Demise of Civilization. A feature, not a bug?

November 13, 2012

Clearing out some drafts with updates.


Time and again i am told that female nature (hypergamy) is a feature and not a bug. A way for women to get the best genes possible from the strongest mates, yada yada…

Then i think about this meme again.

And i think to myself that whatever the features original intent, is suffering from a mechanical defect and in need of warranty repair.

We all know hypergamy is about fitness testing the man to see if he passes the muster. He may be a great physical specimen but if he’s a bore or clueless.. he’s DOA in terms of getting to second base. Every PUA will tell you looks only gets your foot in the door, it’s your game to lose after that. These tests evolved for a reason and it was an evolutionary success.

We replicate this model in other parts of life because it’s a proven model with a good track record.

Making people have to pass a series of tests to prove they knew the rules of the road and could drive a vehicle so they don’t kill people is a feature, not a bug. It’s intended to weed out the bad drivers and keep them from getting onto the road we all share. It’s meant to keep the bad drivers from killing the good ones.

This still holds true today, at least it’s intent, although in practice, this isn’t holding water very well.

When you can ‘pay off’ an instructor to overlook whether or not you’re worthy of driving, you defeat the system. I want you to hold that thought in the back of your mind.

The same goes for a job application. It used to be required that you knew something about the job, were qualified, that your education related to, and that you were not a security risk to that job. No one would consider hiring an ex-con who was jailed on numerous occasions for multiple weapons violations and armed robberies for a position as an armed guard for a Bank or Security company simply because he has great qualifications for handling and accuracy with a firearm.

I’d make a great Security Guard.. i know how robbers think, and I’m good with guns! But would you trust me with your money?

Yet this is what we have today with the SMP. What used to be a quality screening mechanism (feature) has now decided to go on the fritz and is in fact acting ‘buggy’… like Windows ME. Nobody can look at women’s reactions to game and say they are following the feature properly. It’s like they didn’t read the instructions and just opened the box, plugged it in and turned it on expecting to know how to operate the gizmo right out of the box (sorry dear, only techheads and people who grew up with Transformers can do this. Who didn’t have a Transformer they couldn’t transform without aid of instructions?).

As the role of beta provider falls ever increasingly to the government and daycare, women feel free to exclude these types from their short term mating strategies (also known as their 20’s and 30’s). This leads to a rise of women who are now choosing to mate with more and more aggressive, less likely to stick around, less family oriented men.. and creating children with increased aggression and alpha behaviors. These women tend to become single mothers and raise poor maladjusted children.

Women evolved their hypergamy to try and extract the best of both worlds. Alpha genes and Beta provisioning. (or alpha fux & beta bux as it’s known) This was more easily accomplished in the past. Today with modern contraception and paternity testing, it’s much harder to acquire yet it is still done, at least the first part. Women are still going out and acquiring the alpha genes… but the rise of the ‘Man Up’ articles signal the latter part of that evolution is now crumbling.

Now with many Beta’s picking up their ball and going home, MGTOW, learning game for pump & dump, and doing everything in their power to avoid any entanglements with these slores of yore, they leave these women and their spawn in an environment that teaches these children to grow up even more dangerous alpha (thug life). With the proliferation of Game, and the introduction of Maxim, SpikeTV and HipHop lyrics about guns, money, power & ho’s… are we seeing a generation being created without the qualities required for building civilization, but rather regressing to a more dangerous state.

Quick, spot the next structural engineer!

Uh oh feminism… i think you’re going to help create exactly what it was you feared the most. Men who won’t give a shit about women, treat them like sex objects and utilize them, subjugate them, control them. The ultimate form of misogyny. Feminist ideology is BREEDING it quite literally. Not to mention figuratively in the outcast and ignored incels, omegas, betas and zeta’s who watch these women feed at the trough of gluttony, and once they are sated, ask the hungry lads to come enjoy some crumbs with her after her prime time.

Feminists will make civilization collapse.

All because you helped women avoid the icky requirement of rewarding beta’s with loving wive’s/mothers to have productive, docile, civilization creating babies instead of thugs, ruffians and gang’s of high T kids mowing themselves down in the streets. And once all the good men disappear through this selective mating with the more aggressive types, you won’t have to worry about your right to vote… only your right to survive. And then you’ll be begging for patriarchy once more. You’ll be in service to the man who you lock down for you protection from the real rape-hysteria of the future when all your thug spawn grow up used to getting what they want without asking for it.

