Ian, Vox, Sexbots, MGTOW, Sports Metaphors, Dancing and a Man with Boobs. I mock it!

February 1, 2013


[Long post alert, con’t from previous post (link). Go get some coffee or just stop and come back later when you got time.]

To start this multiple intersecting post off, let’s start with an interesting post i discovered by RexPatriarch over here at Women Are The Ones Who Stress Being Alone Not Men

Now we’ve been around the block on this one a bunch of times, about the bullshit that’s pumped out by the lamestream about how important it is for men to marry IF they want less stress, health benefits, yada yada… you can just smell the drizzling of diarrhetic bullshit being sprayed from the back of this particularly sick and angry female cow. The whole MGTOW movement and the reciprocal banshee howls of the late 30’s women echoing over the night sky like the sound of a train horn carries on a rainy night are a testament to that bullshit. The good Captain quite effectively showed just how much fecal matter was ejected to build up this trope of men requiring women for longevity. If anything brings stress to a man’s life.. it’s usually having to deal with finding, then trying to keep a woman. And the stress goes through the roof if he fails to keep the women, along with most of his assets and children.

My own personal anecdote is that there is truth to the health benefits of pairing up.. but it’s quite overstated and the costs vastly underestimated. My personal tale was that of someone miserable and unwell until i banged a few strippers, which brought me to a heightened state of confidence but un-fulfillment. Hooking up with and getting engaged to my wife was my chicken soup for the soul moment and i will tell you, in the 3 years we were together, i think i maybe had one sore throat. I didn’t call in sick once. I remember one time she was getting over a really nasty flu and she sounded terrible, voice all raspy and fucked up, but she wanted to get frisky. I pounded the living daylights out of her, swapping spit and fluids like it was going out of style. And my immune system went beastmode on every bacteria or virus that tried to get into me. Hell, i felt like Superman.


But of course, there’s that moment the study doesn’t talk about. You know.. the one where after 2 months of marriage counselling and seeing the life you built about to be taken apart brick by brick, and you didn’t even kiss your wife on New Years because the two of you aren’t talking and you know your marriage is now a lie? Yeah.. good ol’ January, the month of breakups and divorce. Two days after the new year started i got hit with a fever of 39.5 degrees Celsius that came and went 5 times over the course of two days. Then there were all the colds and malaise i developed over the course of 3 months while sleeping at my moms place wondering if anyone was fucking my ex back in MY condo where i let her stay because my beta ass couldn’t just kick her out. Or all the stress i endured cancelling credit cards and bank accounts, insurance policies on homes and cars and dealing with real estate brokers and lawyers to make sure i gave my ex more than i thought she was entitled to in hopes she wouldn’t take my ass to court. Bargaining under the shadow of the law they call it.

Yea… you know what. My cheap rent, paid off car, healthy credit rating, beer money and xbox are doing my health wonders. Is it as great as the 3 years i had with wifey? Hard to say. Physically i’m stronger and better looking than ever, healthier over all, with all the time to exercise that i require. I’m not in a stressful rat race to accumulate things to keep up with the jones’s. Would the addition of a nice warm body to lay with at night be better? A woman who will smile a precious smile and laugh like a bubbly teenager to one of my witty retorts? Obviously. But at what price is it worth to have? And at what cost is it worth to lock in for the long haul when the risk is so high? As Roosh would say.. just rent until the cost jacks up, and find a new place.

Sad? Yes… but i didn’t bring this on myself. Hence why it’s easier for me as MGMOW to be alone. Tougher when you’re a kid, easier when you’re in your prime years and not dependent upon the almighty pussy. It has no power over me.

Here’s what a lot of women need to grasp here. I’m going to use the recent NHL lockout as a metaphor here.

I recently had a chat with Danny about hockey, where he was shocked that i.. Mr. Canada, have not watched a hockey game since 2004. I live in the mecca of hockey. My shitty team that is the butt of jokes today was once the powerhouse that commanded respect. People pay HUGE money here to watch shit skate on ice. I got to watch the glory of the squad in 1991-1994. The Gilmour years. Since then, the team got progressively worse and worse, putting out shit season after shit season. It was horrible. Yet i STILL WATCHED. It was an expectation.. something i HAD to do, watch my team, watch hockey, watch sports. Then the strike happened. You know what i found out?

