Do Women Have Any Game?

December 16, 2012
No.. not Al Bundy.

No.. not Al Bundy.

NightSkyRadio asked me this question in my Critics of Game part 1 post:

So, wouldn’t it have been better for the episode hadn’t wasted all that effort trying to shame and discredit guys trying to be more attractive to women, and maybe trying to teach, oh I don’t know, how to notice signs that someone is a serial killer or something?

Interesting question. We know that everyone has ‘instincts’ but most of the time we don’t follow through or we allow ourselves to be deceived openly because we want to be led astray and believe in something else, like that hot guy REALLY is interested in me as a person, in my ideas, my passions and goals and isn’t talking to me just because he wants to fuck me. Guys get that too thinking that smokin’ babe really LIKES me for me and not for my Ferrari Enzo. Strippers and cruel bitches call these guys marks. I guess guys should start calling women ‘prey’ to even it out.

Game teaches men how to be attractive and how to screen against red flags for poor behavior for commitment. Game is a tool and can also be used to chase and take advantage of sluts, but by and large, it’s real purpose is to teach men how to raise their value and to screen out poor women by getting them to qualify to you, to make them WANT to be with you. This facilitates a mans ability to make good choices for long term commitment partners. The ladder theory complements Game.

“Game” is reviled by women. Why? It does what it’s supposed to do and prevents naive beta’s from making the same mistakes over and over again.. allowing very attractive women from abusing them, taking advantage of them, letsjustbefriending them, gold digging them and cash&prizes divorcing them. This is a good thing no? Women are always saying ‘men fall for bitches’. Now we won’t! We’ll just fuck’em when we need to and trade’m up for the better cheaper property once the maintenance fees go up. One will only dare commit to a woman now who proves she isn’t some domineering, empowered, independent “I don’t need no man” bitch and actually adds VALUE to a mans life.

Bitches get used, qualified ladies will be treated accordingly. And beta’s cease being the reviled males you loathe. Win / Win right?

After all, we only hear over and over again how NiceGuys are just evil poor losers who can’t get laid (and deserve to stay celibate) because they’re playing nice. Game keeps them from playing nice.

So why would women be against it?

Further more, what is games equivalent for women? Were not talking about ‘girl game’ in how to pick up men. A pussy, pulse and pleasant demeanor is really all that’s required. [Are you listening you 4chan femcunts?] Girl game is simply being more feminine. The more feminine, the more attention, the more options. Girl game is all about making yourself more attractive (just like men’s game), but it carries none of the ability to screen for red flags.

So what is the female equivalent to GAME?

I am specifically asking for the 1 to 1 equivalent. We KNOW it’s not hypergamy.. we know that filter is fucking broken beyond all possible repair in the 21st century. Women are getting slaughtered in the SMP by pump n dump professionals to the tune of a new ‘man up’ article or ‘where are the good men’ article every 3 days on Slate, Salon or the Atlantic. Or the Axis of Evil as i might call.

So i’m asking again.. and again.. and again… what is the equivalent of GAME for women, where they learn to pick up on ‘red flags’ of players, cons, predators. Where they learn which guys are ‘REAL’, which ones ‘WONT PLAY GAMES’ and which ones aren’t going to stuff them into a fridge.

Or are women just perpetual victims of their own poor choices in hookup culture because they refuse to learn  how to read red flags? Or do they see the flags only to have their hamsters hop into their Panzers and perform a Blitzkrieg assault on their ability to think?

I came to this conclusion when i realized that if you tell a random guy what his problem is in terms of how he’s approaching or interacting with women.. 9 times out of 10 (there’s always 1 unpluggable in the mix) he will at the very least agree he has a problem and admit he sucks with women, at most, take steps to change his approach, his look, his attitude. Even that one unpluggable, who disagrees with you and still believes in the goodness and pure spirit of women will see the good in him… he will still listen to what you have to say, internalize it, debate you and in the end reject it after having thought about it.

