Able and empowered women..

January 30, 2013

..are no more remarkable to this generation than smart phones.

That’s the takeaway from this funny yet not funny post.

Don’t Write Men Off Just Yet



This article pretty much got everything wrong. Not in it’s observations or the list of many causes and effects, but rather the wrong conclusions it draws from them.

That one line:

They are the first generation of men that has not had to recalibrate themselves to a generation of independent women rich in life options. Able and empowered women are no more remarkable to this generation than smart phones.

Summed it up. Women are no longer snowflakes. No longer precious.

Your freedom enabled you to become a commodity to be consumed and discarded for the next iteration when it comes out.

My next post will tackle this concept.

When you begin from the central premise as Feminism does, that men are irrelevant, unneeded, the bicycle a fish does not require… which celebrates Independence from any need or requirement from men because your life is rich with options (brought about by men in the background)… then ultimately that man becomes nothing more than a fashion accessory for you…

.. why the fuck would we consider you special?

to be continued…


  1. Men are not irrelevant,
    Women are also not special. :)

  2. Fucking HuffPo starts off wrong and gets wronger.


  3. “rich in life options’ Ha! That’s a laugh. They’ve got one life option, working to death with cats! Haha, stupid biatches!

  4. Matt Forney had a good quote a while back about the type of women the writer the HuffPo piece is talking about:

    “Behind every Strong, Independent Woman™ is a man making her existence—and delusions—possible. And when that man decides he’s had enough, she’s finished.”

    Ah, of course. Fish don’t need bicycles, we are told. Women are strong and independent and don’t need men — nope, nosiree, not in a million years.

    Until they do.

    And when they do, the shaming chorus from women and white knights is deafening with its cries of “MAN UP!!!!” And many men do just that.

    But after men “man up”, and do whatever the women see as necessary or important at the moment, then all of a sudden the fish doesn’t need her bicycle anymore, and so she goes back to telling everyone within earshot of how women don’t need men and can do everything a man can do, and all that. The woman sees no need to reciprocate the “manning up” with even the least bit of gratitude, appreciation or respect for the men who do so. Because they’re just bicycles after all, and what fish needs a bicycle anyway?

    And yet many of these same western women wonder why an increasing number of men don’t want serious relationships with them, and just see them as good for casual sex and nothing else. It is to laugh.

  5. @ Feminist Hater

    Yeah, reminds me of this bit of Zenpriest wisdom:


    Women have thought they were hurting men by pushing them out of the provider role. And, for the generation of men who had it pounded into their heads that they were defined by that role, it did hurt them. But, the generation of men who grew up after men had already been pushed out – it doesn’t matter to them in the least.

    Brer Feminazi has thrown them back into the briar patch where they were born and bred, and destroyed all the social mechanisms which used to force men to support women – thus throwing away all women’s guaranteed meal tickets.

    What we are seeing right now is a desperate attempt by women and chivalrous idiots to try to contain the damage with increasingly draconian laws. Some of the unwary will get caught, and the smarter ones will learn from the mistakes of their stupid brothers.

  6. The problem with emphasizing how independent you are, and how you don’t need anybody, is that it turns people away. Who wants to be with someone who thinks you’re expendable for the most part, but enjoyable sometimes, when they feel like it?

    Another thing is that they might take you seriously. Ok, Mr/Ms Independent, I’m sure you can handle all your problems yourself, you don’t need any help. Cool.

    That’s not to say being independent is bad. It is in general good. But strong independent people don’t screech about it, and allow themselves to be vulnerable when it’s time.

  7. Emma, I think the point should be that as men and women, as a species, we’re co-dependent, to think otherwise is madness. That’s why feminism does so much damage, it goes against our very nature.

