What i’ve been buying and doing as of late..

September 2, 2012

Lets see, since June..

  1. Bought new computer in July after my old computer melted
  2. Bought a new HTC One X android phone and new cell plan with 6 gigs of data
  3. Got a 2 year upgrade on my vehicle registration
  4. Had time to read game, start watching MindOS
  5. Drink lots of beer (Molson 67 eh) and relax
  6. Paid off over $1,000 of my braces treatment
  7. Picked up Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (my current addiction)
  8. Picked up Forza 4 and NFS:Shift 2 (with Xbox wheel and 5.1 surround, and the Top Gear track with Jeremy Clarkson voiceover.. EPIC)
  9. Picked up Crysis 2 (FPS fix)
  10. Bought Puss in Boots 3D and Cars 2 3D (on my 55″ LED LG 3D tv)
  11. Bought WD TV Live media streamer for viewing my.. uhh… ‘rentals’ from someplace called The Pirate Bay hehe
  12. Got some new jeans and tank tops
  13. Got started on ProActiv again to clear up my complexion to make me even more sexy
  14. Putting tiny amounts of fuel in my completely paid off 2012 Ford Focus Titanium
  15. Opened up a Costco Premium membership
  16. Purchased more Whey protein and vitamin supplements for my weight training
  17. Not being rushed in my workouts to accommodate someones plans
  18. Extra weight plates and dumbbells
  19. Went out to see Prometheus and Batman Dark Knight Rises in theaters
  20. Hanging out with only people i care to hang with due to their quality
  21. Hit a few parties, socialize for the sake of social interactions, not outcomes
  22. Go on late night bike rides throughout the city with no curfew

What i *haven’t* been buying or doing as of late:

  1. Stupid outings for ‘Sushi‘, the entitled princess meal
  2. Wondering where i’m going to find money to cover the credit card bills
  3. Buying panties/lingerie that would be worn in anger is if it were a chore to wear
  4. Trying to find room to store things in my own home
  5. Being told to renovate or fix things around the place that were fine
  6. Paying off anyone else’s student debt
  7. Being asked to take the dog out in the middle of the night
  8. Watching the gas bill rise for stupid inefficiently planned trips being done in the ‘family’ SUV
  9. Wondering why we need to buy a 5th bedspread from IKEA (because it’s purple!)
  10. Being asked to repaint perfectly fine walls
  11. Being asked if something looked good on/made them look fat
  12. Arguing about the need to buy new cookware with money that doesn’t exist (because the Lagostino set is in shiny red!)
  13. Wondering why we have no closet space when my stuff only takes 1/5th of the space
  14. Staring at an obscene pile of shoes
  15. Having to listen to complete drivel or pretend to care about inane bullshit
  16. Being required to entertain out of obligation
  17. Stressing out over ‘is this a shit test’?
  18. Chewing off my finger nails or losing any more hair
  19. Worrying about what anyone’s given opinion of me is at any point in time
  20. Being anyone’s doormat or emotional tampon
  21. Putting anyone’s needs before my own

My brother would have turned 40 seven days ago. I think he would be happy with where i’ve come since he departed.

I turn 36 in two days. I am very happy with myself in who i am and where i’m going.

Could it have all turned out so very different. Yes. My marriage could have remained intact if hypergamy hadn’t reared it’s ugly head and had feminism, my mother and father, and all members of authority not so deeply ingrained beta thinking and attitude into me. (My next post will be a multipart series detailing many aspects of that)

But that time is done and past and mark my words.. never to be repeated. Mojo makes the case that my heart and mind have known ever since i was forced to leave my own home on my hands and knees by the women i pledged my life to, one who could not uphold her end of the contract.

For all the reasons i just enumerated above.



I think Captain No-Marriage would be proud. I have not had to check in with, run any numbers by, ask for permission for or beg to do anything i have wanted to do.

Now if you excuse me, i have to get back to helping Optimus Prime save The Ark!


  1. Thanks for the link!

    And, it’s great to see how many changes you’ve made in such a short time. I move a bit slower than that but I’m getting there too.

  2. Glorious post!

  3. I discovered game and the manosphere during my most recent LTR. She was the typical entitlement princess, hot but batshit crazy. When we broke up, I was so happy. Blue pill me would have cried his heart out, but the red pill me is enjoying the freedom, paying off debts, concentrating on fitness 100% without guilt, and wonderfully getting more than enough attention from women friends, including benefits. From several of them, that I wouldn’t have believed before.

  4. I laughed at the wearing panties in anger one. LOL

    Not all women are that bad. Some women are actually considerate, thoughtful, stable emotionally and enjoy sex with their man. Just don’t want you to give up hope on finding one like that.

  5. I appreciate the sentiment Carolina. And i know NAWALT is true. The problem is they are always ‘the catch’ that they are and are usually all happily snapped up early on. I’m left to deal with the excess ones, that think they are a catch but are really the kind you throw back into the toxic river. And at my advanced age, i don’t think i can find one that is self aware enough or hasn’t racked up a high enough number to turn me away from wanting to settle down.

    I think thats the big tragedy of this current SMP. I, like many of my brethren, were perfectly willing to continue the social contract. But when a majority of women en masse decided that it wasn’t for them, and i was forced to see through the lie of ‘women want commitment’ in my own experience, it’s hard to make me want to trust the system again, especially now when i see my life is so much more stress free without trying for ‘relationships’ and just enjoying my time and trying to pick up women without any thought of imagining a future with them that have a great chance of causing me more stress than benefit.

    What i’ve gone through has also taught me that i’m probably not cut out for a relationship. Everything i ever wanted about relationships was to achieve a partnership where i cared more about the other person than myself (and hoped it would be vise versa). Everything the sphere has taught me is that once you do that, you’re on your way to having your partner hate you by raising their rank above yours. All the teachings of the rule of 2/3rds, instilling dread, showing dominance and maintaining a higher sex rank to curb women’s hypergamy *JUST* to keep the woman around.. while i understand it’s relevance in the mating dance, it makes me question why i’d bother.

    Couple all this with the fact that you are already taken 😉 and that i live in Toronto, probably a city even WORSE than the fables of Washington DC in terms of women’s inflated ego’s and entitled bitches surrounded by pussy beggars, i’d have a greater chance getting struck by lightning on a sunny day while winning the lotto after having had tea with the leprechaun i caught at the end of the rainbow and the genie who i rubbed out of the lamp.

    Perhaps i should consider uprooting.

  6. You’re not an advanced age. LOL

    And there are many women out there who would make a good match for you. Finding them is going to be hard, I agree. But they are out there!

  7. Haha. Give it a week or two, I bet you’ll stop feeling ‘an advanced age’ after your birthday has passed a bit. I know I’m feeling some of that pressure now, because my birthday is tomorrow, but it’ll pass.

    You’re doing good stuff man. It’s healthy for you.

  8. And at my advanced age,

    I think I’m going to cry . . .

    Psssh. 36 for man is NOTHING. Your hitting your stride and women know it. Advanced age, my backside.

    BTW, what do you think of BCAA’s during a workout. Use them?

  9. BCAA’s, never even knew about them until you brought it up. I’m looking into it now. I’ll let you know when i come to a conclusion. Thanks for the heads up on it!

    36.. yeah, i’m over the hill 😀

  10. M3,

    Over the Hill? I am several months older than you. For a woman that’s like 62 in dog years.

  11. Good post bro

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