I found out exactly the same thing a lot of people in Baseball found out in 1994-1995 when they had a lockout that killed the entire season.

Toronto SkyDome - Prestrike

Toronto SkyDome – Prestrike

It’s something the owners and players never thought would happen. It’s when you really start to believe you are bigger than you are, more important than everything else, that people will always come back to you no matter what kind of shit you put them through. It’s what happens to you when your ego outgrows you and you figure you’re untouchable.

Both lockouts forced me to take a big step away from the TV and discover a life outside of sports (much like the Simpsons reference). With the TV off, i stepped outside of my house and realized my eyes hurt. The sun, the light, the smell of grass, the sound of birds chirping and children playing and helping old ladies across the street. There was a whole world out here just waiting for me to discover it, so i took that first step through the threshold of my front door and i never looked back. I realized there was more to life than just hockey or baseball.

I simply stopped caring about sports and the millionaire crybaby players and owners that make millions playing a children’s game.

Toronto SkyDome - Post strike

Toronto SkyDome – Post strike

And judging from seeing many stadiums at half capacity or 1/3rd filled.. i’d say im not the only one who stopped being sports-whipped. Now, you can throw all the math at it you want to say there isn’t a problem BUT all you have to do is check out these stats and figure out which year things fell apart and never quite recovered from?

Wanna know what’s worse? The shittier the team got, the less fans cared to show up! (Try and draw the equivalent SMP analogy here)

This is the analogy of MGTOW. Stay away (or involuntarily forced) from women/relationships long enough to be without them and you will discover a world for yourself, one of zero stress, your own personal enjoyment, fulfilling your vocations, dreams and desires at your own pace to fit your own lifestyle..

Why would you ever want to come back? For the hopelessly addicted beta shmuck.. yeah.

For the Alpha? Not unless it was worth his time.

You'll get more people to come out and watch 2 teams from another country playing a sport you don't host, over your own hometown team. The Bills are like a feminine European woman. Worth coming out for.

You’ll get more Torontonians to come out and watch 2 teams from another country playing a sport you don’t host, over your own home-town baseball team. Football is like a feminine European woman, treating her fans with respect. Worth coming out for.

See, whenever you start from a position of “I DON’T NEED X” as Feminism did with men, you begin to remove the very rationale for X to either exist or partake. This dynamic can be seen in every conversation in the sphere where the women is strong/proud/independent and does not *require* a man. Thus, his status in her life simply becomes that of a to-do list checkmark, a warm bodied dildo, a fashion accessory, something to show off to the girlfriends. If you’ve spent your whole life living and proving that you don’t require X (men), finding justification and rationale to have it strains even the mightiest of hamsters.

Throughout all of history and the evils of Patriarchy (if it ever existed) no man, NO MAN.. has ever said “We don’t need women for anything!”.. at least not until the most bitterly burnt men started to coalesce within the manosphere. Those of us that survived the fires now preach to those that still hurt, women ARE not the enemy, FEMINISM is. Until feminism reared it’s ugly head, men never grew up saying “A man needs a woman like lion needs cutlery.” or some stupid shit like that. No. We knew we needed women. For love, comfort, companionship, children, nurturing, educating, nursing our wounds and tending our hearts and our minds while helping bring the next generation of us into the world. Women were indispensable. Men grew up with an innate desire to get together with a woman, appreciate her feminine nature and how it made him feel, recognized the skills she brought to the table as a women, different yet equal and required. We were superior at doing a great many things, but so were women.

