To the lurkers….

October 17, 2012

So that’s how it’s done… LOL. Well, i do recall begging once before on getting my lurkers to disengage their cloaking devices.. but then i thought begging was very unbecoming. But i always wanted to do what Danny just suggested.. so in the interest of efficiency and the fact that i’m just too damn lazy, i will co-opt his post and apply it to my own.

De-lurk you fuckers! Can’t have an open exchange of information and idea’s if im just blowing smoke up my own ass. One thing that was valued long ago on HUS was a spirited and open discussion between men/woman from all sectors of life debating back and forth.

If you feel you have something meaningful to say or contribute.. please do so. If you just have an opinion you feel strongly about, say it. If you hate my guts, lemme know! 🙂

I just don’t want to have myself committed for carrying on conversations with myself.

Thanks for letting me hijack your post Danny! Consider it LinkLuvWithBenefits


Upon the advice of a prominent blogger this post is going up.

I know you read. I know you’re out there. But you don’t want to chime in and comment. Well; this post will be my last until I get 50 new comments: from NEW commenter’s (and I can easily verify new person’s).

This is simply and attempt to open the discussions more. I know there are reader’s that WANT to contribute, but don’t. Therefore, you are in control here. You determine the fate of this site.

So just comment with your age, sex, where you’re reading from, and how you ended up here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay up.

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  1. Trust me mate, people are reading. At the very least you’ve got yourself a 21 year old English bloke reading your posts.

  2. I’ll bite. I came to your blog via In Mala Fide and Delusion Damage. I read a lot of Manosphere blogs, but very rarely respond.

    You write pretty good stuff, bro.

  3. We love you man. Just keep posting

  4. Lurk often on manosphere sites but the more MRA/MRM than Game sites. Everything seems to have either been said or is being said better than I can so don’t often contibute unless I can add something original. Keep up the good work though and I will keep reading.

  5. I found your site a couple of weeks ago. It’s quickly become one of my favourites. Keep posting quality, I’ll keep on reading.

  6. I’m here, but I’m working now. Not so much time to blog.

  7. Comment on a few prominent male blogs. That’ll up your readership. I’ll go through your site and see about linking you on the blogroll.

    It’s just….I have no intarwebz ATM beyond my phone. You’re numbers are respectable: at least to me they are.

    Stay up.

  8. I’ve only just started reading in the past few days, so I’m not in a position to comment much right now. But suffice to say, if anything you say piques my interest enough, I’ll wade straight in with my two pennies’ worth…

  9. Love the blog, keep it up.
    I found you on the Delusion Damage feed.
    Comment challenge accepted.

  10. I just stopped lurking at Danny’s and will do the same here. You do good work with your blog and I enjoy your comments on other sites.

  11. Found you recently, been reading more often the last few days. Great pics in your posts.

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