Chicken or the Egg

December 12, 2012

At this rate, i’ll never get around to my other posts.. oh well.

“Ahhh yes! I was wondering what would break first? Your spirit.. or your body?”

Yesterday’s post by me created somewhat of a row, both externally and internally. It goes to the nature of the duality of my own internal conflict, and that of societies as well. And the question everyone has to ask is which will give out first and what the consequences of it will be when one side decides to blink.

I made the post discussing the woman commanding a man to throw himself into the proverbial pyre and do his duty, a duty she would not, in effect proving male disposability and an entitlement by females from the old days. Women asking men for the trappings of Patriarchal oppression all the while demanding equality.

Yohami asked a very simple question and made a very logical conclusion. Are we to expect the woman to do what is not in her nature? Are we expecting men to stop being courageous, fearless, leaders, action takers, life savers by denying their nature.. their masculine nature as biologically prescribed through evolution? If so then how are we any different from Feminists?

He’s got a point. And a very fucking good one. Our whole issue here is about all the ills feminism has wrought on our society, by making women walking away from their part of the great contract and ceasing to behave like women and adopting a masculine frame. We tend to think of fighting back in terms of ‘you do this, i do that’ instead of ‘you do this, i’ll continue doing nothing different and pretend you don’t exist.’

Yohami is a teacher of masculinity to those who will listne. He’s not here to tow the line of men walking away from masculinity. He wants men to reoccupy the frame, forcefully. He wants men to reclaim their biological programming and behave like men. So he is very well correct when he asks ‘Complaining about an equality that cannot be done makes you a feminist, doesnt it?”Asking men to behave in a manner other than the masculine manner is exactly what feminism tells women.. to behave in a manner other than the feminine.

For a man to feel like a man, a masculine man, he needs to do masculine things. It’s that simple. He needs to lead, he needs to act, he needs to utilize what he’s naturally got to be productive. He wants to be looked up to. He wants to be respected. He wants to be attractive to women (unless he’s gay). These things will not be achieved by rejecting masculine behavior.

I respect all this and appreciate it. I hold nothing but the highest respect for Yohami and firmly agree with his point of view.

As i’ve stated prior, i am a man between two worlds.. one who waxes nostalgic about a world i wanted, loved, cared for a wanted to be a part of. I am also a man who sits on the roof of his apartment gleefully watching a world pull itself apart waiting for the collapse because i see this western society as irredeemable and not worth the effort to save. I am for all intents and purposes, enjoying the decline.

Which is why i also subscribe to men like Barbarossa who say that the grand old bargain is gone. When women stop behaving like women but still expect men to act like men.. then what you get is a society that expects all the benefits of male disposability and benefits of men behaving like men and giving nothing back in return. It is the equivalent of an AFC being LJBF’d on a macro scale. Behaving like a man, dying like a man, and still being spit on, used and abused for being a man.. without a reward of respect or admiration.. well it makes you feel like a chump no?

So how to fix it. This is what all this shit is about.

Do you simply walk away from it all?
Do you keep the status quo and remain masculine in a world that doesn’t appreciate it?
Do you reject masculinity outright and say ‘until the women return, im on strike’?
Do you ramp up the masculinity hoping the women leave the male frame to return to the female one?

Is there anything in between?

I think the CostaConcordia gave us a brief glimpse into that. The men who had families did everything in their power to save and would die for them. They earned the right to benefit from masculinity. The single women on the boat were fighting for the same right to live as the men, and that they were pushed aside is what made the news.. that they weren’t benefiting from masculinity because the world has so soundly shown a disdain for it, that masculinity will only now protect those that accept it’s place in the natural world and behave accordingly.

The men weren’t willing to trade in their lives for strange women. Men were free to choose where they lay down their lives to help another.

Men should strive to be masculine for themselves first and foremost, and let the rewards fall on those who earn it by accepting their own natural frames.

The question is which will break first. Men’s spirits to return to masculinity and drive women to eshew feminist’s unnatural ‘equality’ or women’s insistence on stepping into a masculine frame while deriding men for being masculine and still expecting to benefit from it.

I had more thought out in my head, but i lost a lot of it on the car ride this morning so this is the best i got.

As always.. have at it in the comments.


  1. what is a man to do? to change the world, of course.

