RedPill Room Interview – Ask Away

March 27, 2013

Just letting people know that i’ve agreed to do an ask all session with Morpheus over at the Reddit Redpillschool. Date and time as follows:

When Thu Mar 28, 2013 10am – 11am Eastern Time

Now, while i’m still in mind recovery and had a good chat with good egg Danny about the direction i want to take in life and how my blog will follow, you can still feel free to ask whatever it is you cats will ask. I’ve been told to expect some heavy trolling as well so i’m bringing Sting with me. After watching the Hobbit in 3d last night, i might just bring Orcrist and Glamdring too 😉

And below is a timeline of how my life unfolded so you have some understanding of how i became who i was and how my environment shaped who i was and how it sealed my fate until i discovered the redpill and the world of the ‘sphere’. It may answer some of your questions in advance, or create new ones.




  • I was born 2.5 lbs and 2+ months premature.
  • If it had been Spartan times, i’d have been left for dead on the side of a steep rockface.
  • Twas but for human inginuity and a civilization of nerdy beta’s who created tech and science that i survived in an incubator and struggled to live.
  • I was the 3rd born child, but only the second sibling.
  • I should have a sister 2 years older than me. She died stillborn.
  • My mother treated me as the the youngest child, coddled, smothered, overprotected. I was THE baby.
  • I grew up a happy kid, happy memories. Was never for want of toys or play time.
  • I was a late developer in all aspects. Maturity, naivety, biologically.
  • Hell, i got carded at the liquor store a week ago.. at age 36.


  • Much family strife growing up.
  • My grandmother was evil incarnate, my dad was a beta unable to stand up to her, he was a true mamma’s boy, allowing that evil bitch to hold our family hostage.
  • She owned the home, and made my mother suffer immensely.
  • My dad did fuck all. My mother endured a ton of shit for the sake of my brother and I.
  • There was no divorce, the family stayed intact, although i always feared a split on the horizon.
  • Dad was the stereotypical patriarchal father. Worked, came home, expected dinner, watched TV, rinse, repeat. Kind of useless. (I still love him as blood tho)
  • My mother took a job to help me and Chris have everything we wanted/needed for a great childhood.
  • She was the true strong empowered woman, she worked hard, she cooked, she cleaned, she fixed shit around the house.
  • She was the true strong independent woman that i would grow up looking for, to find in a partner.
  • I swore to myself i wouldn’t be like my father. That i would treat a woman right and not be the stereotype.
  • I was a straight A student up until grade 6. I cried when i got a B minus once.
  • Somewhere between grade 4-6 feminism went full tilt where i actively noticed it.
  • Actively being told not to ‘compete’ hard but let the girls have a chance in sports.
  • Don’t pitch too hard. Give them a running head start. Cheer them on loudly just for making contact with the ball.
  • Was told to put my hand down to give ‘others’ a chance to answer questions in math class. (Yes i was that kid who waved his hand furiously and made noises trying to get the teachers attention to pick him in because i knew the god damn answer)
  • I had so many achievements, they were ‘par for the course’, not worth getting worked up over. My 100% test score was meh compared to a girl getting 85%
  • Constant drum beat of girls can do anything I could do. Girls will be astronauts, presidents, firefighters. And every girl will all do it better than I could.
  • In grade 5 my health took a hit. I was taken out of school for 3 weeks to a bronchial infection. I had to leave track and field because of asthma. I collapsed during the 400 meter race for something i’ve not bothered to look for a diagnosis for. (I’ve never taken a stress test because i don’t really want to learn if i have a heart defect that would kill me in my youth)
  • And i started to notice girls in grade 5, didn’t fully reach puberty until grade 7. Shit was about to hit the fan.


  • I got my first D in French class, the beginning of the end of my reign of smug educational superiority. But girls didn’t value A’s and B’s now. They valued leather jackets, bullies and social cliques.
  • I was bullied and punished relentlessly by my peers for my weight and fashion faux pas long hair (rocker wannabe trying to emulate my brother)
  • Here’s where my first thoughts of suicide took hold.
  • None of the ‘sweet’ ‘decent’ (and yes, good looking) girls that i helped out with homework, carrying their stuff, opening doors for, etc.. were interested in me beyond utilizing me. I as a doormat right out of the gate and the girls were really good at extracting things from me with feigned interest and lures.
  • A stupid boy led around by his hormonal raging dick.
  • I’m positive if i was in an all boys school, i would have continued to have good marks. My studies went downhill. I was preoccupied with girls. Thoughts of girls. Thoughts of being with girls. Constant thoughts of how to get into a relationship with girls. How to impress my friends by having sex with a girl. Girls who thought i was a loser. Great mix.
  • I still managed to pass every class but no longer A student.
  • I tried to emulate the bad boys of the school but no one bought the act. I just wasn’t cool.