Although men COULD easily say “Anything a woman can do, a man can do better”.. it was redundant and stupid. Antagonizing the people we want to be with is moronic. Men’s drives to find a woman to be with was an instinctual drive, and we didn’t view what we needed to do as oppressive to us. Although we really are capable of living without the other sex for a long time, us being men and sexual creatures that we are, didn’t care to play that stupid game. We never stood up in one voice and said “We’re tired of dying to protect you!” or “We’re tired of working dangerous jobs to provide you a world of convenience and replace us one day!”. Everything we did in our lives was with the burning desire to procure a relationship (and sex within that relationship) with our equal yet opposite partners.

That car of yours you use for your independence doesn't run on GrrrrlPower eh

That car of yours you use for your independence doesn’t run on GrrrrlPower eh

We understood we were simply naturally gifted at doing things men were built to do, understand as men do and do as men do. Hell, at our very worst we could ship all women off out into space and live out the rest of our lives being able to do anything we wanted to. But it would be miserable existence and would only last a generation or two tops once there were no more children to replace us. We always knew what we could do on our own but we always realized what important role women played as well.

It wasn’t until Feminism came into effect and “Locked us out” by saying it didn’t need us that we began to effectively pose the same rhetoric to men that feminists emblazoned on t-shirts everywhere. “Why do we need women?” And even when we do finally get to that point.. we say it with either bitterness, anger or helpless resignation. We don’t march in the streets, burning our underwear and do it with a smile or a celebration.  No, it took a lot of serious beatings to the head to get a point where a man says ‘Ahhhh, fuck it. I don’t need a woman. I’m better off on my own.” in sharp contrast to what women are basically indoctrinated to from the very start of grade school.

You don’t need a man.

You can do anything he can do, even better.

Girl’s rule. Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.


All of this tends to help destroy the dance that’s played out through most of man’s history.

It's like fully clothed sex

It’s like fully clothed sex

As i’ve been fond of saying throughout the sphere for the last little while, almost every interaction between men and women can be viewed upon as a couples dance. Two equal parts to create a whole, yet bringing completely different elements to the table, combining them to create a perfect performance, neither more important than the other. But there must be a complete willingness by both parts to play their assigned roles, play up their individual strengths and not try to usurp the role their partner is performing. Men lead with confidence, women submit, and place absolute trust in their partners to guide them. Men bring strength and stability,  women bring softness and sensuality. A man moves with a calculated purpose and intent, the women moves with orchestrated elegant form and graceful finish. The man’s movements project power, the woman’s movements project seduction and femininity.

I haven’t heard it described this way (tho it probably has been stated in one form or another) that Salsa dancing is like watching a couple having sex without penetration. A frenetic and sensual dry humping and hip swaying, long leg kicking, bodies entwined to get the juices flowing. It’s at the heart of understanding how the two sexes should operate in concert and in unison with each other. As equals, yet opposites who bring each others differences together to complement each other, to give to the other what they cannot find from dancing with their own gender (unless gay i guess) and to recognize that they are made better by their partners differences instead of looking down upon them for it or castigating it as being wrong.

” The masculine attracts the feminine, the feminine attracts the masculine”
– said by every smart man in the sphere

For either role to swap, stop or behave as the other would throw off the natural balance, it would be the most convoluted and awkward dance imaginable. Realms beyond ‘the uncanny valley’.. it would occupy the same space as a Japanese horror film replete with gangling twisted faceless disjointed monsters.

Feminists hit the dance floor

Feminists hit the dance floor

There will always be outliers like Homosexuals, Transgenders and Tomboys.. people who don’t fit the typical mode of operating. I don’t condemn them, i’m positive it’s not a lifestyle choice they make. I can’t envision people who want to face ridicule for the fun of it. But it must be stated they are *OUTSIDE* natural norms. In this case saying it’s unnatural is not a bad thing, it simply is reality. Their behaviour on a whole is ‘abnormal’ when one looks at the dictionary definition in relation to our society.


Deviating from what is normal or usual, typically in a way that is undesirable.

This is what feminism attempts to impose upon the majority, by propaganda, social engineering and forced by the state. Gender unreality. And by encouraging women to dance like men, and decry that men aren’t even required to dance..

It has consequences.

Ok.. i confess.