You know..

I’m pretty sure im not smart enough to do this justice. I’m sure it would take some evo-psych masters (im looking at you Rollo) to piece this together better. I may have a lot of things ass backwards in this post and ill freely cop to it if/when it’s pointed out to me. I may have the terms and the theory all mucked up. But i can’t stress this enough. Even if i’m not describing it with the appropriate terms and descriptions.. i am still describing something that ends badly for us all.

To put a purely economic spin on this (for my American readers) the current of hypergamy is punishing the hardworking taxpayer with austerity measures while rewarding those who choose to do nothing with handouts that total up more than actually having a job. (It also rewards those at the top who facilitated the whole mess because of their excess greed, but we’re talking about the middle class here being starved out)

I think a better real world analogy is who gets rewarded for actually doing/producing something of value. If you see that society decides to reward baseball/basketball players with millions of dollars vs. paying a pharmacist with years of eduction 80k a year, or a manufacturing worker 50k a year, or an airline pilot 30k a year.. and you could choose RIGHT NOW which path you want to take?

Understand this. SEX is a reward. We want to be rewarded with it as often as possible, and like water, once we discover the path of least resistance to it.. it will continue to take that path and wear out a bigger channel until the drip becomes a torrent carving out a path for even more water to follow.

And if that path is more often than not studying game rather than studying math and science.. then i suggest you prepare to start learning how to do laundry down by the river when the electricity and water stop running one day.

This started as a drip too..

Hypergamy has not changed.. but our society, our civilization has. So now we’re in a race. Where hypergamy was essential for creating the strong and the fit in our past, it was the curtailing of hypergamy that allowed civilization to be built to where it is now. (the curtailing of male sexual desire to spread seed allowed us to stop killing each other over it and ensuring that enough sexually satisfied men got to the task at hand of building our modern conveniences). The sexual revolution (which helped a majority of women and a tiny minority of men escape that confines of the grand bargain) was the equivalent of a deep sea tectonic shift, and where we stand today is on the beach watching the water on the shore retreating out into the sea, staring off into the distance.

The Tsunami of our reckoning is coming, and our civilization stands to be wiped away for something new.

A return to primalism.

All because women stopped using the entire filter to screen for good fatherly material and allowing themselves to be swayed by pure unadulterated hypergamy, the likes of which our planet has never seen and never intended to see. Tyining to get relationships through hookups without even knowing the character or background of the men they sleep with, rewarding them with the prize without doing any background checks before giving them the keys to the vault. They are, in effect, ‘paying off’ the driving instructor and taking the car out onto the road simply knowing how to turn the steering wheel and using the foot pedals. What they don’t have is the ability to follow the rules of the road.

Yeah Bob, it’s confirmed. Woman driver!

As with everything in nature, every action has a reaction, the pendulum will swing back, order must eventually be restored to the natural balance.

Sometimes painfully.


  1. Really good post and thoughtful insights. It reminded me what Cedo Nulli has written about women selecting men:

    Say I asked you to go out and buy me the best phone you can find for $500. How do you choose the phone? Do you research the features, try them all out, compare, know your own preferences for operating systems and screen sizes? That would make sense.

    Here is the equivalent how girls pick their guys, for the most part: They go to the store and proceed to smash every phone onto the floor.

    Whichever phone survives all the smashings, that’s the one she buys. Which phone is that? Is it the latest high-end, big screen Samsung or is it the shittiest button phone? Duh. The crap will survive, because there is nothing to it. No awesome screen to break. No complex motherboard to get broken. The crap will survive the smashing.

    That’s dating [2.0]. Whoever continues to make it through the flaking, the childish games, the bullshit, that’s the guy she ends up with. Quality guys with options won’t put up with that.


  2. Great post, M3, particularly since the manosphere is on an “the End of the World As we Know it” kick right now.

  3. That phone analogy i read a long time ago.. and it’s just as important today as it was way back when i first read it.

  4. True. There are many forms of this.

    Cappy-Enjoy the Decline
    Privae Man- Ill be poolside
    Me-Bring on the Zombies!

    Pick your poison. Even Heartiste wrote about the great virtues of men being weeded out in favor of the Dark Triad


  5. Right on. People respond to incentives. When generations of young beta males grow up seeing their work tossed aside, they will retreat from working hard. Its a race to see if civilization breaks under the apathy or the graft and corruption. Private Man hit on this, the reward for hard work and career building something simply isnt there.

