Equality in the workplace and epilogue

September 15, 2012

You won’t find it here.

TTC tragedy: worker hit & killed by train near Yorkdale station

Five Deaths a Day: Workplace Fatalities in Canada, 1993-2005

Skip to page 25 for the good stuff.

In 2005, 97 per cent of Canada’s workplace fatalities were men. Fatalities among men have increased by 47 per cent between 1993 and 2005 from 727 deaths in 1993 to 1069 deaths in 2005. This increase accounts for almost all of the national increase. While fatalities among women experienced a 16.1 per cent increase between 1993 and 2004 before decreasing in 2005. In absolute terms there was a rise of only five female fatalities from 31 in 1993 to 36 in 2004, and a decrease of eight fatalities to 28 in 2005 (Table 4aand Chart 6). In fact, all female workplace fatalities between 1993 and 2005 account for less than half of the male workplace fatalities in 2005 alone.

Gets even better.

The average rate of incidence of workplace death is 30 times higher for men than women: 12.4 versus 0.4 per 100,000 workers in 2005 The male incidence rate has been rising, up from 10.4 per 100,000 workers in 1993, while the female rate has fallen, down slightly from 0.5

Tables are in the PDF. Knock yourselves out.


It would be wrong for me not to include this, it came up in the google hits. Not in Ontario but Saskatchewan.

Construction worker killed was pregnant, says fiancé


On an unrelated note.. i think im contemplating hanging up blogging and living in the sphere. I’ve become really bitter lately. Too bitter. You can’t continually swim in a sea of human shit and not end up getting polluted. Now i’m not actually calling the sphere shit.. it provides a great service. I’m talking about the day in day out reports of all the stupid shit women do. I’ve taken my red pill, yet i still seem to just want to absorb more and more hate and bitterness for hate and bitterness’s sake. I wallow in the daily delusion damage feed, looking for the next article to read about the evil of women and enter every interaction with a woman spoiling for a fight or looking for the first sign that she’s going to fuck me over.

All i do is mire myself in the very worst women have to offer in this tiny little section of the internet where all of our experiences reinforce it. God damn it, as a fucking atheist, i love Dalrock’s posts. BUT I can’t keep at it like this. There’s got to be another way.

I know enough to avoid the trap. I’ve learned enough to not settle for shit. I’m not desperate as to do something stupid. And i remain as committed to no marriage as ever.

And i get Roosh’s game tips via email now too…

If/when i post again, it wont be rants and raves about what some segment of the female population does that is retarded. We have enough bloggers who do that. It’ll be restricted to any field reports i feel comfortable posting (i dont think i need to put up any crash & burns as i start out.. ), long introspective posts about how i grew up and where i was led astray, mostly from the one woman i love the most, my own mother. It’s an unreal feeling to know.. to honestly know she fucked me up the most, unintentionally but her nonetheless. And my father too shares a huge chunk. I gotta shed my demons for me to move on, and hopefully someone will read it, relate to it and say, fuck.. im not alone, he made it, so can i. If for no other reason, maybe it might help save someone. Internet’s a pretty big place.

But mainly, i really gotta follow Yoda. I have to let go of my hatred. It’s fucking consuming me.

For all the sphere taught me i am grateful for. It opened my eyes to a world i never could have imagined.

But for my own health and sanity.. i gotta start letting go.

Until we meet again.


  1. Dude. I was the same. Now I avoid the ‘stupid shit women do’ articles and focus on different things. It works for me.

    Don’t close your blog.

  2. You can’t quit blogging!! You’re one of the more insightful, articulate bloggers out there!

  3. While I certainly respect your stance, I am very disappointed in the decision. Yours is one of my favorite blogs to read plus your combination of wit and anger at the foibles of women has always been both intelligent and entertaining.

    Regardless, I wish you nothing but the best on whatever path you take.

  4. I won’t close it. I just need to unwind. Probably spent too much time over HUS which is always great at making my head spin.

  5. Thanks Carolina. I won’t quit. Just need to cool of a touch.

  6. I’m just going through a phase i think. Given where i live, it’s only a matter of time before something sets me off. I’m just not gonna spend my time looking for stupid women things, but if i come across them by accident and it incites me enough, my invective will be twice as potent.

    And thanks for the comments and encouragement!

