When the bikes find more accommodating fish…

December 19, 2012

Let the gnashing of teeth by feminists begin.

Came across an interesting ditty late at work today, but instead of just linking, i really wanted to add some pizzazz with Photoshop, so i waited till i was out of work (and my second viewing of The Hobbit) to come home and finish up the perfect curtain call on this short post. I hope you enjoy the labor of love. Hehe.

Much has been discussed in recent days around the sphere regarding women delaying marriage, avoiding commitment and hitting the wall. I think every woman should read this cautionary tale by Ian Ironwood about

But back to my post. It harkens back to the rise of technology, the rise of the machine, the rise of… well… men’s dicks and absolutely perfect cyber women. Women of the west have so abdicated their role as being sensual, sweet and nurturing partners, that technology continues to rush to fill the void. I offer you 3 pictures to describe the evolution of women’s choices, and the eventual outcomes given too much time to pass before choosing on each tier as age takes hold.

It only takes so long before the bike realizes it doesn’t need the rotting stink of decaying goldfish…

Story below.


Will never settle down, especially with you.


Looking to settle, but with someone a lot younger and less worldly.


Has lived in Final Fantasy all his life.. why stop now?

Sinful Robot developing fully-immersive virtual reality sex game

It was only a matter of time

The world’s first series of “fully-immersive erotic encounters” is being developed by a new California-based startup. In other words, virtual reality sex is finally on its way.

The new company, Sinful Robot, is producing the game for the virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift, which is currently in development.

Co-founder and creative director Jeroen Van den Bosch hopes to navigate his way through the uncanny valley and deliver an “erotic adventure game” that feels, well, real.

Continue reading here.

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Pls comment if you like the pics and do feel free to share, i’m making them public domain 🙂


  1. haha, a feminist needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle…

  2. Good virtual sex is pretty much the end of civ as we know it. Will be interesting to see a world where this is majority of guys are likely to pursue the minimalistic path. And in the face of the growing possibility of virtual sex the women are getting fatter and more abrasive. The perfect storm. If feminists had any vision they would be pushing to ban this stuff now.

  3. *Snerk*

    It does seem like a number of things TFH mentioned in the Misandry Bubble are really coming to pass a little sooner than expected, eh? We still have, what, seven years to go?

    Oh, and I hope you don’t mind mirroring those images on my blog.

  4. Mind ME mirroring those images, pardon me.

  5. They’ll try, eventually, once it’s actually in the market. As you note, they’re not known for long-term analysis. Equally good odds that such VR will have a grace period as feminists happily watch creepy betas and omegas leave the dating pool, until the full implications finally hit them.

    Calling it now, they’ll make heavy use of the phrase ‘rape simulator/trainer’.

  6. Oh, don’t you worry, they’ll try.

  7. I second what Cheshirecat sez: They will make up some statistics like it increases their chances of random rape or some such… By definition, you cannot be a victim without a perpetrator.

  8. 35?
    Recently was looking at pictures of girls I was going out few years ago. Even beta like me will not fuck them now.

    I will set it at 30 😉

  9. And please put some better-looking bike for betas-with-game 😉
    Like this one:

    I am still little bit White Knight, but now I am pulling better chicks than my natural friends (and I can approach when sober) 😛

  10. The omega bike is more like beta, tbh. It’s betas who build civilization.

  11. Omegas should be a unicycle.

  12. there’s free online porn. who needs a robot?

    besides, with game…..you can get the real thing.

  13. > besides, with game…..you can get the real thing.
    Yes, but it requires:

    1) finding Game (Internet?)
    2) giving it a go (money investment, bootcamp?)
    3) approaching for first few couple of months without results
    4) working on yourself
    5) working on yourself
    6) working on yourself

    1000) getting results 7hb+

    If I am not work it’s estimated only 20% of guys can go to 3, and maybe 5% can get any results at all and 1% constant results (with >7hb)

  14. Omegas should be a giraffe.

  15. Hahaaaa, love the photoshops. Greatness.

  16. They have already tried. Some feminists in Canada tried to make “real dolls” illegal o the grounds that it objectified women and so led to all sorts of abuse and of course rape.

