Sphere Exercises and Challenges to keep you Sharp!

October 30, 2012

So it’s a slow day an your bored out of you tree, twiddling your thumbs. What oh what is there to do?

Keep you mind sharp that’s what son!

I’ve devised a series of exercises for you to do on slow, grey, miserable days to keep you from getting cabin fever. Some are easy, some are advanced. Some are X-treme and not for the faint of heart! Let’s see which one’s you can do!

1. Create a Plenty of Fish account. Use an unfamiliar fashion magazine model for the photos (don’t use uber professional pics, and try and find more than one, maybe a set) and come up with some happy mysterious vibe profile that covers just the bare basics but leaves plenty for intrigue and imagination. Or if lazy, use one of these. Do a search for women 35+ and over who are looking for someone to ‘settle down’ with, who are ‘tired of the bar scene’, who’ve ‘been there done that’, who are ‘tired of the games’. Try and target the ones that really want children. Send them a quick message like “Hi, you look nice! I have a question. Is having children something you want really soon or would you wait to make sure you and your partner click?”. Wait for a response if any. However they choose to respond, just reply with the following video link and a big BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!. We need to start making this an unsafe pond for ego vampires to swim in. It’s time to bring the lightning to the pond and make the fish go belly up. I want to see a 5000% uptick in articles like this.

You can also delay the torment before flipping the switch and throw them a feeler question first just to see the hamster at work. An innocuous question like “Wow, you seem like an awesome women. I’m surprised nobody scooped you up yet. Great women are usually snatched up early on and never let go. What were you doing during your 20’s to not get married?” Prepare for the excuse train to jump the track.

2. Part of my ‘SAVE A BETA‘ campaign, you can help out your Beta brethren. Have a beta friend you know who’s stuck in a friendzone? Send him my way. Don’t have any beta friends? Reach out and touch one today! (not literally you sick fuck) As in point #1.. go to an online dating site like POF or OKCupid and create a profile. A female profile! Make the pictures of a cute girl, not a slut, the type a Beta would fall in love with. Then write up a profile about the kind of girl she REALLY is, not the one they say they are. Explain in the profile how nice guys and beta traits don’t foster attraction, why women go home with the assholes, about their hypergamy and why the guys long winded sincere beta messages disappear into the great cyberspace landfill while she’s answering the douchebags one liner messages that say “Yo, whasup hotty. Wanna hookup?“. Ctrl-C > Ctrl-V.

You can even put in links to your favorite male bloggers! I’m sure we’d all love the extra traffic boost from the tsunami of fresh beta meat asking why their eyes hurt. If ever there was a sea of Beta, it’s floating out there in the world of on-line dating accounts. The only place you could get more hits is if you could craft this strategy effectively in the World of Warcraft community!

3. For the Beta’s. Become someone else for a day. Start by making an online profile. Choose your 1 best photo as your profile pic. Fill out the bare minimum and be extremely vague. Don’t fill out hobbies, interests, food, etc.. use a pretentious quote or two from the internet to make yourself sound wise beyond your years. Then just hit up a couple dozen girls you like with one liners. Act in a manner COMPLETELY different from who you are. If you don’t feel it,  ACT it. Pretend you’re auditioning for the role. After you’re off the computer, go to a store and buy clothes that are NOT you. Buy a hat, cut your hair, go large! Take your new persona into a store and just ask the cute sales rep to dress you in what she thinks will look good on you. Say things to her chock full of innuendo, things YOU would never say (but your persona has cart-blanche to do so) always smile and ACT the part. You will never see this sales rep again if things go wrong so who cares. Later that night go to a bar, pub or club in your newly dressed alter ego and continue to act. Who cares what happens, these people won’t exist tomorrow and nobody you know will ever know. So run with it. You might just enjoy being this new person you were ACTing.

Don’t overdo it tho, go with what you can comfortably act through.

4. Challenge yourself to read 5 articles written by Amanda Marcotte over at Slate.com [no link obviously] during one sitting. I advise you that this is only for the Xtreme enthusiast and not to be done if you have easy access to firearms.

Poor bastard couldn’t even get past the first article…

5. Grab your video camera, go buy a coffee and do a stroll down your favorite busy street and stop random women to ask them the following question. “Can you name me 5 reasons why a man should get married today?” Upload the results to YouTube and laugh as they strain to try and figure out reasons why it’s good for men as opposed to why it’s good for them! Hamsters are likely to die en masse.

6. Still have your video camera? Good. Go to your local Old Folks Home where they care for the elderly. Gently but politely ask the old ladies that you’re performing a study and simply need a yes/no answer to the following question. “Have you been raped at any point in your life?” See if you can meet the 25% threshold required by the current culturally accepted trope.

