MSN Lifestyle Page.. Go Fuck Yourself

December 17, 2012

Wow. This just came across my desk and it begs for a rant.

Enjoy the drivel of someone really fucking stupid over at MSN writing out of his/her/it’s ass.

10 reasons for men to embrace marriage

From the article i will dissect numerous points.

Many men are a bit dismissive of the concept of marriage. To some of us, marriage is an institution designed to tie us down, break us in and lead us, like obedient donkeys, into a lifetime of domestic drudgery.

Just think of the language we use. Wives are trouble and strife, and marriage is a prison sentence.

And yet, if you’re with the right person and you’re at the right time of your life, a good marriage can be the solid foundation for everything you achieve in life. Here are 10 good reasons to embrace marriage.

Right person? Right time of life? Sorry, that boat has sailed. That train has left the station.

If you are an alpha and you find that one in a million girl.. yeah, marriage is great. ELSE it just turns into pigs flinging shit. There have been numerous discussions in the sphere lately all pointing to the same thing, women saying they don’t value marriage in the early years… so there’s no reason they will value it later, unless they’re hitting the wall. I’ll keep saying it till i’m blue in the face.. you don’t value something if the only reason you’re doing it is because you ran out of options/power.

Everything else written is correct. For most beta’s and some alpha’s the ball and chain metaphor applies. Do this, do that, do as i say you obedient little donkey.. ELSE marriage over and kiss you ass(ets) goodbye!

“She’ll be there when you need her, through good times and bad.”

“…but getting married means publicly agreeing to be there, for each other, for life. There’s a psychological permanence about marriage…”


Oh i’m sorry.. did i just make the manosphere up out of thin air? All the divorce-raped men? The tales of hypergamous heartbreak? Briffault? Being left for BillyRockerDrummer? This shit doesn’t even need a beat-down. It’s too funny on it’s face to take seriously. Add in incentives through no-fault to collect your $200 dollars and pass go while your hubby gets the Go Directly to Jail card after the herd convinces you to leave the bum and say he abuses his kids… well yeah.

“Fact is, you might not think you need a lifelong companion at 25, when single friends surround you and women fall into your lap. But think about the future. Friends will get married and have families of their own. One night stands and short-term relationships won’t be quite so available when hairs start sprouting from your ears.

At first i thought i ran into the first good piece of advice here but once i saw it was about ‘women falling into your lap’ and ‘hairs sprouting from ears’… i realized this is fucking projection at it’s finest. I REALLY thought this was about women and hookup culture. This little ditty is so misplaced it makes you wonder how much more fucking stupid this article is going to get…

“Once you’re married you can share your assets in a way non-married people find tricky.”

I’m sorry, there must be a type-o … it should obviously read ‘divide’ instead of share.. or share is a euphemism for divert all assets towards the woman while married and then prepare to be separated from assets when getting divorced.

“You can buy big-ticket items between you, safe in the knowledge that one of you won’t be trying to haul it away a year or two down the line.”

I swear i’m not making this shit up… it’s like they’re writing the jokes for me.

“You can do most of that with a girlfriend or even a friend, but it’s a safer bet with the security of marriage behind you. After all, would you really pay her way through a two-year training course if you thought she might not be around at the end of it?”

Are you fucking kidding me? I mean really… this is not a satirical joke? You have the temerity to talk about fucking SECURITY???? Let me tell you something Mr. or Mizz MSN Lifestyle writer… my GIRLFRIEND can’t kick me out of my home or take away any of my big ticket items from me on a whim or at a moments notice! Getting married is like putting a sticker on your door that says “This house is a weapons free zone.” in hopes that the robbers wont bring their weapons inside with them. Total fucking joke.

How many horror stories do we have of men coming home to EMPTY houses with all the furniture gone, and the kids gone. Or how many come home to read on their front door there is a warrant out for them, and the locks have been changed? He didn’t have to watch her ‘haul’ it away, she took ownership of it out from under his nose!


“Sticking with finances for a minute, it’s also true that married men tend to earn more than their single counterparts. There’s a good reason for that. They work harder.