I also realized that if you put this position into reverse, and give a random woman on the street or dating site tips or suggestions about why their profile sucks or that the way they interact with men is bad (or atrocious) … 9 times out of 10 you will be struck down with great vengeance and furious anger for even daring to question her methodology or her tactics in choosing whom she ends up going home with (and getting put into a cab later that night at 3 in the morning when he’s done with her and tells her to GTFO).

How do i know this?

Because i never get a response from women when i politely help them out online! Here’s the chat i had with one such lady online…

Princesss_s : Don’t give me a headache!
Why do I get the feeling your headaches are self inflicted ‘princess’.

And a princess who bores easily and needs constant entertainment?

Sounds like high maintenance to me.

Yes I am high maintenance, is that going to be an issue?

Depends on the type of relationship you want to entertain. I don’t usually invest a lot in a car that needs a ton of work…

That was 5 days ago… nothing but crickets. She could probably smell my misogyny through her iPhone app.

[UPDATE: This just came in just a few seconds ago before i hit the PUBLISH button.. i will be just as surprised as you]

Princesss_s just sent you a new message on POF.com at 6:31:29 PM on Sunday, December 16, 2012 (Pacific Standard Time)!

Well maybe you don’t invest in cars that need a lot of work but many people do because of the way it stands out in society….these individual come with a price tag…..just like the car 🙂

So this will be my response. If anyone has any better suggestions, off them now or forever hold your piece!

Most people want a car that works and doesn’t give’m trouble. 😉

People may purchase cars for, as you say ‘standing out in society’.. but they still want the car to run without issue. That’s part of ‘scheduled’ maintenance.

High maintenance means the car is always falling apart regardless of whether it’s a Ford or a Ferrari. I hope you are not equating yourself to ‘a lemon’

Having said that, a car that runs smoothly without grief gets lots of love and car washes!

We shall see how that goes over. In any case, continuing rant!

I’ll bet if this was real life i would have had a drink thrown at me, slapped or had a frying pan thrown at me. Assault is always fun when it’s woman on man.. didn’tcha’hear?

I also tried to track down the 2 other messages i sent that are no longer in my inbox. PoF must kill them after a certain time. One was a dissection of a woman’s profile line by line after she made the opening comment in her profile something about how so many men’s profiles are awful that she should be paid to fix them. She never got back to me. The other was one with such a ridiculous list, i sent her Private Man’s list slightly modified and ended it with “I’ll show you my list if you show me yers! ;)”

She replied back to me with this!

So the proof lies in this following theory…

Grab any one random guy and one random girl off the street. Give them both one piece of redpill wisdom. Which one is most likely to reject it out of hand, go into hysterics and seek the comfort of a gaggle of fucktards to sooth the savaged ego?

HERE’S MY POINT. Men are told when they get taken by a gold digger or stuck in an orbit… BY FEMINISTS that they should have chosen better. That they should have looked for someone with better qualities rather than someone who looked hot. They should have lowered all their standards and gone for a woman with no options just to stay safe.

So what they’re basically telling you is to go for people you’re not attracted to and settle. Telling a guy that is par for the course.

Tell a woman to lower her standards and she will flip the fuck out.

Well, Game answers that problem (for men) by revealing redflags, teaching how to handle problem women, eliminating outcome dependence,  eliminating oneitus, and forcing women to qualify for commitment. Game for men makes women qualify to them to filter out between good LTR prospects and pump and dump “victims”.

Women have the natural selection advantage to choose for either, but in the 21st century hookup culture where evolved traits for weeding fitness actually fuck them over with ever alarming frequency, what is a woman to do?

As game raises a man’s standards it means he doesn’t have to artificially shoot low but by screening properly he can shoot for a woman of higher sex rank than him for commitment. The DTF’s get pumped and dumped into the filter so he can continue to look for the diamond in the rough. As he ages and gets sexier, the ranks even out. Everyone ends up happy.

This is why feminists and women in general are so fucking angry with game. Because the pendulum has now swung with the brutal efficiency nature demands to bring balance to all things. Women had all the power in the SMP and enjoyed riding the carousel sharing alpha’s for their youth and then got to enjoy beta bux provisioning when they decided they were done with the bar scene and started looking for commitment, not because they valued it but because hitting the wall forced them to under duress.

