with me, same interests, very redpill attitude – maybe even aware?.. she is perfect for me in the here and now and i would be a very stupid man to give her up to fulfill the spherean mantra i espoused once before.

But of course a lot of information is lacking that you don’t have which shows you how i came to this conclusion. If i post about it, i’ll be thorough. But for now, it’s very much great, and i have my ‘game’ as my guide, and we are very much following the Yohami/Private Man – Male frame/Female frame – the masculine attracts the feminine dynamics.. and we’re both very fucking happy because of it. And it’s so easy to maintain… with the right person!

Now with all that out of the way.. i’d like to also say that I might be ‘outted’ very soon. I am about to write an article for an organization and will be doing so under my real name with real details in a very public forum. Some of you will undoubtedly recognize me. It would be bound to happen sooner or later.

To this i say, i take nothing back that i’ve written over the course of my blog. They are emotions and opinions i held over the course of time, and like a canyon being carved by water over time, my positions evolve, change, strengthen. I have grown as a person while having my catharsis as RealityDoug so eloquently spoke about. While much of what i wrote was crass, classless and dark humor, they all served a function. To drive my opinions home. Feel free to disagree. Feel free to be offended. You don’t have a right not to be offended. I have a right to my voice.

But the tone of my blog will become less about swearing cursing and mocking, (unless i’m talking about David Fatrelle or Hugo Shitezer) and to one of simply stating opinions and encouraging debate. I’ll still blog about my experiences and draw on them to form analogies and parables.. but i’ll use it more for teaching than bludgeoning.

I don’t ever want to tell someone what to do. As a libertarian.. your life is your own. Just understand the consequences you face and be prepared to own them if they arrive.

And i was about to say that i want to write in a manner that would dispel the notion that i am a misogynist as so many stupid fucking feminsts might say.. but then i realized, the only people who ever called me a misogynist ARE feminists, and that i don’t take batshit crazy seriously, and that i have tons of female readers who prove to me day in and day out that feminists don’t speak for them or would never attribute misogyny to me. So i don’t need to write about it 😛

So i figured, just like feminists tried to take the word SLUT… i would take the word misogyny as feminists use it against me, and claim it and redefine it to take the sting out of it and render the word meaningless..

Picture 12

Everything else you need to know about me is here, here and here.

So when i do eventually become outted.. you’all know the real me, and not the characature who was M3, striving to entertain and edumacate through scary tales told around the campfire.

And so i leave you with this video. He has become one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube, right up there with GirlWritesWhat. He’s like a big gay vulcan, and his logic carves out the cancer of stupidity with surgical precision.

Please enjoy integralmath


  1. Hey, you’re back! Nice to hear from you, man.
    I’m so happy for you. It sounds like you got yourself back on track, figured out what you wanted from life, AND found a nice partner to spend time with. Congratulations on all of it!

    You are so right about treating people as individuals…it’s one of the reasons I’ve constantly had trouble relating to certain MRAs (and Fems, to be fair). I was raised to believe in everyone’s uniqueness and individuality…so of course NAWALT and NAMALT! 🙂

    So many people tend to overgeneralize and are so quick to lump others together. Classic Us vs Them mentality. Good on you for realizing how toxic that can be.

    Well, I’m at work now, so I’ll say goodbye. But it was great to hear from you, and to see you’re accomplishing so much! Hope to see another post from you soon, M3. 😀

  2. Filtering is a learned art on the internet, an essential one. There are good reasons to hate some things, and a season for it… but that’s it… A SEASON. Matt Forney kind of demonstrates all this well, imho. Yes, be angry, but then stop and go do something in your individual life. There’s still plenty enough freedom to live as a man, and a man living with hate is not a man.

    And really, red pill knowledge does not require re-reading. It’s a simple concept once you’ve got it, almost impossible to lose. There’s little reason for high participation in comments sections, blog wars, or activism once you’ve found a balanced view of reality.

  3. “And on and on.. to the point where i couldn’t turn the corner without seeing devils and demons around every corner waiting to pounce.”

    I had the same problem. I’ve learned a ton of stuff about the reality of marriage, women, the toxicity of feminism, etc., on the manosphere, but it got to the point that I was getting seriously bitter about humanity, so I spend less time reading about some poor fucker’s ass-raping from paternity fraud, or Title IX horse shit, ad infinitum.

    This society is so gender fucked I don’t see Western civilization lasting another 200 years before the planet’s one big Muslim caliphate. Those bastards don’t take prisoners, and they don’t give two chocolate-covered fucks about what women think. Our problem is, we do.

