Critics of Game part 1

December 10, 2012

First off, big high five and thanks to Danny, resident of the 504 for giving me a surprise call on the weekend and chatting it up with me spur of the moment. It helped get me motivated to get out of my funk. On top of already having started to watch MindOS (again), he also gave me a homework assignment. A slight modification of what Private Man tells his audience to do.

Also i want people to understand the bipolar nature of my writing. There is one aspect of me that writes for myself, far removed from caring for this society or helping it’s continuance, and another that writes nostalgically about what i feel could have saved this society and what the newest generation (not my generation) are required to grok in order to keep it from death spiraling towards a point where you don’t take turning on the lights for granted. While i’d like to see the world get better, it won’t be me doing the heavy lifting cupcake. I’m out!


Shortly after my incel post, i was tracking stats of where page hits were coming from and i found some ‘opponents’ to which i started writing out a huge response that, par for the course, ballooned into War & Peace. I decided to make this seperate from that because i don’t want you guys taking a bathroom break during reading, since there’s a lot of links and stuff between the two. So i start with the smaller post using more recent (and better written stuff by other folks first) 🙂

Last night i was going to do a random post based on an episode of Criminal Minds i caught yesterday, but it dovetailed perfectly with stuff Vox and Badger have written so i’ll just create one big delicious layer cake here.

First read this funny little bit of real life.

This was what reminded me of the episode of Criminal Minds. Season 4 episode 9. The title of the episode was called “PickUp”

It would be best if you watched the whole episode for yourself but i can’t find any links to it on YouTube or any other media sites so you’ll have to use ‘other’ means for yourself. Arrrr be careful when sailin’ the digital seas matey.

Anyways. Here’s a dirty summation.

Although a thoroughly enjoyable episode, it pissed me off seeing how they tried to discredit Game whilst simultaneously proving that it works in the same episode. They’re tracking a serial killer who learned ‘Pickup’ training from a game seminar and is using his applied techniques to lure women to their death.

While investigating, 2 female FBI agents discover the teacher of said seduction techniques calls himself ‘Viper‘ (the Mystery knockoff right down to the big fluffy hat and eye makeup) and are thoroughly disgusted by his persona and that he teaches men how to be socially comfortable and capable around women. The amount of PUA lingo used in this episode is surprising. They even brought up the ‘Queen Bee’.

Well, these 2 females agents are so incenced with Viper’s suaveness that they go balls to the wall to discredit him and his techniques. The episode closes out with them going to a club together, dressed to the tits and by playing hardball and shooting down all his openers and negs, and then give him a full dose of shaming and loser langauge (even tho everything he said is dead accurate and they don’t deny it) simply to rattle him off his game to give them vital information about what he taught the killer.

ONLY  because they went in fully aware and with a mindset intent on beating his ‘charms’ were they able to play him off that way. It’s easy to not be disarmed when you already know in advance the thief is a thief and intent on robbing you blind. Doesn’t mean the thief you don’t see won’t rob you.

It’s actually quite pathetic how they show these two FBI agents shooting him down. Like ‘oooh yeah, look how we totally debunked this guys snake charms’…

..but as much as they might try to dismiss it, they can’t deny the fact that game in all it’s forms, including the magic trick employed by Spencer towards the female bartender, and all the victims including the near victim at the end of the episode, where all actually showing that game works!

Even the female FBI agents at the end confess to learning tricks from Cosmo (heaven help them) because ultimately, men and women want to be attractive to each other.. so it begs the point.. what’s wrong with teaching socially awkward guys ways to be better with women? Especially when it’s shown to work. You may not like the methodology, but you can’t deny the results when applied correctly.

As Danny always says. Attraction is not a choice. Learning how to be more attractive is not evil.. despite what the media says. And those who aren’t willing to attempt even a little, or dismiss it outright and say it’s bullshit, you just don’t want to wake up from the Matrix. Game may not be bulletproof and it might not land you HB9’s and 10’s like most of the guys who sell books and shit will tell you. But there can be no doubt that improving upon yourself, your looks and your ability to talk with the opposite sex without pedestalization brainfarts IS A GOOD THING!