    Hell of a future rumbling towards us. On the plus side if we are back to mud huts than at least no more facebook and smart phone to artificially inflate girls ego.

  6. Blaming hypergamy for the recession and coming collapse is like blaming the sky for being blue…. The true culprit is the affirmative aided welfare state, and how it interacts with hypergamy. Nobody is talking about this.

    Are you aware that a single woman with 2 kids and an income of $28k earns the same amount of money as a single man earning $72k? I mean obviously 72>28, but then the welfare state kicks in and after welfare and taxes 72 does = 28.

    The man has to pay taxes, but the woman gets welfare, food stamps, EITC (money for filing a tax return instead of paying taxes), health insurance, housing vouchers, and child care credits (she probably also quailfies for govt ordered child support checks, but im not including that in this analysis). Next year the man will start paying high Obamacare taxes for insurance the woman will get for free.

    A $72k job is well beyond the national average income, and to get this kind of income requires work experience and income. And yet, the man earning this kind of an income still wouldn’t really be able to provide for his woman. She is not going to be impressed with somebody who can’t out earn her, plus Getting married will just cause her to lose a lot of her benefits. So this man can’t attract this woman with his wallet or his hard work, and this woman is poor!

    It is no accident that serial dating is on the rise, marriage is on the decline, and single motherhood is way up.

    Earning money, working hard, trying to get ahead will not help you get laid anymore, not when women get highly paid comfortable govt job, affirmative placement in private jobs, and heaps of money for barely working. In fact the above man making $72k might even be better off working part time, and focusing on something that might actually help him get laid, like lifting weights.

    Thugs, playas, and asexual video game vigins won’t produce enought to keep the country going, but women like it this way when they vote so this is what’s coming.

  7. “slores of lore” lmao!

    what you’ve done here is take the facts at hand and extrapolate them to their logically necessary conclusion. not that anyone could ever convince a femtard that their artificial culture which they have forced down the (mostly receptive) gullets of men was the very thing which would eventually create a “rape culture” that they have already been (unjustly) railing at men and governments about.

    everyone can see the erosion of youth culture and our declining standards for raising them to contribute to the whole. likewise we can all relate to your economic example of austerity you provided. beautifully illustrated and plainly stated.

    what has shocked me in looking into this subject has been that it has only been about 2 or 3 generations of the hypergamy express’ brakes being released to bring us so quickly to a point where we can already see the end of our current western liberal society on the horizon.

    yeah, the pendulum will swing back. and like Private Man and many others… i’ll be poolside watching the fools polish the silverware on the Titanic.

  8. 72 = 28 is a point well taken. but obviously depending on what country and state/province/territory the hypothetical single man resides in would alter that. your referencing of Obamacare makes me presume you’re an Americabro.

    yeah… the entitlement culture that rewards people who don’t produce and the progressive taxation that punishes people trying to excel have made a situation where (like the movie War Games) the only winning move in the game is to not play.

  9. Hypergamy is running the country into the ground, in exactly the way you say, but I don’t think that its a race ro see if civilization will win or hypergamy.

    Hypergamy and men’s sex drives BOTH are essential for civilization. Before the sexual revolution both mens sex drives and womens hypergamy were chained to pull civilization forward.

    If civilization were a till, mens sex drives were the horse pulling it forward to till the fields. Womens hypergamy was the carrot. They wouldnt let just anyone have them but had to work for it. In working for it they pulled civilization forward to till the fields for growing something productive. Obviously some men had drives disconnected by women, usually either so alpha or omega that they dont care about women and either get them or dont, but they did as they did for the drives inside them. But for the average man, a carrot of a woman was needed for inspiration.

    Right now, theres no carrot. If anything they’re experimenting with whether the carrot can pull the cart with the horse as a reward.

    If this society wants to survive it needs to reharness men and women to pull civilixation along and build it up. The hard parts will fashioning new harnesses both sexes will accept now that weve each had raw deals and felt what freedom tastes like while also doing it at the same time for each sex so we dont fuck the works again with more intersexual bickering

  10. You have a go at me for tone in a previous thread and then you post this?

    fucking cool, man!

    I’m laughing my ass off right now…not quite sure why, but I didn’t start the ride, I’m just strapping in and waiting for the experience of a lifetime.