LOLOLOLOL. This is surreal… at the beginning of the article they tell men not to worry about feeling ‘like obedient donkeys‘ and now they follow it up with the fact that you earn more in marriage because you are now EXPECTED to work your tail off like an obedient little donkey… else.. get ready to see a divorce lawyer. Gotta keep up that ever increasing income to keep up with the jones’s and spending yourself into consumer driven debt to satisfy the wife’s blood-lust for remodeled kitchens and oak floors and new cars and on and on and on….

..oh, and don’t forget while you’re working 23 hours a day for that income that you don’t leave your snowflake alone and unattended to. It’s not enough to make the money to keep her status mongering happy, you need to find the time to be emotionally available for her otherwise you might accidentally drive her into the arms of ‘Roberto’ or ‘Hanz’ because they pay so much more attention to her and want to whisk her away to the alps for a little shagging in the chalet.

“That could be because marriage makes men rethink their priorities, with a well-furnished home leaping up the priority list.”

My 1 bedroom apartment with minimalistic furnishings takes 30 minutes to clean once per week and my bank account is over 7k, i have zero credit debt, a score of 804 on my credit rating, disposable income, zero stress and the ability to bring home 19-20 year old strippers back to my place. I am SOOOO fucking jealous of your 30 year mortgage…. idiots.

So you get an engagement do, a stag do, the wedding day and the honeymoon. And that’s just the start of it. There’s anniversaries, renewing your vows and so on. Not to mention the new family you’ve joined too – you can now crash their birthdays and celebrations. Let’s face it, getting married can be a lot of fun.”


Fuck you and your version of fun… xbox, cold beers, my REALLY CLOSE FRIENDS, my bluray collection, and entertaining strippers will be my calling fuck you very much.

“The health benefits of marriage are modest for women but humongous for men. In a nutshell, married men live longer (on average) than their single counterparts.”

Please go see the Captain about that.

Married men – whatever the sitcoms say – suffer less stress than their single colleagues. According to one study, they’re also more likely to visit the doctor, thanks to their nagging, loving, concerned wives.”

Put the bolded phrases together and it looks really funny.

It’s true. Husbands may look at single men and think they’re having all the fun, but they’re wrong. In 2006 British researchers looked at stats for sexual behaviour in 38 countries, and in all of them married men had more sex.

To put it into numbers, about 40% of married men have sex twice a week, compared to 20-25% of single and cohabitating men.

Single life holds out the promise of endless random sexual encounters, but the reality is usually much less exciting.

This part MAY be true… but only if you’re in the 80% of men who aren’t attractive or lack game. This is not a problem for the guys reaping at the top. And even the beta’s have a good chance of getting more poon from a FWB or short term mini relationships rather than getting married, and watching the taps dry up and having NO RECOURSE to get out with the threat of divorce rape hanging over your head.

And i still call bullshit to the stats. Too much anecdotal evidence has told me a lot of women give up any pretense of giving sex as they feel it’s beyond their ‘obligation’ once they’ve scored the ‘one ring of power’.

“Married sex can be the most relaxed, adventurous and mutually satisfying sex of all.”

On this one i tend to agree. However, it’s STAYING married to a hypergamous woman who doesn’t understand her own nature that’s the trick, and today is NOT worth the bullet to attempt getting married for. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….

“In a way, getting married is evidence of your ‘decent bloke’ status – why would she agree to marry you if you were a bit of a jerk?

In other words, marriage really does change men, and usually for the better.”

Marriage really does change a man… into a victim with no legal standing.

Decent bloke = beta = 67% chance you end up looking like this in the court room.


Now, i know there are good marriages out there, many exist in the sphere. But these are all redpill women who are enjoying great marriages. Or they’re great alpha guys in the sphere who are married, but have a super clear understanding of how to keep the frame and chose wisely in their partner. This article does not address that and simply pukes up every lame rehash of tried tested and true ‘marriage is better for you becuz’ rhetorical nonsense that it makes my stomach churn reading it.

But at least that’s all i have to do. Read it. I don’t have to LIVE it… and i never will, unless the stars align and i find a 22 year old Polish girl with perfect hips, small tits, beautiful eyes and she’s not interested in clubbing it up and responds well to redpill actions.

Yeah.. and a pet unicorn and a golden goose would be nice too.