  • Girl power was in full force.  Spice Girls in effect.
  • I entered high school, had a growth spurt, lost weight but was lanky ‘skinny’
  • My mother overprotected me, and was rewarding me and incentivizing me from not going to parties or fun events with strangers.
  • She instilled a fear in me of taking risks by bombarding me with horror stories of ‘what could happen’. She trained me to play it safe. She made me boring.
  • She bought me NHL95 for coming home from a house party extremely early. She encouraged my introversion.
  • Making new friends was harder than keeping old ones. So i stuck with the crowd i felt home with. Nerds.
  • I was tortured by jocks and alpha guys, ridiculed by their cheerleaders.
  • Had a vicious rumor about me spread around the school. It didn’t stop for the entire school year.
  • If i had access to firearms, Columbine would have been nothing new.
  • I was great at sports during gym class but didn’t have money to buy equipment for sports teams (hockey) nor could i skate
  • Asthma was managed with drugs, so i picked up smoking to be ‘cool’
  • Study’s became impossible, too preoccupied with fantasizing, trying to figure out how to get a girlfriend
  • The beginning of multiple friendzone nightmares
  • I got kicked out of highschool to an alternative school at 17
  • My hot friendzone girl broke up with her boyfriend and hopped on my dick conveniently when she needed me to help her find a place, move all of her stuff and get her settled in. 5 months later, she dumped me when she was in a good place
  • She was a good looking girl, and set the benchmark for me high on what i felt my SMV was (even tho even i will admit it was grossly distorted)
  • For the next few years i punched way above my weight.
  • A lack of success pushed me further into isolation, staying in my video games, dungeons & dragons, Star Trek, etc..
  • At 21 i said goodbye to long hair
  • Eventually i hit the gym at age 24. Put on some mass, in the upper half. Almost hit 200lbs (but lots of fat too)
  • Went out with buddies to The Government Nightclub one night
  • I made the *conscious* decision to shoot low, punch under my weight just to build up an ability to hold conversations
  • I got 1 snarl face, 1 Ewww face and one pretending not to hear me. 3 rejections in one night for a guy with zero confidence and 5 years into incel by women who were actually miles beneath me in terms of looks broke me and my resolve
  • I doubled down on trying to win over my second friendzone since she was single.
  • She’s the one who said no to trying a relationship with a great guy and instead chose to be FWB’s with my asshole friend who rubbed it in my face
  • Next 3-4 years after that was just pure solitude, i had given up. Nothing happened until that fateful night where i ended up at the strip club angry and hating the world.

The rest is history.

I still see my parents often and although things have vastly improved in old age and the loss of my brother.. i still constantly hear my mom badmouthing my dad calling him a slob, an idiot, a fool, etc.. and i’ve come to realize i’ve heard this all my life. Problem is, i can’t actually blame her or disagree with her. My dad is all these things. I love him, more out of pity now than anything else. But i realize this twisted family upbringing i had really fucked up my mojo. Feminism brought the hammer and nails for my coffin. I had a 3 way conversation at work between 2 of my coworkers and without being able to tell them about my past or my Incel years, i was hit with all the words and phrases one would expect from people who don’t know better. The old people pull themselves up by their own bootstraps mentality. That i can’t use excuses for having been so bad at making relationships happen. That i should have just ‘got it’, and known how to man up. That i actually had fucking privilege.  (yes, i had the P word used against me). Somehow because i was a guy, and because i was white.. i actually should have had it easier and have no excuses in lack of dating success. (Before the Redpill anyways)

One day, when i’m ready to move on and have not one fuck left to give whether my opinions would be cause for my company to let me go.. i will send those 2 a link to my blog.

Incedentally, i’ve been having discussions with another one of my coworkers and he’s been really receptive to hearing my take on things. Not that he agrees with everything i say, but he loves hearing all viewpoints. He’s more zen, live and let live, and never flys off the handle (except when talking about sports). But he loves my passion on these topics. He says if i could channel it without anger, i’d be a real force for change. It’s the anger part i have to work on.

When we talked about feminism this was the instant messenger exchange we had that pretty much sums up my philosophy regarding women in the modern age:

Me: Feminism fucked with nature. told women to work like men, compete like men, act like men. in essence become men. lots of blowback from that. so many childless 35+ spinsters on PoF are learning that the hard way that men really want to get together with women who act like women, not men.

