4chan Hates Me. Real women. Zero Empathy. And my dog.

December 15, 2012

Had an interesting and shitty day all in one foul swoop.

I’m feeling under the weather, stomach is acting up. No pepto in sight.

Met up with the new celebrity in town as he’s becoming more popular, the kid from the video having to tolerate the accusations of being a rape supporter and total ‘sthcuuummmm’. We had an interesting conversation.

Traffic has exploded again since someone put my Incel post up on 4chan. The comments speak for themselves.. you can view them for yourself here.

I won’t bother addressing some of the lowbrow comments about BeingNice as a ruse to get laid. I’ll let GirlWritesWhat explain to these fuckwads.

I won’t address the comments that i was an idiot for not waking up sooner and listening to my friends instead of listening to women. I own it. I was too beta. The hope was my writing would ultimately serve as a god damned warning to guys who can relate in any way to turn that ship around before you hit the berg and go down with your ship like all those misogynistic nice guys on the Titanic.

I’ll only address this one who’s reading comprehension is beneath toddlers.

Anonymous 12/15/12(Sat)18:05:24 No.4828852

>talks about how we should feel sorry for him because he was neglected for so many years.
>goes on to talk about how he cheated on his wife on her birthday
No sympathy

Apparently they can’t read like normal people.. in a linear fashion. Somehow when i wrote this

“I was at a nightclub celebrating the 30th birthday of my now ex-wife.”

They assumed i was married at that point in time and went off to a strip club to cheat on her. Funnily enough.. if you continue reading shortly thereafter you get to this little bit

“The knowledge of me banging strippers actually played to my advantage [preselection?] and allowed me to once again hook up with my ex-girlfriend who later became my wife.”

Yes. Such fucking stupidity exists out there in the real world. If i’ve only been married the one time.. that means i’ve only had one wife. I know, connecting dots is hard for some people.. as is putting the square peg in the square hole.

I should write a post on all the misogynistic things i did throughout my 12 years, vs. all the kind caring things these women ‘endured’ by their former choices and complained to me about. It could be illuminating and help future men avoid doing all the ‘nice’ things i did…. women will be better for it 😉

But enough about them. I have no time, energy or breath to spare on these creatures. They’ll continue to sow the seeds for the next generation of women to endure when there are no more ‘NiceGuys’ around.

Anyhow, i didn’t want to discuss anything today in light of the shooting rampage yesterday. I only noticed my traffic exploded and felt the need to address it and enlighten you to what many women really feel if you needed your eyes opened any wider than they already are.

But to end this on a bright note, following Danny putting up a picture of his son Brody, i thought i’d follow suit and show you all my daughter Buffy.. The Squirrel Slayer.

She's not impressed with the hat my mother made for her.

She’s not impressed with the hat my mother made for her.


  1. Awesome you guys met up. How was it?

  2. It was a good round of chat. He’s lived a very interesting life and full of experiences most guys don’t ever get. Insightful for a guy his age. We also delved into the whole UofT fiasco, and where and how he should proceed with his new found notoriety. To carry the baton or pass it off, tho with ever increasing fame he may not get to choose. :S

  3. lolz

  4. Don’t think too much about the comments. That part of 4chan, r9k, is specifically made as a place for aspies to post complaints about being lonely. Rather than fostering a sense of community and hope for self-improvement, like, say, the manosphere, they take turns tearing one another down to feel big.

    It’s a cesspool. 4chan has a number of good boards, but you’re better off forgetting r9k.

  5. Aaah 4chan, the unwashed butthole of the Internet.

    Squeeeee, doggy!!!

  6. I had no clue what r9k is. It doesn’t matter, let them send me their hate. I feed off it.

    The really funny thing is, these women bitching about how evil i was by being ‘nice’ seem to neglect every part of my post that showed that the women in my life kept ‘encouraging’ this evil. They seemed fine with it so long as it served them.

    You’d think if being nice was as evil as the holocaust these 4chan cunts make it out to be, the women in my life would have actively discouraged it no? Idiots. I should send them a Groupon link for buying bulk bags of kitty litter.

  7. Hehe, you know you’ve made it in this world you got 4chan’s unwashed cum crusted panties in a knot.

    Buffy’s spoiled. My mother has made her an entire wardrobe. I’m going to have to build her a walk-in closet.