  1. you cannot make this shit up!

  2. I know.

    I wish i could get paid to write shit like “The sky is really green, you only think it’s blue because it’s what your eyes see” or “yes, shit REALLY does taste great with the right seasoning”. Where can i apply to write for MSN Living?

  3. Stress…what is that?

    I get to do what I want, when I want to, with the money I make. Oddly enough I don’t have to answer or manipulate anybody to do it either. I can bust out sets at the gym or head down to a bar on a Monday night if I feel like it.

    Plus I too have no credit card debt and the only debt I have is student loans from the government. That’s a relaxing life.

  4. ““yes, shit REALLY does taste great with the right seasoning.” Yes, and if you don’t smile while eating it, you’ll suffer…

  5. When I was a young Ceer, Women my age would pass me by, never giving me a second glance. Now that I’m older and have studied game, they’re looking at me more, even though I’m in worse shape. When I internalize game and loose weight…why would I want a woman my age when I can snag a significantly hotter and younger girl?

  6. Lets see, from my own experience;

    Was single at 35 with;

    Top scale condo furnished to nines including stripper pole in living room.

    Debt free

    Disposal income out the ass

    Plenty of girls in early 20’s begging for my time

    Vacation at will wherever I wanted

    Turned down sex at times because it was so plentiful and not worth making a special effort


    Married at 37

    Kicked out of home I paid ALL money for, so wife could move her ex in with my child.

    Empty apartment with rent a center couch I sleep on after having all my things stolen by wife,

    About at bankrupt in 5 short years of her handling finances she was SAHM. $30,000. in credit card debt, $15,000. in lawyer fees and a house note not getting paid while she lives there.

    $1600. a month in alimony and child support

    Cant say last time I went on vacation while I paid for her and kids to go visit friends all over..

    Drip feed sex maybe once every two weeks, the last 4 out of 5 yrs of marriage.

    = FUCK MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT WORTH IT!!!! EVER!!!!

  7. Jesus H Christ. How the fuck is it even legal to wipe a man out like this?

    These stories need to be told from the hills n rooftops until all men simply stop marrying. Then women will be motivated to fix the law real quick.

    Until then boys.. vote with your feet and your xboxs and peter pan yourself to safety!

  8. Good post,

    Like a lot of relationship advice the article seems to be full of bad assumptions.

    I would note though, that although the divorce statistics are high, they are not 100% or even 90%. If half of all marriages fail then half don’t and IIRC the data does point to the ability to greatly reduce the risk of divorce by being more careful in your choice of partner.

    BTW, I’m not disagreeing with what you are saying. Marriage is a risky bet and seems to be getting riskier by the day.

    But it is also true that you can greatly reduce your risk of divorce based on the partner you choose.

  9. What you say is true. Notwithstanding I still would not opt for a surgery that might make my life better by an inconsequential percentage knowing it had a mortality rate of 50%.

  10. So painfully true…

  11. I don’t disagree with you there either M3.

    I guess I mention it because if a guy wants to be a father and have a family he is going to be stuck in need of a wife and marriage, or at least a risky, probably riskier, LTR.

    So if you want to be a father then you need to make a risky deal.

  12. As sad as I was to see Mentu go, having you come into your prime at about the same time in the Manosphere was just wonderful. Keep up the good work. Really happy to see at least some of the men of Toronto-Occupied-Ontario stand up for themselves.

  13. No one believes me when I tell them that these stories are common. The response is always: “it couldn’t possibly be that way in our fair country.”


  14. Ya, I actually just started reading M3 real recently, only a day before I met him. I’d seen his comments for a while, but I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t found his blog yet.

    His writing is badass.

  15. It sounds like a list for women, not for men.

    And I dunno if men start prioritizing furniture when they get a wife, I only got mine because my man thought my place looked like a prison cell (but it’s mine..)

  16. 100% concur. To the guy who wants happiness through family..

    he has to take a leap of faith.

  17. Thank you for the comps!

    No one can ever replace the Mentu, he was unique. But i can strive to bring a certain wisdom or perspective to the sphere, in as entertaining a fashion as possible 🙂

  18. Thank you good sir. I too enjoy your writing. Sort of ying to my yang. I’m half cocked and hair trigger, you are the essence of zen Buddhism and calm serenity. I do envy your control.

