A Feminist World Abhors A Wild Child

October 22, 2012

Listen to this song.

I listen to this song almost daily (my mp3 selection in my car is limited because i have such a disdain for most music) because it takes my back to my childhood, with my brother guiding me through my hard rock upbringing. I never consciously listened to the words then, it was just loud spandex and fireworks.. totally cool.

Today, it sounds like the anthem of an alpha.

Listen to to the song. This isn’t some beta-chump Backstreet Boy garbage and crap about how being “without you all I’m going to be is incomplete” nonsense.

These are not supplicating, defeatist, tingle destroying, needy (or creepy) attitudes. No this is about being in touch with your inner animal nature, your TRUE male nature. Being a creature of love that sure as hell can’t be tamed, that you don’t profess and give your love away meaninglessly, but that you make her come to you and love you, desperate to tame you.

As i was listening to it this morning i recalled what Manning Up Smart posted last night about hypergamy, in which he stated [emphasis mine]:

“Hypergamy… While our limbic system may be our base biological driver when it comes to sex drive, we needn’t be controlled by it, but if we are unaware of it, or how it plays out in our lives, we are very much at it’s mercy…. Hear that ladies??? That means YOU TOO!!! Just as a man can control his biological sexual nature to be monogamous, so to can a woman control her hypergamous nature of selecting douchebags and deadbeats, that trigger her hypergamous desires, but not her social desires of a compatible, loving and supporting mate.”

He has a great point. That most women (western/feminist) have long since lost their ability and self control and freely accept going wild and feral as a natural state of being female, fuck the rules, fuck the consequences and fuck all the hotties!

But what point is it in asking women to reign in their hypergamy when the flip side of the equation.. men controlling biological sexual nature to be monogamous.. doesn’t really exist anymore.

Seriously. Think about all the beta’s around you. Think about all that’s been written about in the sphere, about the thirst, the desire, the desperation for a relationship, the masses of beta zombies taught by a feminist/feminized system to NOT BE ALPHA men, where asking men to control of their nature used to be a meaningful and powerful symbol towards a woman, but today has become the defacto default position without any substance. It’s like negotiating with hostages and giving them the helicopter and clear skies to a non-extradition country, and once they’ve safely landed you realize you haven’t gotten the hostages out. They were all dead at the start of the crisis and you let the criminals walk without giving anything in return.

I want you to give me 1.8 million dollars, a private jet, a penthouse full of strippers at the swankiest luxury hotel in a non extradition country. And once i’m safely there, i will send you a text message with a smiley face calling you a sucker. Have you ever watched Demolition Man? Simon Phoenix ain’t got shit on me!

Leap of Beta and Private Man spoke at length about this, about men being the gatekeepers of commitment, and how the buck starts with them into all levels of commitment to females, from large and small, every action needs to be taken from a principled position of power.

From Leap:

“But still gatekeepers

So, the gatekeeper roles are correct in my opinion. It’s undervalued and hidden. Men are told they shouldn’t value their commitment. They should be ok with just being friends. They should be ok with supporting strangers via entitlement programs. They should be ok with the divorce laws, child custody laws, child support laws. We should just commit to their version of ‘man up, bend over, and take it.’”

No. Do not bend over and take it. Do not give it freely. Make them earn it. At the heart of every woman is a person who wants to ‘earn‘ the love, to ‘earn‘ the commitment, to ‘earn‘ the relationship.

The second they stop trying to earn it, it is your DUTY to stop giving it.

And for that, the freebies got to stop.

No more of this simpering idealized Disney, feminized garbage about being incomplete without a woman’s love, being derelict, lost, confused and suicidal to oneitus.

No more of this constant ‘have to win her love back’ hollywood fuckface nonsense.

Fuck that.

Once you realize your true nature and say fuck it to the female form of preferred promiscuity of serial monogamy, hypergamy falls to irrelevance. Hypergamy has always existed, but was kept in check largely due to male dominance. Even the beta’s of that era had balls.

Feminism beat it out of us.

Wild Child reminds me of the fact that what we used to be as men became unacceptable to female primacy, that alpha behaviors as such needed to be beaten out of men completely, leaving us soft and susceptible to beta indoctrination. Once the male form of sexuality was vilified, criminalized and quashed, it gave female sexuality reign on this planet allowing hypergamy to be unleashed in a manner likely never before seen in human history.

It is up to men to tip the scales back into balance by rejecting feminized society’s view of male imperatives as evil / female imperatives normal. We must once again take our male nature to a place where choosing to “control his biological sexual nature to be monogamous” has meaning, is done from a position of power and merits value in the choice, making it a gift rather than a posturing position of beta weakness, supplication and settling because he believes he can do no better.