  8. From here: http://boards.4chan.org/r9k/res/4823493

    And now people are accusing you of being “whiny”. This is both from feminists, who pretend to think that feminism will get laid (because they assume the only reason sluts are not fucking betas is because of slut shaming (yeah right)). And also from omegas who say that instead of being whiny like you, we should just embrace our incel and be happy for it. It is quite clear that sluts are deserving of complete sympathy, but not incels, according to feminism (it is not like we are even human).

    They dont even care to admit that you get laid now as a “misogynist” than you did as a male feminist. I used to be a male feminist, but I stopped when it became clear (especially from reading Amanda Marcotte), that they have zero sympathy for us. Why should I support an ideology that does not even consider me human?

    Like you said, I am glad I don’t own a gun.

  9. @ Eoin MacAodh:
    ” That part of 4chan, r9k, ”
    And the sad irony is, is that feminists on /r9k/ pretend that it is a board filled with misogynists, when it is in fact an echo chamber for feminists (both of the male and female kinds). They only say that since it is one of the few places on the nets (outside the manosphere), in which disillusioned betas can post their grievances.

  10. that vid is brilliant, thanks for bringing it to my attention

  11. I can’t imagine why any self-respecting man would give a flying fuck about what any feminist thought of him. It would be like a black man losing sleep because some KKK guy called him a stupid monkey.

  12. FUCK THEM!!! As a half-dane from DC who spend 5 years in Toronto-Occupied-Ontario, you are an inspiration. I wish that I had the guts to write like you. Please keep writing – though I hope you get the chance to expat to Texas, Poland, or Thailand.

  13. aaaaah 4chan. the Mos Isley of teh intarwebz

  14. I’ve long since stopped caring about a dialogue with feminists. They can say what they like. As long as my post helps guys get off the victim train, opens a few eyes, and helps some guys get out of horrible situations.. the screeches of a couple of gender bent femcunts bothers me not one iota.

    What’s even better is feeling the hot tight body of a 19 year old who has perfected the craft of femininity to cater to her profession and ending up at her place for some intimate delights, rather than trying to appease some gangly, androgynous, pant wearing 30 year old, careerist feminist witch acting like a man and writing up a legal document of consent form before she privileges me with the honor of having sex with her only her schedule.

    Yeah.. tough choice i know.

    You’re right. Feminism treats men like robots to serve at their whim. I gotta incorporate that into a post, and i think i have a good Star Trek reference to use! Tnx.

  15. GirlWritesWhat is a treasure to the sphere. Check out all her vids i do recommend.

  16. As i develop more self respect for myself.. i find it easier everyday to laugh off feminist fucktards. I’ve been practicing ‘the smirk’.

    Great analogy!

  17. You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    What does that make Jizzabel? The cold, frigid, desolate, ice planet of Hoth? Lord knows they have a lot of Wampa’s on their writing staff.

  18. wait a few hours, my next post is about jizzabel.

    and ew.

  19. Well for me, I thought the political left, which included feminism was all about sympathy for the downtrodden. When it became clear to me that feminism does not care one bit about incel men (and in fact, they call us “privileged”), I became depressed because it meant that even leftists, those who champion the cause of the outcaste, have no sympathy for me. It meant that I do not deserve any pity, that I was a monster.

    It is funny how incels actually receive sympathy from rightists like Roissy/Heartiste, while leftists dont.

  20. waiting with breathless anticipation!

  21. “It is funny how incels actually receive sympathy from rightists like Roissy/Heartiste, while leftists dont.”

    Now THAT is a very intriguing comment loaded with truth. At least they do have pity, and will offer real advice on how to help yourself rather than tell you what an awful monster you are and how you should roll over and die.. but don’t die until you pay your taxes.. lots of single moms on welfare to help ya know.

  22. Great video, thanks for directing me to it. I heard of feminists vilifying niceguys, saying they are pretending to be nice so they can get sex (like that’s gonna work, right? lol). Never made any sense to me, that wanting to date and have sex and making efforts to convince someone to like you back was evil. Just never understood what was up with that argument. Now I got an idea 🙂

  23. […] I will face my fear and let it pass through me. « 4chan Hates Me. Real women. Zero Empathy. And my dog. […]

  24. Your dog is so cute!!!

  25. 🙂

  26. […] hate to keep ripping stuff off from M3′s blog but this video really got me thinking about the evolution of sexual attraction, particular as it […]

  27. For what it’s worth, I’m on the left side and I’ve sympathy for incels.

    I gave up on being a male feminist when I realized that equal rights are one thing and special rights are another.

  28. The term “male feminist” chaffes me to no end even tho I used to call myself that.

    In retrospect, I think “self-loathing male” is more apt when describing male feminist allies.

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