    However, my Feng shui is awesome.

  19. “It sounds like a list for women, not for men.”

    Funny how the MSM cannot seem to recognize that.

    Prison cell.. LOL

  20. “why would I want a woman my age when I can snag a significantly hotter and younger girl?”

    Hamsters everywhere are burning through glucose reserves keeping that wheel spinning to avoid answering that truth.

  21. Life is good once you cast of the feminine imperative and decide what you want to do for yourself.

  22. Off topic because I’m not sure if you read comments on older posts…

    Your post “Confessions of a Reformed InCel” was one of the best blog posts I’ve ever read. It could have been a biography about me. One day this year I woke up and realized that NiceGuy™ was just a fucking cage for men. Things ain’t been the same since.

    Keep it up, man.

  23. Well you never know the right girl might have something really special to offer.

    But yeah, she is going to have to work hard to get your attention and it had better be something pretty special before you would bother going to the table.

    The sort of woman that would ask the question, “Why not me? I am special” is already worthy of disqualification.

  24. It is possibly a manageable risk. Nothing is assured in this life, but risks can be mitigated. That was all I was really driving at. The “average female” (or if you prefer “run of the mill hypergamous slut with poor impulse control”) is a poor choice as she has trained herself to be a poor choice.

  25. I read every comment that comes through. Le Android WordPress app keeps me happy 🙂

    Thank you for the encouraging words and breathe the free air my friend!

  26. That was an entertaining read! Got any leads on any more spoof articles?

  27. Atta boy M3. That was a good damn good dissection of that piece of shit they call an article

  28. Lol. I deal with hotmail & yahoo everyday. Spoofs come up frequently.

    I am a watchful guardian.

  29. As Vader would say.. All too easy. In fact, for the sphere it was overkill.. but it was fun to write.

    But try and point this common knowledge out in the real world… And they’ll look at YOU like you’re the crazy one.

    The female imperative is hard to eradicate from the msm voices.

  30. Congrats MSN, you have made satire obsolete.

  31. M3 made the excellent points of “Are you fucking kidding me”…
    Sharing assets because they are safer in marriage (which passed the 50% failure rate in Finland 5 years ago), or that married men earn more…. because…. they … work… harder…. yeaaaa….

    These two quotes stuck with me:

    “She’ll be there when you need her, through good times and bad.”

    “…but getting married means publicly agreeing to be there, for each other, for life. There’s a psychological permanence about marriage…”

    Actually no. Women want a strong man. And I have older women in my family who stuck with their men through unemployment, stroke, illness, fraud, unwarranted prison etc. These women knew that a strong man will have his weak times, and their marriage wows were two ways. Man cares and provides, woman cares and provides in good and bad.

    Younger women, 30ish women, women of my generation though, also want a strong man. Difference is, once that strong man has a slip up, a trouble etc, he is not a man in a weak time, he is a weak man. And the man watches as his fortunes dip temporarily, that the woman skips permanently….

    “Fact is, you might not think you need a lifelong companion at 25, when single friends surround you and women fall into your lap. But think about the future. Friends will get married and have families of their own. One night stands and short-term relationships won’t be quite so available when hairs start sprouting from your ears.“

    True to some extent. I have lost friends to women; and they disappear. Many reappear from time to time, to find me there giving company. But what is not true is that one night stands and short term relationships also disappear.

    For a man with not ultra high standards, these things get easier. the number of divorcees sky rocket once a man gets past thirty and is willing to bang 30+ women (which I am not, unless she has taken really good care of herself, and her soul). What also enters the market are the wives in the bar scene. I got guys that bang every week, albeit anything from 30 to 40, but for them its pussy nevertheless. Wives, divorcees, single mothers, unmarrieds, on the clock, off the clock…

    I cannot count the number of good looking 35+ women eyeing me like prey. I could easily triple my sex life by indulging them.

    Did I mention wives?? being on the prowl?? Damn good reason for those men to have gotten married.