With the beta bux starting to learn game and leaving the 30+ spinsters to their fate, the younger crowd is now in the unenviable position of trying to determine which guys are ‘genuine’ vs. which guys are out there to slay the pussy. Hookup culture never gave them a decoder ring and now they’re floundering in the tar pits like a pack of Mammoths waiting to go extinct. If women aren’t capable of learning ‘game’ like men must in this day and age.. then perhaps what they really require is… **GASP**

Patriarchy. LOL!

A system where women had to make men wait to discover whether their intent was pure and motivations sincere before rewarding them with the highest status a woman can bestow upon a man, becoming his intimate partner.

Hookup culture took away the one critical element both sexes require to see if they are relationship worthy. TIME.

In all seriousness, i don’t know if this would have helped against Ted Bundy, the man certainly had patience, but many of the women who are getting massacred right now on the alter of sluthood can be spared much pump and dump agony by embracing the ways of the old. Most players don’t have the stomach to wait, or you’ll figure them out while they’re spinning plates long before you open your legs. This time honored skill of simply withholding while escalating slowly has saved many a good woman from becoming my good friend Stacy Jones of Texas! 🙂

Ok Ok Ok… some tips for the ladies.

If you’re a good girl and have your heart set on a committed relationship, you  need to do your part and SLUT SHAME your sisters that are driving down the price of sex and making a world full of cads happy without committing and beta’s pissed off being considered last and telling you fuck off, they’d rather play bad over being nice now. [Thanks for the encouragement you 4chan femcunts! Holla!]

PROTIP – if a guy feels too smooth and charming, most likely ***he’s done this before***.  NEVER sleep with him on day one.    95% chance pump n dump. Create a second date, set up a location, and then send in your hot best friend ahead of you to hit on him while he waits. If he is a:

beta – he will decline the offer by your hot friend and insist he’s waiting for his soulmate.
good alpha – he will let your hot friend know he’s there for a date but will ask for her number anyways because you never know if this date goes south
evil alpha – he will deny he’s meeting anyone or say he’s just meeting a friend, or no one important.. all while pushing for a number close hard.

Have at it people. Tell me what you think Women have as equivalent to Game.


RELATED: 3MM has tons of advice for ladies seeking to lock down a quality guy and not end up having to go the route of Ms. Dirty.


  1. I think they do. They have been gaming us since time immemorial. Like hypergamy, it is encoded into their DNA. Even though, we had feeling about being gamed by women,but could not figure out what was going on. After the advent of feminism(with the unleashing of unrestrained hypergamy) and the harm it caused to men and boys, that men began to adapt to current market conditions. So a few guys seriously began observe female behavior and a few have been able to beat them at their own game. I think this is what is pissing them off…their game is not mysterious anymore, thanks to Heartiste, Roosh et.al…

  2. The only equivalent I can see for females is for a woman to be more feminine and take pride in being able to take care of their man.

  3. I’m reminded of the HUS girl whose older friend advised her: “Date the lead guitar, marry the bass player.” Well, what we see now is that a lot of men are picking up on this, and are learning to play lead guitar instead of the bass.

    And I think that’s what’s really making these women angry, that there are fewer beta men willing to “accept their place” and be the beta husband prize these girls pick up as they exit through the carousel gift shop (as Mentu aptly put it).

  4. “Create a second date, set up a location, and then send in your hot best friend ahead of you to hit on him while he waits.”

    Yeah…that would only work if they guy actually shows up early. If he’s there early, she already knows he’s probably a beta.

  5. Lol!

  6. Thanks for the linkage M3! Allow me to add in my ‘Top 10 Posts for Single Women’ http://3rdmilleniummen.wordpress.com/top-10-posts-for-women/

  7. Game helps increase attractiveness to the opposite sex, so game for women is increasing physical attractiveness (makeup, hair, clothing, push-up bras, a pleasant smile, etc.) and personality attractiveness.

