I wish them well.

November 12, 2012

Being in the sphere tends to jade you. It certainly has me. I go to great lengths to try and find good things in actions i find stupid.

And i find getting married today stupid (no offense to those already married or married to good redpill women).

But these two look happy and i wish them well.

Still, i can’t help but think as i watch this where the nagging feeling in my gut is coming from that a few years from now, if he fails the endless courtship test, who is willing to bet that his ass is going to get firebombed.

I wish them all the best.


i found it appropriate to use Dalrocks posts considering the nature of the couple in question. :)


  1. You can see they both aged quite a bit since their pictures that were showed. She was a real stunner before, he looked much better too.

  2. M3,

    I wish them well too.They seem like a lovely couple.
    She seems really happy and pleasant. The grandmother was right – they are lucky to have each other.
    Note that her mother is also young-looking and a good woman, with all her charity work that daughter is also taking up.

    Her parents are still together. They both have family around them.
    They have a good support system. They will succeed.
    it doesn’t get much better than this, in fact.

    This is what I wish for all my friends.

  3. Indeed. I suspect my cynisism drove me to pen this. I can only say that it feels so vaguely familiar. I hope one day, 25 years from now when I’m bored and do a search for this couple on the super advanced internet, they’ll still be married.

    It’s a shame I don’t have much faith. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

  4. “Being in the sphere tends to jade you.”

    The number one its changed my thinking of females is the way I view SMV and female attractiveness. Guess that’s made me more jaded, and seeing the dynamics of women and men has also further opened my eyes even wider than they were before.


  5. Lol.
    I don’t have much ‘hard logic’ that I am right about this couple either.

    I am just going on what I feel about them from a 5 minute video.
    But I woulod rather be optimistic than pessimistic about a couple who seem to be doing things right.

    They are likeable and so I feel inclined to be positive towards them.

    I hope they succeed!

    PS: I understand your lack of hope…

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