To My Female Readers Who Support Feminism or Hookup Culture

December 12, 2012

I have been told i may have a few more female viewers than i thought by an little birdy that goes ‘whakawhakawhaka’ instead of tweet.

And i know some of my somewhat regular female readers who have posted here in the past on various topics, specifically wrt Sluts, Slut shaming, Carousel Riding and Casual Sex.

I want you to go read this post HERE and pay special attention to this quote here:

Feminism has done an amazing job of turning pussy into a commodity, not unlike internet bandwidth. I remember it used to cost me $10 per gigabyte over ten years ago to host a web site, but now it’s just a few cents. If a company today offered a hosting plan at 2002 prices, they would go out of business. Today you have many women pricing their pussy at 1960 levels when the current market value—in the form of a man’s cost per notch—is approaching $0. Too many girls are giving it away for free because it has become free.

…Relationships have more to do with economics than love. If the price of your current pussy fluctuates out of your favor, turn in your rental to get a different pussy that gives more value.

..and then tell me whether you are still proud of all feminism and it’s bastard spawn ‘hookup culture’ has wrought? You’ve reduced yourself to nothing more than Pumpkin futures! And Halloween is OVER!

And if you need any more lessons in market forces and economics.. let ol’ Cappy Cap here fill you in. It is his area of expertise!

“The price is based on what the market will bear.”


  1. True but like any economic exchange there are always two sides to the trade. Pussy is exceptionally cheap for those that are alphas, PUA’s and others who know game. But it is exceptionally expensive for the beta providers, and as your life story has shown it is actually even more expensive for the beta now than it was 50 years ago and way past it’s sell by date to boot. The fact that the beta is left with such a poor product at such a high price is tragic to say the least.

    Not much you can do about it though as the US and most western countries will soon be toast. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something about it. My advice to any man that finds himself single and free of any cumbersomeness is to move to the third world. The standard of living may be lower and feminism is rolling into a lot of those countries but feminism needs money and a lot of it to thrive and the third world just doesn’t have the kind of money it takes to step into the daddy/husband role (actually neither does the US as they will soon find out, the hard way). So although the laws may look as bad or worse than the US laws the practice is still quite different as they just don’t have the money.

    As in the movie the Matrix so in real life taking the red pill means there is no going back, the illusion is gone and all that’s left is the stark reality of human nature. You’ve been exposed to the worst of what is the true nature of women and you’ll never really be able to look at one again without seeing her for what she really is or rather could be if she lets her true nature run wild (and in the west there isn’t really any incentive for them to not let it run wild).

    The flip side of that is that men’s nature isn’t all that much better, we have our own dark side that if not controlled can cause just as much damage and human suffering as women have to you. We’re both damaged goods and always will be, especially once you’ve been put through the hell that is divorce in this country.

    But does that mean that you can’t find happiness? No there’s still opportunities out there for the taking if you’re willing to take some risks (just don’t be stupid and expose yourself to more losses than you can afford, damn sounds like a stock trading blog for some reason). Just recognize that it won’t be like it was when you where a blue pill beta, there will always be doubts, it will never be as good as it could have been. But so the hell what, beats the hell out of descending into your own self made hell and stewing there.

  2. As the Market value of these cunts has reached 0, Maybe we should drive the market value of deaf women up. Then we won’t have to hear any bitching…

  3. You’ve obviously never heard a deaf person speak.

    It’s like a combination of severe cerebral palsy and bad acting.

  4. Better yet, since a simply “notch” is 0$, for a guy with money like me, a whole host of things are on the menu if you know game and have a willingness to spend. It is sad but true, but I don’t own this reality and certainly didn’t birth it. And we all know that shame doesn’t enter into the equation – men should cement that in their brain. As long as you DO NOT enter a relationship, you will never recall money spent as wasted AND you will always have the hamster “covering your back” to rationalize a woman’s kinky behavior. She’ll remember you as the “High Roller with whom I can’t believe I did all of that [giggle, giggle]… but I was young and it was fun.”
    After all, why have that little guy spin in a circle so hard when it takes only seconds and a few bucks to attach a couple of wires and a generator to get him to make his work productive?!?!

  5. If feminism really lowers price of pussy why dont you support it? why do you try to “warn” females?

    =Too many girls are giving it away for free=
    No they dont. In hookup culture they can have sex with way more attractive guys than themselves. They give less and gain more. The get profit. Thats why girls like it.

  6. My duality and my bipolarism command it. I don’t care for the current generation. I care for my friends daughter growing up.

    Giving it away for free means they have sex (thus assign highest value) with men who have not proved themselves to be honorable or capable of commitment. Hookup culture is fuck first, ask for commitment second. This leads to high number carousel riders who then end up shocked and feign righteous indignation that their number should not be held against them when they hit the wall and look for commitment not because they value it, but because they’re under duress.

    What they gain short term in sex with a rotation of hawt guys, they lose any appeal to become a long term mate worth caring about or providing for by either Alpha’s who can ‘trade up’ or by the beta’s being woken up to a world of lies foisted upon them.

    I warn only for the sake of being able to say ‘i told ya so’ when the anarchy comes to a head, because i know what a society requires to function and enjoy growth. Tho i have no faith in our culture to save itself from feminism.

  7. I’ve heard them before and to me they sound basically like the adults from the Charlie Brown cartoons…

  8. Hey, we talked about this a little over at CH. I really want to believe what you say here, because all the factors point to the price of girls lowering. However what I still see is girls with VASTLY over rated ego still.

    I mean I have seen this ‘cheapness’ first hand, blowing my mind that I dont even know this girl and we are getting it on. But on other hand, talking to some other girl and she is a self entitled bitch. I hope it is swinging, I really do. But with facebook et al. it is an uphill battle.

  9. Value of Pussy Dropping and Feminism by David Chappelle. Poetry… “4 things longs- suck his dick, play his balls, fix him a sandwich and don’t talk so much!” It is TRULY as simple as that.

  10. The cost of pussy isn’t free…the cost is game. A man has to game the woman into it, and some men are put off by it, don’t know about it, or don’t have the practice.

    Men who focus on other aspects of life to the exclusion of game find themselves selected out of existence.

  11. In the terms im using, commitment is the only ‘currency’.

    In the days of yore, you had to ‘buy’ the pussy by firmly committing yourself to the woman. Everything else was something you brought to the table to show value for the dollar, whether it was game, ability to provide, provision or protect. But ultimately, you didn’t get to play until you paid.. with a ring. Otherwise, daddy dearest was coming after you with the rest of the village to string you up by your balls.

    That’s what’s meant by ‘giving it away for free’. They give up sex without the commitment, thus rendering any requirement for future access to sex valueless and not worth the transaction for commitment when it was easily had without.

    Supply and demand. Men want it, women have it. Until women get that realization through their heads, every time they ‘give it away’ without locking down commitment.. they devalue any reason for the next suitor to ‘pay to play’ as it were, they want the same deal as the last man.

  12. “Too many girls are giving it away for free because it has become free.”

    “it has become free” should read “it has become WORTHLESS”

  13. True it’s cheap to the alpha and prohibitively expensive to the beta. However, we say pussy is cheap in relation to what the women value.. commitment from the alpha. And they can’t get that precisely because they’ve cheapened the value of their pussy by flooding the market with overzealous supply for the alpha. That’s the context of ‘pussy is cheap’.

    We all have to make the best of the decline of our civilization. Every man must make his own choice as best as he sees fit to live out his life, especially once he’s out of the matrix.

  14. I don’t think i’ve ever met a woman who’s ego wasn’t vastly over inflated. Nature of the beast.

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