Vox and Badger add to it here

The media does a great job of painting Game as a villainous thing to be watchful of, conflating it with dangerous serial killers. The sad thing is, it boils down the charisma and confidence that game can create for a man required to land a relationship is the same trait someone like Ted Bundy could apply to kill women long before ‘Game’ had a name or marketability.

So enough with the fucking conflation you stupid media fucks!

Nobody would make the connection between Cosmo seduction tricks and teaching female teachers how to seduce their underage students because they employ the same sexual seduction skills on their victims? So stop doing it here. It’s disingenuous.

But what else did you expect from a femcentric society?

Anyways, now that you read my diatribe, i invite you to go read a more cultured and better written  essay as to why Game is required, not to be dismissed, and needs to be understood both by the men who craft and calibrate it towards their ends and needs as they see fit, and the women who will be the recipients of it.

You need to understand why Game matters and should not be dismissed.

******Now please go read the Badger post!******

Tonight i’ll see if i can make Part 2 more coherent than the mess it currently is.


  1. Dude, your posts are WAAAY too long.

  2. Lol. I know. It’s a writer’s curse. It’s usually because I cannibalize 3 – 4 drafts that all connect in some way, so I try n kill it all in one post rather than a multitude of smaller posts that sound the same. And even the I fail sometimes. Hell even this reply comment is starting to get huge! Help me Danny! Save me from myself! 😛

  3. good stuff, M3.

  4. Very interesting, I’m going to go watch that episode.

    “Learning how to be more attractive is not evil”

    Bang on the money!!! It should be embraced in many ways, as we’re encouraging men to improve themselves!! As I said here:

    “One of the first things I learned from an expert seduction artist was “don’t touch your face in public”. Look at yourself in the mirror and pretend you’re on a date. Sit up straight but lean back slightly. Perfect. Relaxed, comfortable and alpha. Now, rub your nose. Ten seconds later, scratch your forehead. Twenty seconds later, scratch your ear. See how off-putting that is? How is a girl meant to feel attraction for you if you’re doing those things? She won’t be able to. It shows you’re self-conscious, nervous, and may have some nervous ticks.

    BUT if you get rid of those things, it allows the girl to focus on you and what you’re saying, not annoying external things you’re doing with your hands. Now is not touching your face while talking to a girl game? Absolutely. It’s all part of improving your attractiveness to the opposite sex. A key part of that is learning what may be turning women off, and eliminating that.”


  5. I try and keep my posts to 750 words max.

    With best of the Manosphere, they get longer as they’re segments.

    With stories you can hold people’s interest a bit longer so they go longer, but part of the reason I divide my posts into segment.

  6. You’re right on as usual. There’s nothing evil about learning techniques to pick up members of the opposite sex.

    What PUAs teach works. I know, because I’m impossible to pick up and those techniques would work on me.

    How do they work? The guy comes across as confident, playful, interested in me (even though it may be an act). Confidence is very sexy.

  7. Ain’t nothing wrong with making yourself sexy.

  8. Anyone denying ‘game’ is doing it simply for ego preservation. Subconsciously undoubtedly, but that is what it stems from. To accept the opposite would crash their whole world view. Something most males aware of game have happened to them.

  9. In my best Chandler voice..

    ‘ow you dooo’n!

    Confidence is indeed sexy my lovely Carolina. Yet how difficult it is to acquire today vs. the past. I’ll talk more on that after part 2 of this post.

  10. Great post and I don’t have a problem with the length. We who are fast readers enjoy longer posts!They can be more thorough without having to wait for “tomorrow’s post”.

  11. Keep in mind:

    Danny always thought the school bus was too long.

    That’s why he rode the short one.

    I’ll be here all week!