Only when we all become Wild Child’s will hypergamy be broken and balance restored.


For my MGTOW brethren, another anthem and a blast from the past.


From all lives beginning on
we are pushed in little forms
no one asks us how we like to be
In school they teach us what to think
but everyone says different things
but they’re all convinced that
they’re the ones to see

So they keep talking and they never stop
and at certains point you give it up
so the only thing that’s left to think is this

I want out… To live my life alone
I want out… Leave me be
I want out… To do things on my own
I want out… To live my life and to be free

People tell me A and B
they tell me how I have to see
Things that I have seen already clear
so they push me then from side to side
they’re pushing me from black to white
they’re pushing’til there’s nothing more to hear

But don’t push me to the maximum
shut your mouth and take it home
’cause I decide the way things gonna be

I want out… To live my life alone
I want out… Leave me be
I want out… To do things on my own
I want out… To live my life and to be free

there’s a million ways to see the things in life
a million ways to be the fool
in the end of it, none of us is right
sometimes we need to be alone

I want out… To live my life alone
I want out… Leave me be
I want out… To do things on my own
I want out… To live my life and to be free


  1. I wish I could go back in time and kick my old high school self right in the dick. Tell him to not spend so much time and energy being ‘friends’ with girls.

    If the manosphere is able to get out only one piece of advice to young men it is to stop giving your attention away for free. Just walk the fuck away.

    Don’t let those babbling bitches tell you all their problems. Don’t let them treat you like another one of their girl friends. Only interact with them as a love interest, or because you have to for school, work, etc. Never as an emotional tampon. I don’t care if you don’t have anywhere else to go, just get away from her and her problems.

    The bumbling beta who listens to these self-centered bitches actually enables their alpha-chasing behavior. By giving the emotional support away for free, the only thing the girls end up valuing is the alpha inspired tingles. If her beta isn’t there to help ease her pain, she would be less likely to get back on the carousel for another round.

    If the choice for women was legitimately between alpha and beta a lot more women would go for beta after being burned by an alpha or two, if the betas weren’t giving their shit away for free.

  2. Good post and thanks for the link. Seems like you’re starting to explore and internalize what I was writing about.

  3. You’re rubbing off on me, no homo. 😀

  4. Everything you said +1.

    If I could go back in time to my high school self, I’d beat that sniveling shit to within an inch of his life and give him a list of goals to reach before my next visit, starting with hitting the gym, dropping my LJBF vampire, and learning from my brother. All else would have fallen into place.

  5. One of the problems for women/girls is that they actually think males want to be their friends. (I blogged on how men can’t be a friend to a woman unless he’s gay and got ripped apart by readers, but it’s the truth.)

    When a woman is whining to a guy “friend” about how bad her latest boyfriend is treating her, she just thinks he’s being a good friend. She doesn’t realize the guy friend’s ONLY reason for listening to her shit is because he wants to bone her.

    I’m doing my part to get this point across to women, but it’s difficult. The sooner women “get” men and their motivations, the better things will be. It’s a lack of understanding on the woman’s part. They just don’t know jack about men.

  6. Inadvertent rubbing off on. Interesting.

  7. Oh god.. i just noticed how that could be misconstrued really badly lol.

  8. My ex-wife (an ardent, bone-deep feminist) used to call me “The World’s Last Remaining W.A.S.P. Fan.” I took to the title proudly and began playing their music all the time, on purpose. If I knew she’d be using my car that day, I’d make sure to leave “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) cued up right before the chorus, at high volume.

    She was a bitch. She deserved it.

    But there is a lot to be gained, contextually, from that old music. The attitude, the philosophy behind what those bands were doing, you just don’t see it anymore. Not even among the more aggressive forms of modern music. I’d throw Manowar and Venom into the hat, also.

  9. Ahhh yes. Manowar! You couldn’t get much more masculine than that even if you had an I.V. drip of testosterone plugged into your veins.

    ‘Till the blood on your sword is the blood of a king
    ‘Till the blood on your hand is the blood of a king

    I got Iron Maiden and Judas Priest up there on my list, along side Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot and Kiss.

  10. […] – A Feminist World Abhors A Wild Child, On Cheating, Sorry CNN. . […]

  11. Ah yes the ol school metal is so inspiring – empowering even (to use a term beloved by our feminist enemy).

    I got into Motorhead at age 18, can’t listen to certain tracks when I’m out driving…my foot goes down on the accelerator, my teeth clench, and all of a sudden, I’m a kamakazi pilot swooping down on an aircraft carrier to die in flame and glory or one of Gengis Khans hordes charging into battle…..

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