When i saw the sexbot posts on Vox’s AlphaGame, and then Ian’s Redpill Room.. i had a lump grow in my throat with my spidey sense telling me they were getting trolled. Being Canadian.. i knew that we don’t have a Ministry of Robots… it just sounded too silly (to me).

[im not going to get into a defense of Vox or Ian’s posts. They stand well on their own]

Tho it’s easy to understand why Vox and Ian thought that tho. The US has about a million different departments. Of defense. homeland security, agriculture, education, the kitchen sink, ralph wiggum, this and that.. it’s never ending list of departments created to give people jobs to make themselves feel important without really adding fuckall. I knew right after 9-11 that the Dept. of Homeland Security was going to be a bloated joke even bigger than the size of David Futrelle’s bitch tits.. and sure enough, the first thing they gave my fine American friends was this:

Oh how the mighty have fallen

Oh how the mighty have fallen

And Canada being the younger sibling of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, and your best fucking friends in the whole damn universe (so stop calling Israel you greatest friend or you’re getting de-friended on Facebook eh.. we actually love you guys instead of using you as a military ATM) they just assumed we had Departments of Robots and the kitchen sink too.

***Anti-Semite pre-emption notification. Israel has a right to exist. Move along, nothing to see here***

Next time you hear about Canadian stuff guys.. email me guys :P

But the main points in their posts contained truths that one cannot simply waft away for the mistake of believing in a trolled and trumped department. No matter the troll!

You see, for a while I didn’t know that this…

David Futrelle in the Flesh

David Futrelle in the Flesh

..this thing named it’s website after it’s own gelatinous mass quivering upon it’s chest.

I was tempted to call it a self-hating man but that would insinuate it was male to begin with… something i have severe reservations about. I believe it’s probably more a woman trapped in a pseudo mans body and it just got the balls, bitch tits and shriveled dick as after though accessories.

I can only imagine that lucky woman that claims him to be his one and only, oh what a sight she must be as well.

So Mr. I Create My Own Gravity Well David Futrelle himself decided to deride both Vox and Ian on his pathetic little site of cat crawlers (i find it amusing most of his commenters use kitty icons, how poetic of those feline fecal fuckers to identify with) in not one but two separate posts. At first i was going to do a point by point rebuttal of each and every fallacy, factual error and downright delusion or escape of logic that emanated from his big fat ass.. err mouth.. errr whichever orifice he eats with. But then i realized… you know what. It’s not worth my time. I’ve come to realize something. I would be wasting precious energy and resources arguing with a man who doesn’t live in reality, so rather than engage him with well thought out and reasoned discourse, i’d rather just make fun of the huge tub of shit and point out that no amount of retracting his penis into his body will make him the feminist he desires to be.

You see, he didn’t write those posts to make any valid points to discredit the the idea, he tried to kill the messengers.

Because the message itself is dangerous.

He wrote those posts out of fear.

And it’s a fear that’s firmly connected to all that other stuff i wrote in the post earlier.

The FEAR of being crusty feminist cunt with nothing worthwhile to offer any sane man with options for hot women and passed over by men with no options in favor of a non-living, mechanoid device devoid of humanity. A machine with no soul created in the image of (wo)man yet still more empathetic, beautiful and human than these superficial and soulless bottom feeders we call feminists.

Passed over for this...

Passed over for this…

The irony is that this whole concept of creating fake women to look and act and behave like women was born of the originating ideal of feminism that is now coming home to roost. That idea that women did not need men, nor need to act like women. They took themselves out of the dance. And nature abhors nothing as much as a vacuum. If you take away feminine females for long enough, men will do what men do. Adapt. And part of that adaption is to come up with the next best thing to sustain as close as possible what was lost. The cruel joke here, and to the misfortune of those revolting little gremlin faced cisgendertards is that men are reaching a capacity of creating something more woman-like than actual feminists! Quelle horreur!

Passed over for this...