  2. On a tangent in relation to what we expect of women… I don’t think I could ever share this side of me with a woman. The side that understands her because he has spent thousands of hours studying it, practising it and now writing about it. Maybe there’s a way to frame the knowledge, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

  3. I take a lot of evo-psych with a grain of salt.

    We could argue all day about what is or is not someone’s nature.

    The masculine ideal is exactly that, and it shouldn’t be confused with masculine (ultimately falling under human) nature.

    That said, I don’t think it’s entirely deviant from masculine nature, when asked to risk one’s life, to respond ‘Give me a reason’.

    Also, I always find Yohami’s writing difficult to follow. Might just be me.

  4. At the heart of it is our civilization has outpaced our evolution. We are still working with cavemen brains that require civilized rules to keep our actions in check. You see a scary film. Nothing on that screen can harm you. But if the movies good, your fight/flight mechanics kick in. You can’t escape it.

    Same goes for society as a whole. Men fought for the food, protected the tribe, waged the war. Women had children, nurtured the young, cooked and cared for the men and children. Throughout most of mans history this has been the case.

    Technology and feminism altered so much in so short a time.

    I’m always reminded of that line from Jurassic Park.
    Dr. Alan Grant: “The world has just changed so radically, and we’re all running to catch up.”

    Feminism, technology, radical government sponsored changes to society have all outpaced our natural evolution. We weren’t given time to let it happen naturally, it was tyrannically brought down on us at gunpoint and said ‘this is what you are going to do, accept it or die’.

    It’s the reason why we’re all here on my blog eh’ 😉

    I don’t think english is Yohami’s primary language, but i think he does very well if that’s the case.

  5. Right. It is your mission and your frame. It is the high ground and the only noble position left to take. It should be its’ own reward, regardless of trim. Trophies belong on pedestals. We don’t have those at Chez Mike, would you care for some refreshments?

  6. There are lots of rewards for embracing your masculinity and changing the world around you. Money, power, recognition, and pussy. Plus you get your way. Plus people love you for it.

  7. ‘Complaining about an equality that cannot be done makes you a feminist, doesnt it?”

    Only if you’re complaining about some natural gender difference. If you’re complianing about inequality that can be corrected, you’re MRA.

  8. interesting. which inequalities can be corrected?

  9. Whichever were installed by feminists. They weren’t always there and they aren’t of a natural origin. Affirmative action, all sorts of single mom help, and increasingly treating any little sexual attention as harassment or rape. The latter is a hysteria, which do happen from time to time, but they don’t last and they aren’t what I would call a natural gender difference.

  10. In the final analysis, I and God will be the only ones whose opinions on how I lived my life will really matter. I have to be the man I believe that I need to be regardless of what society says. I have worked to instill that in my boys – and my daughter – for that matter. Living my life as I see I need to and trying to reboot society from my corner of it.

  11. One other thing, I spread news of the red pill to men AND women whenever possible. Doesn’t always win me friends, but some ripples start from me. They aren’t the waves your blog sends, but we need to be vocal and not just to the “initiates”. The moment starts small but it will build.

  12. If I may take the optimistic route…

    Women have reactive desires. I think that extends past desire into who we are deep down; we were made to be reactive to men. Their leadership, their sexuality.

    On a micro level, within marriage, as a man becomes more masculine, his woman reacts. Because of today’s social climate, the initial female reaction is usually all hamster in an effort to remain in control… However, if the man maintains his frame, she slowly warms to him, and becomes a submissive, supplicating puddle when presented with his unabashed Alpha. (This is excluding those women who are so far entrenched in their feminism that they would never allow it. May they grow old, wrinkly, and with a house full of cats.)

    I think the same is true on a macro level. As men stop putting up with the bullshit, women as a whole will start to see that modern feminism is nothing more than an extreme overreaction, and that masculine men can only be a good thing for them. How long would that take? That’s not something I know. Not in our lifetimes, I’m afraid. Feminism didnt evolve overnight, neither will the return of masculinity.

  13. Nah, more like Yohami humped your post’s leg with a very limited, exclusively gender-only frame on the narrative, and not only did you roll right over and let him spooge his biodeterministic butt butter all over your comments, you collected it up in a dish and now you’re showing it off to your readers.

  14. Lol. I could have done without detailed visuals. I’m left with an image of Peter Venkman collecting up Egon’s “mucus” in Ghostbusters.

    You’re free to opine as you see fit. I’ll just say we agree to disagree.

  15. dafuk.

