M3 is a Nerd, and he approves of this message…

January 22, 2013

I may have lost the weight, but deep down inside, i can still tell you what the shield harmonic frequency of the Galaxy Class Starship NCC-1701D Enterprise is.

257.4 MHz to be exact.


So girls who think you’re a nerd cuz you wear glasses..


but lemme say “How yew doooin?’ while i’m here)

Ok.. i accept you into the Fellowship of Nerddom.

Ok.. i accept you into the Fellowship of Nerddom.


  1. Nerds are AWESOME!

    Also, let us not forget that the geek shall inherit the earth…though whether it’s Earth Prime, Earth-2 or some other parallel universe still remains to be seen. :)

  2. I was/am a ‘nerd’ in that I like video game and obsess over what is the best weapon/skills etc.

    Here is a question, do you think that while admittedly nerds are probably among the most beta, do they possess an above average ability to look at what happened (got fucked by feminists) and conclude ‘new actions required’? I would say probably.

  3. I would say a lot of nerds very early in life came to the ‘Wargames Solution Variant’: The only winning move is not to play… for now.

  4. Ooh, Galaxy class starships. Cetacean quarters. Double barreled main computer core.


  5. btw, after seeing this, I then saw this:

    This pegged my nerd meter. I could probably recite old star trek episodes verbatim as they played in front of me, but I’d never do this.

  6. True Story:

    I know a guy that used to write a blog on StarWars.com years ago, when they had blogs. He was well-received until he inadvertently offended a certain female writer of EU fiction with his writing, at which point the administration decided he was an undesirable element and he was more or less discouraged from continued participation. His name was occasionally heard whispered in the back alleys and seedier establishments of the place until its eradication. A sort of smart-assed folk hero.

    This person was not me.

  7. i’m actually working on a post dedicated to female nerds.

    but i DO NOT agree with that tat’s. glasses are more gooder though.

  8. Yeah that last chick who is fairly attractive to begin with, would be much hotter without the tats.

    It’s sad when the ladies get addicted to the drug called “attention”.

  9. Although if that tat on her leg is who I think it is…at least there is one virginal woman in that picture.

  10. You are the Jayne Cobb of the intertubes.

  11. tattoos are a good indicator that she is not a nerd and is actually some type of whore.

  12. The Captain has threatened to get me that R2D2 swimsuit on a couple of occasions. Hehehe.

    Is there anything more alpha than Han Solo saying “I know” before he’s lowered into the carbonite? I think not.

  13. Or his ability to arrange her kissing a wookie since one was not forthcoming to him.

    Han Solo should be required education for all growing boys. Now class, this is what he does.. can anyone tell me why he did it?

    Because he’s the prize! He didn’t even notice her or put her above his payment until she started being nice to him by being feminine towards him.


  14. Yep. Solo had badass cool.
    Now I need to watch Star Wars again.

  15. 1. How do tattoos make somebody a whore? That’s literally the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.

    2. Where did the girl pictured say anything about glasses making her a nerd? There’s this crazy thing called PRESCRIPTION GLASSES.

  16. @ Rada

    1. Learn to ‘read’. Comprehension is a requisite for participation on this blog. I assume you are replying to hisoj’s comment where he states the following:


      are a good indicator

    that she is not a nerd and is actually some type of whore.

    I bolded, italasized and underlined the important part of his comment for you in case you have any issues. And what he stated is accurate, it is a very strong indicator of sluttiness and whoredom. Please read this article and find it right up in the #1 spot

    2. She doesn’t have to write it. It’s so prevalent it’s become a meme of it’s own, meaning i can make that inference to my hearts content whether that one specific girl actually considers herself a nerd or not.

    There is this crazy thing called Deductive Reasoning and Generalizations.

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