Passed over for this…

Sex bots will NEVER be able to replace real women. And for that, real women need not concern themselves. Real women do not need to be stunningly beautiful or perfectly proportionate as the sexbots can attain. Real women only need to retain the essence of women, the caring, nurturing, pleasant and feminine to attract the masculine. The beauty of a feminine soul, the soul of a female who is not ashamed she was born a woman and does not feel being a woman and acting as a woman is a form of weakness. A woman who enjoys the reciprocal nature of pleasing a man and deriving pleasure from seeing him smile, instead of feeling oppressed. A woman who wants a partner she can look up to, not down upon in a forced act of false contrition. A woman who adds joy and value to a man’s life and gives him desire to become even more of the man she yearns for and craves.. not one who rejoices at having a man grovel beneath her as she crushes his spirit through her artificially strengthened position of power.  A woman who wears dresses and heels, not feminist lit slogan t-shirts and shitkickers.

See, it came to me as a great revelation over at Sunshine Mary’s blog. That i as a fit, healthy, virile man.. would rather make sweet passionate love to a fucking cheese grater than stick it in Hilary Rosen. I’d rather run wild with a running food processor than even attempt relations with any fat fupa Jabba-esque woman the likes of Dworkin. I’d rather fucking 69 a grizzly bear while shoving King Kong up my ass over having sex with a feminist. Why? Because i don’t want to be pleasuring anyone who views being male as inherently ‘flawed’. Fuck you, I’ll pleasure the shit out of real women and leave you to your supplicating mangina’s.

I’d stick my cock in a mousetrap rather than suffer the indignity and torturous hell of listening to the diseased and warped, unnatural malcontents and their psuedo sciences and voodoo witchcraft to rationalize away true gender differences trying to create an unnatural state of humanity. A legion of androgyny. No sir. I’d rather settle for the vice like suction grip of a mechanized penis pump with voice simulation capabilities of Stephen Hawkings wheelchair computer.

Oooooh yes. Ooooooh bay-bee. Dewww meeeea. Har-durrr, fas-turrr… oohhh my gaw-ud. Moaaar. Moooar.

Passed over for this...

Passed over for this…

This places feminists in a scary position.

They cannot compete with naturally beautiful women because they are for the most part, ugly trolls.

They cannot compete with naturally beautiful robots because they are for the most part, ugly trolls.

The rare but misguided beautiful feminist cannot compete with her beautiful female counterpart, for she is a feminist, and bullshit shall spew forth from her mouth causing limp dick in all men she finds desirable making her life miserable. She will either renounce feminism or buy kitty litter from Costco in bulk.

They cannot compete with average women because they are unfeminine troglodytes who act (and look like) Ferengi DaiMons squabling over gold pressed latinum, nor the ability to flirt or allow for romantic initiations of any kind without first logging into LegalZoom.com for casual sex consent forms.

All other feminists (read the majority) are ugly, whiney, trollish, crustations that cannot compete with any of the above!

Passed over for looking and behaving like this.

Passed over for looking and behaving like this.

Men had very low standards in the past, men were happy with who they ended up with.. and didn’t mind doing the brunt of the heavy lifting to keep society going so long as it ensured they would receive in return the reciprocal values they look for from women that they cannot receive from men, intimacy and sex. Women would pair off with some ugly men too, but they got provisioning, protection and a guarantee of children who would be looked after. Contrast that to today, with game and the rise of the Alpha male, those who choose to learn it, live it and enact it are in the power position of attaining sex and being the decider of who to commit to. Here’s a hint. Not the lower tier women. But the lower tier women don’t want to mate or commit with low tier men today. They still want their stud, but once they figure it out, they’ll try to go for beta bux provisioning. Only then, it’s too little, too late.

Those lower tier men got tired of watching the entitled princess’s bitch and moan and ‘lock them out’. And they discovered a whole’nother world out there, one that doesn’t include fat, ugly, haggard, offputting, snarky, angry, bitter, cunty troll feminists.

Hello little boy.. wait.. wha... DEFUQ?

Hello little boy.. wait.. wha… DEFUQ?