  17. If women get lonely after the femsexbots arrive they can probably find some physical relief at fuckingmachines.com.

  18. That’s odd, my feminist office chum tells me feminism is all about liberating sexuality and acceptance of toys… How odd. Perhaps she didn’t get the memo. Or perhaps feminism has no fucking clue where it stands on any issue at any time and only depends on whether it benifits females without benefitting males.

    I am so confused…

    I’ll have to google that when I get back. It would make an interesting topic to talk about with my workmate.

  19. Pretty cool stuff, M3.

    Loved the stuff with the bikes. Personally, I’m a single career minded woman myself…the difference is I have a lover than I care deeply for, lots of awesome/fun guy friends, tons of gamers to hang with, and am patching things up with my family.

    I’ve listened to so many chicks my age (27) or older who have no husband/boyfriend/lover, few friends (or friends who are all women), no social outlets, and can’t get dates anymore because they let their bodies and minds go to hell via alcohol, drugs and partying. They may be single…but they’re not smart or likable.

    Is it wrong that I don’t feel sorry for them?

    As for the VR game, it looks pretty good, all things considered. I got to try a prototype VR helmet + gun combo for Doom 2 about 3 yrs ago at a gaming con. It needed ironing, but was sweet nonetheless. Hope this new project turns out well.

    Oh, and I hope you liked the Hobbit. It’s a bit more lighthearted/humorous than I expected, given how the LotR trilogy was. Hasn’t stopped me from seeing it twice though! 🙂

  20. Lol. I’m tempted to tell you to ask all your guy friends how they truly feel about you after a few drinks so you can let them off gently now rather than deal with an LJBF mess later, but i don’t know your situation well enough to comment on it 😉

    Where do you live? IP location says you’re close to Susan (HUS) but from the women you’re describing it sounds like you live in downtown Toronto. By all means continue not feeling sorry for them. They’re not oblivious to the stigma behind their choices, they act the way they do in spite of them. Feminism allowed rebelliousness in women to become a badge of honor.

    I am so envious of your prototype shenanigans.

    Loved the Hobbit. Brought back feelings i had when i first watch Fellowship. As epic as Two Towers and RotK were, Fellowship was my favorite as i fell in love with the cast introductions. Not having read the books, i had no clue what was in store for Gandalf the Grey.. i shed a tear when he fell at Moria not knowing what would happen in Two Towers. i’ve seen the Hobbit twice so far and think each and every dwarves performance was fantastic, and Andy Serkis put out his best Gollum yet. i think i have one more viewing in me.

  21. Lol.

    Well, as I’m the only one of my friends (and yes, they are all guys) who is not in a “real” relationship by now, I don’t have to worry about that too much. I’ve known these men anywhere from 7-15 yrs…some of them DID have crushes on me in high school, but I put them down gently and we’re all still friends to this day. We’ve all spread across the country…so thank the Gods for Facebook and email!

    I’m trying to remain at least a bit anonymous online, but I’ll let you know that I’m about 3 hrs outside NYC. I’m afraid I haven’t a clue who Susan is though…

    I wouldn’t be *too* envious of the VR demo. Like I said, it was a definite prototype…after about 10 minutes it started to give me a headache, kinda like when you play on a VirtuaBoy console.

    And man…you haven’t read Tolkien’s books yet? Geez, I don’t know if I can talk to you anymore. Next you’re going to say you hate Bradbury, or never heard of Feist…Hogan…hell, I’d even take Martin or Asimov.


    Just kidding, I know I read too much. But honestly? Read the Hobbit…it’s what got me into loving fantasy/scifi in the first place.

    P.S. There is no shame in skipping ahead when Tolkien devotes 8 pages to describing the minutia of the geography. In fact, unless you’re tremendously bored, I recommend it.

    Now…I need to finish the Tower of Ishal in DragonAge before I go out, so have a good night, M3.

  22. if i can do it. anyone can. if you want to sit in the corner and pout, fine. if you work to improve YOURSELF, which is a worthy pursuit, then you have to work on it.

    nothing worthwhile comes easy.