Him: …..they can be whatever they want to be… nature will take it’s course… you can’t be who you are not set out to be… you can try… and try and try…I will give you respect.. but truth be told will eventually come out…

Me: look, im a libertarian. if a woman wants to work and compete on an even playing field, great. more power. but when you spend your whole life putting having fun and career first, then when your in your high 30’s and your overies are nearly empty and you’re complaining that no men are falling from the sky to marry you/knock you up and let you ‘have it all’ like feminism promised… if having a family is important, treat it like it’s important, don’t put if off because feminism said you could fuck around for 2 decades and then settle down when you wanted to.

He responded by saying “That sounds like what a man would say”. Coming from him, that meant a lot.

I treat people as individuals with individual circumstances.

I do not hate sluts. I only wish the unrepentant ones to proudly live with their choice. I cannot condone, celebrate or give credence to being a slut, something which a majority of one gender can be as opposed to a minority of the other creating imbalance. I cannot say being a slut is something to be proud of or claim it’s a good choice.. because i know that what might be tolerable from a select few, would be intolerable if every woman on the planet decided to be a slut tomorrow. And if slut shaming is to be disallowed, well so too must there be a prohibition on women complaining about where all the good men went, boyz, cads, pua’s and pump and dumpers and any man who will find a way to convince a woman to have sex with him, even if it’s lying about commitment. Remember, the rule of the day is consent, enthusiastic consent. It’s not about how many partners you have breach your parapet, it’s all about sex, the hot sweaty consensual sex. That’s all that matters.

So it’s not wrong for a guy to lie about how much he makes, what he does for a living, how he pretends to have street cred. He can be as fake as your boobs, eyelashes and extensions. Just as you can promise to love him forever but leave him when he loses his job, or turns too beta.. he can promise you the world and the moon and every tingle inducing thing you desire, and pop you in a cab at 3am right after he pulls out and tosses the condom in the trash. And there’s nothing wrong with that.. he’s a slut..err, cad. He wanted sex. It was consensual. Don’t shame him for his need to seed.

I don’t hate sluts. But i hate inequality. And a world where a majority of women can be sluts and only a minority of men can be cads bothers me. If it were even, i might not care. But then to be told that women being sluts is ok and not shame worthy, but guys being cads are awful.. well.. go fuck yourself.

I do not hate single mothers. I have complete sympathy for women who are left by men or forced to leave horrible relationships. Yes, poor selection of mates aside, to err is human. But i cannot sit here and claim that single motherhood is the desired state, something to be championed or desired. It is something to be AVOIDED at all costs if possible. To celebrate or venerate single mothers and to cheerlead other women into it is a gross disservice to our species and something i cannot, will not condone. There are obviously huge swaths of grey in between a widowed single mother and Murphy fucking Brown. But when i rail against single motherhood, it’s not targeting individuals, it’s targeting the IDEA that this is a GOOD outcome is re-fucking-diculous.

I don’t hate women who want to work and compete in the world. I have great respect for women who DO work hard and compete, like my mother did. I respect women who work in labouring, dangerous jobs just like men. Women who perform at the same level without having standards dropped to allow entry. Women who completely understand what their choice will entail and what consequences it will have on their ability to have a family down the road. Whether family or career are more important and place priority on that which matters most to them. I am not for ‘patriarchy’ or sending women into the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. What i hate is Feminism making a woman wanting to be a mom first, a stay at home family making child nurturing woman as a defacto LOSER position.  I can’t find the quote right now, but there is one well known feminist who decreed that all women should be made to choose working because a majority would rather choose being a mother if given the choice. Feminism actually worked to remove choice from women and stigmatize women who wanted to become mothers early by making them pariahs who were ‘throwing their lives away’.

A woman is like a Ferrari. Her primary role, her whole purpose for being, the one thing she can do that no man can actually do.. is have children. A Ferrari is built to do one thing. Go really really fast. With Feminism teaching women to not have children during their most fertile, youthful and energetic years to spend with their young.. they are basically Ferrari’s being driven by the blind elderly chap in front of you on the highway at or under the speed limit. You scream at him to open the throttle because a. he is in your way and b. you recognize the waste of the Ferrari’s potential.

So too is it with women.