  16. “(This is excluding those women who are so far entrenched in their feminism that they would never allow it. May they grow old, wrinkly, and with a house full of cats.)”

    Amen sister. Amen!

    The problem is on a 1 to 1 level within an environment. In the micro level of marriage – it’s just you and your partner.

    On the macro level.. the herd really screws shit up. L.Byron put up a really cool study yesterday here that shows how everyone wants to be like the ruling train of though.. even if it goes against all their reasonable senses. Even if some men stand up (as is happening now) they still have to contend with mangina’s and white knights, and also the ultimate gambit of feminists.. “You’ll never get any (pussy) with that kind of thinking”. Men have an uphill climb when it comes to males forcefully occupying the male frame and staying there to give feminists no quarter, make women see the light, and make feminism die off.

    “Feminism didnt evolve overnight, neither will the return of masculinity.”

    Nor what form that masculinity will take. One only needs to see which form of masculinity is rewarded. It’s not the tradcon version. By having feminism put men in the position to reclaim masculinity, many women are now going to reap what their feminist fore-bearers sowed.

  17. The fuck would be you responding to that but not Emma’s simple, obvious invalidation of your nonsense above.


    Fine. I’m too busy for this shit but apparently M3 needs the schooling.

    “What is the complaint really about?”

    Lots of things besides your ridiculous reduction. Such as, for one example, an entitled female chauvanist pig demanding both the privileges and perks of a child’s status (expected to not risk harm for others’ sake) and an adult’s (entitled to tell others what to do without doing it herself).

    “That she ‘commands’ the man to do what’s expected of him?”

    Expected of him by whom? In return for what?

    “if so, what should have she done instead?”

    What, you actually need another person to tell you, ‘Get in there herself and help pull the guy out’?

    “Sounds like the complaint is about men and women being different.”

    [shrug] Well, it isn’t.

    “Feminism seeks an equality that cannot be reached.”

    Straw man. Nope, wrong, feminism seeks the prioritization of women’s issues ahead of those of men and children. Because that’s what feminists actually do. Feminists don’t seek equality; feminists seek superiority.

    “Complaining about an equality that cannot be done makes you a feminist, doesnt it.”

    No, it doesn’t, and furthermore this isn’t an example of an equality that cannot be done, either.

  18. Akcksiom, I actually agree with Emma’s point, except I wouldnt call these issues feminism created, as “inequalities”, because when you fix them you dont reach “equality”

    As for the rest of your post, go fuck yourself.

  19. I love being ‘schooled’. Is this a discussion or an online frag fest of CoD where you’re trying to ‘pwn’ me?

    Aight. Have at it.

    Was she entitled and expectant. Yes. However, if feminism never existed, that would have been the social norm and natural act, something we see in every aspect of the animal kingdom. The only reason to bitch right now is because feminism has turned women against their own nature, tell them to abandon being women in a quest to be like men. Your answer is that us men disregard our nature in a tit for tat. Never mind the fact she might not be a feminist at all, but a true lady of patriarchy with 10 children she can’t risk leaving to help burning guy. Maybe she didn’t ask for feminism? Maybe she recognizes she’s at much greater risk of dying because she doesn’t have the strength to pull the guy out of the car because… wait for it… she’s a woman! We all simply assume woman=feminist. But if she doesn’t believe in feminism, if she hasn’t abrogated being a woman, then why would we expect her to jump in? Maybe if she was a butch, or military, or a body builder, she’d be confident enough. But that’s unreasonable to ask in this case.

    Now if she WAS a card carrying member of Jizzabel, then certainly one would be able to hold this whole episode (and quite frankly still can be) up against the entire lot of feminist cunts and say “Hey you silly little femcunts.. look at how you embrace equality! Push comes to shove, you turtle and hide under Patriarchy’s skirt. Go fuck yourself and you delusional views you hypocritical whores.” This is a story that should be held up to break the back of the feminist message. This story above all others should be posted to every feminist site with the caption “HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR PATRIARCHY, RARE, MEDIUM or WELL DONE?” It proves feminism is a fucking lie beyond refute. Women will not take up the mantle of ‘gender equality’ when their ass is on the line, so it should be shoved under Marcottes nose and have her face shoved in it like you would a dog who shit on the carpet.