  8. Were it only the case that feminism promoted this idea that men are merely optional accessories to a woman whose life is full of boundless and manless opportunities, the bicycle could simply decide he no longer wanted nor needed the fish. Disgusting as the “accessory” premise is, I find the open blatant push by feminist dogma on child bearing age females to essentially become mirrors of their basest caricature of maleness (little more than animal lust embodied) as a path to true supremacy to be far more destructive, though notable just the uglier side of the same coin. Your previous post on the shaming of good low number count women points to this.
    As you noted with your friend, some women simply do not understand that sex has an emotional element for men even more powerful than that for women. How could we? We are told the exact opposite by every magazine, TV show, girl “friends”, and countless other female oriented sources. And this particular feminist imperative myth plays into the hands of both feminists and “churchian” alike. Seeing men as uncivilized sex crazed savages in need of a civilizing and controlling element in the form of womenkind is comforting to both. Women who believe this myth out of ignorance or shameless willful pride make a fine target for the above dishonest and delusional feminist tripe. And quite simply, as far as they are concerned, true mankind be damned.

  9. My bet: men will emerge different, and better — freer to live lives unchained from masculine expectations. But it may take some time. We’re all searching for balance, and we’re still very new at this.

    “Unchained from masculine expectations” sounds like a euphemism for “feminized even more.” This balance she’s noodling about sounds like men and women should be moving away from the poles and closer to the center of some idealized androgyny.

    Pseudo-intellectuals like this who have psychobabble-filled cumrags for brains can’t seem to differentiate “equal” from “identical.” A dollar bill and 100 pennies are equal in value, but these Deep Thinkers think there’s “imbalance” unless there’s 2 matching fifty-cent pieces on each side.

    …those of us who grew up in the sixties…

    Flower child. That explains so much.

  10. “Unchained from masculine expectations”.. that’s an impossibility. Women will always, always, always expect men to “man up” when they need them to do something for them, regardless of what women might say when they have no immediate need for male support, attention or protection.

  11. Case in point… the frustration of Japanese women who lament that so many young Japanese men are going “herbivore” and not pursuing them for dates, sex or relationships anymore…


    Not exactly what I’d call having no “expectations” for men.

  12. And also if I may observe, equality is and never has been the goal of feminism. Supremacy is. For feminist, the feminine is superior at all times. The boss makes the rules without negotiation and can ignore any and all input from perceived inferiors. And if there is anything women do well it is a) change the rules at whim and b) ignore facts in pursuit of a goal. We are masters of self delusion and manipulating the social for our own gain is our inherent province.

    Hence why men should avoid verbal/social conflict with women. Brevity is your friend. Meeting us on our own turf and allowing us to frame and re-frame at will will get you nowhere. I told my husband in his business life and negotiations believe half of what any woman tells him during any initial contact and always always follow his gut.

    I am hard on my own sex but I have seen enough and lived long enough to have faced some hard and shameful facts. Plus I have an 11 yo son and this all scares the hell out of me for his sake.

  13. Women will always need men…they will fully see that when the bubble bursts.

    In fact when a woman states she doesn’t need something…you can damn sure bet she needs it.

  14. That huffpo article was written by a bigot, it’s not worth getting too angry over. If anything I would take it as backtrack theatre, where these feminists tacitly acknowledge they have overstated their case, swung the pendulum too far, but are unable to reasonably grasp just how poorly they’ve treated people, or what affect they’ve had.

  15. @ Retrenched

    Reading about the herbivores from Japan was one of the very first things i encountered when i found the sphere. It helped me understand my MGTOW inclination and it’s raison d’être.

  16. Your freedom enabled you

    This is the only thing I have to take exception with in this post. Women do not have more freedom that we did 100 years ago. We have far, far less.

  17. @Stingray

    What do you mean? I see many freedoms that women have in 2013, that we didn’t have in 1913. We can now serve on the front lines of combat, marital rape is recognized as a crime, women can vote as an individual, we can’t be denied a job just because we *may* get pregnant, married couples OR single people have access to contraceptives, we are paid pretty much equal to men, we can’t be forced to go on maternity leave, abortion is legal for all women, and we are allowed to apply to any university/college we wish. We can’t be denied credit just because we’re women, we have domestic violence shelters, information on birth control can be sent through the mail, and we can own patents under our *own* name, rather than our father/husband’s.