  11. “Womens hypergamy was the carrot. They wouldnt let just anyone have them but had to work for it.”
    Agreed.. but looking at it today, they’re still making men work for it, only removed priority on the civilizing traits and gone with sexy son traits that are more suited for individual, lone wolf survival rather than the betterment of the tribe.

    “Right now, theres no carrot. If anything they’re experimenting with whether the carrot can pull the cart with the horse as a reward.”
    Right there with you until the carrot pulling the cart (working vagina’s?) and horse as a reward.. then i got lost. Expand on this a bit if you can.

  12. As i said.. im probably not smart enough to flesh this out through and through. A agree with your account of things as well.

    What i can say is that Feminism was the catalyst (removing the obstacles to let hypergamy flourish) and Hypergamy and it non-relenting amplifying force is perpetuating and exacerbating the problems on an exponential scale.

  13. Cool, glad you enjoyed.

    Look i have no beef with you, i just didn’t want you attacking someone i rather respect on a personal level, that’s all. Pointing out rampant hypergamy’s results and effects, and women’s deleterious mating choices in massive sweeping generalizations is vastly different than jumping all over a specific user and calling them a retarded femcunt or whatever was said, i can’t recall. Unless that person is actually Amanda Marcotte or other avowed card carrying member of Feministing.. i would like to keep the discourse as close to civil as possible. We can all agree to disagree, just realize RPW is not deserving of the same vitreol as any registered member of Jizzabel.

    If it’s any consolation, i truly do understand the anger. I really really do.

    As always.. enjoy the decline. I know i am.

  14. I had just come to the conclusion ‘elsewhere’ that women don’t listen to men…when ‘she’ just started whittering on without listening…errrrmm…sense of humor failure. I believe that I might even have sworn…a bit(?)

    It’s this failure to comprehend the male point of view that means (imho) that society is absolutely fucked. Women cannot correct their attitudes, they don’t even see the need to try. I’m glad that they have most of the blame, it will help temper the symapthy when TEOTWAWKI happens…soon, I reckon.

    I was a bit depressed and short tempered, but I’m safely poolside now – cheers, enjoy the decline – it’s not like you have a choice about it happening.

  15. What you say is very similar to captain capitalisms posts on college.
    Society encourages kids to do whatever “makes you happy”, without realizing that being happy doesn’t pay the bills.
    Same thing with feminism, it’s screw logic and sense we’re here to correct your mistakes so don’t you worry you’ll never have to think about what you’re doing or god forbid learn from it.

    Basic progressive idealogy seems to boil down to the idea that the reliable, traditional ideas that have gotten humans this far into their existence are now entirely useless and that they can somehow “change” all that without reality having anything to say about it.
    And as usual they double down when it all goes wrong.

  16. I hear you dude. My first reaction was “Did you spend too much time at Hooking Up Smart”?

    This failure to comprehend male p.o.v. is something Vox talks about at length on his blog. Specifically in terms of female solipsism and in debating styles: rhetorical vs. dialectic. 2 awesome posts you must read are




    Go have a read, you’ll feel better when you do 🙂

  17. very good observation.

  18. I have never heard the phone analogy before, but I think it’s interesting.

    I would write it another way: A single woman goes into a cell phone store and coldly treats all the friendly, decent hardworking guys there with disdain. She would never date anyone who worked in a cell phone store. Yuck.

    Suddenly, a loser enters the store waving a gun. He demands money, points it at everyone, including her. For no reason he shoots an employee. He is put in prison.

    The woman, who testified against the loser at trial, decides to visit him in prison. Eventually they marry, even though he got a life sentence.

    She calls him her “soul mate” and proudly displays all the jail mush-talk letters he paid another inmate to write for him.

  19. no need to give me those links… :0 …

    ‘other places’, Captain Capitalism, Al Fin and others have put me poolside.

    Fuck it, if women can’t be bothered to even listen to the rational man’s point of view for their own benefit, why the should I care? The women ‘there’ are supposed to be the smart ones. Or if they can be bothered, cannot handle ugly reality and so ignore it; fingers in ears and la, la, la…

    I think that it’s sad for society (there are decent people out there), but I am no kind of Don Quixote – a knight that tilts at windmills.

    I tried, and not for my benefit, but they will not listen. They either think that you’re cracked or misogynistic, or both. So, for fun only from now on.