  23. “There are things to go through if you’re going anywhere.”
    – Sly and the Family Stone

    Danny’s right. There is hope and you can get better if you work at it. I was once tumbling down the rabbit hole, but thanks to moving overseas for teaching and subsequently finding the ‘sphere, I’ve applied what I’ve learned and it’s paid sweeping dividends. It is indeed difficult, but it’s worth it. I’m more confident, more positive, and happier than ever with a lovely girlfriend and an excellent position here.

  24. the femanasties always brag about how much they luv their vibrators but they have their lapdog make fun of men who use sex toys….

    the hipocrisy never ends….


  25. amazing article here:


  26. #3…you say without results.

    Are you talking about saying some smooth lines and the woman doesn’t put out for you? I think you mean you approach for the first few months without being rewarded.

    Put it this way…approaching in and of itself IS a result. Guys are afraid to do this unless they have booze, a friend introduction, or the girl herself does the work.

  27. anna-

    read the Hobbit in 6th grade. it took me MONTHS because i had to re-read so much of it. skipped TLOR though.

    no thank you. i’m not climbing Everest.

  28. If you feel like it, could you please explain this in greater detail?

    What I mean is, you say that men are afraid of even just approaching a woman. I’ve never quite understood this…I personally get asked out by various menfolk on average 10x a month. Though I try my very hardest to be kind and decline gently, some only take “no” for an answer when I say that I’m married (untrue) or that I’m a lesbian (also untrue).

    I’ve had to lie this way about 80% of the time because saying “Thank you, but I’m already taken” leads to them saying “So what? You can go out/have sex with more than one guy!” Some of these men are definite Alphas, but the majority of them *seem* to be Betas…and they are all confused that I don’t WANT to have a go at numerous men.

    My point being that I have encountered many, MANY men who seem to get up the courage to ask a relatively pretty woman out. Why is it that some men are so afraid?

    (Not trying to be mean or anything, I’m just genuinely curious, especially as I’ve not dated in about 8 yrs.)

  29. @Danny

    No, sir…if you want the Mt. Everest of Tolkien, take a look at The Silmarillion. Gods above, sometimes I wonder if he got paid by the word for THAT one. Never have I read a book that could be so interesting AND sleep inducing at the same time!

  30. Men are afraid because of rejection…the base of this has been talked about but basically it amounts to the way things were in the beginning of human history where getting rejected was a bigger deal. It’s still in our hind brains.

    But I would put the sheer numbers out there…getting asked out by 10 men vs. how many men you see, encounter, or pass by over the course of a month. I bet the 10 represents a small percentage…the 10-20% if you will. The other 80% won’t even muster a hi.

    Alphas don’t care about rejections….betas will care much more which is the reactions you get when you tell them no…deltas care too much that they don’t have the courage to make a move.

  31. Nice man, I recently wrote about this too, the declining value of females.

    I really liked the beta pic, ‘having fun, traveling, working on career’ its so SO painfully ironic to me now about how almost every women will pursue this path, and then blame men about how ‘shallow’ we are that we dont want her used goods and to settle down with someone of her ‘caliber’.

  32. Feminism is really good at showing and pointing out how much women really need men (in general). Perhaps it’s a movement designed to be fueled by humiliation women might feel when facing this fact, so that they demand more, and compete with men more.

  33. Looks like crucial information was missing there – I am daygamer (street pickup) and those stats were refering to that.
    The dropout is like 80-90% after 6 months.

    “Alphas don’t care about rejections….betas will care much more which is the reactions you get when you tell them no…deltas care too much that they don’t have the courage to make a move.”
    They do – I saw enough naturals who cannot approach sober.

    “I’ve had to lie this way about 80% of the time because saying “Thank you, but I’m already taken” leads to them saying “So what? You can go out/have sex with more than one guy!” Some of these men are definite Alphas, but the majority of them *seem* to be Betas…and they are all confused that I don’t WANT to have a go at numerous men. ”

    Well, lucky you 🙂

    As for me – I was born without vagina and brought up as introverted beta. But, you know – we, introverted betas, also want to have sex life with hot chicks so we have to work on that.