    There are many more, but I think these are some of the more important ones. I’m unsure what you mean when you say we’ve LOST many rights? (And no, I’m not being snarky or playing dumb…I honestly have no clue as to what you’re referring.)

  18. I think part of the problem with the whole “not needing men” or “not needing women” issue is that people don’t actually mean it on a global/societal scale, they just mean it on a highly individualized one.

    For example, I consider myself independent, just as I’m sure many of us do. I pay my own bills, do my own taxes, care for my own yard, buy my own food/clothes, and the like. I’m a fully functional member of society…I don’t leech off the system, have unnecessary food stamps/welfare, or take scholarships that are offered to women but not men. In other words, I’m a frickin’ ADULT.

    Now, that’s not to say that I don’t need other people…men OR women. This would be a sad planet indeed if it had only one sex! I rely on the people who take my garbage, deliver my mail, police my town, inspect my car, and run my supermarket. Guess what? That means I *gasp* rely on other people, some of whom are men, to do their jobs so our local society doesn’t fall apart. That’s the point of living in a civilized community, rather than as a hermit in the mountains.

    Fish may not need bicycles, but they do need OTHER FISH!

  19. @ Anna, Stingray: Stingray might be referring to the fact that most of the gains in Freedom come at the cost of a Far-increased dependence on the Governement (as has been discussed, the Government essentially taking over the part of the male supporter, at least for the ones who try going it alone, and don’t make it as far financially as they hoped they would). Sure, not all independent women rely on the gov, but the wide-spread instances of it show that the freedoms came at a cost that is as high, or higher, than the gains that were made(ie: fealty not only to government, but to a specific Kind of government).

  20. @ Anna: Props at being able to make it Without handouts, as an Adult, You are an example to those who just leech of the state. :-)

  21. @Barry

    Yeah, I was wondering this, but didn’t want to inadvertently put words in her mouth.

    In my own view, anyone who takes from the government in the way you described is not independent…they are dependent. This may not necessarily be a horrible thing. Perhaps you have a debilitating medical condition and can’t work, or your spouse died and you need assistance for you and your children. Maybe you’re a wounded veteran, or you’ve been out of work for months. That is dependence on our taxes/government, but I completely understand the necessity of it.

    What I CANNOT stand are people who are on welfare simply because they’re lazy, people who drive a Benz and wear expensive jewelry but use food stamps, people who keep having child after child simply to receive government money, and those who just don’t WANT to contribute to the community they take from. I have seen many more of the latter…and yes, it makes me angry.

    Dependence is a necessity for some due to circumstances beyond their control. For others, it is a crutch that they refuse to let go of because it means letting go of “Easy St.”. So yes, any woman who goes from needing the support of a single working man (father/husband/brother) to needing the support of Big Brother is dependent. Sorry ladies, but that’s the harsh truth.

  22. @Barry (again)

    Thanks, but I don’t deserve props or praise for being an adult. I moved out when I was 17, got a job, found an apartment, and juggled full-time work + full-time school + volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation clinic. (If you’ve never fed a raptor, or given shots to an opossum, you haven’t LIVED!)

    Why did I do this? Because it’s how I was raised, and it’s what was expected of me as an adult. That’s how the world works…you do what you can for yourself to the utmost of your abilities, and help those who need it. Or so I though… :(

  23. shameless plugging of my own work, but think you guys will appreciate: http://youtu.be/Pi1KnpD_uV8

  24. @ Anna

    A self-reliant woman is always a good thing…not the #1 attractor but it is high on the list. Much better than women who think they are independent despite all the advantages they get.

  25. Attractor? High on WHOSE list?

    I’m sure the government finds me attractive, lol. A female who pays her taxes, isn’t taking handouts, isn’t married = taxed at a “better” rate, isn’t popping out welfare babies, and whose parents made too much money for her to qualify for ANY college assistance, so she has to pay all that back, and doesn’t file frivolous lawsuits to clog up the judicial system.