I do not hate women. I hate feminism and feminists. I hate those ideologues. It just so happens that they happen to carry the appearance of women. This does not mean i hate women any more so than women who say they hate PUA’s or players hate all men. No.. the only group that actually hates *all* of anything are feminists. They truly hate ALL men, because all they fight for are contrived and distorted first world problems that are imagined only in the minds of feminists. Feminists who claim there is a place for men and their issues under feminism. Which is bullshit. Feminism fights only for women and causes and expands the problems for men they might pretend to claim they care about in passing. But it’s a lark. For them to truly care, they’d require to run as Humanists. Feminism clearly states that only one gender matters. As Captain Capitalism says, this is not about us hating women. We love women. We hate feminism and those who fight to levy feminism upon us. That they happen to be female is irrelevant. We hate mangina’s too. Does that mean we hate all men? No.

We want to see feminism destroyed and we want to see the natural balance between the sexes restored so both can live happily and harmoniously together while the feminists run back to Mordor.

Hope this answered enough. Guess i’ll see some of you tomorrow, coffee in hand! Cheers.


  1. You are a wonderful, unique, awesome man.
    Congrats on getting an interview, hope it all goes well! I’ll be at work during it, but look forward to seeing about it afterwards.

    Kudos. 😀

  2. Never done one of these or posted on reddit (despite reading when sphere posts link there).

    I might brave both for this.

  3. I think it would be good for both you and the redditors. Guys need to hear your voice and knowledge and it’ll give your teachings (and those of the dear departed Mentu) a broader reach!

  4. I’ve been reading your shit since last summer man, read your incel post almost every day the week you posted it. I’m bummed I’ll miss you AMA tomorrow, I’m working, but keep up the good work, your writing is always entertaining and spot on.

  5. Mr. M3,

    glad your back, you might find this article of mine interesting:


    anyways, one minor complaint, I don’t think men should refer to terrible women as bitches, it’s degrading to female dogs. I probably woulda killed myself if it wasn’t for my dog in HS….

  6. What I like about your posts is your anger and raw emotionality. I can sympathize with your pain man. Dont let anyone tell you anger is wrong or bad, it is a legitimate response to injustice.

    The work thing is a really bad situation, because I could see the same at mine, everyone is mega-lib and completely pro feminist, so they spout that shit all day long. It is VERY interesting from a sociological point of view that they unconsciously espouse these things, then if someone challenges the dominate paradigm all the sheep huddle together to ‘attack’ the person causing waves.

  7. @M3 and Erudite Knight

    I’ve been meaning to ask, do you guys work at office buildings with all women or something?
    ‘Cause some of the conversations you guys post are just…horrible. Like abomination type horrible. I went to a frickin’ hippie college, and had more balanced discussions.

  8. Ha, no I work at an outside job reconstructing trails and ecosystems, 50/50 male female, but the girls are mega feminists and the guys are chumps. Everyone their is very liberal.

    I went to about the most liberal college around too. God, I could tell you stories that would blow your mind.

  9. Btw, if some of the stuff we post is shocking…welcome to the jungle basically. I do not consider the people I have crossed paths with as unusual, only very representative of the brave new world we inhabit.

  10. @Erudite Knight

    Ah, that does explain some things.

    And I’ve yet to see anything so shocking…I mean, I’ve been on the Internet. You guys are cool and honest. And unusual means you’re unique, imo.

  11. Well, I long since thought I had a mix of both ‘Jinxed’ and ‘Explorer’ perks when I was created. (I will give you a point if you know the game I am referring to)

    I have seen some whack ass stuff in my life. Once I had a guy come up to me asking if I knew how to find god, and said something else about jesus or something and I looked to a tree and told him my gods were the spirits in these trees, I stated it with such conviction that- his prior ‘crazy’ aura instantly sobbered up, he huffed, got a snoody look on his face and walked off.

  12. glad we got to speak. after we hung up i though, “FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!! i forgot to have him say aboot.”


  13. LOL. Danny, you heard my aboot. Nothing aboot about it 😉

  14. Yo M3, I wrote a long post about mra vs mgtow, vs pua, can you check it out? You were the one the I first found out about mgtow

  15. “Much family strife growing up.
    My grandmother was evil incarnate, my dad was a beta unable to stand up to her, he was a true mamma’s boy, allowing that evil bitch to hold our family hostage.
    She owned the home, and made my mother suffer immensely.
    My dad did fuck all.”

    Are you of Indian descent? Because that’s exactly how it goes down in that culture. The daughter in law moves into the house of her parents in law and hell ensues.

  16. Honestly M3, your life doesn’t sound that bad. Quite average/normal I would say. You got screwed in the relationship department because as you say, you shot above your weight and that “set” you neurologically to have that sort of high standard and unrealistic expectations. Had your first childhood/teen crush been an equal or slightly lower, you wouldn’t be so messed up.