  12. Be sure to tip your waitress.

    Vicomte just served an Ace for match point. Can Danny return the next volley to bring’r back to deuce?

  13. […] I saw these videos on theantifeminist via M3. […]

  14. in our conversation i noticed an issue i see commonly in men. i shall post about it shortly.

    M just needed a swift kick in the ass. and that’s what i gave him.

  15. vic-

    words hurt Sir, words hurt.

    i didn’t prefer the short bus as much as i was harnessed to the seat.

  16. “they tried to discredit Game… They’re tracking a serial killer who learned ‘Pickup’ training from a game seminar and is using his applied techniques to lure women to their death….

    Well, these 2 females agents are so incenced with Viper’s suaveness that they go balls to the wall to discredit him and his techniques…. and then give him a full dose of shaming and loser langauge… simply to rattle him off his game to give them vital information about what he taught the killer.”

    So, wouldn’t it have been better for the episode hadn’t wasted all that effort trying to shame and discredit guys trying to be more attractive to women, and maybe trying to teach, oh I don’t know, how to notice signs that someone is a serial killer or something?

  17. Very good point. I’m gonna address this after critics of game part 2.

  18. Everything you said exactly right. Game’s primary purpose is to help you stop getting disqualified for minor things women deem as major offenses in the 21st century.

    Women (feminists really) only villify game not because game creates men who can become pump and dump artists (because it also makes decent guys get the relationships they’re after).. they villify it because it apparently robs them of agency (read responsibility to choose, screen and filter properly) and makes the poor dears more susceptible to being used.

    In other words it puts responsibility back into the hands of women to become more effective screeners on real qualifiers and not superficial qualities.

    And that’s just too much damn work for the poor lasses.

  19. Said the lady who loves stockings, garters and high heels!


  20. TIme for some shit stirring because why? I care fuckall about MRA/PUA/Manosphere, etc etc. M3 I see your photo and your Incel post. This makes you a superior creature, genetically speaking. Then you are talking on the phone with moby http://www.undertheradarmag.com/uploads/article_images/moby1190.jpg

    As your mentor? Really? Really? I had seen this guy posting in other places since we are a small and incestous network of people in the so called “Manosphere”. You want to base reality of Moby with a Gun pointed at the frame. Let me tell you two things that turn women on more than you can imagine…. 1) Bald, hipster glass wearing, rear-echelon motherfuckers (REMF; military acronym, not mine) who think the US Military are untouchable saints that can do no wrong, and 2) said REMF pointing a pop-gun in a self-portrait. Women LOVE guns pointed at them. They get sooooo fucking wet, especially when Moby is pointing it.

    I admire your incel post, I’m glad Moby Fag was able to bring you back to reality, but… graduate. You are, by nature, beyond what he is capable of for a variety of reasons.

  21. lol. jay my man, y u stir shit?

    i’ve been first to admit, looks will put your foot in the door, but without game, you’ll get it shut back in your face. yeah, i get ladies noticing the frame now, but if nothing but supplicating, stuttering, babbling giberish come out of my mouth.. or i freeze.. it’s game over man. game over.

    moby, er.. danny, is endearing because he’s self deprecating and will readily admit amusingly to whatever faults he has. what he does have is a gift of gab, years of practice under his belt and being a right honorable guy for coaching me through aspects of fun flirty game i hadn’t considered. i’m as appreciative towards him for his help as i am to you for letting my practice my ruskie over the holidays.

    i’d like to keep the shit stirring to a minimum because i just cleaned the place and it smells like pinesol.. so if there’s something between the two of you im unaware of could ya do me a favor and deal with it elsewhere? tnx! 🙂

    i hate being hit by errant fecal matter.

  22. […] asked me this question in my Critics of Game part 1 […]

  23. Application of game doesn’t take away a woman’s ability to make and stick to decisions. Like it or not, those decisions have consequences, and it’s no good trying to pin the blame after the fact.

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