Never met a woman who didn’t LUV sushi

February 22, 2013

Sorry for my long absence. Ill, injured, depressed and looking for meaning all took their toll. Beyond writers block, I simply lost the will to sit in front of my computer to type shit up.

I’m a true INT something. J maybe? I took the Meyers Briggs test long ago and it fit me like my zodiac sign. Perfectly. Virgo in case you are unawares. Being INT depletes me, even blogging. Go figure.

I will be back shortly but the new strategy is to create smaller posts so I don’t get sidetracked trying to make epic posts. This means you’ll see lots of overlap as I abandon trying to consolidate drafts. My drafts are growing like Fangorn and I need to deal with them before I write on any new topics in the sphere so you may see me post about crap that’s none too relevant. I will note each post with a *draft save * tag so you know.

I also intend to answer a few criticisms and questions left in the comment section of my incel post with a follow up, now many months removed from when I first published it, and about a almost a year since I wrote it… new man that I am. Hopefully I’ll have that up prior to my interview in the reddit Redpill Room late March. I’ll post time/details later.

To wrap up, the title of this post is a reminder of my going through online profiles of women and as sure as you can be of death and taxes, you will find them prattle on about their love of inane shit like red wine or being a foodie, as if it matters in life or relationships.

But you go ahead you fierce, independent woman, enjoy your yummy sea monster meat with your red wine.

Just don’t forget how it got on your plate.

(In case you didn’t know what those men where doing at the end I’ll clue you in. They were crying. They were showing emotion. Yes. Men are human beings with emotions too. Perish the thought.)




  1. Hey, take care of yourself. Don’t worry…your adoring fans will all still be here when you are feeling better!

  2. Good to hear from you mate. And good idea – do smaller posts, no more than 750 words each. It’s a difficult task to get it in that word length, but that’s about the length that most people can focus on.

  3. American/western women are NOT human. They do not feel emotion like normal humans (MEN) do. They are evil monsters. Monsters eating monsters. Fitting.

  4. @M3
    I guess I missed it before, but you and I have the same personality score…INTJ. I’m a Sagittarius though. 🙂

    That whole “men don’t cry” thing is bullshit, by the way. I’ve seen every one of my friends cry, and some of them have seen me cry too. The idea of needing to constantly be on guard for tears, especially in high stress situations is insane. Crying is the body’s way of relieving itself of toxic stress hormones, and researchers believe that people who continuously prevent themselves from crying are more at risk for heart disease and various mental disorders. It’s a natural thing to do (usually), and I sometimes wish I could do it as easily as others. I’d never look down on someone, male or female, for crying if the situation warrants it.

  5. Oh, and before anyone gets upset about me trying to determine what a “warranted situation” is…I just mean that I have no sympathy for crocodile tears that people use to get what they want, or people who use crying to manipulate an event to their advantage. Real, natural crying is A-OK in my book. Fake crying is not.

  6. Yes, fishing, by far the most dangerous job in the US.

    I mind the ignorance of those who sacrifice to keep modern society as comfortable as it is. It’s irritating. It’s one of the reasons I watch “Band of Brothers” (in full blu-ray/5.1 volume way up) once a year, without fail. I also choke up once a year, without fail, at watching it (yes I’m alone when this happens).

    What I find worse is the full endorsement of a culture that celebrates freedom of destiny without risk or responsibility for the ladies while telling all men that if they cannot produce they are worthless. Fine, be ignorant of who sacrifices if it makes your days go by easier, but don’t endorse true bigotry.

  7. @Jeremy

    I agree with that. People tend to not look beyond their noses, and remain blissfully ignorant of the hard work that others do. However, I’d point out that there’s a *huge* difference between ignorance and *intentional* ignorance. One is sad but can be remedied by the pursuit of knowledge…the other is quite dangerous.

    Sushi, like all meatstuffs, is rather gross to me.

  8. When I first tested for Briggs-Meyers, I came out the same: INT with J/P closely balanced. I think sense then I have moved in the E direction. Not sure I’m a outright E, but I bet you will move that way to, student of Game, of Life. Having power is not evil: it’s mandatory. I’m reading Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. Some sick shit, but real shit. It assumes the worst in people, usually the right idea, but not how civilizations rise. I hope men of the Manosphere can do better, treating the lessers like lessers and holding patriarchal standards within their own citizenry jealously guarded, fertilized, and pruned. Do what you got to do. I find being online is an escape that can be overused into a bad thing. On the other hand, what the hell does a broke person do? lol Guess I’ll read the next law of power…

    P.S. I read via Cappy Cap link that Toronto public schools are ‘affirmative actioning’ for minority men against white women to match the ‘diversity’ of the student body. Fucking love it! What are white women when they run out of white men to blood suck? A good percentage will be Toast.

