If you take just one piece of advice from me…

November 10, 2012

sorry for the lack of updates folks.. i’ve been uninspired as of late and really felt like a lot of my stuff as of late was ranting. I kinda want to step away from that. I’ve also been re examining a lot of stuff too, introspecting.. and just wondering what my purpose is anymore, given that i really have abandoned the white picket fence and kids. But mostly, it’s been a one two punch.

1. It’s like everything i want to say is always said more eloquently and better by other bloggers, in which case i should just hit the reblog button… and

2. i’ve fucking lost my faith in humanity.

In the last month i have counselled one of my long time friends to abandon his marriage. His wife is on mat leave for their second child and is due to return to work soon. She has no qualms about spending many hours after work at bars leaving him at home with the kids. He suspects she’s on the prowl. He has no evidence but he alluded to ‘cock breath’ coming from her i trust his instincts. She doesn’t seem to care that her actions hurt him nor does it seem like she would care if he were to flip off and head out to a bar by himself either. Their marriage is for all intents and purposes a sham. He lives in dread. Not the dread of separating or divorce, he’s had those lines covered for some time. No he’s living in dread with the beat thought of keeping his yap shut, trying to work things out and having his mind wander and race thinking about what his wife might be doing out there. It hurts him because he’s said on so many levels they work together, and she is his best friend. And i kept telling him he shouldn’t have to be falling on his sword for her and if she can’t treat him with respect he should walk.

He comes from a similar incel situation that i did so i feel his pain. It’s hard to walk away when you know you have no power, you’re not spinning plates, you have no back up, and no prospects of coming up alpha anytime soon. I’m far from ‘alpha’.. but i put in the effort to bulk up, put on a harsher face, take no shit, push back attitude. Sure im not a suave charmer (until you get 4 or 5 drinks into me) but i can spit some game. He resigned himself to beta, he wants the world we used to live in, he wants back into the matrix like Cypher. He want’s blissful ignorance and i can’t say i blame him. He’s not a pump n dump personality and i’ve fed him nothing but western women suck for the last few months. Effectively, i think i boxed him in to a hopeless situation. I dunno. This really sucked.

And then yesterday sealed the deal for me.

I went drinking with another friend.. he’s been married for years. Before i go any further let me tell you.. BOTH of these guys are hard working SOB’s. They provided, they manned up, they are not misogynists. Dude i talked about earlier is fit, rides his bike, highly educated,  makes decent coin, got a house, takes care of his kids, does reno’s to the house, and loves his wife EVEN after all her shit. Dude i’m about to talk about married his wife AFTER what i suspect was an ‘ooops the pill failed’ event… (i can still remember having a coffee with him years ago when he confided in me, and i told him to get a lawyer. he got a priest instead).  So he was having a child with a woman who already had a kid from a prior, and he had one more, so there’s a family of 3 kids now, 2 of which are his blood. He’s busted his hump to provide. Stuck it out at his job and became top dog of the entertainment complex he manages. He worked long hours, traveled massive distances when he first moved to the city of Oshawa, about 45 minutes drive from Toronto. He did this trek for years, and sometimes he did it on his peddle bike when the car was in the shop. He worked hard to provide, loved his kids, even the step daughter.

His wife was always sick, to the point where it prevented her from working. I can’t fault illness and neither can he. But he get fed up with the money fights as she made them spend more than he could make. He’s damned if he spends because then they have no money. Hes damned if he tries to do something himself, like reno’s to his home to save money because then he’s not spending enough time with the kids. And on and on and….


Hearing these things just makes my blood boil.

And it just gets better.

Turns out things have been so bad, their marriage is a sham now too. He described it as they live there together and eat there together and thats about it. Oh, they now live back here having sold their home in Oshawa. He’s been working hard to repair his childhood home for his family.

Except now i learn his wife is now pretty much done and ready to move out west to British Columbia and take the kids with her. The primary reason is because she wants to look at treatments for her illness that they don’t do here. But my friend sees it for what it is, a separation that effectively ends the marriage.

Oh and the kicker.

His stepdaughter is pregnant. She’s 15. And it comes full circle.

