November 5, 2012

I’m really e’ffin lazy and even tho i have a few things to write about, i can’t get them out on paper. So i’ll leave you with a fascinating piece written by Leap, spawned by a single mommy lamenting how people cannot stop telling her how lucky she was to find a guy who suppressed his biological nature to raise some other mans kid voluntarily. Written in a reversed gender/biological needs way, it shows you that the loser male equivalent which is socially accepted as universally reviled is not applied to the female version in today’s age.

The ultimate point. She is very lucky to be in that position, yet resents people telling her that because she feels she was entitled to it. Given all the strikes against her, she deserves this life just as much as the non masculine, obese, effeminate, D&D playing loner in his mother basement deserves to be banging HB10’s in a harem of 20 chicks.

Quite breath taking. Enjoy. i’m going back to being lazy.


  1. Thanks for the reblog man. I wonder if more of them will come out and delurk. I think only about 20 have come from the link. Lers hope for more hamsters

  2. Just spreading this in the sphere:



  3. The second link was supposed to be this:


  4. Oh great.

    And here i was, thinking misandry was dead?

    Can someone please fucking flood jezebel and amanda marcottes inbox with a request to address the nature of this website?

  5. what i find amusing is that you must create and account there to leave comments.

    i have no energy to create one just so they can ban me on my first comment.

    feminist, manhating, misandrist websites. cannot debate, cannot take criticism, cannot take the heat. the silver lining is that they only preach to the choir.

    somedays i wish i was a hacker with a bot army to knock that website out.

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