The Decline Has Painful Moments

December 14, 2012

Heard about the Connecticut shooting earlier. Over the course of the day it’s been eating at me.

Heard a lot of people make a lot of noise.

MRA’s blaming female society for generating killers of children.

Manboobs using comments to invalidate men’s concerns.

Gun advocates telling people they should have the right to carry military weapons.

Gun critics talking about useless legislation that won’t stop but rather empower criminals.

It’s all noise.

Nobody has answers.

Once we get the answers, they won’t make sense.

Answers will be meaningless.

Our society is getting sick. Toxic byproducts are now festering openly on the surface.

These are the hallmarks of a society ready to collapse.

A society on the decline, this is what it looks like.

Today is one day i can’t say i enjoy the decline.

There will be too many presents sitting under trees that won’t get opened on Christmas.


  1. There will be too many presents sitting under trees that won’t get opened on Christmas. – that’s the quote that I will remember from all of this.

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  3. I actually disagree. America has a mental illness epidemic. It is this epidemic, combined with a heterogeneous culture unlike any other, and extreme freedoms that makes all this possible. Nothing is to blame but our complete lack of attention toward those of us who are in real pain. Worse yet, half of those people we’ve effectively trained to pretend nothings wrong (men).

  4. School violence is not nearly so rare or recent as people imagine.

    I’m of two minds on incidents like this. On one hand it is truly horrific and I wish there was a solution to prevent anything like it in the future.

    But on the other I recognize that it’s relatively rare, and also relatively constant throughout history. Due to emotional shock and horror the normal response is to question how this could happen and to presume it’s the result of an immoral, violent society, perhaps on the verge of collapse. But that’s reading way too much into it.

    The other normal reaction is to insist that we “must do something.” I’m not sure there’s much more we can do to reduce incidents like this. Sometimes people snap and when they do there’s really no shortage of ways to do terrible things. More gun control (schools are already “gun free zones” by law) isn’t going to work. Allowing more concealed carry might help once in a while, but quite frankly isn’t going to stop it. (Not enough people will both carry and have the training to be effective at stopping this.) Militarizing schools (i.e. armed officers, metal detectors, etc.) is extreme, expensive, and carries its own problems and risks (i.e. escalation of minor incidents by aggressive police/security). Even more aggressive mental health treatment is fraught with danger. (How many people might be forced into damaging treatment they don’t need vs. how many potential mass murderers will actually be stopped?)

    I do suspect that a decline in morality leads to more innocent bystander deaths. The gun violence in, say, the 1950’s seems to be more targeted. Today when someone snaps they take out their target and everyone around. But even that might be a false conclusion.

    I agree that there will be nothing but noise about this for weeks to come.

  5. I blame Canada.

  6. this was a truly horrific tragedy.

    anyone that goes to an elementary school and opens fire has serious mental deficiencies.

    now most gun owners are VERY conscious of gun safety. i had a good hour long gun safety talk with my mom when she decided she wanted a pistol.

    now, what i wanna know is- were the guns locked up and if not, WHY? EVERY gun owner i know that has kids keeps the gun locked away in a safe. AND, the guns were legally registered to mom.

    does any of the diminish the horror of what this sociopath did: HELL NO.

    my heart and deepest sympathies go out to the parents and families of those that lost loved ones.

  7. Incidents like this are thankfully too rare to be the symptoms of a society in decline.

    It is too easy to project one’s own thinking onto someone who goes postal. A spree killer’s complete loss of responsibility and sanity cannot be explained as an extreme case of a familiar situation.

    You were right the first time:

    It’s all noise.

    Nobody has answers.

    Once we get the answers, they won’t make sense.

    Answers will be meaningless.

  8. I just don’t know sometimes. That psycho in China stabbed 20+ ppl, the Oregon mall shooting, anr now 20 children dead, a terrible week for us all.

  9. Some estimates are that in the 20th Century 500,000 people A YEAR were killed by their own governments after being disarmed “for public safety.” That translates to 1,370 A DAY.

    And, a major killer of its own citizens was a nation which was considered the best educated and civilized nation in the world.

    We live in a society where people openly are advocating killing at least 90% of all men. And, where a famous person openly told our president that he should toss all political oppenents in prison like a Third World dictator.

    The problem in CT was the liberals who declare it is a crime to have guns in schools where helpless kids gather. It is child neglect to put kids in places where they can be exposed to those who wish to abuse guns needed to protect us from 1,379 a day killed by their own governments.

    Every teacher who is emotionally and technically capable of handling a gun should be armed.

  10. There is one answer – love.

    Love for yourself, your family, your friends. It all starts there

  11. http://www.fed-soc.org/publications/detail/madness-deinstitutionalization-murder

    This gives the critical reason why it happened, and offers solutions.

  12. The date of publication is pretty haunting.

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