See, he TRIED to lay down the law, but step daughter told him that she’d never accept him as her real dad, so he did what he could but expected mom to lay down the law. Mom didn’t. Mom was her best friend, not her mom. Mom comes from a family that breeds irresponsibility like it’s going out of style. There, there is no ‘shaming’ of unwed, teenage mothers. There it’s always ‘oh shes young, she made a mistake, we need to help her out now’. There is a lot of irresponsible behavior on her side of the family that he married into… he knew this going in. But now he’s had enough of it.

He set down the law. He told her to either abort, or move out. Harsh? I don’t think so. He laid it out by saying he told his wife he didn’t want any more kids, and this teen baby would become his defacto kid. What’s a 15 year old know about raising a kid? She’s gonna dump it on mommy and daddy to take care of like an irresponsible brat. And with mommy constantly out of action due to illness, guess who’s gonna get saddled? That’s right.

So, daughter is moving out with scummy boyfriend to explore the worst decision of her life. It’s on her. It’s on mom. It’s on her bio dad. It’s not on my friend. He did everything he could, he’s had enough.

What’s the whole point of this shitstorm im writing?

It’s this..

If you take one, JUST ONE piece of advice from me ever.. it’s this.







hopefully ill be back soon.


  1. This post makes me sad, it’s like a prepuating cycle as a black man I see this time and time again. Weird cause 2 days ago I posted this


    this generation of women is not only the most entitled but probably the most whorish as well

  2. I think your attitude is common to a lot of guys who learn what we do and don’t/can’t embrace the ‘fuck ’em all’ hedonistic nihilism lifestyle.

    Personally, I like that you’re honest and real. If the bloggers like you close up shop then there’s not much more I’m interested in reading. I have little in common with the players and pretenders.

  3. I wish I could come up with a good argument as to why you’re wrong, but I don’t blame you for the advice you give. Guys live in a shitty world, and finding someone trustworthy enough to share your life with seems like a bigger gamble than the powerball lottery. But the question I come up with is, we’re those guys red pill when they got married? Seems to me that if you’re armed with knowledge, you’re more likely to see the hidden red flags and preemptively end it or cut the problems off at the head. Just a theory though, as obviously I’m not a guy, and I didn’t get married while red pill.

    Hope you’re not gone from blogging for long, I enjoy the male insight in your posts. 🙂

  4. great post, m3

  5. I feel your pain dealing with friends in those kinds of situations, and have reached the point that, unless I think the friend will be receptive or he has started to voice red pill-ish sentiments on his own, I just nod sadly and don’t say anything. If he asks for advice or other help, I will sound out a few things, but if there is no good response to even basic concepts, again, I just commiserate a bit (because that is what he really wants) and don’t say anything. Until a person is ready or willing to wake up and start changing and helping themselves, you cannot do it for them, and meddling gets you into trouble more often than not.

  6. Funny, I recently had a similar convo with a friend who is probably going to be divorced pretty soon. I don’t see it ending well, especially for their kid.

    “It’s like everything i want to say is always said more eloquently and better by other bloggers, in which case i should just hit the reblog button”

    Tell me about it. No matter what I think of, it seems like it’s already out there in much more insightful fashion. I think one time it happened on this site (you bastard). All we can really do is just say it, and follow up with our own concrete examples.

  7. +1

    Ditto everything and a “thanks” to you, Vicomte, for saving me from more typing.

  8. I write the B-sides.

  9. Knowledge can certainly be a burden. Especially when others around us won’t accept or see it.

    If you’re not finding anything to write on, why not write about what you have going on personally?

  10. I’ve seen you around and have no problem with what you generally say…BUT

    Why would a man want to get married?
    Have kids if you must, but no marriage.
    Who needs to buy into a life of having to constantly game your own fucking wife? Just to get her to keep vows that she insisted that they both make in the first place.
    There is nothing in marriage for men. If the religious want men to keep doing it, they need to change the fucking law – first

    Just walk away from marriage and cohabitation.

    My head banging on the desk recent experience is that young women are not fucking interested in even hearing anything from men – fine – on their heads be it.

  11. Saying “why should I continue to have to game my wife” is like me saying “why should I continue to go to the gym? I’m already married, my husband should love me for meeeee, even if I weigh 300 lbs!” Girls gotta keep their game, guys do too. It goes both ways, brother.

    Game is about attracting your woman, whether she’s your wife or not. If you don’t get married…. You’re still gonna have to game whatever woman you’re with.