    Yup, very attractive. I may be a 7 most days, but to Big Brother I’m probably a solid 10! ;)

  26. Anna,

    It’s partly what Barry said, but it’s so much more than that. We cannot go through the airport without being illegally searched, we cannot peaceably assemble without fear of over the top police interference (occupy wall street, no matter how you think of them, is an example of this), a judge has recently ruled that only “Authorized” press is protected puts freedom of the press and speech out the window, the NDAA has shot the fourth Amendment completely to hell. There are many more as well.

  27. Ah, okay.

    So you were talking about ALL of us, not just women. That makes more sense now.

    Thank you! :)

  28. Yea Anna, all that wonderful freedom you state, the freedom to falsely accuse men, the freedom to kill unborn children, the freedom to fuck around, the freedom to force the Government to create ‘make work’ jobs for you, the freedom to force Churches and the like to pay for your birth control pills, the freedom take up university spots only to dump the career to become a stay at home mom, the freedom to divorce your husband without having to prove a valid reason, the freedom to fuck up children’s lives with your inane ability to make everyone and everything revolve around your fucking pathetic vagina, all boiling down to the freedom to do as you please without consequences.

    The vote now means nothing, absolutely nothing, thank you for that you fucking silly woman. The marriage contract now means diddly squat, thank you for that you fucking silly woman. The crime of ‘rape’ is a joke because anything can fucking qualify as rape, therefore reducing real victims of real fucking rape to nothing but a chorus of whiners, thank you for that you fucking silly woman.

    The freedoms you have now have cost you a loving husband, family and the Nation your forefathers died for. Your ‘freedoms’ are worthless, a bag of shit smelling nothingness. You traded everything for nothing. Good going!

  29. Dude, what the hell?
    Who pissed in your Cheerios this morning?

    First of all, *I* am not a “silly fucking woman”, I’m just a woman. I’m not even a feminist, which is how you seem to be talking to me.

    Secondly, that’s not how freedoms work. I’ll agree with you that they can and do get misused, but that’s something that those of us who are rational thinkers need to look at and change…not frickin’ flame each other online.

    I am very appreciative for the freedoms I enjoy as a woman in America, and have never even considered misusing them in the ways you detail. Now, if you have any further arguments I’ll gladly talk about them in a civil manner, but I won’t be condemned for something that certain harpies of my sex do.

  30. FH

    Tone’r down a bit. Live up to your moniker and keep your ire squarely where it should be, on Feminists. Anna isn’t one. She may not follow your version of a moral life, but she’s not sucking at the teat of big gov.

    We all hate feminism here. But don’t go off on a personal assault on her just because you’re pissed at what feminists have done.

  31. I read that article. Whats funny is the oft-used ‘more males are in congress than females!’ as some sort of argument as to why the sexes arent equal.

    That argument has so many fallicies, impossible to begin.

  32. Something else I should add, it is VERY surprising reading old philosphy and martial arts books, whenever women are mentioned, it is a respectful but traditional standpoint.

  33. Anna,

    Here’s the thing, to gain what you described as freedoms, many others lost theirs. Feminist Hater’s anger does not make him wrong. Women serve on the front line at the cost of men, Marital rape has turned into a false weapon against men, women voting is a very large reason we, all have lost what has been clearly stated in the Bill of Rights because women as a whole crave security and are willing to give up freedoms for this security, the companies that cannot fire a woman who becomes pregnant have lost their rights (many, many women will take their 6 weeks paid maternity leave to only quite at the end of it. The next person in line for the job is out the job and the company is out 6 weeks pay), contraception is not a freedom and is very easily obtained free of charge by simply saying no. Instead we have taxpayers losing their freedoms and their money having to pay for others, the baby (and in many cases the father) loses his right during abortion, the last I don’t know enough about.

    As a group (meaning, of course there are some women who don’t abuse what has been given them but as a sex) we have taken advantage of what freedoms we were given and then used them to the detriment of others and to the detriment of our very own fundamental rights. People have much to be angry about as we have lost far too much.

