The Heartiste Anthem

September 5, 2012

Really quickly…

Just caught a commercial on the tube while eating dinner.. and nearly choked when I saw it. I shit you not the very first thing that jumped into my mind was the Chateau.

So much so that this is my first post I’ve ever written through my android phone and WordPress app. Getting the YouTube embed link was a bitch so I hope ya’all appreciate it.

I think we’re all familiar with the absolute glee he takes in tormenting feminists and heavy hamster abusers by taking their twisted logic, untwisting it, reconnecting the proper logic paths and correlating it to real world science and application that cannot be refuted. (Rollo & others do this to but Heartiste delights in pointing it out)

The master of revealing how the hamster operates, he even utilizes a tiny animated gif of a hamster spinning itself right off the wheel. Let me see if I can dig it up.


Poor lil bastard.

Anyways, watch the video and tell me what thoughts cross your mind when you see it.

Without further adoo.. the Anthem



  1. It’s fur changed color. Oh man, I don’t know whether that scares the ever living hell out of me or whether to laugh my ass off!!

  2. Just wondering if the hamster becomes hysteric, too, when faced with the reality of “gravity”. It jumps right back on the wheel most times, so it would appear it ‘thinks’ that if it just does it enough times, things will change.
    Reminds me of feminist propaganda, btw.

    Excellent example of the rationality processing we as men witness every day in our counterparts. Pretty amazing, that they manage to keep up, when that furry litlle critter goes into hyperdrive.

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