    We’ll see about the future, in fact I’d prefer to be proved wrong about a collapse. In the meantime, I’m poolside enjoying the decline.

    Cheers M3

  20. Ironically, it was me (under a different name) that tried suggesting other blogs to you (ages ago) when I first met you as M3. Didn’t connect M3 with Muff Man Mike until recently though (my lack of attention).

    Best not stop blogging now BTW, the future is full of bloggy goodness

  21. The culture has a mentality of freedom without responsibility. Feminisim and socialism plays a large part in that. But the hypergamy aspect is being noticed because we don’t live in a patriarchal society anymore.

    The male equivallent would have been more prevallent. Bastard children raised in slums or dumped in orphanages. The drive for younger tighter hotter. Child labour. 4 year old chimney sweeps and urchins. One could argue that a man’s “hypergamy” (sorry, the sphere doesn’t have a word for it) doesn’t sort out for great civilizational mother types. Slutty,hot and poor have often been a choice of men over the course of history.

    Mass monogamy and marriage was the trade off that evolved to keep civilization stable.

  22. Men and women both have similar “issues” and society used to have constraints in place, mainly strong fathers and family/community shaming, to prevent it. For men, it was hooking up with the cocktail waitress at the Bimbo Club; for women it was hooking up with the thug at the end of the bar at the Bimbo Club.

    The trouble now a days is that most of the women have turned into that slutty cocktail waitress. The good men either try to transform themselves into thugs or GTOW.

    Feminist ideology is BREEDING it quite literally.

    Ironic, isn’t it, in a devilish sort of way.

  23. Funny you should say, “One could argue that a man’s “hypergamy” (sorry, the sphere doesn’t have a word for it)”


    it’s new, it’s fresh

  24. This is the part that’s disheartening for me, and the thing women will never understand. The ‘alpha escalation’.

    Honestly, I’ve never been so rewarded for not caring about something, and so punished for giving two shits.

    It’s quite the pickle.

  25. They’re seeing whether women can pull the economy and treating alpha males as the reward for a career girls life well lived.

    The problem is two fold. First is that women dont produce as much in their career girl worlds of anything as men in a career. The sexond is that they dont realize how much of a minority the alpha male is right now

  26. Now i get it. And yes you are correct.

    Like i said.. i predict that very soon in career girl world, once that realization happens there will be a civil war between those who can suffer being a number in the harem and those who ‘want it all’.

  27. “Honestly, I’ve never been so rewarded for not caring about something, and so punished for giving two shits.”

    Read this girls and burn it into your heads.

    That is if i have any girls lurking? Probably not. I write like i’m the evil boogerman.

  28. Holy cow, there IS a word for it, lol. I stand corrected.

  29. created today – you are excused for not knowing it!

  30. I never read instructions and I know how to do stuff, but that’s because I’m younger than everyone in the sphere. The younger generation is pretty tech savvy.

    In the class I was talking with you today on gchat, we often talk about diseases of modern civilization. This may be it…behavior that was once adaptive, but in the current case, not adaptive.


  31. What’s funny is the same works for women.

    The less effort I put into my relationships with people, the more effort they put back.

    It’s one of the reasons it took me so long to become social.

    I discovered that being mildly social, then stepping out, then socializing again keeps people going. I don’t annoy someone by being seemingly omnipresent yet I leave them wanting enough to talk to me more.

    It works pretty well in the early stages of socializing but is a horrible strategy if you want anything long term.

    When you get to know someone, go for 80/20. You speak 20%, and listen 80%. I thought I made this rule up but apparently it’s a thing.

    As you start to build the relationship, and trust them more, go 60/40.

    But never go 50/50. That takes a long time. If you think you’re ready for that, you’re not.

  32. As I said, women won’t get it.

  33. Agreed

  34. I live in a mid-sized city and from what I witness on a regular basis, your assessment is dead on M3. I see young women that look like they should be in high school pushing baby carriages around. Usually they are carting their trophies solo (Big Brother dickstand anyone?)but if they are with a male, it is usually with barely literate, useless and thuggish louts that make most 6th graders seem cultured by comparison. The worst part is that a lot of these girls aren’t unattractive jizzabels but HB8s and above. And if they aren’t yet ghetto mommies you can bet your X-mas bonus that these same girls are getting their pussies smashed by the specimens they’re groping in public. Sad really, how the dysfunctional spiral will generate more of the same- children without positive masculine and feminine models to emulate and learn from.