    I take my vows incredibly seriously; I’m not gonna dump my husband because he shows me a little too much beta one week. But frankly, complaining that you have to continue to attract your wife after you take vows is incredibly blue pill. I’d like to have my cake and eat it too, because I fucking love cake, but a fat gut isn’t going to keep my husband interested.

    P.S. Thanks for giving me something to write today, I was feeling a little writer-blocky. 🙂

  12. I think that’s why you should both keep writing: everyone’s perspective is unique. Sometimes I’ll read the same subject 2 or 3 times, but only get a true “aha!” moment the 2nd time, because of the individual experience of the writer.

  13. Actually, I meant

    do not get married because if you do such a stupid thing, then you will have to game your wife

    i.e. don’t be a fricking idiot in the first place. your comparison to a gym is not relevant.

    (sorry that I wasn’t clear enough)

  14. I’m sure that there are people that played russian roulette and survived – doesn’t make it smart to play. That’s got similar cost benefit results…

  15. Another great post.

    I don’t think a man should never get married, but what men need to do before marriage is lay down ground rules. Certain things need to be established right from the start. The man is the leader of the household. He should tell a woman what his expectations are going to be.

    Example #1: When it pertains to children by previous relationships, the man needs to say, “I’m going to be providing for these kids, living with them and co-parenting. They will do as I say, as if I were their bio dad. You will back up my decisions.”

    Example #2: A man should establish how many children he wants, tell her right up front, “I only want “x” amount of kids. After that, I’m getting a vasectomy or you are getting your tubes tied.”

    Example #3: A man should say, “I will not be unfaithful to you, but you are not to get fat and sloppy looking. You have to stay healthy and fit.”


  16. Thank you for the sentiment. Its comments like this that keep me going and make me feel like I’m not alone in this thinking. I too am loathe to follow the hedonists and society at large off a cliff. Nor do I see myself trying to I’ve it and write about it in a pompous loudmouth braggart fashion. Just ain’t me.

    Not hangin it up, just tying not to write posts that might just come off as whiney rants that don’t help anyone except to feel bitter n hopeless.

  17. My comparison to the gym is entirely relevant. Women are attracted to Alpha. If you think you can let your guard down on your alpha, you’re essentially saying “I shouldn’t have to attract you, I’ve already got you.”

    Same thing as me letting myself go.

  18. What part of “Don’t get fucking married” is too difficult for you?

    FS – done with you and your inability to comprehend. Obviously it isn’t just younger fucking women that don’t listen.

  19. Both were blue pill. First guy really blue and beta. Here’s the problem, especially for guys like him. I cannot see him as an “alpha” and he’s admitted as ,much as well. Perhaps if he had this knowledge he’d have avoided getting married, but he wanted it bad. He followed the script of work hard, be a provider, be a good father.

    Point is, if these guys and what they could provide aren’t good enough for marriage, what incentive is there for marriage? The chicken vs. The egg. If a guy only needs game to score women, no need to cultivate or even want to be a provider, especially in a hookup culture dominated by divorce rape.

    I guess men just need to speak openly about their redpill views in front of women. The ones who respond favorably are candidates for dating. Sort of like the reddit secret code. If u think someone is a Reddit user ask them ‘when does the narwhal bacon?’ If they answer ‘at midnight’ u know they are.

    Perhaps men should start asking women ‘which pill do you take?’ An they say ‘redpill’ you know she’s not afraid of patriarchy… if they say Yazmin you know they’re bluepill and will take you to the cleaners.

  20. I’m saying that your logic for not getting married is slightly flawed.

    “Who needs to buy into a life of having to constantly game your own fucking wife? Just to get her to keep vows she insisted that they both make in the first place.”

    Vows or not, you’re going to have to game whatever woman you’re with, because that’s what women are attracted to. That’s all I’m saying. But keeping getting pissed about it, that’s cool.

  21. That’s what I plan on doing, by I have to get better organizational skills. Have too many thoughts colliding and posts die before he even begin. I don’t have writers block, I ave writers overload?

  22. There are other ways, without outright saying or explaining it to her, though if you can make her aware of the red pill, all the better. Maybe hand her Athol’s primer and tell her to get to work, lol.

