Self Absorption in Motion

January 17, 2013

Very quick post.

Just came back to work from a stroll. Entered the lobby heading towards the elevator, noticed a woman standing by the elevators.

3 elevators.

Two of them were on “G“.. the third was on “7

One of the elevators had the door open.

As i approached, the middle elevator door close.

I reached over and pressed the button.

The door opened again.

The lady finally made her way in after me and my troupe of coworkers entered, her head down.

I pressed “5“.

The doors closed.

When the elevator got to the 4th floor i hear “OH SHIT” and turn as the lady’s head is up and pressing number “2“.

I get off on the 5th floor and shake my head and think to myself.

Cellphone Zombie.


They walk amongst us...

They walk amongst us…


  1. As I included in point 4 here, technology is actually making us dumber: http://3rdmilleniummen.wordpress.com/2012/12/23/manosphere-technologys-effect-on-women/

  2. I anticipate the moment when I see one walk straight into a wall.

  3. That first picture shows how dangerous it can be. I also remember reading stories about “last text messages”, meaning the last SMS the drivers sent, before crashing their cars due to inattention and dying.

  4. The main difference I notice between young men and young women with iPhones, is that while young men use them a lot, they will actually put them down sometimes. Young women today, almost never…

  5. I have seen guys use it out on the streets, usually as a ‘phone’ and talking into it. Rare that i see texting, tho i have to admit ive seen it. Tho guys seem much more aware of their surrounding, looking up and avoiding collisions. Women just plod on through faces buried in their social media forcing other people off the side walk.


  6. That’s true, more guys using it as an actual phone; on a bus the other day, a guy was talking into one with a headset the whole trip.

    BTW, M3, I’m one of you folks now – a Torontonian! 🙂

    Can I send you an email? I’d prefer to chat there about it.

  7. That’s why I keep a “dumb” cell phone. It’s cheaper and I use it as an actual phone.

  8. If you want a good book on tech and its affects on our thought orocesses anf neural pathways, read The Shallows. Its a damn interesting read and well written to take the complex thought/studies and make them digestible as a read

  9. I’m reading The Shallows now. Roosh recommended it. It’s fuelling a move for me to use technology less (especially the Internet)

  10. Funny…my first reaction after reading this was “What hell is she doing taking the elevator up ONE floor?”

  11. LOL. Good catch.. i didn’t even realize the significance till you pointed it out.

    Care to guess her shape?

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