Feminist doctrine absolved many women of any inherent reason to hook up with men who held normal traditional means of relationship attraction in a beta provider role. By emancipating women from the requirement of bartering sex for provisioning, they were free to stop seeking out quality characteristics in less attractive guys and zoom in for the hawt but superficial ones, the meaningless ones, the got tingle now get dumped tomorrow ones. Because it said no man is entitled to sex, most women got to feed at the alpha trough while most men starved.

Hey, i believe you gotta put in the work if you want to get something. And if you want women, you gotta know how to attract them! Learn a little game, develop some inner game, listen to Roosh.

For those that can’t and will lose in the mating game because of how feminism changed the goalposts, well, at least you’ll be able to fuck pretty lifelike facsimiles, that look, feel, speak and behave.. well… a hell of a lot more like real women than feminists do. Small consolation im sure but hey, anime chicks are hot.. if you ignore the tentacle porn. And with all your disposable income, you’ll be enjoying your world of warcraft and your 0.7 hip/waist goddess that blinks, smiles and asks you pertinent questions about and why you’re so skilled with a +7 Firesword of the Ancients. Ignorance is bliss yes? Hell.. even i would be willing to give this a go.

But you, you ugly, filthy, sorry feminists wildabeasts.. for you it will be a long time coming. Prepare to get to know your vibrating friend even more intimately because it will be all you will ever have twix your nether region. (Try getting your dildo to open your jar of pickles too hehe) MEN will enjoy choosing the most ‘superficial‘ of all things over you.. because you created a necessity  and like supply and demand states, with heavy demand, production will increase to meet that demand. You’ve priced your worthless pussy out of the market with your “fresh” ideas. Ohh and don’t cry about it.. no one’s entitled to a relationship either eh! It’s not a matter of if but when. You dragged the lockout for far too long and this genie is not going back in. And no amount of shaming or messenger shooting can stop this little slide from happening. The slide only gets worse as all the fat and crisco drippins from David’s chin and the ManBoob-nation cascade into mountainous secretion of gelatinous ooze to tip this evolutionary fempocolypse into high gear.

Do you think any man with half a brain and a set of balls reading this isn’t going to think to himself “Hmmm, what do i want, a girl who likes being around me cuz i’m a guy, or a woman who thinks i’m a chromosomal defect with a penis?” If you need any time to think about it.. you seriously need to start learning how to breathe when you read. You’re oxygen starved and suffering from hypoxia. Or that ring of fat around your turkey neck is obstructing your windpipe again, i dunno.



So keep it up you fat silly fuck.


Yes you.

Man with Boobs. I mock you. And forever will.

Because i find your shape funny and amusing.

Like a pear.

A pear full of shit.

Are you sweating yet?

Sitting in your chair probably brings you to labored breathing doesn’t it.

Masturbating to pictures of Skep-chic must be bad for your blood pressure.

Can you even find your dick?

That’s probably why you sweat. Looking for your dick. Under the folds.

There it is! You found it! Go ahead.. eat that Oh Henry.. you.. you earned it.


Jessica.. JESSICA... don't yew whant mah sex-seee bohd-ehhhh!

Jessica.. JESSICA… don’t yew whannn mah sex-seee bawd-ehhhh!

I wonder if Jessica Valentia gets all drippy wet in her panties watching David flog himself and his gender. Well probably only in his mind.

[Here’s a challenge. Find one feminist who will actually put it in writing that they find him attractive enough to sleep with… which one will be cruel enough to give him hope he may yet touch her vagina… which one will risk getting an email from David saying “Really? You would? Tonight? PLEEEZ!”… ready.. set.. go!]

Bad bad bad David.. didn’t you know being friends with Jessica just so you could lust after her in secret is a terrible thing you fucking NiceGuy you? Silly Jello man. Go hit the gym and loose your boobies!


On second thought, perhaps you should stay away from the gym. At least you get to keep your domain name accurate!

Yes, even tho she is a feminist, i’m sure Jessica Valenti, (the least ugly of all professional feminists IMHO).. still has enough standards to thoroughly reject risking one of her eggs on a mistake such as yourself.