    But if you can find a woman who responds favorably to domination in bed and follows your lead over the course of your dating relationship, odds are you’re good to go. The problem is that most guys show leadership in their dating relationship, then drop all pretenses of leadership once they’re married because they think that’s how it’s supposed to be, the “equal partnership” feminist bullshit.

    Of course there are going to be those women who go batshit crazy every now and then and just leave for no reason. There are plenty of guys like that too. Humanity is a fucked up thing. So you definitely SHOULD make non-marriage the default, and if you happen to find that one that makes a great First Officer and proves herself, consider marriage after a long engagement. But make sure she understands what she’s getting into. I’d imagine that, after dating for 6 months to a year and being engaged another year at the least, dropping some red pill knowledge on her isn’t going to blow everything up if you’re already living that life in the first place. But if it does blow up, all the better, because you didn’t marry her. You should be blunt with a woman at that point. Marriage is great, and Godly if you’re the religious type, but it’s also a business decision, and to be treated as such, pre-nups and all.

    I plan on giving my kids copies of the primer, and their soon-to-be-spouses as well.

  23. ” So you definitely SHOULD make non-marriage the default, and if you happen to find that one that makes a great First Officer and proves herself, consider marriage after a long engagement.”

    This I can live with for the most part, tho I would still like to laws changed to be more equitable and no fault divorce removed. Contracts require fault to be nullified and penalties leveled for breach.

  24. You’re right, you have persuaded me to amend my views to not having anything to do with fucking idiot women at all. Women like you.

    What’s it like being that retarded? Is it like being high all the time?

    Fuck off, I have better things to do than converse with morons

  25. Tone it down please.

    She is NOT the problem. Marriage works for her precisely because she rejects feminist bs, and hubby knows what it takes to make her feel like a woman. Its as nature intended before feminism/society fucked up the rules.

    Marriage is a shitty deal.. but mostly for betas. Those who are capable of navigating it I wish them well. Yes marriage is Russian roulette. But some couples know how to unload the gun.

    I will never formally advocate marriage, not in this climate. But I think RedPillWifey has ideas to contribute and I’d rather her not have to deal with constant insults to her character. You have a point to make, make it. Agree to disagree, at least keep it civil.

    I don’t want to have to speak on this again.

  26. Can’t disagree there, divorce law is a clusterfuck.

  27. I too was wondering about the dearth of posts recently M3. We’ve seen pillars of this community disappearing as of late. Being a relative newbie to the ‘sphere I missed out on In Mala Fide and Solomon’s site and barely caught the last 3 months of U-Man. These men (among others still doing so) were able to articulate the state of the sexual and cultural climate in ways that are slowly but insidiously infecting a growing number of men, and by extension, the women they deal with in any capacity. Some of them are creators of metaphors so prescient and truthful that anyone exposed to them can do nothing but nod in agreement and file them under a type of personal canon. I’m thinking specifically of Solomon’s “Drive-thru Boyfriends”, Mentu’s “Laws” and Roissy’s “Commandments”. We need metaphors and memes like these, or rather, they can serve to orient our attitudes and actions when it comes to navigating the hypergamous waters that is the SMP. That some of these writings are no longer available is sad indeed although they can also be used to spur other, equally significant metaphors to come to fruition. I have also thought that everything I would want to relay has already been said more eloquently than I can convey but the more important thing I think is that one should impart one’s message anyways. I for one miss Mentu’s unparallelled ability to nuke all hamsters in his vicinity, Ashur’s professorial precision in dissecting the psychology of sluts (his slut fuel mechanics metaphor was a thing of beauty) and Solomon’s filet mignon and ground chuck and meat market economics had such elegance about it. I have no doubt we will encounter and possibly create or uphold similarly relevant metaphors in future. Your “A Word on Sluts” was ace! The Dr. Phil endorsement meme was top notch. Keep speaking your truth brother.

  28. *I meant “A final word on sluts” and “Why sluts make poor life partners”.

  29. They are unfortunate stories and I feel for your friends in their terrible situations. But really, we have these things with our without marriage. I just don’t know if the answer is to not get married. I’m thinking more along the lines of….Don’t get involved with people who don’t want a very similar lifestyle as you. But then again I don’t even know about that because people commit, have kids, and are happy and fine for years….and then realize that it’s not the life they wanted after so many years and decide they want to go back to before. It sucks when that happens. I don’t know if there’s an easy answer. You can not get married, not have kids, and ultimately you’ll just have to not fall in love, ever. Which leads me to remember that “It’s better to have loved and lost” …..