Other great uses for video camera’s abound as well..

7. Take a stroll through your neighborhood park and smile at every lady who crosses your path. If a really cute girl smiles back, approach, hold out your elbow in a hook manner and say “I’m sorry miss, but can you guide me to my destination, i’ve been blinded by your wonderful smile.” If an ugly girl or anything below your sex rank smiles back at you, jump back in horror and perform the ‘EWWWW, get away from me you CREEP’ terror fight or flight response. Chastise her to learn to be more attractive. If you happen to be at a conference in the early hours of the morning you may also perform this routine in an elevator as well. After midnight works best. Start a blog and write up a story about the creepy girl who smiled at you.

Rebecca Watson? Is that you?

8. Walk into your nearest family planning office or abortion clinic and ask them for their honest opinion about a man who shirks his responsibility, fails to man up, provide support and be accountable for his actions and take care of his child because he full well knew that the action of putting his penis into a vagina could possibly result in a pregnancy. Enjoy the long pause as they ponder how best to answer that question without making their clientele look bad.

If i say he’s a deadbeat for not wanting to be responsible for knowing she’d possibly get pregnant from having sex, then am i saying that all my clients are irresponsible idiots who knew sex could lead to pregnancy which they are all trying to avoid the responsibility of by having this abortion? Ohh god.. what do i say?

9. Pick 2 of your favorite feminists (please contain your snark, it’s for a good cause) and write up which you believe is more attractive and go into explicit detail why. Then submit it to me and i will create a page dedicated to which feminist is the most attractive of all.. sort of a Miss Universe for manjaws. At the end of the year there would be a playoff between the finalists to see which indeed is the sexiest. There shouldn’t really be any problem with this bit of fun eh’.. because we all know it isn’t men that confer what is sexy regarding women right? At the same time you can make hypothesis as to why any feminist would try to dress sexy or behave sexy in order to attain anything from the opposite sex (men) since gender is a social construct and men are just women with a defective chromosome. I mean why bother dressing ‘like a woman’ or even wanting to be ‘sexy’ thereby oppressing oneself by playing to the rules of teh Patriarchy? Don’t try too hard to answer that. You might pop a vessel.

10. Finally, and probably the most important thing you can do. Recently Danny asked lurkers to delurk. I piggy backed off that. Others have done this as well like Forney. This wasn’t for fame or fortune, just to start a discussion. Now realize i don’t care if any of you delurk here and start a convo. I’d prefer it, but it’s not required. Rather, what i WOULD like to see is every one of my traffic delurk WHERE IT ACTUALLY MATTERS. Everytime i follow a link to a ‘man up’ article or some femcunt bitching in the MSM and the media buying the trope without question, i always scan the comments section. To my joy, i am seeing a tectonic shift in the comment area, where men are starting to vocalize and push back against the garbage that is being passed off as fact, news or opinion in the MSM regarding what men *should* do.

By and large, women will not be coming into the manosphere in droves, only the few redpill women who already accept it will stay, other will tuck tail and run, and very few will linger to have their solipsistic hamsters skinned and gutted alive. Therefore, it’s up to you to take the message out into the ‘REAL WORLD‘ and make men’s voices heard where it counts most. So i’m asking all of you who traffic through here.. if you won’t delurk for me, then do yourself and all men a favor, and go post a comment on each and every stupid CNN article telling men to man up, TIME magazine article asking where all the good men went, or any other online source where the ignorant masses need to see the ‘awakening’ of men.

Oh and while you’re at it, please go over to The Private Man’s blog and delurk for him if you haven’t over here. Tell him i sent you. I’m hoping that if he gets 20 referrals from me, he’ll send me an autographed photo of him riding a circus pony!

That is all! You are now free to unlock your tray tables and move freely about the cabin!


  1. Challenge yourself to read 5 articles written by Amanda Marcotte over at Slate.com

    You. Are. Sick.

  2. Ohhhh dear.

  3. M3 click on the video on this post to see what I think of you.


  4. Thanks for linking to my site bro. Interesting post btw – It got me sidetracked for a damn hour!

  5. “Save a Beta Campaign” Hilarious! You are so funny, M3. 🙂

  6. I had never heard of Amanda Marcotte so I went and read an article. I could only take one. The only good part to it was when my husband leaned over, saw her picture, and said, “that is one mannish looking woman.”

  7. #8 wont fly. Their hamsters are way too strong – whipcrack illogic that will make you think Cthulhu is real.

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  9. I pulled out at least a hundred new commenters… don’t know exactly how many from your blog.

  10. Can i still get the autographed photo of you on a circus pony?

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