    I recommend a combination of Sexual Marxism and Sexual Venture Capitalism. While people have the right to try their hand at high risk investments , assortive mating gives the best results.

    Also, have you ever considered taking up a meditation regimen or joining an eastern spiritual sangha? Works wonders for ego based anger.

  17. “Are you of Indian descent?”

    Nope. Pure Canadian born of pure Polack parents 😛

  18. “Honestly M3, your life doesn’t sound that bad.”

    Except for that whole 12 year incel drought thing.. ya, i’d agree it’s not the worst.

    “assortive mating gives the best results.”

    I agree. Tho i have upped my relational value, so i expect the ‘assortive’ match to equal mine in the body toned department… and long legs… luscious long legs.

    “Also, have you ever considered taking up a meditation regimen or joining an eastern spiritual sangha? Works wonders for ego based anger.”

    Heheh. I prefer hitting the weights, doing a round of Kenpo and kicking the bag ninja style! I have no ego left, just realistic valuation of my self. Where i punched too high before, i’m punching in my class now. You wouldn’t believe the volume of overweight women who’ve messaged me on PoF thinking i’d dog them just because i have a dick.

    Quality is all i will accept now.

  19. @ stonerwithaboner

    “I don’t think men should refer to terrible women as bitches, it’s degrading to female dogs.”

    Hehehe.. i had the same feeling when i wanted to call feminist academics just a stupid silly bunch of retarded twats.. then i remembered this little incident:


    and realized i wouldn’t want any special needs folks to be tarred and feathered by being associated with feminism.

  20. @ dannycody

    Glad you’re finding something of value here, hope it’s helping you out. You can catch all of the AMA stuff here:


    i’ll be replying to things until the end of the day so you might still have time to jump in, or just ask away here?

  21. @ Anna

    Thanks for the comps sweetie!

  22. I have a question: why are you depressed? I am meeting a lot of people, and I mean A LOT, of people who say they suffer from depression. Its seems to be an epidemic and I’m wondering, literally, if there is something in the US food or water supply. Seriously.

  23. Earlier this week, CBS News aired a two-part story about American couples who hire Indian surrogates to carry their babies. The woman in question was told by her doctor that she could not become pregnant, so she and her husband found an agency that specializes in such surrogates.

    The Indian women in question earn $8,000 US – which is a fortune for women in their predicament. They live in a dorm with other surrogates. There were questions raised by doctors and activists on how the surrogates are treated.

    Then I thought of something which is somewhat related – why is it wrong and frowned upon for women to sell their bodies for sex, but some how paying a woman to carry a baby for 9 months, with all the toll that takes on the body, is OK?

    Well, in the case of prostitution, it is lonely men who would benefit. In the case of surrogates – it is upper class women who benefit. Since modern Western Society is increasingly catering to this demographic.

    So, it is wrong for a woman to sell her body for sex, but not for a child-less woman? Besides, many of those surrogates are not hired for women suffering from a condition that prevents them from getting pregnant. This is now an avenue for women with money to get their baby, without having to put their bodies through the wringer. How long before in addition to the house and SUV, the beta husbands will be expected to earn enough to pay for a surrogate?

  24. @Ted

    Huh. I’d have liked to see that, it sounds interesting indeed. I know in my state, NY, surrogacy is illegal and such contracts are considered null and void. It doesn’t even matter what *kind* of surrogacy it is. It could be gestational OR genetic, complete donor OR partial donor, altruist OR commercial…if the state finds out, you’re screwed regardless!

    Last I read (about 4 years ago) only 12% of surrogates were hired for “cosmetic reasons”, and the rest were hired because the intended mother had cancer, diabetes, an acidic/basic uterus, a severely irregular menstrual cycle, prediagnosed Rh factor, or some sort of infertility. I personally knew one woman who was allergic to her husband’s semen so they used a surrogate before he got a vasectomy.

    I always thought that prostitution was illegal because of the prudish values that America has, and the fact that people can be sex slaves/forced prostitutes…whereas it would be very difficult to force someone to carry a child for 9.5 months unless you’re a psycho who kidnaps and rapes women. Personally, *I* wouldn’t want to be a prostitute but if a woman wants to go work at The Bunny Ranch in Nevada, I’m fine with it. Unlike some other people, I don’t judge what happens during your sex life…so long as it’s between consenting, mature adults.

  25. Damn dog you ever coming back?

  26. […] I will face my fear and let it pass through me. « RedPill Room Interview – Ask Away […]

  27. 🙂

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