  30. Solution for Guy #1: people are creatures of habit. Talk to his wife’s co-workers and learn the top five most popular bars. Go to the bars on off days and slip each bartender a $20 to take a few pictures of his wife if (but more likely, when) she shows up. In a month’s time, if she’s truly on the prowl, he’ll have at least 30 pictures of his wife in questionable circumstances and a dozen pictures of his wife in legitimate compromising positions. This info will put the ball in his court. He can use them to modify her behaviour or to begin divorce proceedings.

    A side benefit of behaviour modification, when it comes to cheating women: when caught in what she would consider to be “mild” flirtation, a dedicated cheater tends to escalate and obfuscate. One example from my life involved the wife of a drinking buddy. He told her to stop hanging out in bars, because mutual friends told him that she was going too far when having a good time. She agreed and cut down her barhopping. Before the seasons changed, she was caught en flagrante with her new lover. I should mention that her idea of “not a big deal” was letting strangers grope her (admittedly ample) chest. Divorce, no alimony, he’s back on the market.

    An unmarried man has a better shot at receiving “value” for his child support than a divorced man, doubly so if the child was born and raised in a red state. A divorced man can see his “2 weekends a month and all summer” custody reduced or nullified in the blink of an eye (if/when the ex-wife decides to move, the courts won’t stop her at all if the father isn’t part of the “machine”. Divorced military men often have to deal with this, even when they’re stationed at a final base.) Conversely, in some warped iteration of “family values”, single and never-married mothers can find themselves bound by law to a specific area if/when a biological father is found (the logic behind the disparity working like this: a married man had his shot at child rearing, but a “feckless” man should be forced to carry some of the burden.) In worst case scenarios, it involves the children of rape being mandated to spend time with their fathers. More commonly, you have the “woman gets knocked up, woman doesn’t tell the father until she needs the child support money, woman gets a job opportunity in another state but is forced to stay in the same state because ‘new dad’ is paying child support and now has the right to spend ‘quality time’ with his kid.” I knew a dozen guys living in that situation in North Dakota, with ex-girlfriends who couldn’t leave a 6-hour travel radius because she was receiving child support. The guys would have been amenable to spending summer vacations with the kid, but “the law is the law”

  31. All those drafts, right?

  32. for a guy without much to say, brother, your post here ought to be considered prerequisite for any man in the western world who is either thinking of getting married, or is in a position where he could end up shackled by his circumstances.

    when (holy shit, when!) will men learn that marriage in it’s current form will lead to this very predictable and inevitable conclusion 100% of the time… without game.

    my circumstances with being trapped in an incel marriage and a subsequent LTR have hammered these truths home. it wasn’t until a year after i had begun to rediscover my natural alpha (inasmuch as i have it, anyway) that i stumbled upon red-pill wisdom in the form of blogs such as your own.

    as your countryman and fellow citizen of the coldest city in the world (at least in terms of the women’s hearts, lol), i just wanted to comment and encourage you to stay the course with your blog. having read all of your posts now, i can tell you that you’ve only gotten better as you go along and the instances of me saying “fuckyeah!” grow ever more frequent.

  33. I hear you man.

    But i have to admit, the title of your post makes me laugh. I’ve watched Ghostbusters too many times!

  34. “The problem is that most guys show leadership in their dating relationship, then drop all pretenses of leadership once they’re married because they think that’s how it’s supposed to be, the “equal partnership” feminist bullshit.”

    So here’s a question for you. Chicken or the egg again, because i just had this convo with my feminist coworker on Friday. I actually got her to agree on something if you can believe it (which really fucked with my head) Ok. We discussed how because women are the choosers/men chasers, men have to act/perform (not being your natural beta self) at such a super high level *just* to get noticed, and continually ramp it up throughout courtship before they seal the deal with a ring. This takes monumental amounts of effort, and that’s before daily life as a married couple kicks in. Expecting this as a matter of course from men is slightly duplicitous. Whereas in the past women gave men a lot of time to prove their worth, now it’s nuclear rejections for the slightest offense. So they always have to bring their A game as it were. At that point, when you’re not allowed to be yourself, you start to resent the power dynamic.