  9. I’m an INTJ, so I totally understand the need to rest and recharge. Take it easy!

  10. P.S. I do love sushi 😛

  11. M3 I’ve only recently started reading your stuff. Love it. I know what might cheer you up: more raging on fatties.

  12. Ill, injured, depressed and looking for meaning all took their toll.

    I have prayed for you to be healed from your injury. And I think you know where I will suggest that you look for meaning. 🙂

    [M3: Hehe.. something tells me you’d suggest i not look for meaning at the local gentleman’s club]

    Sushi? Nori is preferable.

    My drafts are growing like Fangorn

    That made me LOL; you have such a way with words, M3.

    [M3: 🙂 ]

  13. @SSM

    Now Mary…I’m sure our dear M3 finds lots of meaning in life. Why, he’s probably the most devoted Pastafarian in his city! 😉

  14. @John Rambo

    I’m sorry you’ve had such bad experiences with others of my sex, friend. I hope nothing was said or done against you that ruined your life…though chances are, it has. Were that more womenfolk acted with the emotional maturity that we supposedly have… 😦

  15. Here’s an interesting study synopsis that I found while just clicking through random sites. I thought I’d post it here, since it immediately made me think of the above video. I’m curious to know what others think of it, though not many of you are of the age the study talks about. How does this line up with your own experiences in life?


  16. M3- I am an INTP, I now know why your blog resonates so strongly. An INTP correlates to a Five on the Enneagram.
    I am a 5 with a 4 wing. Sounds like you may also be a 5 with a 4w or a 4 with a 5w. Reading about my type and sub-type for the first time was surreal in its accuracy. The descriptions of the personality types depending on the degree of psychological health, provides a lot of depth and insight. Check it out. The book I would recommend.
    Personality Types ~ using the enneagram for self-discovery
    Don Richard Riso with Russ Hudson

  17. hope you get better soon lad, this is a long sabbatical

  18. whaddup m3 check this out just found your blog from the privateman. shit is hella sick &for real chicks fuckin love sushie shit is nasty tho

    check out our site http://www.bangsomechicks.com

  19. Hey! I read your blog but I don’t comment because I usually end up making a fool of myself. As an int/fp l understand your need for silence and the need to withdraw in order to sort things out. In the end, you will be ok. You’ve traveled too far to wallow in this latest bit of funk for too long. Perhaps after wanting to be someone for so long, now that you achieved it, it has proven empty. This is natural as most people are unfulfilled just living for themselves. You’ve ran into the problem Solomon talked about in Ecclesiastics where, after finding he had everything, found that it all meant exactly nothing.
    I guess that is all I have to say. Been praymg for you
    Ps. You’re too cute to disappear completely.

  20. I did a survey of the folks over at the MMSL forums, and there was a very disproportionate number of *NT*s. I suspect that this holds true for many of us in the Red Pill world.

    INTP, for the record.

  21. Hope the silence of late is self-imposed and not something more serious. Hope you’re well mister.

  22. Yeah, where are you man? And I thought I was absent…..

  23. Love the Aloof frame dude. Stay healthy.

  24. Save the aloofness for the chicks.

    Your comrades–in–arms miss you.

    Now, to your post, soldier.

  25. I’ve never taken Meyers Briggs but I know I’m an introvert. Though MANY people who have known me over the years call me an extrovert. They didn’t know the real me, I guess.

    But I got a question: do you think a lot of introverts suffer from laziness? I find myself being lazy a lot. I’m just not interested in the things mainstream American extroverts appear to be interested in enough to invest any energy into them. They say I’m lazy. And its true, I do feel lazy quite regularly.

  26. @Sexual Free Market

    What kind of things do you think extroverts are into? I’m INTJ, and while I’m certainly not the busiest person in the world, I don’t often feel lazy.

    I donate cans to my local food pantry every other month, clean my home/do chores every Sunday, demo boardgames, and paint miniatures. I also volunteer my time at the SPCA during the winter months, play videogames with friends online, have 2 D&D sessions every week, and (of course) work 50 hours each week on average.

    Like I said…not the busiest I could be, but it’s as much as I can do without going crazy from being around people, lol.

  27. @Sexual Free Market
    You might look into GTD (getting things done) to stay on track, it is a system so INTP/J types like it, as the backlog of the 200-300 tasks or projects that you identify in a mind sweep are completed or categorized with a next action plan, or at least acknowledged in a
    to do later category, your mind becomes more focused. All the unfinished tasks quit popping up randomly in your head creating a low grade anxiety. More clarity, more in the moment, be here now type thinking, plenty of time for lazy abstract daydreaming later.

    My subtype of either an INTP/J or the Enneagram 5/4wing I can’t recall was identified as appearing as the most social of the type but also requiring less social interaction than the other subtypes. Go figure..

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