  34. @Stingray

    Exactly…there are people/women who abuse the system. This needs to be altered radically, and the sooner the better. I never said that FH shouldn’t feel angry about these injustices, especially since they get me hot under the collar too. I was just saying what M3 so eloquently stated: The anger should be directed firmly where it belongs, on those who are *committing* the injustices.

    I’d love to discuss this more, but I’m at work from now til 10pm. :(

  35. That’s certainly NOT how freedoms work. If you want freedom, you take responsibility. When are you signing up to draft by the way, no draft, no vote? No affirmative action, no preferential treatment at college, no free birth control, no freedom to falsely accuse. Which means, if you falsely accuse a man of rape, you suffer heavy consequences for your action.

    Freedom means that Separation between Church and State is a fundamental feature, which means if a woman wants to join a Church, she makes herself fit the criteria to join, she doesn’t force the group to compromise to her position, which is exactly what feminists do to everything by using the State. If a women cannot join a Church, a group or a sport, they don’t get to involve Government, they accept they’re not wanted and leave it at that. Freedom is not the ability to tell others what to do. That’s tyranny. Don’t pull a Sandra Fluke and get the Government to force others to do your bidding. That is not freedom, that is an act of aggression.

    Abortion is not an act of freedom, it is an act of murder. There is no longer even any debate about which trimester the foetus can be considered human for the women can now choose to have an abortion right through pregnancy. It’s plain murder, and women have now killed almost 60 million unborn babies in American alone.

    As for being a feminist, you wear the cloths of an Independent women who agrees with all the freedoms begotten by feminism. You make men sound like we’re all rapists and that the right to charge your husband with ‘marital rape’ is a key freedom. Just how many husbands do you think really ‘rape’ their wives? How do you even prove that a husband ‘raped’ is wife? If you stand for that, why don’t you stand for severe punishment to be mete out on women who commit paternity fraud? Why do you not support a law on the books for that? Where’s your freedom on that issue?

  36. Anna,

    No, you didn’t say that about FH. I just didn’t want you to miss the rest of his message beyond the anger. It was impossible to tell how you took what he was saying beyond the angry part. That’s all I meant.

  37. @ Anna

    To high value guys. Self-reliance is a good thing…when he takes a tumble you can pick up the slack until he is back on his feet.

    And yes to the government. But they see everybody’s value by how much taxes they can get out of them.

  38. @ Erudite Knight

    “Whats funny is the oft-used ‘more males are in congress than females!’ as some sort of argument as to why the sexes arent equal. ”

    I always agree with them and say “Yea.. and we need more women in garbage collection, sewage management and road construction too…” and simply trail off while looking at them dead square in the eye. It’s quite amusing to see the hamster spin as they try and register why my agreeing with them feels so horribly wrong.

  39. @FH

    Really quick, because I’m at work:

    I don’t approve of abortion, but I do see circumstances where it is needed.
    I don’t approve of paternity fraud, and think it should carry very stiff penalties.
    I signed up for the Draft when I was 18, along with 3 of my (male) friends because it was the right thing to do.
    I don’t need/want free birth control.
    I think that marital rape/domestic abuse laws should be reworded to include men.
    I feel that women who want to fight for their country should be allowed to, but ONLY if they can pass the tests. If that means only 5 out of 100 women become soldiers…so be it.

    I’m all for people taking responsibility for their words, actions and beliefs. I can’t say anything about Churches because I’m a solitary Wiccan. I’m for equality…the “real stuff”, not fake superiority complexes.

    Now, before I get in trouble…I’m back to working!

  40. @Stingray

    Understood, ma’am. No harm done here.

  41. “volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation clinic.”

    This is an irrelevant tangent, but that sounds like an AWESOME experience. Congrats!