  7. Oh, I never go there. I don’t frequent many chick blogs.

  8. M3
    A few things

    First. I’d just stop going to HUS. The atmosphere over there certainly isn’t friendly/healthy for males any more. I would argue it rarely is for females either. Only womens blogs I read are Stingrays, Suz, and space traveler. Oh, and I pop over to carolines occasionally, but don think I’ve commented yet.

    Second, I would recommend the book ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’. It’s cheap and VERY much worth the read. It’s all about finding healthy ways to be assertive on your needs, deal with your issues, and not lash out in anger but rather set healthy boundaries. It feels right now that you’re having issues doing so, and then when you realize someones stepped FAR beyond where you’re comfortable with, you lash out and force them much further back than the original boundary would have kept them.

    You should view your life and boundaries as something that should take a small, constant effort with the occasional moderate if someones pushing it or RARE extreme if someones opening taking advantage of you. Right now it sounds like you’re dealing only in extremes. If I’m wrong, let me know

  9. HUS is off my list. I just have to unsubscribe from the threads, they’re clogging my inbox.

    Boundaries are key, I just haven’t actualized healthy ones for me yet. I think the best way to describe it is I’m suffering PTSD, mostly from a lost adolescence I haven’t come to terms with and I’m in vengeance mode. This is not the correct path but my failed marriage and the fwb that dissolved only compounded it. So when I run into hamsters, instead of toying with them, I just want to murder them.

    Reading it on a daily basis and going further down the rabbit hole is a suffering of the mind. I really can’t separate the need for attraction triggers being normal with basically having to treat interactions with women on the level of interacting with children. My logical mind tells me they should have grown the fuck up. Yet it is what it is.

    Long ways to go for this padawan.

  10. Good to see you’re not unplugging entirely…

  11. What I’d recommend is avoiding getting emotionally invested in conversations that deal with the negative aspects of female hypergamy. Read them, absorb them, know them…. but don’t discuss them.

    Instead, dig into yohami’s archives. The rawness has some good ones. so does gettinbetter.com – shari. All the female bloggers I listed also focus on what makes a GOOD relationship/woman/man instead of what makes a bad one.

    Like you, I started getting overly negative about women. It also started bleeding into my personal life in ways that had nothing to do with women – friends, family, and career. I had to cut off commenting at dalrocks, rollos, and a couple other places while I got my head on straight. I still am reluctant to comment at those places. Not because I don’t think they do good things or have relevant information, they do. I just can’t get emotionally involved in those conversations for my own sanity. Rather, I just take the info and parse it into my life under my own control and with as low emotional investment as I can.

    Meanwhile, I’m heavily involved in the comments at the women’s sites, usually will put a comment or two on Yohami’s, and stay silent most other places. For my own health I need to remember what is positive about women and what my goals are – to succeed in my career and find a positive woman. I don’t need to talk with manosphere bloggers to understand the detriments of hypergamy – they say it in the original post and everyone posts about it. I need to keep in mind the reasons that dealing with hypergamy is worth it.

    The women bloggers offer that and offer a tangible, shining thing – hope. That’s why I stick to them and avoid commenting on male blog sites. I need hope. I deal with hypergamy every day. I wade in it at my job and go out 2-3 nights a week meeting women and dealing with it. I might not be a ‘PUA or mPUA’, but I know enough to cope and to learn from my mistakes. I can deal with the rough ride ahead as long as I see a light. The women blogging of the female red pill give that to me, where the male red pill bloggers only show enemies on every side. Paranoia and lack of hope are not my friend. They may be ‘realistic’ but I refuse to abandon hope, to give up, to not work on myself and towards my happiness

  12. And my own posts reflect that. Its less these days about picking up women, and more about picking up my own life. I met 3 bisexual stewardesses last night and just had a woman back tonight at my place for a meeting. Nothing got closed, but there was flirting and good vibes from everyone both nights.

    Yet that shit doesn’t matter to me in a growth perspective. Thats what I need to maintain the level of happiness I have, but to get happier and continue growing I need to revamp my life. Find my masculinity and own it. Find my boundaries and guard them.

    So yeah. Keep growing. Keep learning, Keep changing. Let women pass by your life without assigning value to any individual one for a bit. Just be there and experience them while you do your own thing.

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