  4. So glad to hear from you again! Missed you, M3!

  5. Thanks Mary! Glad to see you too 🙂 I heard what happened and am glad to see that the scum of society didn’t run you off the intertubes. Luv ya and following ya at your new blog!

  6. Me too!!! Missed you… I have been BLAMED for your absence!! Sooo happy you’ve returned 🙂

  7. LOL. How did you get blamed for my walkabout luv?

  8. Lol. Someone said and I quote “what did you do w M3?”

    So wait you’re taken? So when I come toronto on biz (my team is based out there) we can either REALLY meet for JUST coffee or … Not at all?

  9. Congratulations, M3. Happy for you and rooting for you.

    All the best.

  10. @ Audi

    LOL. We can REALLY meet for coffee. I may be taken, but we aren’t leashed. She trusts me and I’m a gentleman so I won’t be hounding you, much to your disappointment I’d imagine 😉

    Shoot me an email when your getting close, ill shoot you my cell so you can either sms me or whatsapp me for further real time details.

    Glad to see you coming to Toronto. The coldest city on earth!

  11. @ M3:

    You go, boy.

  12. Thanks Spacey! Hope everything is good with you too!

  13. @ Deti
    Heheh, thanks Deti!

  14. I am so incredibly happy to read this post. I’m smiling like a fool in the middle of Starbucks. You deserve a good red pill gal. 🙂

    And isn’t it so much easier with someone that’s on board??

  15. Awww Red honey.. you just made my day with that. I can actually visualize you smiling into your phone right now as some pretentious snob is asking you to order so he can get his triple mocha latte with cinnimon and low fat iced milk.

    Is it easier? I’m sure you know the answer luv. And the reciprocal rewards are equally as easy AND fun. We go the extra mile to reward our red pill ladies ifchaknowwhaimean yeah 😉

  16. Oh, I know very well, lol. Check out my birthday post 😀

  17. She isn’t a stripper, is she?

  18. @ Vicomte

    HA! If anyone would have asked me that.. it’s you.

    No, she’s the sweetest little woman you’d ever meet, and she sounds like Minnie Mouse. No stripping in her past. I call her a Ludacris lady..

  19. And I guess I’m a terrible person for crying WHILE smiling knowing I’ll never be that girl or as happy as you all are, but simultaneously happy… You all are….

  20. Good for you, M3.

    But still,

    Stay Frosty, brother. It’s cold out there.

  21. I’m really, really happy for you M3. Reciprocal is amazing, isn’t it?

  22. Geez, would you look at this.
    Can you tell we missed you, M3?

  23. Good to see you back. The things you have been going through definitely sounds familiar. Sometimes we indulge into things we are into and it can become toxic. There are days when I am consumed with blogging stuff (both good and the reading triggering shit) and I have to pull back and realize that oh yeah, I have a real life too. When I do that, the online world will suddenly seem so irrelevant.

  24. @ Audi

    I’m touched luv. The great news is that there are probably hundreds of thousands of guys just like me (they just don’t have a public venue to pontificate hehe) that you could end up with easily. You just need to know how to pick them out from the crowd. Us silent types generally don’t make the most noise.

    There’s another M3 out there somewhere waiting to pair up with an Audi 🙂 (man i feel so vain writing that line lol)

  25. @ Vicomte

    My weather app is telling me it’s going to be a balmy 22 degrees C today.. but i hear ya. The coldest city on earth.

  26. @ Stingray

    Thank you Stingray. It is amazing. Granted, we’re most certainly in the honeymoon phase so everything is easy right now, but we’ve been very honest with each other in terms of where we stand on things, and it helps that she rejects much of ‘todays’ feminism and what it teaches. Throw in some game, evo.psych and frame control and i don’t foresee any issues. She wants to be a first officer. I just need to keep my Captains hat firmly planted on my noodle.

    And reciprocity. Such an easy concept to perform, yet so difficult for our current culture to accept. It’s too much of a me, me, me society and reciprocal giving is viewed as weakness or oppression. Boggles the mind.

  27. You said you’re not sure if she’s red pill aware? Do you think there might come a point where you could talk to her about it? Does she know about your blog?

  28. @ Anna

    I found it humorous that the woman im with shares a similar name to yours, is quite tomboyish in some respects as well, and she’s into tech stuff and Star Trek, etc… I almost thought it was you. 😛

  29. @ Ash

    Toxic is a good word. I’ve always used the analogy of a police officer. They see the worst of humanity on a daily basis, eventually they need therapy or burn out because it’s all they see. Yes the sphere shows you truth.. but if you live only within it, it’s easy to assume that everyone sucks. Taking a step back and away is like smelling fresh coffee grinds and resetting your olfactory senses.

