Randoms Before The Apocalypse Comes

December 21, 2012

Just a bunch of stuff i felt like spewing like so much pent up nut-butter.

Holiday’s have started, and i am grateful for the time off even if it hasn’t felt the same for over 5 years now. I still miss hearing his snarky laugh and his big heavy boots as he meandered in through the door with whatever girl he was with at the time. The only time we were ever allowed to smoke inside the house. It’s one of the reasons i’ve shunned materialism and have a no gift policy (don’t buy me anything cuz i’m not buying you anything).. because the most important part about the holidays is spending time with your family, so enjoy every precious second of it while you can. Life can change at a moments notice. 5 Christmas’s without my brother, and i miss him more each year.

Have lately been seeing the goodness of women when i open my eyes to it. Have received quite a bit of emails from female readers touched by my writing and my Incel post in general. While i wrote it specifically for the guys who could relate to know they weren’t alone, and that there was light at the end of the tunnel.. i also had hoped that i used enough rhetorical language to allow women a view into a world impossible to understand. It’s heartening to see women who even if they can never relate to it, can understand something wrong occurred. When compared to the crap floating around on 4chan, these women i can respect, admire and appreciate for their capacity to think inwardly.

I made a married woman cum hard over instant messenger. She said i really should get into the business of writing erotic stories and literature. An interesting thought. I always knew i was good at writing, my English teacher told me to get into journalism. I’m not sure he would have envisioned me taking this route, but hey, the ladies seem to love the visuals i create in their minds… tho i’d rather perfect my craft through real life experiences first hehe. I could destroy 50 shades of shit if i put my mind to it ;)

Have surpassed what i can do in p90x for chest exercises by pushups alone. Have now started working out on a bench with a friend of mine. He also got an early model Bowflex for $50 bucks. My quest to become Bane by Halloween may yet happen!

The end of the world may yet be upon us.. during Christmas lunch yesterday with my office cohorts, i was able to successfully argue to my feminist friend that Game is a tool, immoral and helps men become more attractive. I further managed to sneak in points about feminism teaching men absolutely NOTHING about being attractive to women and setting themselves up to be LJBF’d or ignored. I also managed to enlighten her, even to the protestation of one of my other office mates, convince her that ‘just be yourself’ is the worst advice you can ever give.. if all you’re good at is World of Warcraft. She just assumed the GAME was all about fluffy hats, feather boa’s and tricking women into sleeping with them. I said it was entirely possible guys might use it that way, and there’s NOTHING wrong with it either because as long as it’s consensual sex (used her own word against her) then she voluntarily agreed to it and he’s just exploring his natural sexuality which is no more evil than a woman exploring her sexuality. At the end of the day there was nothing about anything i said she could disagree with or argue with.

Unless my imagination is diseased, i could have sworn i actually heard her say on the car ride home that she regrets having adopted feminism with such ferver, admits she’s not ‘a special snowflake’ (her words) and laments that as she’s approaching her 30’s while all her friends have married up, she’s going to have to stop being so anal and choosy about the men she see’s as partners. Dear god i think the end is near.. she’s sounding…. sane? She hasn’t hit the wall yet, not by a long shot, but it appears that she’s doing some serious soul searching. I’ll be monitoring this one closely.

To close out the lunch, my macking co-worker dared me to hit on a woman in the restaurant using the 3 big words the Architect used in the matrix. ERGO, CONCORDANTLY and VIS-A-VIS. Living in red pill land and trying not to disappoint.. i prepped my phrase in my head, but when the very cute waitress came by i froze up for 2 reasons. 1. She already made mention that she was covering someone elses shift and tired and i could read her body language, this was a woman who didn’t really want to be working at all right now. 2. my co-workers eyeballs were burning holes into me with their stares just waiting for me to spring it. So instead i texted them the line i came up with and asked one of them to pull it off on our female co-worker  They didn’t bite, and said i had to. So now it was on. For the whole lunch i was trying to work my way into busting out the line, but every time i replayed it in my head, i messed up a word or two. I only got one chance at this, can’t fuck up. Eventually it was time to leave, and they gave up on me saying the line. As soon as they left the table, i felt a breath of fresh air, with their eyeballs off my back, i put on my poker face and i finally used the line on her:

Hey, ya know.. i normally don’t find feminists attractive.. but you, you’re actually cute. ERGO i think yer hawt. CONCORDANTLY i think we should explore this new found attraction between us VIS-A-VIS mah bedroom ;)

..well this had her howling and turning every shade of red imaginable.. but it was a fun smile and laugh, not a derogatory one. Although she took none if it seriously.. a seed had been planted lol!

Danny’s meat curtain post re-ignited the oral animal in me. I need to find a recipient who wants to be on the receiving end of naughty from this secret Santa.

Stepping out to get some booze and smokes (yeah yeah.. terrible me i know, look if the world blows up, i wan’t a light a few up for old times sake). If i don’t get a chance to write anything up or finish a post before Christmas, let me wish ya’all a merry one! Cheers!



From the 2 most special ladies in my life, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc...

From the 2 most special ladies in my life, my mum & my daughter, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc…


  1. I’m getting my fitness on too — CST would like to be leaner. I wanna score with some naughty fellas too ;) less excess weight = more stamina. Fuck this “real women have curves” shit — just another excuse for women to sit on the sofa and expect the man to do every goddamned thing in existence…except be a man, of course. that would take away their power.

    Damn. CompSci techie irritated today. Your blog makes me LOL so hard, in a good way… believe it or not, I have conversations about this shit all day long with a good guy friend of mine… he’s shocked that I get it, and it’s made our friendship ROCK!

    M3, I’m getting slaughtered by other women who are pissed I’m going back to the gym to lift and slim down. Any advice/thoughts? Shit, I didn’t know they were going to get that vicious.

    OK, my comment is random…but so if your post so it’s all fair game.

  2. I think Joss Whedon said it best:

    Always be yourself.

    Unless you suck.

  3. “I made a married woman cum hard over instant messenger.”

    I recommend reading David Shades works. He has great stuff about making women come through talking alone. It is extremely good stuff.

  4. By increasing your attractiveness through weight loss, you’re becoming far more competitive in the SMP. Other dames hate the competition.

    Combine this with your increasing Red Pill knowledge and you’ll be wifing up the most desirable guy in your city – to the envy and wrath of all the other single dames. Let ’em stew and don’t let the bitches wear you down.

  5. when in doubt, post pics of your dog. male blogging 101.

  6. By raising your value you make it harder for other women to compete against you. The more vicious they get, just smile and have a haughty internal chuckle. They hackle because they’re scared. Take it as a form of validation.

    Glad you enjoy the blog and kudos for your hard work, it will pay off in spades!

  7. Hehe

  8. Eggs-actly!

  9. Curiousity piqued!

  10. Hey, 50 Shades made that shit mainstream, I wouldn’t fault you a bit for latching on and making a buck if you’ve got skills. I’d buy it!

    Have a very merry Christmas :)

  11. Thank you very much sweetheart.

    Likewise a very merry Christmas to you and your fam.

  12. Awesome post as always, M3. :)

    Love the randomness, sometimes it’s good to just let the thoughts flow, eh? Truth be told, nearly the entire thing made me chuckle while also appreciating the serious parts.

    Thank you so much for acknowledging that SOME women get it…many MRAs claim that none of us do! I’m going to count this as an early Yule present. :)

    To everyone who reads this; I hope you and yours have/had a Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Merry “Festivus”, and Happy Hannukah!

    Blessed Be to all, and may the New Year find you happier and healthier.

  13. “I could destroy 50 shades of shit if i put my mind to it ”

    Need an artist?

  14. Thanks! This is a whole new world for me so pardon this newbie if I ask what everything means… I Google around and all… I am intrigued by Austrian economics and Murray N. Rothbard wrote a *blisteringly spot on view* about the long touted “female wage gap” from a LIbertarian point of view… I think that’s when I began to really *see* the world around me was so damaging to men, and that “damage” was bugging me.