I’m sure Gloria Steinem can still use a tube of lube to re-hydrate her Grand Canyon for a nice casual romp with Dave. Still too dry?

Fuck.. but i hear Amanda Marcotte is quite smitten with you. And if that fails, you can go rape Dworkin’s body like your pal Hugo did his drugged out girlfriend just before he tried to murder her and commit suicide. I guess there’s hope for you after all?

Tho i’d consider that pairing to be more a lesbian one than hetero.

Speaking of fucking feminists.. keep your eyes open for a soon to be released epic following Roosh’s post about which feminist he finds the prettiest he thinks got hit hardest with the ugly stick… i journey even deeper into that circle of hell…

I’ll tell you which one i’d fuck.. in GRAPHIC DETAILS!

Friken feminists with friken laser beams in their friken cunts!

Friken feminists with friken laser beams in their friken cunts!


pps. I don’t normally censor comments.. but a troll took to leaving it’s faeces on my incel posts. I have a new rule. I will censor comments of zero value. I don’t care if you disagree, but your comment better reflect something substantive to talk about. Shit like this:

Trololololololol.This troll has been rolling around in shit and smiling the whole way through!

This troll has been rolling around in shit and smiling the whole way through!

..will not make it through the spam filter.

Remember.. i am the DM here, and i slay trolls without warning, no saving throws for salacious cuntbags and their gangrenous mangina cocks.


  1. Brilliant!

  2. lol, I’ve written posts about Fat Fuck Futrelle before, but this one is the equivalent of killing his parents, making them into chilli and feeding it to him.


    I don’t quite agree with the sexbot hypothesis, but mate, that was an awesome post. You’ve been on fire in the past while.

  3. Truth, great post.

    “Try getting your dildo to open your jar of pickles too hehe”


  4. ‘you can just smell the drizzling of diarrhetic bullshit being sprayed from the back of this particularly sick and angry female cow.’

    ‘I remember one time she was getting over a really nasty flu and she sounded terrible, voice all raspy and fucked up, but she wanted to get frisky. I pounded the living daylights out of her, swapping spit and fluids like it was going out of style. ‘


    ‘crusty feminist cunt’

    ‘I’d rather settle for the vice like suction grip of a mechanized penis pump with voice simulation capabilities of Stephen Hawkings wheelchair computer.’

    ‘The slide only gets worse as all the fat and crisco drippins from David’s chin and the ManBoob-nation cascade into mountainous secretion of gelatinous ooze’

    ‘That’s probably why you sweat. Looking for your dick. Under the folds.’

    ‘I’m sure Gloria Steinem can still use a tube of lube to re-hydrate her Grand Canyon for a nice casual romp with Dave. Still too dry?’

    You win, M3. I’m not hungry anymore.

  5. “Real women only need to retain the essence of women, the caring, nurturing, pleasant and feminine to attract the masculine. The beauty of a feminine soul, the soul of a female who is not ashamed she was born a woman and does not feel being a woman and acting as a woman is a form of weakness. A woman who enjoys the reciprocal nature of pleasing a man and deriving pleasure from seeing him smile, instead of feeling oppressed. A woman who wants a partner she can look up to, not down upon in a forced act of false contrition. A woman who adds joy and value to a man’s life and gives him desire to become even more of the man she yearns for and craves.. not one who rejoices at having a man grovel beneath her as she crushes his spirit through her artificially strengthened position of power. A woman who wears dresses and heels, not feminist lit slogan t-shirts and shitkickers.”

    Beautiful. Love it. Exactly what we want.

  6. Can you email me – 3rdmilleniummen@gmail.com

  7. This should be delivered to NOW. If a feminist were to read this, her head would explode continuously into perpetuity. It would be glorious!!

  8. Epic. Simply Epic.
    I sit in awe.

  9. You’ll find the world [read: reality and its modus operandi] makes much more sense when viewed through the eyes of earlier peoples [I intentionally avoid the use of the descriptor “primitive” here].

