Friday Link Love

September 7, 2012


Heartiste shows you that it’s worth flapping your arms if you’re falling off a cliff. You might just find out you can fly!

The not so Private Man shows how the modern era of brain rot TV encourages women to become attention whores.

Danny from the 504 shows you just where your daughter is going to end up if you don’t have a great father figure in her life to teach her there’s more to self worth than the selfshot pics she can whore off to the interwebs.

Rollo discusses why NiceGuys are the real assholes and the Jerks are the honorable men, at least according to women who get angry when NiceGuys stop being nice after they accept the rejection.

Shining Pearls writes an amazingly thought out letter to an imaginary future daughter in law, reversing the roles where instead of detailing what the Princess desires she is instead told what Prince Charming sees over the landscape.

Freedom25 reiterates how females are allowed all the standards they want to apply against men and still be regarded highly, while men who hold equally male standards to apply on women are viewed as vile, uncultured and undesirables to be avoided for thinking that way.

You are all loved.

Now fawk off and go read! 😛

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  1. thanks Sir. enjoy your weekend.

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