    The ability to screen for red flags is active knowledge/wisdom, which is The Red Pill, which for women can be summarized simply as: Open your fucking eyes and stop lying to yourself.

    Also, The Patriarchy and other socially restrictive traditions/rule systems are not there to oppress women, but to protect them (and society, which by extension also benefits them) from the consequences of short-sighted hypergamy.

  8. Plate Theory IS Girl Game:

    Every woman is a ‘red pill woman’, it’s dragging the truth of the red pill out of them that’s the trick.

  9. to answer you final question- a vagina.

    a man with game simply asks them, “and? what else?” betas just just the pussy blindly and get strung alone.

    to me a woman placing all her value in “pussy power” is like a car salesmen telling me the special thing about my possible new future vehicle is, “well it’s got 4 tires man.” orly.

  10. 1)
    Just date the guys on their level (i.e. she’s 6hb, she dates 6hb, not 7-10). I’m Londoner, everywhere I see couples with obsese chick and good looking guy.
    I am 7-8, after I fuck 5-6 I feel dirty and repulsed and rarely I contact same chick again. I will be perfectly happy with nice 7-8.

    Stop being a bitch – about 50% of my dates, chick throws not-so-subtle shit test in first 5 minutes.

    Wait till few dates more before sex – most of PUAs stick to the rule: three dates, but no more than five… However, if girls will start to delay on dates en messe we will just recalibrate.

    Don’t go dating/clubbing when you are ovulating – you are easy target.

    Clubs are not the best way to meet guys. Especially, if you want those introverted and calm men. I have read that introverted alpha is like 10 – you will not meet me in club (it’s too noisy).

    I don’t mind being on dates with chick I like even when she does not put out, but when bitch comes 30 minutes late and speaks her phone – that awakes a player within me and I know that I will do her on date 3 or delete her number. I don’t enjoy wasting my time on reformed sluts and bitches (usually the same).

    For all reformed sluts – after playing field for a while, we can easily spot you. You can lie and smoke, but I still know what you are. Find yourself a beta and pray that he will not find out about your sexual past.

  11. “With the beta bux starting to learn game and leaving the 30+ spinsters to their fate, the younger crowd is now in the unenviable position of trying to determine which guys are ‘genuine’ vs. which guys are out there to slay the pussy. Hookup culture never gave them a decoder ring and now they’re floundering in the tar pits like a pack of Mammoths waiting to go extinct. If women aren’t capable of learning ‘game’ like men must in this day and age.. then perhaps what they really require is… **GASP** Patriarchy. LOL!”

    M3, this is a great point. But, I want to point out to the men: The fact that women are going to be having a harder time figuring you out is NOT. YOUR. PROBLEM.

    The fact that you won’t be a “safe” beta for a used up carouseler or an emotional tampon or an orbiter who carries her books or rescues her from her predicament du jour is her problem, not yours.

    Don’t make it easy for her. If she’s not interested, bail. If she isn’t qualifying herself, cut her loose. If the bitch shields go up, blow her out. And by no means should you be her little betaboy orbiter.

  12. Outer game for womyn:

    Leading men on, playing hard to get, gold digging, pushing his buttons, pushing his boundaries, demanding to be treated like a princess…

    Inner game for women:

    Embracing her femininity, respecting her man’s boundaries (while maintaining her own of course), stepping down from her pedestal to lift him up…

  13. Seeing as you’re going with the car analogy I shall continue.

    My reply with something along these lines: “yes many would go for a car that is high maintenance, but they pay the price for it.

    Whilst having this, it will usually be coupled with a daily driver due to the skittish tendency to break down and is more than likely used as a weekend toy! When the weekend is over and it is once again broken down, it is either discarded to the drive way until there is time to fix it or sent off into the loving arms of a mechanic until there is an urge to take it out for another thrash.

    Eventually boredom will ensue and a new owner is found who is willing to invest time and money, all this time the daily driver has been steadily plodding along fulfilling its purpose with little or no fuss!