    I tend to have a thing for nerds (obviously, being a CompSci type) and I notice the Nice Guy phenom happening to those sexy, pale darlings. SAD.

    Yep, I’m tired of the nice girl / friendzone my damn self. I have GOT to get my fitness ON. I’ll probably be hanging out with you people as I lean the fuck out. Currently @ 5’8″ 250, would like to go to about 5’8″ 160-ish. We’ll see.

    Right now I want back in that gym to hang out with my old friend Mr. Iron! YEAH! thanks for the support…how ironic that I have a bit of acceptance here … you would think with all of the rah rah girl power I’d have more acceptance out there. YIKES!

  15. I already have the money part… I am a successful entrepreneur in my own right…doing it big, hope to expand deeper in 2013. I don’t just want to be another well to do nerdgirl. I want to look SMOKING HOT! Can I say that here? LOL!

    With my new Red Pill understandings, I’m hoping to make my next relationship delicious for HIM too… but I love, love, love, love taking care of men… nothing like kicking ass at work and coming home to wash him down head to toe, or fix him a plate of something delish or otherwise make him realize yeah, CST digs ME, damnit. (okay, so I have an ego…probably not allowed in manosphere…sorry gentlemen *mwah*)

  16. you are going to open yourself up to a wholenew world.of men

  17. I have a feeling it’s going to be a whole new experience. Good times!

  18. Merry Christmas, M3. Peace on earth, good will to men (and women).

  19. are we still alive?

    if we are go find a chick to chow down on. i kinda have tuna-breath atm. ahem.

  20. Well good for you, Danny. (Although she might want to get that checked out :P Lol)

    I myself just had a 2 hour roll in the hay with my lover…too bad THAT sort of “earth shattering kaboom” can’t happen every night!

  21. Have a good Christmas M3.

  22. Merry Christman, M3. Stay safe.

  23. Female hypergamy is not an “animal”; it’s a machine. A cold machine, which silently computes which is the best male. For it, it doesn’t matter the feelings or the male intentions, it matters only the status male.

    It didn’t mattered how I loved women, it only mattered that I was not an alpha male. So the machine inside women mind computed that I am not worthy as a partner for that woman. Learning the game means learning to drive that machine.

  24. Your craving for dolphin safe tuna sandwiches knows no bounds good sir.

  25. He used to have a phone sex hotline for women and make them come over the phone. Maybe a new business idea for you:)

  26. with your “lovah”? lol. and just why can’t it happen every night? is there no BF on planet Anna?

  27. my beast is such a burden. but girl’s a good egg.

  28. Nope, no boyfriend for me…just my lover (aka Friend With Benefits). And no, unfortunately he has a job that makes him travel alot, so we only can get together about twice a month.

    I’d never consider taking another man though. THIS man was my first (and so far only) desired sexual partner, and he is infertile so I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. He only has one other woman, so I don’t worry about STDs either!

    It’s an odd set up, but as my life was pretty screwed up prior to meeting him, I’m fine with it. If you want, see my posts in M3’s “Confessions” blog.

  29. dear God almighty. your dude hit the jackpot. i WAS going to do a post regarding having a soft harem, and after reading this; it’s DEFINITELY tomorrow nights post.

  30. What does a “soft harem” mean? Having a mistress, or something?

  31. Soft harem is having multiple girlfriends who may or may not know about each other, but if they do, they don’t mind sharing the alpha guy between them.

  32. You know what? You’re awesome. :)

    Happy Holidays, M3!

  33. Ah, okay. Thanks for the explanation, but that’s not my situation. I’m not a girlfriend…and neither is the other lady. I guess it’s similar in that I know about her and she doesn’t know about me, but otherwise it’s definitely NOT a “harem” of any kind.