  35. It was once considered socially acceptable to let the men talk and the women were to remain quiet, demure, and complacent. Women dominating socializing isn’t normal. And in the presence of men, women shouldn’t be talking.

    This is why when my boyfriend visits my house, the people doing most of the talking are my father and him, followed by my mother. I talk the least. This is called courtship.

    I have a book from the early 1900’s my grandfather gave me on dating etiquette, for men and women. It works very well. And hey, people got married then! And they stayed married! So I’ll trust that.

  36. What impoverished hell hole do you live in?

  37. Calgary, Alberta

  38. Stormy:

    Tell your boyfriend he is a damned rascal.

    The challenge is to be met at the Heights of Weehawken, at first light.

    M3 is my second.

  39. […] Who is M3 – Demise of Civilization a feature not a bug […]

  40. “if we are back to mud huts than at least no more facebook and smart phone to artificially inflate girls ego”

    That in itself makes cataclysm sound like an absolutely delicious prospect right now.

  41. i saw the word slores used on another blog, and i recently watched Ghostbusters.. so i just had to drop it in there 😉

    Feminists would make terrible chess players. They cannot think but one move ahead of them and absolutely refuse to ponder or accept the long term consequences of their ideology and beliefs. All they see is the next move and wish to feel the absolute pride of making that move.. regardless of what high value piece they loose.

  42. Sounds plausible.

    Civilization before industrialization = normal functioning immune system.

    Industrialization and 1st wave Feminism = ragweed – minor irritation, rash, watery eyes.

    2nd wave Feminism = codeine via ultra-rapid metabolizer converted into high level dosage morphine

    3rd wave Feminism = foreign antigen causing anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock.

    Future of Feminism = H.I.V. with no treatment anti or retrovirals.

    Feminism. Turning an adaption against itself.

  43. Sunshinemary has the best debate on her site.

  44. […] A New Term for the Manosphere. The comments also draw on an analogy I left at M3′s post Demise of Civilization. A feature, not a bug? Both are good reads – and I think that if you read M3′s you’ll have a really […]

  45. […] to game the system and exploit it so they can have all the benefits and men carry the burdens. I’ve already written how i believe the current system is set on a path towards the end of our… and i for one welcome it and wish to hasten the process. One giant EMP blast would certainly do the […]

  46. 80% of women want 20% of men. This was most succinctly expressed by a woman from a polygamist Mormon group, who said “I’d rather have 25% of a 100% man, than 100% of a 25% man”. Many women do not think of ordinary men as human, let alone as “manly”.

    This is the species that we belong to. It sucks. It isn’t going to change. The Homo sapiens male is comparatively lucky. In many mammal species, most of the males never have sex at all.

    For the individual man, there are three options, the same as there always were:

    (1) Live a life without much love. In earlier times this encompassed many unhappy marriages; nowadays it means short-term hook-ups, paying for sex, or using porn.
    (2) Become one of the 20% of men who are “alpha”, desirable to most women.
    (3) Find a woman who is one of the 20% who is not hypergamous – who has the capacity to love a non-alpha male. It is a difficult task, but you have time to watch and wait for such a woman.

    For many women, the situation is equally unhappy. 80% of them want alpha cock, but they aren’t getting it most of the time. The modern woman’s curse is that she wants 100% of a 100% man, and of course there is not enough alpha cock to go around.

    The result is widespread unhappiness. We all have to take our share, unless and until our personal growth leads us to a more fulfilling life.

  47. In times of plenty, women do not desire a man who has wealth or power, because these factors do not strongly influence her number of surviving children or grandchildren. Her number of grandchildren will strongly depend on how bad-ass her sons are, and as a result she will be attracted to bad-ass dudes. The kind who are in and out of prison, but despite their years inside, still manage to “father” more children than the law-abiding citizen.

    The kind of man who sires a lot of children tends to have a lot of traits that are bad for society, and women are attracted to these as a proxy for his reproductive fitness. Women are also attracted to the men that other women want, as another such proxy.

    As long as her reproductive strategy maximises the number of a woman’s descendants, it cannot be described as a bug: it is a feature. Of course, it is very bad for society, but it is not a bug in our biology, it is the only thing that our biology can possibly be.

  48. […] thought to the ramifications of that. Well, you’re seeing it today. Another way to call it is de-evolution. Or […]

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