    By which I mean:

    Having a woman in your life is not a blessing but a curse.

    Nice guys are not punished for their goodness, they are rewarded, etc.

  10. this is what a male feminist looks like:


  11. Puketrelle will take part of something someone says, then misquote it by putting his own words after it, them putt a flashing sarcasm button for plausible deniability….

  12. I had a one-nighter with a woman who looked very much like a Ferengi the next morning. She even drove a Marauder.

  13. http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3stm2t/


  14. My work is done here.

  15. Brilliant! That baseball analogy was fucking perfect.

    I think people are finally realizing that feminism is driving Western civilization into extinction.

  16. Regarding the Leafs….as long as they keep putting bums in the seats, they’ll keep putting bums on the ice…

  17. Mate totally love your posts, only recommendation is that you break them up a bit – too long to adsorb all the goodness in one go at present!

  18. @M3

    I saw what you did there, including tomboys in your post. For any other reader out there besides myself who falls in this category…thank you. It made me smile. :)

    And I’ve followed some of the links to your other/past posts. Beautiful stuff, man. When I’m off work today I may just have to comment on your “Power of the Vagina” one. It was really powerful, and answered some questions I’ve had about why some men feel they have to give gifts (material possessions) in order to give a gift (sex).

    Keep it going!

  19. Great post. Love the Simpson references too.

    I like to go with the attitude of Walter Sobchak after enough beatings with womyn.

    “Fuck it, Dude. Let’s go bowling”

  20. “the reciprocal banshee howls of the late 30′s women echoing over the night sky”

    Young Nightsky did in fact end up dealing with some banshee howls of lonely late 30s/early 40s women. One was pretty nice overall, but had…. issues. Another was frackin’ psycho.

    I always think of Smilin’ Dave as Teenage Mutant Ninja Futrelle.

  21. “Wherever, in the history of civilization, woman has ceased to be an economic asset in marriage, marriage had decayed; and sometimes civilization has decayed with it.”

    —William Durant, “The Story of Civilization,” Vol. I, p. 44

  22. Out-fucking-standing, Private M3. There is a place for you in my beloved Corps. Perhaps you are not a grabastic piece of amphibian shit after all.

    –Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, your senior drill instructor

  23. I never fucked a ten, but one night, I fucked five twos.

    –George Carlin

  24. Great article man. I am in the same boat as you, would it be great to have a girl to hold and have sex with occsionally at night? Of course. But do I want to deal with the stress of keeping her occupied, listening to her bitching, etc.

    Totally forget every marrying a girl, getting half my stuff she worked NOTHING for.

    Some of my friends in relationships feel pity for me, I look at their enslaved lives and feel pity for them.

  25. This was a magnificent post M3, outstanding. Some parts of these should be taught in every fucking school in the western world.

  26. @Erudite Knight

    Too true. I also have many friends and acquaintances who say that marriage is the best thing since sliced bread…right before they start complaining that they can’t leave the house for a lousy 2 hours to play a game or see a movie. Yes, I certainly see how marriage is something EVERYONE should have. :P

  27. I always like to see girls hanging around these blogs, at least they understand truth compared to their feminist legion cohorts.

  28. Haha, yeah, I had a playboy friend, he would always hang out, then somehow got a ‘dominating’ ugly girlfriend, and I see him about once every 2 months now, she scared him. Sad.

  29. @Erudite Knight

    First of all, thank you.
    Secondly, I unfortunately know exactly what you mean. I’ve lost quite a few good high school friends over the years when they got married…seems the wives don’t even like it when you live 8 states away and only talk on Facebook. I’ll never understand it.

  30. ^Np
    Anna and M3, check out my blog, I had a similar discussion today about men leaving the pool, and about japan actually.

  31. @Erudite Knight

    Cool, will do! :)

  32. “I’d rather fucking 69 a grizzly bear while shoving King Kong up my ass over having sex with a feminist”

    +1 for the AVGN reference

  33. […] we’ve all talked about sexbots till we’re blue in the face. However, these are not actual sexbots, but […]

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