The Sphere is Poison…

January 3, 2013


…there’s no doubt about it.

I took 2 weeks off completely from the sphere. After my last post and just until the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a peripheral was stirring.. not even my mouse.

I unplugged.

Because i told myself no matter what that i wanted to enjoy the time with my family and friends; not with the evils of people or ideology running through my head. Not thinking of injustices or imbalances or SMP or sluts or patriarchy. Not thinking of arguments or analogies or how to segue a current thought into half written post and where i could merge 2 posts into one and…


Once my brother died i made it priority number one to spend every Christmas and every Easter with my folks creating and re-creating as best as possible a semblance of what was, when things were right, innocent… when ignorance was bliss and all you looked forward to was unwrapping your new deluxe ROBOTIX set under the tree while your parents had coffee, smiles and laughter. The sunlight seemed brighter back in those days.

For 2 weeks i stayed away and discovered the small joys of forgetting how shitty the world can be, when ideologues run amok, when real generalizations become over generalizations. These last 2 weeks were a purging of sorts.

It was a great 2 weeks.

Yet, for it all i recognize it for what it is. A temporary reprieve. Because yesterday coming back to my daily dose of Delusion Damage and WordPress reader feeds including Roosh’s continued discussion of just how much Toronto (where i live) sucks donkey balls and Rollo’s impressive detailed explanation of Chivalry’s dark roots i realized with clarity one thing…

The sphere is poison.

So is chemo. And when you’re fighting cancer.. all bets are off.


I’ll be back to posting regularly shortly. I hope everyone had a great, safe and happy holidays.


  1. Hey there, M3!

    Nice to see a post from you again. I hope that you are truly refreshed from your two week hiatus from the manosphere…I have to do that myself sometimes, it gets too frustrating (both to hear about such horrible stuff, and to constantly need to prove myself as an egalitarian rather than a Fem). I should have mentioned it in your previous post, but I’m sorry about your brother. It is difficult to celebrate a time of togetherness when it’s impossible to be together. 😦 I know you’re atheist, so instead of praying to the Gods for you, I’ll send you wishes for peace in this new year. It’s more direct that way anyhow…

    I took a one week break from the ‘sphere. There are some people I still need to get back to when my hours aren’t crazy, and my head is on relatively straight again. (Danny, I’m looking at *you*.) But that will have to wait a bit more…

    Here’s hoping that everyone had a nice/calm/relaxing/joyous holiday season. I look forward to your new posts, M3!

    PS- I actually had that robot set (or a very similar one, since I’m only 27). I remember that day very well…I’d gotten an actual motorized Jeep to ride around the backyard in, an archeology set where I could chisel away and find “fossils” and shells, numerous books on dinosaurs and birds, and that robo set. I made the crane model and spent a good part of the day trying to move knickknacks from the living room to the foyer.
    Ah, to be 5 years old again!

  2. Not worried, brah.

    As a Paladin, my charisma modifier gets added to my saving throws.

  3. Looking forward to hearing more from you, M3.

    Yeah, the ‘sphere can get depressing at times. No shame in unplugging for a moment to catch your breath before soldiering on again.

    Best wishes.

  4. Indeed. I get away for a day or two at times as well. Much as I love the ‘sphere, it’s good to get away for some time.

    Keep on rocking, bud.

  5. The sphere is poison. So is alcohol. In moderation both are very healthy.

  6. The red pill is like swallowing a mix of bleach and furniture polish; it burns like hell, but good for you in the long run.

  7. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  8. “The sphere is poison.

    So is chemo. And when you’re fighting cancer.. all bets are off.”

    Haha. Love the analogy. Good to have you back.

  9. How long have you been in the sphere? I remember thinking it was mind-poisoning, but after a while, it even becomes pretty pleasant and exciting.

  10. I’ve got to the point in my ‘Sphere reading where I no longer feel the need to withdraw from it.

    I just keep in mind that I don’t always agree with the conventional ‘Sphere wisdom.

  11. yes, it easy to get sucked into…anything and good to put space between these things.

    I should take a cue from you, I don’t know if I can. I may be too enmeshed, It is threatening me now though. A little danger to just make you want something all that much more?

  12. if it weren’t for the sphere, i’d go insane out here. max sux.

  13. No one said the pill was going to taste good.

    Anyway man whats your thoughts on that with the obesity rising, less girls are not fat, and with over inflated egos, we might be approaching a level where the few remaining ‘decent’ girls become nearly untouchable through their own false valuation?

  14. It’s a bitter pill.

  15. Not sure how often you check your sphere email, so I thought I’d let you know I sent you one.

  16. Shoved down out throats mostly.

  17. The truth is something you have to swallow yourself.

  18. I had a great holiday, thanks for asking. Hope you did, too.

    I got a pair of those rebound boots called Kangoo Jumps. They are pretty wild. Maybe I will post vids of me jumping around and killing myself in them.

  19. Good to see you back, M3.

  20. LOL! Please do. I would love to see that, for all the right AND wrong reasons!

  21. Being depressed because of the truth is a lot less painful than being depressed because of lies.

    I spent the weekend with two of my female coworkers…it was like being a Russian spy listening to their conversations. They didn’t know I learned the language of women and that I knew what they were talking about the whole time. That right there is worth its weight in gold.

  22. about 1.5 years.

    feels like it’s been a lifetime…

  23. “A little danger to just make you want something all that much more?”

    This must be a woman thing lol! I avoid danger like the plague!

  24. i hear dat

  25. I am totally energized by it. though it is definitely NOT a woman thing. Just a “me” thing

  26. I know the feeling. It precludes me from having a ‘normal’ conversation with a woman.. im parsing every word for signs of how close they are to a red pill frame of mind vs. being a solipsistic femcentric drone.

  27. Thanks for the thoughts about my brother. It does get difficult at times. Inspiration for another post.

    Sounds like you had an epic and glorious childhood much like my own. Your robotix story brings a smile to my face, cuz i can visualize it just as well as i could my own 🙂

  28. Good to see you too my wise friend!

  29. +1

    Put that on your hit roll or damage.

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