    In the grand scheme of things whilst the more exotic yet fragile weekend toy is fun, it will inevitably be replaced frequently with a different exciting model.
    The daily will remain carrying on as it is supposed to.
    Which would you rather be? I know which I would prefer.”

  14. “Leading men on, playing hard to get, gold digging, pushing his buttons, pushing his boundaries, demanding to be treated like a princess…”

    Strongly disagree.

    leading men – will scare beta/shy guys
    playing hard to get – again, will scare genuine guys, PUA will simply put her in rotation
    gold digging – business guys will notice and use (and dump later)
    pushing his buttons – yeah, might work on clueless beta up to 3 months
    pushing his boundaries – ok, this one agree. On second thought – kinky boundaries? 😉
    demanding to be treated like a princess… – yeah… the more bitchy they get, the easier they fall

    As for outer game – all agree

  15. She is definitely showing interest–not, imo because of your emails but in spite of them.

    A suggested response: Like anyone else, I would invest more in a restored Maserati rather than a Ford Pinto…yer more like a Pinto, right? 😉

    when she protests that no, she is more like a Maserati, tell her you would have to meet in person to be the judge of that. suggest a time and place. bring it to a head–you want to meet in person asap. otherwise, you could be dealing with an attention whore with no interest in ever meeting you or anybody else, or even a guy posing as a chick. if she is not interested in meeting then that equals fine, go on to the next one. it’s a numbers game just like selling encyclopedias door to door.

    Ok to be playfully assholish, but there is a fine line between that and butt-hurt trying to hard to be an ex-beta…you DO want to get laid, right? Your rants on your blog serve a useful purpose (helping other dudes) but you need a different attitude in your emails.

  16. Gonna say one thing:

    Depending on how you view the differences in the male vs female sexual strategy, getting any male to provide for her could be seen as girl game. We guard commitment as men, they guard sex. So a woman with those beta orbiters has just as much game as a man spinning plates, they just get different results.

    Then you get women consciously aware of the red pill trying to get commitment from ‘the one’ – aka someone that has as much alpha as they think they can get to commit. Again – the commit part is the key.

    So women have game, they have it in spades. They just never have as much as they want (just like men don’t have as much as they want) because people always want MORE.

  17. Good girl screening is an alpha father who does it for her. It’s why a man used to have to ask her father to marry her, and why many “age of consent” laws had a family invocation, where it was rape if the girl or the parents complained, and the sex is really, completely ok, age of consent was because she needed to start getting preggo fast, what with the short life expectancy, high rates of child mortality, and numerous pregnancy complications.

    If she’s been riding the carousel her only option is to lower her standards, because very few guys that can cause the tingle will commit to a used up woman.

  18. I’ve made that point numerous times. Too many women seem incapable of making good choices on their own. Back when daddy guarded the porch with a shotgun and said ‘Bring her home by 9pm’.. you didn’t disrespect the gun.

  19. Ted Bundy manipulated a few women by pretending to have a broken arm and then when assisted, hit them over the head and threw them in his car. But, there were more than a couple women who picked him up in a bar and took him home, where he savagely beat them to death.

    You gotta wonder how many other normal dudes those women rejected that same night so they could go home with a serial killer.

  20. Gotta tread carefully in Toronto. Calling a girl a Pinto here will have her outright blow you off (not in the good way) and seek ego reinforcement elsewhere. Wome…. bitches here waste no time with anyone unless they are DTF. If i’m not reading DTF in their responses.. being assholish gets you put on the block list.

    Girls here only use online dating for validation unless they really like what they see. You only neg a girl here who is chasing. Neg a girl cold, and she’ll nuke you like yesterdays pizza. I went with the more subtle ‘you tell me what you think you are’ approach, a dependable car, or a fucking beater. Time will tell.

  21. heheh.. i think gregariouswolf led of with

    Outer game for ***womyn***

    The ‘Y’ denoting the feministy types that aren’t actually real feminine womEn 🙂

  22. You can lead a horse to water…

    wrt plate theory. and forgive me if i haven’t grasped it, there’s a wealth of info here i still need to absorb…

    -are you saying women spin plates (1 lover, multiple standby’s) and use that to bide time to see which if the standby’s is suitable should lover be cast aside (or her being cast aside)? this would make all their ravings about being pumped and dumped hypocritical since they account for it in their plans.