  30. M3, don’t play.

    You know Americans don’t understand Celsius.

  31. @ RPW

    She shows plenty of learned introspection (through some mistakes earlier in life) and holds some pretty solid red pill views including gender roles not being a construct, being a man/being a woman, and evolved psychology. And she certainly does not share the notion that Slutwalk does any good at all, or many things today’s feminists preach as being remotely sane. That’s when i knew she was ideologically agreeable. Whether she’s fully aware tho is a different matter. I will eventually introduce her to my blog down the road, once she’s spent enough time around ‘the real me’ as i am, so she can put all my writings in the proper context. I’ll be the first to admit much of what i wrote early in my blog can be hard to read, especially if you’re a woman.. again, generalizations not individuals, which i think every woman who reads my site (and comments) understands. Some of the stuff i’ve written about will most certainly be inflammatory against her through association to said groupings, but not her as an individual, which is why i’m with her and have no interest in abusing her Professor Mentu style.

    There is the risk she could walk away from me, but i don’t want to live a double life either. And since i may be outted soon, it could be a moot point. Roll the dice, see where they land. If she truly is ‘redpill’.. i don’t have much to worry about.

  32. lmao Vicomte

  33. good observation on the manosphere…

    …and about treating individuals as unique…

    I personally think that the whole red pill/blue pill worldview can create just as many blinders as a feminist concept like patriarchy…

    here’s something that might crack you up, or you might think I’m a real jerk…or maybe both at the same time…


    anyways, maybe too personal a question, but you think you are gonna have kids with this lady???

  34. Nice to hear you got someone who fits you 🙂 Some of those posts you wrote in the past made it look like you were done with relationships and couldn’t tolerate one, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Makes me feel hopeful about other people I know.

  35. @ Stoner

    You know what. I won’t have kids. I’ve already made peace with it. Without going into details we’re both on the same page, even tho it’s been humored that a mix of me and her would make a beautiful kid, half white/half asian. Think Asia Carrera lol.

  36. @ Emma

    I was done with relationships. I believed most women incapable of deep insight or introspection, and didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime.

    Mind you, i’m still MGTOW at heart. I’m not being a patriarch, i’m not raising a family, not going out of my way to fulfill a societal obligation at my own expense, i’m not marrying and i’m not placing myself into bondage or servitude. I will only do anything for her of my own volition as she earns it by showing me her quality.

    And thus far she is. And this is the key that i preach against marriage.. marriage produces a finish line, a reason to stop trying, a goal is reached. Marital obligation and entitlement destroy. Resting on laurels and holding power through law. She agrees with me, since we both come from a divorced point of view. So each day, we have to work to earn each others trust, reciprocate, and earn each others affections instead of simply expecting it.

    As it should always be, for both parties.

  37. Glad to see you again…always wondered if a good red pill woman would be stumbled upon for you:)

  38. my husband chose “poorly” by marrying me (according to the manosphere’s “rules”) about 20 years ago and here we are, still happy, and now living the red pill lifestyle. it can be done. we are proof of it. you’ll never get an acknowledgement that it can work from the manosphere – it just doesn’t fit the generalization and so it cannot exist. good luck. having someone to do the deep dive with personally and sexually is awesome. enjoy.

  39. @ NewBea

    Glad to see you too Bea! It appears that i have indeed been stumbled upon hehe.

  40. @ Mina

    There are always exceptions to the rule. The reason the manosphere states the rules as it does is because by and large, we are trying to dissuade society from accepting the idea that poor life choices won’t have consequences down the road. For every one woman like you who has the means/capabilities/guile to avoid that fate of being a spinster, there are arguably many who are sitting at home with their 14 cats bitching about how shitty men are.

    The “Wall” is a good example. It is a generalization that once a woman hit’s her 30’s.. she’s toast. Applied to individual women, we know that’s nonsense. If a woman has kept herself, fit, toned, is pleasant and feminine.. she’s still has great smv value (albeit diminished when placed besides an equal woman 5-10 years younger). Of course, a great majority of woman cannot claim to be fit/toned or pleasant/feminine in today’s modern day society. Hard to find at 25.. very rare to find at 35.

    What worked for you does not necessitate that it will work for other women. This is what the sphere tries to teach women.

    Thank you for the wishes, i can vouch for the deep dive personally and sexually. It doesn’t hurt that her drive is higher than mine 🙂

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