    “Feminists don’t seek equality; feminists seek superiority.” True. That’s the evolution of an ideology that needs to invent new avenues of self-victimization to keep itself from becoming completely irrelevant. But it all stemmed from impossible task of trying to find equality at competing tasks instead of recognizing equality in naturally gendered specific complementary tasks. Instead of seeing each sex’s contributions as equal in importance, feminism sought an equality that could not be reached. Women cannot fight better than men. You can train them for 50 years and put them up against men who receive 1 month of basic training. The men will win the wargame every time. So no, not a strawman. Feminism cannot reach that state of equality without a) genetically fucking around with female biology thus b) turning women into men.

    Look, nobody’s asking you to jump into that burning car. The choice is ultimately yours. There’s a big difference between an act of heroism and following an obligation to die. If that car was on my street, whether the lady was yelling at me or not would be irrelevant. I’d tune her out. I would try to save the guy because it’s in me to try within reason not to let another human being die if i can help it. That’s a far cry from standing on a sinking boat and voluntarily letting myself go down with the ship so as to let some strange women into a raft ahead of me. If i know the boats going down, i’m going to get off before i die, whether or not women are still on that boat. I’ll help where i can, but i won’t die for strangers because society tells me i should.

    If you feel the need to continue ‘schooling’ me or pwn me..

  20. “I kill scary monsters” -Yohami.

    That’s all that needs to be said.

  21. What is man’s nature? To Live! To stay alive! Men risking their lives for someone who is not their wife,children, or family is not normal for men throughout history. If a man doesn’t risk his life for some stranger, it says nothing about his masculinity. Maybe it’s normal for you or men in your ethnic group. But you don’t speak for all men from all ethnic groups around the world.

    Pulling someone out of a burning car is not going to get some guy sex with a woman anyways. Even if it did, so what? I’m not going to risk my life for some sex. If a guy has to put his life at risk to get sex, then must be one ugly, pathetic guy.

  22. I don’t even know how sex became involved in this. Being masculine is a state of being, not something you do or put on for show to attain sex. The implication was that by being masculine, you attract the feminine, which = in the state of nature you have greater odds of attaining sex. This doesn’t correlate with ‘ill only get laid if i find men in burning cars to save’. I can’t even imagine how you drew that conclusion that Yohami was suggesting men start throwing themselves in harms way just to get pussy. Really?

    Here’s one other bit for you to keep in mind. Women get to define ‘masculine’. Just as we get to define ‘feminine’. Feminists have tried for 40+ years to try and socially engineer and re-write what is feminine. Fat acceptance, phD’s, loud, brash, fierce independence… ARE NOT FEMININE! Men dictate what is feminine by what we respond to. Long hair, a dress, long legs, high heels and a graceful walk… feminine. No amount of Manjawed obese pants wearing androgynous looking feminist women are going to define for me what ‘feminine’ is.

    So you better get used to the idea of women defining what is ‘masculine’. And if that means rising up in the face of fear, showing leadership and taking action, bringing order to chaos, and showing you can be counted on in a difficult situation (which are all masculine traits that don’t require pulling people out of burning cars to perform) are all traits *women respond* to. You can choose to put your head in the dirt, it wont change the facts.

    They attract each other.

    If you deny this.. feel free to approach every woman in life with your head lowered and your eyes nose pointed to her feet while talking to her and tell me how it goes.

  23. It begs the question “why would you want to?’

    from everything i’ve gathered, women generally don’t want to know why something does what it does, so long as it works. if you’re in a relationship with a girl and it’s working.. why bother showing her why?

    another thing i discovered. people who have reason, seek it out. that is.. when they face a problem, they look for the solution. men by and large find the sphere on their own looking for answers on why shit went wrong. they own up to where they went wrong, eat the lies, stew, adapt and sally forth with change on their mind. but the drive has to be his.

    how many bluepill men can you convince to eat the redpill? i’ve tried.. a few will nod their head in acknowledgment but they won’t change course from bluepill norms. not until they have no choice do they swallow the red.

    the same falls to women. if you try and tell a bluepill woman why she’s blue, 9 times out of ten, you’re dog housed. very few women are capable of introspection EVEN why they themselves are looking for the answer. very few ever become redpill aware.

    so my advice is.. don’t bother. you lead. she’ll follow. if you must, drop a bit of redpill knowledge out once in a blue moon just to see how she reacts, and make sure it’s related to something you’ve already applied that she responded favorably to so when she decides to argue the point you can always say ‘well it worked on you back when we….’

    don’t poke the bear if you ain’t got cause.

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