  42. Okay Anna, I can get on board with that. Sorry about the rant.

    Just one point, you might think differently to most women, however, most women are the ones who are causing such friction between the sexes. Expecting entitlements from others and expecting equality at the same time, is wanting privilege without having to do the hard work. I would just like you to understand why I’m angry about that, same as you’re probably angry about it too.

    If the rewards of your hard work and the sweat and blood of your ancestors, who died for your freedoms, are given away for free, it makes a mockery of everything I hold dear.

  43. Totally unrelated to the conversation.. (well maybe not) but i found this humorous and just thought i’d dump it here :)


  44. M3,

    Heh, Bieber’s asking for more paternity suits. Amazing.

  45. Take him back.

  46. @Copyleft

    Yes, it was great…I learned so much! For the most part it was awesome; I got to care for and release raccoons, red squirrels, opossums, deer, falcons, crows, a HUGE snapping turtle, grey and red foxes, doves, rabbits, hares, and even an owl.

    Most of them had things wrong with them…lead poisoning, arrows stuck in them, botflies, infections, “kennel cough”, or had been hit by cars. A lot of them were babies that people had killed the parents of, THEN found the nest. Those were the “easy” ones.

    I hated it when we had to put any of them down, especially when we couldn’t afford the actual euthanization shots…then we had to break their necks. It was horrible, and I hated doing it. But when you have a rabbit whose guts are literally out of its body, or a crow who had one side of its head shot off by a moron with a gun and no respect for nonhumans…what are you gonna do? It’s kinder to end their pain, and do it quickly.

    But yeah, it was quite an amazing few years!

  47. Ye RABBITE TREE holdes a keene intereste inne ye sacrifise of beastes smalle.

    I read about some Russian scientists that have been taming foxes. Apparently they can make great pets.

    Next time I see an oppossum it’s getting hit with a brick. Dirty things.

  48. @Vicomte

    Foxes are awesome…but their “call” to each other isn’t a bark or howl like other canines. Instead, they sound very much like a woman screaming bloody murder. It’s very, um, off putting if you don’t know it’s just them talking to each other!

    As for opossums, I absolutely adore them. They clean themselves just like a hamster, enjoy oatmeal with grapes, and when you bottle feed the babies they wrap their little thumb-tails around your fingers. Melts your heart, it does.

    To hear that the great Rabbit Tree wishes them dire harm is…disconcerting. :(

  49. Never trust anything with a forked penis.

  50. @Feminist Hater

    It’s ok, I forgive your ranting…though I *do* wish you hadn’t jumped to so many conclusions about how I feel and what I think. If it’s any condolence, you didn’t call me even 1/4 of the names I put up with on Youtube. ;)

    This is a phenomena I’ve encountered many, MANY times online. I mention that I support equality between the sexes, or that I’m a self reliant/independent woman…and all of a sudden I’m a horrible, unholy demon from the abyss of misandry.

    I understand your frustrations, as well as that of other menfolk and my own. As I stated before, I fully support my friends (yes, they’re all men), and have done things like sign myself to the Draft with them, called out other women on their bullshit, and have declined a $1000 scholarship because it was ONLY being offered to women in the Business program. If it’s not equal, I truly want no part in it.

    You seem like a nice guy when you’re not angry…hopefully we can move forward from this in a good way?

  51. @Vicomte

    Lol, but the female opposum (like most marsupials) have TWO vaginas. Are they untrustworthy as well?

  52. Never trust anything that keeps it’s babies in its pockets.

  53. That apostrophe snuck in.

  54. @Vicomte

    So is that an apostrophe in your comment…or are you just happy to see me? :D

  55. It wasn8===D~~t intentional.

    My finger slipped.

  56. @Vicomte

    Lol. Just lol.

  57. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/time_to_pay_up_tawana_VNfKyp8kwALfSZZE4DdAQI

    Just for those who somehow believe current ‘rape’ laws are fair. I will repeat, I cannot live under a system like this, there’s no point to trying at all. The only game one is able to play is not to play at all.

    This is not freedom.