    “nothing worthwhile comes easy.”
    Of course not! This year I did like 1500 approaches, got like 250 numbers and 50 dates. Got just 5 fcloses: 6hb, 7hb, 7hb, 9hb (3 months fling), 6hb.
    Hopefully, next year will be better (my fclose ration is terrible, first 30 dates were terrible).

    Happy X-Mas!!!

  34. Well of course you want that, the majority of people want dates/marriage/etc. I personally am very happy with my friends, family and lover…but I’d never try to tell others that they can automatically find fulfillment that way.

    Sometimes I don’t feel very “lucky” though. While the majority of men I’ve turned down are gracious about it, some of them get very nasty and call me horrible things. I am never cruel about saying “no”…just honest that I’m content with how my life is. If anything, I’m very apologetic but some men have acted like I spit on them. I try not to let it upset me, especially since it usually happens at work.

    I hope you have more success next year though!

    Happy Yule!

  35. Thank you for the reply.
    It makes a little more sense now, though I am sure that if I was in the “dating scence” it would be even clearer…thanks again!

  36. The last VR demo i tried was early 90’s.. a huge unit with a massive helmet and a joystick trying to kill my friend on a field of 5 floating chessboard connected by stepcases with a dragon flying around us. I hope time has advanced the tech.

    I’ve read LotR but only after watching Fellowship in the theatres, thus Jackson created the characters for me. I intend to do that now with the Hobbit too.

    Hogan? Wasn’t he a wrestler? 😉

    You can never read too much.. so long as it’s not Cosmo!

  37. The Silmarillion is not climbing Everest.

    It’s trying to make it to the moon by flapping your arms. 😀

  38. “They do – I saw enough naturals who cannot approach sober.”

    Notice I referred to alcohol as something that guys who are afraid of women use to approach. Imagine what the bar scene would look like without booze. I bet it would be a bunch of wallflower guys and girls still dancing and having a good time. I prefer to approach stone cold sober or at the most one beer.

    ” While the majority of men I’ve turned down are gracious about it, some of them get very nasty and call me horrible things. I am never cruel about saying “no”…just honest that I’m content with how my life is.”

    I know it may be harder to understand for a woman…but you have no control over how people reaction to your no.

    However most of the time when guys call you names they have demons in their head calling them worse things…and it was a good idea to reject them. You got to see their true identity.

  39. Anna-

    most men are VERY afraid of rejection. it took me a long time to get over rejection fear. this is something i have to constantly explain to women as they simply don’t get it.

    approaching a woman makes you vulnerable, and as such, it makes men uncomfortable. to most women they don’t see it as a big deal.

    remember i’m not the norm. lol. but most men are quite timid when it come to opening. just because YOU wouldn’t shame a guy for opening you…….many women let a guy down with ridicule or sarcasm.

  40. dont know him, but i read “foucault’s pendulum” by umberto echo. DEAR GOD what a hard read. it was like “the da vinci code for MENSA”

  41. hi Anna,

    when you are 27 the world is still nice for you. when you hit 30 your attractiveness takes sudden dive.

    i have dated few 30 and up (usually by mistake) and their ego does not survive hit with the wall. those women are jaded, hate guys and mention ‘commitment’ every 10min.
    i am sorry for them, but its their own fault.

    please spare yourself this experience and try to see good qualities in your orbiters. they will go away fast in few years.
    as for your lover – make sure he commits or next him. you dont have much time left

  42. I LMAO at the pics, thanks for making them public domain.

  43. […] out that Jizzaballz Laura Beck produced one whopper of a sentiment in this article, given that a) women need men like fish need bicycles and b) SusnshineMary started a conversation about Sexbots and robotic lovin (emphasis […]

  44. […] For those that can’t and will lose in the mating game because of how feminism changed the goalposts, well, at least you’ll be able to fuck pretty lifelike facsimiles, that look, feel, speak and behave.. well… a hell of a lot more like real women than feminists do. Small consolation im sure but hey, anime chicks are hot.. if you ignore the tentacle porn. And with all your disposable income, you’ll be enjoying your world of warcraft and your 0.7 hip/waist goddess that blinks, smiles and asks you pertinent questions about and why you’re so skilled with a +7 Firesword of the Ancients. Ignorance is bliss yes? Hell.. even i would be willing to give this a go. […]

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