Feminist uproar over Objectification in Cancer Research

October 18, 2012

Feminists are pissed off once more at ‘teh Menz’ blatant misogyny in creating an iPhone APP of topless girls to be sold on iTunes with proceeds going towards Prostate Cancer research. They’re horrified over the fact that innocent young women are being used solely for their boobage to raise funds for a cause that has little to no impact on women! They’re indignant over the fact that boobs are being used to raise awareness for something other than boobs of all things!

The video on the website promoting the app shows women in various ‘roleplay‘ outfits and varying states of undress, seductive poses and heavy sexual innuendo with them handling props and toys mimicking parts of the male body. Each of the women seductively suggests to the men to get regular prostate checkups to maintain their health and keep all their working parts in order.

It’s Facebook page went viral and got 2.5 million views in the first week alone — the campaign is back with more running off it’s slogan “hot, shirtless women talking about the importance of early detection for ‘keeping it up’.”

Not the website, but i thought you’d enjoy nonetheless.

Women’s groups are furious that women are being used in such a blatantly sexually suggestive manner, to an app that can be accessed by anyone on iTunes. They state emphatically that this app sends a clear message to men that:

“…women are solely toys to be used, ogled and treated in a sexual manner at a moments notice, the amount of time required to turn on your phone. Men have always had access to porn, but now it’s gone mainstream and this vulgar display of objectification is now accepted in the name of Cancer awareness! Women are more than just sexually dressed up caricatures to be drooled over by men and the Cancer Society should know better!”

The Cancer Society of Canada has not responded to the comments yet. Full story link below.

Furor erupts over using Topless models in fundraising drive promoting Cancer research





Sorry. I had to.

Two of my favorite topics. Breast Cancer and Objectification.

Not only is it bad enough that:

  1. Breast Cancer is the [a]most over funded, [b]consumer co-opted, and [c]best treated cancers to date. If you have breast cancer your prognosis is pretty decent. Lung cancer… sucks to be you.
  2. Has a website that USED to be called ‘The Weekend to End Cancer‘ [it’s domain is still endcancer.ca betraying it’s original neutrality] was renamed to THIS [link] just a few months after my brother succumbed to Multiple Myeloma basically relegating his death to “Oh well, too bad, not a woman, we dont’t care” status, in effect giving me and my family a big middle finger
  3. It takes valuable research time and dollars away from lesser known, more harmful cancers.

Not to mention the fundraising has superseded the actual cause.

But they also decide to go full on objectify mode with their fundraising.

Funny that. When i was growing up i was taught by my feminist overlords that men are the visual ones, the dirty nasty leering ogling drooling dogs, while the female snowflakes looked beyond the outer shell and looked at the inner goodness of a man and the quality of his character.

Feral females be great judge of quality character! Then i turn into a wolf and tear them to pieces.

Pretty lies die hard.

No, women are just as fucking visual if not moreso than men when it comes to attraction and accepting a mate, as OKCupid confirmed. This objectification and the reactions to hot hunky actors, sports athletes and music stars further solidifies it. The covers of romance novels and reactions to chiseled firefighters and hard bodies of Twilights wolfboy seal the deal. Women want their men just as hot if not moreso than their own sexual rank.

As Evan Marc Kratz says:

“It’s women, not men, who have unrealistic standards for the “average” member of the opposite sex.”

So let me ask then.. since the sphere has always taught me that what GAME is for a man, a HOT TIGHT FIT body is for a woman. The old dynamic that Men want hotness, Women want it’s equivalent in Alpha confidence and dominance and not so much looks. Now it appears that Women want that AND super hot gorgeous model 6 pack looks to go with GAME traits.

So what are HOT TIGHT FIT body women adding to the deal to balance out the unevenness of the scales? If it’s hot bod for hot bod trade… what do we men get for giving you the alpha confidence and dominance you crave?

Blowjobs on demand is a good start.

Open just a little wider dear

Well i got a little sidetracked, but there it is. Objectification. Alive and well and not one stupid fucking feminist in sight. Just like a cop, never around when you need one.

I want to quote someone very wise and knowledgeable right now:

“Objectification is not created equally. For women… it only happens when they want it to.”
– M3


  1. If feminists find this offensive, then they should stop supporting breast cancer research that says things like,”Save the tatas,” or “save second base.” It’s belittling and offensive and it isn’t fucking funny.

    I’m sick and tired of people taking these causes and making them into something they’re not, or belittling them, or degrading each other on the basis of them. What happened to the days when people raised money for cancer by doing 5ks and survivor walks and bake sales and yoghurt lids? WTF.

  2. Let me rewrite that quote:

    “Taylor Lautner is not to be used, ogled and treated in a sexual manner at a moments notice, the amount of time required to turn on your phone.

    Women have always had access to porn, but now it’s gone mainstream and this vulgar display of objectification using Mr. Lautner is now accepted in the name of a movie promotion!

    Men are more than just shirtless dressed up caricatures to be drooled over by women and the Cancer Society should know better!”

    Fixed it.

  3. I must admit that I am baffled by feminism. My formative years as a young adult were the late 80s through mid 90s–the absolute height of feminism in Canada. I remember these times as intense, and though a part of my brain knew that a lot of it was horseshit, I got me a bagina and went along with it for quite some time

    At that time feminists were against pornography because it objectified women. Now this is where my confusion comes in. I recently watched a panel discussion on TVO with half-a-dozen feminists, one of them being Erica Jong.

    When the host asked if it is possible to both be a feminist and to enjoy watching pornography, the answer he got was that it was only the old guard of second wave feminists who misguidedly held that view. (NAFALT?)

    Every feminist representative on the panel saw no problem with being a feminist today and viewing pornography. Indeed it seems that feminism and pornography go together like tea and cookies.

    So to read your post today about recent comlplaints over the objectification of women not in pornography but rather, in a cancer fundraising/awarenss campaign for men blows my mind.

    Surely this can’t go on, and feminism must be destined to fail. It’s clearly insane to have such disparate viewpoints on an issue all falling under the catch-all of feminism. Such a disconnect with reality is alarming. It can’t be sustainable in the long run.

    Anyways, I’ll be chilling beside my imaginary pool sipping Henny and watching some big booty pron if ya need me.

    The program I refer to is here:


    The question regarding feminists and pornography starts at around 34:20.

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  5. “I must admit that I am baffled by feminism” Feminism is not a definable word. It is a deliberate weasel word that can be made to suit whatever the speaker (provided she is a woman) wants it to mean. It is a way for them to add a veil of legitimacy to any drivel they want because being anti-feminist makes one a social pariah.

  6. Feminism is a catch all. It simply means ‘me me me whatever bothers me right now needs to be addressed to soothe my feelings irregardless of how it affects anyone including other women whom i do not speak for’

    The best example is Abortion. Who cares what pro-life women think. Me me me, i want that right to choose, whatever the reason, doesn’t matter, my body my choice. OK. You got it. So Asian women start aborting female fetus’s for cultural reasons. OH NOES! This is disturbing and wrong and misogynistic and an attack on girls and needs to be addressed and dealt with because it’s affecting my emotions!

    But it’s not a girl, its a lump of cells and tissue that hasn’t formed into anything with human rights yet… her body, her choice.

    (feminists head explodes)

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