  34. He may consider it a harem still, as he has more than 1 girl to service him. The call of the alpha. And somewhere in this world of skewed sex ratios, a beta weeps :(

  35. Thank you gorgeous! ;)

  36. don’t buy me anything cuz i’m not buying you anything

    Hmm, well if you won’t buy me anything, at least get to work on that erotic story so I have some good reading for the new year, mmkay? ;)

    Have a peaceful and joyous Christmas, my dear M3.

  37. He would laugh to be called an alpha, honestly. He is 100% certainly a beta!

    And he still wouldn’t have a harem…I don’t think that having a wife + 1 friend with benefits could count as that, at least under the definition you gave me.

    Plus, I’m still screwed up in the whole “able to touch/be touched” department, so I am sure that other menfolk are not missing my relationship oddities. Maybe one day when/if I’m normal they will, but they wouldn’t now!

  38. anna-

    what’s “odd” about you?

  39. I don’t want to go into it too much here, and I already mentioned it on M3’s “Confessions of a Reformed Incel” post on Dec. 2nd…but I didn’t have a good time growing up. I was emotionally/physically abused by my father and sexually by my stepfather from the time I was 7 and 10, respectively. Coupled with the fact that the other members of my family weren’t “touchy feely” or “huggy” I’m now 27 and have a VERY skewed sense of intimacy/boundaries.

    On good days, I can get hugs from children or friends. On bad days, shaking someone’s hand makes me feel physically ill. If it wasn’t for the fact that my lover is the most caring, kind and patient man I’ve ever known…well, I would still be a virgin. He’s 51, and we used to work together (now he has a new traveling job). He saw how broken I was and has helped me to get over so much…there is no humanly possible way to repay him.

    Instead of mocking me, or literally calling me crazy like the boys did in high school/college, he took his time showing me that touch isn’t always bad. He showed me how to hold hands…look people in the eye…kiss…etc, and all over the course of many years. In spite of this, I’m still broken and even tense up after we’ve been intimate.

    So, yeah…I’m odd. I have the best lover in the world and STILL have issues. Even when we stop having our relationship someday, I’m unsure I’d ever be able to do it all over again with a new man. The very thought of it makes me mentally tired. I’m grateful for the assistance my lover has given me, but he knew something was wrong. Now that I’m able to act normal…would it truly be right to foist all my brokenness on another and taunt them with the idea of a relationship I’ll probably never be ready for? No.

    *Ahem* So, now that I’ve totally derailed this section of the comments, I think this is where I apologize to M3 for doing so.
    Sorry, sir. Now see? If the world had ended like it was SUPPOSED to, I wouldn’t have had to answer this! :)

  40. Anna- go to my site and shoot me an email. I wanna hear about this. I too had a fucked up childhood. I was molested. There you go.

  41. I’ll contact you after the holidays are over.

    I’m so sorry you were hurt, Dan. I hope you have a good holiday and get to relax.

  42. anna-
    enjoy your Christmas, and i look forward to your email.

  43. I can relate to the Holidays just feeling “off” after a loss. I lost my sister 5 years ago and there is still an emptiness to the festivities without her. I have to say that I’m really enjoying reading your blog. I recently discovered the “manosphere” and it’s been so refreshing to finally see people putting into words these things that have enraged me for so many years about feminism, this anti-male culture that denigrates and demonizes masculinity and the unwise rejection of patriarchy. Patriarchy, male dominance and female submission, is the natural order and is the ideal for society in all spheres. I, for one, am excited that there are men that have the sense (and the proverbial balls) to get good and angry about the state of things and have the courage to say what needs to be said. It’s been vividly clear to me how feminism has pretty much destroyed our society and has wrought much misery to men and women alike. The anger and disbelief I get from other women and even men when I bring up these painful truths is disappointing. Why can’t they see what I see? I don’t know. But I preach on…it’s all I can do. I would love to start a blog to have another platform from which to spout my disgust but I have so much anger towards my own sex that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. So at the risk of going all “NAWALT”, yeah, there are women in this world who “get it” and do their best to promote a more traditional reset of gender dynamics.

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