Tumblr Feminists

December 11, 2012

I’ll let him say it all. I really love this guy (no homo, not that there’s anything wrong with that and i’m very comfortable with my sexuality fuck you very much)

So using violence to silence someone who says something you don’t like is acceptable?

Paging Amanda Marcotte, you have a date with my fist.

Get Jessica Valentia on speed dial, her face has a date with my boot.

Are we at an understanding now?

Also check out my previous post regarding Daniel Tosh.

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  1. […] Video thanks to M3 […]

  2. Every weekend I check the White Male Local 311* to see which groups haven’t been oppressed enough lately. We like to roust the more obscure and overlooked groups like left-handed Yahtzee players and Asian children of white parents who play tuba. Once a month we have a special outing where the posse kidnaps transsexuals and subjects them to reverse-sex-change operations. ‘Cause that’s how we roll. In our vans with the black tinted windows.

    Note to humor-impaired – it’s a joke.

    *There used to be a rumor that the band 311 was racist because the 11th letter of the alphabet is K. So, 3 Ks. No, I didn’t believe it either.

  3. Love the vid, but he looks like a Tumblr Hipster neckbeard fag, so in some way, he is an awesome agent provocateur who could infiltrate the manboob/neckbeard/whiteknight/betasphere and then troll the living hell out of them.

  4. Ah, my crush from my incel days is a Tumblr girl. She’s somewhere to the right of me though, so at least she’s not one of those people…

  5. On the other hand I just can’t get into this guy. He’s way too negative. He sounds like an MRA. Though if you loved this video (As did I), you’ll LOVE his video on the DJ/Nurse suicide royal fiasco BS.

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