    I came to this conclusion when she asked me how i behave around women i ‘seduce’. I told her, ‘like i am right now’, which made her chuckle because im a goombah, not a suave James Bond. She told me i should act a little more. I told her that this will pose a problem down the road when i stop acting and she accuses me of ‘having changed’, the death of relationships is when you cease to act and become ‘yourself’. For women it is always ok to act naturally. Men don’t have this luxury. And the moment we take a break from it.. we’ve opened the door.

    Since most men are brought up in the feminist ruled system and come out beta, they are unfairly punished for following their programming. So to combat the chicken/egg.. without a system that carries a traditional model path to masculinity (education, job, marriage, kids) should we now be teaching our young children ‘Game’ theory in highschool and trust in them not to abuse the power? Because the only way to keep boys from not having to ‘act’ to be alpha is to remove feminism from schools and teach game. Because work hard/be respectful/be a provider just ain’t cutting it anymore in a world where women ‘dont need men’.

  35. “and meddling gets you into trouble more often than not.”

    you don’t know how many people came out of the woodwork to tell me they thought my marriage to my wife was ‘wrong’ on many levels.. but didn’t say anything because i really wouldn’t hear it and it would do no good.

    Sometimes the only way to learn is to actually touch the stove and feel the pain for yourself.

  36. You wouldn’t believe how many. I have 51 drafts.. half of which are probably dead in terms of seeing the light of day. I just keep having new ideas pop into my head, second guess their validity, try and connect it to previous posts/links, does it fit? does it make sense? is this a post that needs to be told? has this been beaten to death? don’t know what point im actually trying to make or cant articulate it well.

    and then, just when i get back on track, i read something new that just has to be written on, pushing everything else on the back burner once more.

    rinse repeat… fack.

  37. I don’t think you necessarily have to continue at an “initial dating” level… Just at a level that reminds her that you are indeed The Captain. Enough so that she knows you’re not going to tolerate her shit. So you don’t have to be high alpha, just alpha period (with a nice mix of good beta as well, enough to give relationship comfort). The problem comes from dropping all pretenses of alpha and becoming a beta bitch boy.

  38. “The problem comes from dropping all pretenses of alpha and becoming a beta bitch boy.”

    Sadly this sentence stings. Introspection demands that i admit this was me. But look at what I (and other men) had to face? I’ll work backwards.
    -my marriage councilor made me ramp up my beta supplication a 1000x to ‘save’ my marriage. authority.
    -the church (she belonged to it) stressed that tend to my wifes needs above all others, my own included
    -bombarded with ‘happy wife, happy life’ from married friends
    -media and tv ALWAYS show the man deferring to, being scared of, acquiescing to the wife/partner
    -feminism from the 80’s on up taught me to defer to ideas, allow her options, support her decisions, support her unconditionally, respect her choices, be domesticated for equal chores, allow her to be the breadwinner, not to look upon as a sexual object, and do not dare push for sex, etc…

    yeah, i’ll own it. i was a bitch boy. but what would society do to a child who grew up for 30 years in a basement without any social interaction or education. would you blame the kid for being an instinctual animal afraid of everyone and striking out wildly? Or blame to parents for keeping the kid locked away for 30 years?

    I was a product of my environment, yet the world felt no sympathy for me and told me to buck up each and every time my world was shattered while playing by the rules.

  39. What would you tell all your sisterhood that do want to get married? The ones that want children, with a father in their childs lives? No easy answers.

    My beef with feminism is that it spoke for all women, when i certainly does not. It cares not for the women who want to follow the traditional path and forced them into hookup culture because they believe it’s the only way to achieve it. And while i fully support no-marriage and the current marriage strike.. i fully accept that it is the path to the end of our civilization as we know it in one form or another. I might not see it in this lifetime, but your world will change.. and probably not for the better.

    Which is why we say ‘Enjoy the decline’. No marriage, no stable family units, degenerate kids of single moms/parents who are friends and not authorities, social programs that can’t be paid for to help this feminist path all lead the fall of society. Not a matter of if but when.

    I wanted to be part of that society, the one that helped civilization grow. Not anymore. Because i loved and lost.