  58. @FH

    I remember this story from a few months ago. It is no less disturbing now then it was then. To think that anyone, man or woman, could possibly do this to another is nigh inconceivable…at least to me. Apparently not for some “people”. Not even the most primitive of animals act this way, why does humankind suck so damn much?

  59. Once again you miss the point though. The law now allows women to accuse men and not face criminal charges when they are found to have falsely accused them. Thereby allowing them to use ‘rape laws’ as a means of revenge or as a means of escaping the responsibility of their own actions.

    Anna, the rape laws are unfair, there’s no point in denying it at all. Just what sort of advise do you give a man when you have suffered what the above man has suffered? What meaning do you attach to his life, his life is now worthless, he was utterly destroyed by race baiters and feminists hell bent on destroying white men.

    What about the Duke Lacrosse scandal? When does it end and feminists and women in general accept they were wrong? When does it end? Seriously Anna, this is what your so called freedom gives you. Men cannot partake in freedom because our rights to innocent until proven guilty are trampled on by media, courts and the fem brigade.

    Funnily enough, the bastion of femdom, the great Sweden is now 2nd in rape per 100000 people. Just behind my fab country of South Africa. There masculinity has been destroyed and foreign invaders who have not had their heads filled with femdom, rape without fear.

    Society today has no meaning for good men, it has no use for them. Except to scapegoat and make mockeries of and to use them for labour. I cannot accept that women think this is fair and just. But they do.

    How do you propose we give this man his life back, the 25 years so far that have been stolen? What punishment should we hand out to his wife, who instead of supporting him, threw him to the wolves of divorce court? What punishment is needed for Tawana to stop women doing this continuously? How do you propose men take rape seriously in account of its use in the above?

    If women really want a war, men should give them that. Then rapes on the table, everythings on the table. Just how much is your supposed independence worth?

    Men and women are NOT independent, just mind numbing stupidity to think you are. Who do you think keeps the lights on, the power plants burning, the food stocked in the shopping centers, the cars on the roads, the enemy at the gate instead of in your flat/house? Why do you think men even do that? So you can through your independence in their face?

  60. That should be ‘throw’ not through.

  61. @FH

    I’m sorry, but when do you think I’ve EVER thrown my independence in a man’s face? Or anyone’s, for that matter? I respect anyone who is a responsible adult in our local AND global community, regardless of their sex.

    I respect and appreciate the men who deliver my mail, I respect the woman who drives my neighborhood’s garbage truck, I respect the farmers, daycare workers, firefighters, police, military veterans, bus drivers…everybody! These are the men and women who make the world go round, in small OR big ways.

    I agree with everything that you’ve said…I’m STILL unsure of why you keep talking to me in such a manner. What have I said that makes you believe I’m such a cold hearted person, that I’d approve of the aforementioned behavior at ALL?

    Please…enlighten me!

  62. Animosity needs to stop. Every person here understands the situation of the problems related.

    This is not in Anna’s power to fix much as she’d like to. Raising points for awareness is good. Sticking her to shoulder the collective guilt of feminists isn’t called for, nor appreciated.

    If your tone was rhetorical and not directed at her personally, or there is a simple misunderstanding of communication through language barriers, i can accept that.

    If you’re specifically dogging Anna on a personal level, i will don my white armor and do what i need to do to keep decorum.

    Only warnings i intend to give on this matter. I want critical thinking and empathetic women to be able to come here and understand our positions, not be run out. Save that kind of vitriol for the Jizzabel and Manboob trolls that may show up shortly.

    Thank you. You are now free to move about the cabin and smoke’m if you got’m.

  63. Yea, be the white knight M3, I’m done.

  64. @M3

    While I cringe to have you, as you say “don the white armor”, I do appreciate it. For what it’s worth, I am sorry if anything I’ve said HAS been misandric, even unintentionally…as anyone could see from my previous comments, the state of our society frustrates me also. I call out feminazi nonsense in public when I see it, and since I work 60hrs each week that will have to do…for now.

