Women’s True Nature – One Night Only

October 30, 2012

[prologue-hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween, what with the Storm and all. It’s crazy hearing about a building coming down (wtf?) in New York and some poor woman getting killed in a parking lot in my town due to flying debris. The randomness of life is difficult to ponder sometimes.]

[edit 2. just reading now, it’s worse than i first thought. Monster storm leaves U.S. East Coast crippled; 30 dead]


The one night per year we get to witness the feral behavior unrestrained, what it would be all year long without social mores, stigma’s and rules.

Feminism is the promise of Halloween for those other 364 days of the year.

Enjoy the gallery. (There’s a lot of pics, prepare to waste a lot of time)



  1. But remember, guys, keep your eyes to yourselves!

  2. Someone tell them their bullshit Halloween plausible deniability clause ends at pasties.

  3. Oh Carolina.. my wandering eye doth follow you intently.

    What are you going to be for Halloween if you don’t mind my asking?

  4. I’m thinking of dressing up like a sister wife from a polygamist compound. You know, the unflattering boxy dress that goes to the ankles and long pigtail down the back. What about you?

  5. If I ever tried to dress like that at anytime my Father would have kicked my ass and I still would be grounded. WTH?

  6. I was going to bring my Vader costume out of retirement

    but the storm passing through here looks like it’s going to cancel those plans. Don’t want to get blown away in a wind gust.

  7. God I hate Halloween… and New Year’s Eve, overhyped and disappointing. Last Halloween it was also my gf’s bachelorette party but we just decided to wear nice dresses etc. and not make fools of ourselves in ridiculous costumes. One of the only times I dressed up was when I was obliged to for my younger sister’s bachelorette party – there was a tragic ‘schoolgirl’ theme. Unfortunately many of my sister’s friends are HUGE which made it even more mortifying. Why do people bother…

  8. Last weekend I hungout at a late night coffee shop with my fellowship friends and we played telephone and watched all the stupid people dressed up in costumes. This one guy came in not wearing pants. It was traumatic.

    When I was a freshman I tried the whole halloween party thing. It was fail. I dressed up as a doll ( this one http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-tBvfZtLG29I/UC3GCPQ7OXI/AAAAAAAAIAs/gTBYrg71rbQ/s320/samantha_brand.gif) and no one knew who I was…except for some rando dude. There were girls at parties in their underwear……

  9. […] status but this is simply not how men are wired.  Intrinsically we know this (or women would not dress like this on Halloween or any other night of the […]

  10. Little Debbie!

    I love your Creme Pies!

  11. You have a Darth Vadar costume? Wow. That’s awesome.

  12. T_T

    She’s Samantha from the American Girls….

  13. OT but I wanted to spread this around the sphere:


  14. That’s old news. There’s also the rejection hotline number.

  15. […] – Women’s True Nature, Sphere […]

  16. Nice one lot of inspiration in there.

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