  40. I miss Mentu as well. I had only just started to discover his stuff. I loved his post on gender displacement theory. Leap of Beta has saved a few of Mentu’s articles over at http://stagedreality.wordpress.com/

  41. YES, I agree with everything you just said. It’s entirely the fault of radical feminism reshaping society way too far in the opposite direction. I don’t blame you for it in the slightest, nor my husband because he went that way too… It’s what’s been shoved in your (and my) face since we were born. Women demand it because we think it’s our right; it’s what we were taught by our mothers, our overwhelmingly female teachers, and by tv and movies. I tell my guy very often that I’m sooooo thankful that I was too stubborn to go to a marriage counselor, because the horror stories I see on the MMSL forums and Talk About Marriage are beyond nightmare quality. It almost makes me want to go to school to become a marriage counselor, so I can start injecting some red pill back into society a little at a time. I try to seriously restrict my daughter’s cartoon and book selection, not only based on educational and moral value, but also on whether or not the dad in the show is a bumbling supplicating buffoon, because 9 times out of 10, that’s the case. Ugh. It’s incredibly angering.

    The best you can do is learn from it and carry on, and try to “spread the word” when you can. Your blog is part of that. 🙂

  42. Thank you for stopping by follow traveler. i think we share a lot in common and i’m heartened by your comment.

    I also think you’d get a load of this, as it becomes increasingly clear you are 100% dead on correct with your ascertation that Toronto is indeed the coldest city in the world wrt to Women.


  43. lol, yeah… i saw Roosh’s post about our fair city (i was comment #16 on it)and almost laughed hard enough to make Moosehead come out of my nose… poor guy. to see a veteran player like him reduced to such a defeated, depressed shell of his former self in ONLY 3 DAYS!

    we have always known that something was deeply, seriously wrong with the females that our liberal society and education was churning out… and it’s seriously fucked-up… we see our brothers chewed up and spat out by females (i shudder to call some of them “women”) who are 1,2 or more objective ranks below them… and the guys were so jaded that they were thrilled to have them in the first place and still thrilled to suffer through their shite.

    …but the good news is that some of us who take the red-pill here turn the situation to our advantage and forge ourselves into something better and stronger. Mystery, Cajun, Durden, Yourself and many other greats were created by the messed-up reality of T-Dot’s SMP. (kinda like when Goku trained at 100x normal gravity, lol)

  44. I would say just put some of it out there. Who cares if someone has written on the same subject or idea? Continuing to write and think on things is how they evolve and improve.

  45. Do you have a place on your phone that you can put notes? That’s what I do. I tend to think about this stuff at the gym or when my computer is not around. If I don’t write down my thought it will be gone, so I’ve taken to writing short noted to myself in my phone that I can go back to later.

    Also, i agree with Young Hunter. Even if it has been hashed to death, does that mean you have a good grasp on it? If not, writing a post and then reading the subsequent comments might help you. Blogging is a useful tool for the blogger as well as the readers. Maybe stop writing to your reader for awhile and write to yourself to get your head wrapped around some things in a more concrete fashion.

  46. All sound advice gorgeous!

  47. My ColorNote app is sync’d between my phone and my tablet and my google account. 😉 The problem is piecing all the notes and scribblings together into a coherent post.

    We’ll see what happens. I might make shorter posts just so i don’t get sidetracked.

    There’s nothing i hate more than writing a really super huge long post and then after reading the 3rd draft.. realizing i’ve either invalidated what i was trying to say, changed my position, or haven’t actually made any point at all.

  48. […] not get married. Why not to get married, from […]

  49. I’m in this camp too. I don’t want to see society self destruct, but I won’t martyr myself for other people’s poor choices.

    My advice: Use good screening and exert authority to police your personal boundaries.

  50. I only just today discovered your blog and holy shit man, I want to move to Toronto and hang out.

    Just wanted to let you know, I moderate the the Red Pill subreddit over at http://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill and I just featured one of your latest posts.

    I gotta say I really identify with how honest you are about this topic. Please do keep going, and we’d freaking love it if you could give us a little direction on our subreddit!

  51. […] already written about one of my friends being OOOPSIE’d HERE.. and last night my girlfriend told me about how one of her friends a long time ago confided in her […]

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