    I’ve looked over everything I’ve written here, and don’t see anything amiss. However, I will endeavor to be much more detailed when I *do* comment, so as to avoid any miscommunication henceforth. I can only say this: I’m NOT a submissive woman and I enjoy the rights that our country’s founders and leaders created for us all…but I do not misuse them as other women do.

    It may be exceptionally rare, but NAWALT does apply in some situations. I hope to have more civil and articulate conversations about this later. Thanks.

  65. I respect and appreciate the men who deliver my mail, I respect the woman who drives my neighborhood’s garbage truck, I respect the farmers, daycare workers, firefighters, police, military veterans, bus drivers…everybody! These are the men and women who make the world go round, in small OR big ways.

    Read that and then read this…


    Then put the two together and realise why I don’t like Anna.

  66. Oh sorry, now I’m done.

  67. @Feminist Hater

    Listen, I don’t know exactly what I’ve done to offend you so badly…but I’ll apologize nonetheless. There are few enough of us that understand that society needs to change or fail. I don’t want you to feel angry or put out, and I truly wish to fix this. Please tell me what I’ve written that is bad in your mind so I can more fully explain myself.

    We may never get along. We may never see eye to eye on any minor issues. But we both are for men’s rights…we both know that feminist thought has gone beyond equality into “superiority”…and yes, we both GET that the system is abused everyday by womenfolk who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. Given this, can’t we please work this out somehow?

  68. Reason he’s pissed is that the freedom and independence you cherish came off the backs of men, who had to subdue themselves, prostrate themselves, or simply be shoved out of the way. Just for ‘some’ women to play with the boys and give feminism their phyric victory and claim all women can do it, then slink off with a pat on the back while most women simply wont do it, but receive the same amount of respect. It’s to take away the accomplishment that men do on a daily basis, and lower it so that women are praised for doing a fraction of what men do day in day out without any recognition but fully obligated to do.

    And all of the independence you get, comes with a high cost against men, without any appreciable results to society.

    Can we agree that a woman who makes it into the military by passing male fitness tests, and received no special favors, and goes through complete tours of duty without conveniently getting pregnant to get out is worthy of respect? Yes.

    Does that mean female soldiers should be lauded and praised for doing what men in the military have always done since the history of war began? Should female soldiers deaths be given high praise over male soldiers because it’s just expected? And should all women pat themselves on the back and say “hell ya, see women can do anything” just because a few outliers managed to do what the majority could/would not?

    That’s why he’s pissed.

  69. Yes, I saw that he posted something else at the same time I did. Unfortunately, my break was over so I didn’t see it.

    Perhaps I’m a special type of blind though, because I don’t see where I said “Women are better than men” or “female soldiers are worth more than male soldiers” or even that “men have no right to be daycare workers/nurses because they’re horrible at it”. Never have I stated anywhere that men don’t deserve praise for the great things they do.

    Thus, I’m still very confused as to why FH is acting as though I *did* say those things…Like I said many times previous, I respect EVERYBODY who proves themselves to be a capable person. I’ve never taken nationality, sex, ethnicity, age, etc into my considerations. I don’t think I should start doing that…

  70. Not gonna be able to make all people happy all the time. You win some you lose some.

    I don’t care if people disagree so long as they talk. Belligerence i retain for pure feminsty fucktwats and massively self absorbed solipsist bitches who wear it on their sleeve. Then i’m all about personal.

    That’s my motto and im sticking to it, and whatever happens..

    don’t name it after me!

  71. @M3

    Fair enough. For what it’s worth, I honestly hope that FH comes back again. Maybe if we could talk about it a little more respectfully, he’d realize we are reading from the same book even if we’re not on the same page. I’m sorry for the part I played in changing the tone of the comments here. Hopefully if/when FH returns, it’ll be calmer and a real discussion can be had about our differences.

  72. […] I will face my fear and let it pass through me. « Able and empowered women.. […]

  73. Whenever a father anywhere is separated from his children by divorce , death or otherwise, Peggy Drexler has an orgasm.

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