    -spinning plates (1 lover, multiple orbitors) she gets sex she needs from man A and all other relationship req’s from men B-Z? again, this doesn’t help prevent her from getting pumped and dumped at the bar.

    -multiple lovers, multiple standby’s. free to choose at a moments notice and interchangeable.

    Maybe my posts are too long winded for their own good.

    Summation of the post is, men learn game to attract AND to avoid bad prospects for LTR’s. women have girl game to attract BUT they still get p&d’d and cry about that awful guy who used them, when i was standing right next to her seeing all his player traits as clear as day knowing full well there was no LTR in sight and it was going to end up badly.

    Or is it simply a case that women see the flags and rationalize it away, thus walking right into the trap eyes wide open?

  23. Outer game for woman:
    – get rid of fat – hit gym and good diet, it’s 3x easier than build and mantain muscles, guy needs to 2-3 years hard work (no steroids) to look good, you just need a 6-12 months to get rid of fat
    – go stylist and learn how to wear good makeup, buy good cosmetics and start using them. My sister spends 15min to get +1SR, my ex needed 1hr to get +2SR
    – get good clothes – no Primark or other shit and start wearing them +1SR

    On another side, my ex didn’t ever go to gym and she still could be catwalk model. Yep – good genetics…
    However, she was so crazy (and cheated on side), that I have left the bitch just after I bore of her sorry ass.

    My mum was an 8-9hb when she meet my father (he was like a 6hb). Fast foward 30 years, my mum is now like 4hb (50+ years old) and my dad developed into proper 8.5hb (he even has the game – I laughed when he negged my mum). But you know what? She does not have to fear he will leave her – he’s still in love and he still sees her as 8-9hb.

    Lesson here – accept, that your outer game WILL fade. Start working on personality, so you have something to replace it.
    Catch guy early (in middle twenties) and develop yourself into happy wife – it’s not hard.

    On the side note – yes, I am jaded. I did have to go PUA to pull chicks. I did my 1000 sets of hell and I have my notch count in double digits now. Yet, I am still able to bond. It’s just now I demand quality, which sadly most of girls do not have.

  24. […] post is expounding on a reply I left on a blog I follow called M3. He asked the question “do women have any game?” The consensus is yes, of course they […]

  25. “So i’m asking again.. and again.. and again… what is the equivalent of GAME for women, where they learn to pick up on ‘red flags’ of players, cons, predators. Where they learn which guys are ‘REAL’, which ones ‘WONT PLAY GAMES’ and which ones aren’t going to stuff them into a fridge.”

    Years of seeing women choose players and thugs has convinced me most women can’t or won’t see the red flags. Friends and I have watched this happen over and over, wondering why women don’t see the red flags we spot a mile away. I understand it may take some experience to learn what some of those flags are, but after being burned a dozen times you would think the pieces would start falling in place.

    That said, I freely admit my friends and I were total blue pill Nice Guys back in the day, and I’m not blaming any ladies for taking a pass on us then, But just because what’s behind Door #1 isn’t appealing doesn’t mean they HAVE to take what’s behind Door #2. My only guess is that modern women have never learned that it’s okay to be alone, even just for a while.

  26. Maybe it’s a bit old fashioned, but waiting till marriage was always the best way to sort the wolves from the real men when I was dating. The wolves go away when they find out you mean it.

  27. That’s kind of what I was driving at, tho in a more drunken swerving and careening of the road way. 😛

    Without waiting it out, women cannot tell real from p&d pro.

  28. Some PUA are really patient – I will just put her on rotation.

    Some psychos can even put her on few months facebook chat (forgot the name) and P&D her later.

    On another side – if she does not put out on date 3-5, I move her to good-girl-potential-marriage-but-need-verify box. But that’s just me…

    I believe you need another man to spot a player (thus I like before-9pm-or-shotgun argument)

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