  32. I still found this piece of television amazingly true.

  33. Whatever happened to the idea of the pre-nup?

  34. God I love the ‘sphere’, Wednesdays are my day off and I roll a packet of smokes, brew a pot of coffee and get to read some of the best observations on the planet.

    I feel like a kid in a candy store.

  35. I thought the article at MSN was supposed to be satire! To that end, I thought it was a very successful, humorous piece! OOPS!

  36. Not always binding and some judges will throw out based on time or needs of children/mother.

    Although I would tell anyone considering marriage make that demand up front. If she balks, so do you.

  37. […] stupidity of some pro-marriage advocates. Do they not know they basically sound like they’re advocating […]

  38. Disclaimer: I’m a chick but I am 1,000,000% in favor of men’s rights and I think feminism is honestly KILLING relationships as it’s practiced right here, right now. Disgusting. Women want to have unlimited power over their own lives yet flip shit if men try to do the same… I am also a woman who watched her daddy lose EVERYTHING trying to defend himself against a FALSE child abuse / molestation case… yes, I testified for him but it didn’t matter, our family was destroyed over the lies women tell. I think I snapped and realized that the rabbit holes goes deeper. It is ridiculous the way women are protected… I would get flamed to a crisp if I said this to most of my women friends… but I have anyway.

    I came here based on “Confessions…” and I cried like a baby backed bitch. For real. I cannot imagine that hell. Cannot.

    I’m not up for marriage, but I’m also not up for monogamy. To me, I feel like monogamy is more of a woman’s stance rather than a man’s. Why limit his sexuality like that? Monogamy makes it easy to cut men off when women feel like it. I’ve never been down for that, at all. Jaded? I guess, but facts be facts and I’ve seen WAY too many women play the “pussy control” game.

    Fuck that. Fuck that article. Marriage is whatever you want to make it, but being American, I’ve only really seen it work out well for women… there’s too many men sitting in unloving relationships “for the good of the children” (read: so my psychopath wife doesn’t take everything I’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into building, on top of my kids)

    Dude. You rock. I’m not sure how “welcome” women are to comment… but just sounding off as one of the women who do “get it”. Rock on!

  39. Women are always welcome to comment my dear. I wholeheartedly encourage it, as long as it’s known that this is a place where men come to discuss men’s problems and it can get a little rough in here at times. So long as you recognize that it’s the generalities in play and not specifically aimed at any one woman here (unless in her mind she takes it as such) then i highly recommend getting into the discussion.

    I’ve never been one who wanted to preach to the choir.

    Thank you for stopping by!

  40. As one more proof of who holds the real power while claiming victimhood status, here’s this gem of a comment to the original article so rightly ridiculed by M3. If the roles were reversed could a guy say anything so vile about wimminz on a mainstream site? Wonder if it’s real:

    “Load O Bull****! I’m a woman & wouldn’t trust a man with my life! I drink gluten free beer & fix my own cars! I like ta ride dirt bikes & swear like a sailor! I don’t need a F*****d up man in my life ta ruin everything! I think solitude is a far better option thx! Men are all just lying, cheating, manipulative  little boys who think with their dicks rather than their heads! We are all better off without them! They are all going to HELL anyways & I say good riddance MoFo’s! We don’t need You! Freeze the sperm from the genetically pleasing ones & then freeze the men too! Hahahaha! Send em into space in frozen caskets! We don’t want em! Toys don’t argue! They don’t lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, or abuse! “Men” do! I say we kill em all & let God sort em out! It’s “Men” who go into schools and shoot innocent children! It’s”Men” who bomb innocent people! NOT WOMEN!!!!! “Men” are warmongers! Not WOMEN!!!!! It’s “Men” who are the plague on this earth! “Men” are the ones who are all F*****d up! So I say freeze em all!!!!! We don’t want their virus of stupidity thx!”

  41. Just found you, M3. this post is great. best tidbit I am taking from this post:

    “you don’t value something if the only reason you’re doing it is because you ran out of options/power.”

    Way to put words to my thoughts as I decide on marriage for myself (I’m 26).

  42. […] on this one a bunch of times, about the bullshit that’s pumped out by the lamestream about how important it is for men to marry IF they want less stress, health benefits, yada yada… you can just smell the drizzling […]

  43. Just divorced..huh?..move on

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