My first E-book purchase. Ever!

January 28, 2013

Very quick post. There will be a part 2 in the near future when i write up a review. But for now, we’ll just go by the fanfare it’s getting on Amazon reviews and because we know Aaron is one hell of an upstanding citizen of the global community.

And i like his video’s where he smokes and drinks.

So a quick chit chat and a traffic bomb that broke all previous records led to me deciding to purchase the slogan of the manosphere.. nay, the Slogan of the Internet!


Enjoy the Decline eBook- Aaron Clarey- Amazon.ca- Kindle Store

It’s what’s for dinner!

Anyways, having just finished d’l’ing it i thought i would plug it here now and repost the instructions for getting it for Android users (the smart and savvy types who look down upon users of iFruit devices)

For those who want detailed advice for Mac’s & shit go here to his site [link fixed].


  1. Go to the Google Play store and download the Amazon Kindle Reader FREE app. (avoid trying to buy the book from Google Play itself. It’s not listed)
  2. Install the app
  3. If you do not have an account on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca – create one. You will need an account to connect with your Kindle Reader app
  4. Once you are into the site enter your credit card info and billing address
  5. Save your info and log out
  6. Enter your login credentials into your kindle reader app. This will now sync with the website
  7. Log back into the website from your desktop (i attempted to purchase the book from inside the app, it failed)
  8. Do a search for “Enjoy the Decline”
  9. Mr. Clarey’s book should appear
  10. Begin the purchase procedure, select your credit card
  11. Make sure your device is listed near top right portion of the screen, the device the download will be delivered to (the green area)
  12. Hit submit. Viola you’re set.
  13. You can now go to ‘Manage your Kindle’ and see the status of the download as ‘Pending’
  14. Go back to your tablet, exit the app (swipe it closed) and turn off wifi
  15. Turn wifi back on, restart the Kindle Reader Free app
  16. You should see Mr. Clarey’s book pop up in your books with a download indicator
  17. Enjoy the Decline!
Amazon.ca-Kindle Store-Manage Your Kindle

The Dictionary came for free, i didn’t ask for it.


Best 7.98 Cdn i ever spent.. and i ain’t even read it yet!

Review to follow shortly. Stay tuned.

Oh and for those who need to find meaning in their lives..

..i present to you my cat in my gym bag.



  1. Liked for cat in a gym bag lol.

  2. I’m thinking of buying a better dictionary for my Kindle.

    The free one it came with never has any of the words I don’t know.

  3. What about Windows 8?

  4. Windows 8 is garbage. I’m sticking with 7 for as long as i stuck with XP over Vista.

    Vicomte.. you need to download an offline copy of the urban dictionary šŸ˜›

  5. U ignant MThrizzle. i means 2 say my ratchetass handout dickshunery iz wack, dawg. the werds R 2 small for my level. Its like im sippin Ciroc and some busted-azz crackas up in ma shit wid sum 4loko feel me?

    i thirsty for a book wit SWAG, son. i be pimpin wid my wurdz and lookin 4 sum HIGHCLASS HOES not dat hoodrat hoebag booty free shit.


  6. Looks like you started drinking whatever GreatBooksForMen does, because your handwriting has gone all over the place.

    All you’re missing is the lolzozolzolzolzol

  7. I’m pretty sure GBFM is Roissy trolling his old stomping grounds.

    Like a ghost.


  8. lllllooooolllzzzzllloolll




    What a pile of fucking crap.

  9. Windows 8 ruined my life. Ok, that’s dramatic, but it sucks.

    Do you NOT have a proper travel bag for your cat?? tsk tsk! sooo cute though šŸ™‚

  10. Don’t tsk tsk me.. cat’s lucky i didn’t run him through a chipper shredder. Fucker nearly broke skin on my finger trying to eat a piece of a milkbone.

    What kind of deranged cat eats dogfood???

  11. lol, I have NO clue but he sounds perfect for you! hey my bird is the pickiest eater, got her in Berkeley so naturally she was weaned on this organic, cant find it anywhere, expensive food and wont eat anything else.

    However! she LOVES alcohol. my baby is a lush! Wine, even vodka! I gotta really watch my drinks, she weighs 53 oz, prolly doesn’t take much for her to get drunk or alcohol poisoning!

    She is adorable when tipsy, starts slur-chirping to herself, gets needy and wants to cuddle.. hey, don’t women get like that too?

    we are all animals really…

  12. Oh and totally diff topic, the one you post is ctually about. whats the deal w this e-book thing. my therapist (or should I say ex-therapist, she gave me like the worst advice) suggested I write one. I could make money off it (she also suggest I start my own catering company – hence “former therapist).

    I could.. a very trashy one, alllways wanted to write one of those. with sordid sex scenes and twisted sexual plots. Worth it?

    You have said my descriptions of sexual encounters have been… hard (lol) for you to read due to their realistic and sensual nature

  13. Time for me to call Animal Control šŸ˜‰

  14. You could deft. write one, but you need a good means of marketing to make any real coin. That’s what publishers used to be good for. Putting your book in print and advertising it. Self publishing means you’re on your own to make your book know.

    Tho you’re a blogger. Make your book. Submit it to Amazon. Pass a free e-copy to your online friends and have them review it, chain reaction may ensue. Your ability to write steamy shit must be just as good as 50 shades of puke, so i’m sure there are many more women out there that want to touch themselves more. I see potential money in your future. LOL.

    Write something up, a few chapters and send it my way.. i’ll tell you if you’re on the right track depending on how much i spend on kleenex. šŸ˜›

  15. hahha. Thought those bits of tissue stuck to your dick. I hear a damp towel works best šŸ™‚

    Sure! ill def send if I ever write this sexy series. I just have a plot problem… Easily I can go on about sexcapades but for a book… u kinda need a plot. its not porn after all, yea it is šŸ™‚

  16. Flirting:

    Sometimes it gets weird.

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