Another man bites the dust, but don’t forget to mention about women too.

August 29, 2012

Caught this on Global TV last night. I can’t embed the video so go to the link below and watch the clip.

See if you can spot the part that made me kinda spit a little beer out of my mouth. I’ll wait.

Click to go to video

Didn’t hear it? I’ll give you a clue. It happens at the 47 second mark when the constable is talking.

Did you notice the only female in this report is the reporter narrating?

Here’s the Toronto Sun report with a picture slideshow of the scene. Notice anything?

Some Canadian stats:

A recent 131-page report titled A Roadmap to Men’s Health, produced by a medical team from SFU, UBC and Vancouver General Hospital, found that men are the victims of more than 97 per cent of all Canadian workplace deaths. (article)

A Kanetix.ca insurance report entitled Jobs that can kill: Workplace fatalities in Canada by gender:

There were 1,097 Canadians killed at their place of work in 2005 according to a recent study by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards. When we take a look at who these people are, the gender trend is clear; the average rate of workplace deaths in Canada in 2005 was 30 times higher for men than women. In other words, 97 per cent of the people killed on the job were men. In actual numbers, of the 1097 reported workplace deaths in 2005, 1069 were male workers while the remaining 28 were female workers. The study also reports, the rate of workplace death is rising for men and falling for women. (article)

Some U.S. stats supplied by the beautiful Carolina in her smashing article Do Any Women Work at the Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous Jobs that Men Do? Any Women At All?

  • “In 2006, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Stats, 5,396 men and 444 women were killed on the job. Women were only 7.5% of on-the-job fatalities.”
  • “And, btw, the 412 rescue workers who were killed in the 9/11 attacks were…all men.”
  • 99% of coal miners are men.*
  • 99% of garbage collectors are men.*
  • 100% of deep sea fishermen are men.
  • 100% of electrical power line installers are men.
  • 100% of roughnecks (work the oil drill) are men.
  • 99% of auto repair mechanics are men.*
  • 99% of roofers are men.*
  • 100% of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics are men.
  • 98% of metal fabricators are men.
  • 97% of aircraft maintenance and service technicians are men.
  • 95.5% of firefighters are men
  • 92% of construction workers are men.
  • 88% of patrol officers are men.

Originally i wanted to do a post that would examine a day in the life of a typical female HR office worker, and show the 6 degrees of separation that detail exactly how many thousands of men she actually relies on throughout the day to make her the strong ‘independent’ woman that she is. I realized the task was going to be TOO daunting because of all the connections and overlap. Perhaps one day ill go back and just choose 3 items that most women use in daily life and show the thousand male connections required to allow her to be able to use that item. It really is mind blowing.

Just for a real quick example. Think of something as simple as how many men are required to allow you to eat with a classy decorative fork. Try and envision an episode of ‘How it’s Made’ while following the forks journey.

The classic Stainless Steel Fork

  • Mining operations to extract out iron, chromium and nickel.

  • Loading/transporting of materials to refineries with heavy construction equipment

  • Raw materials need to be smelted and refined at massive plants

  • These materials need to be melted down and poured into blank sheets

  • Sheets are fed through massive presses to stamp out blanks

  • Blanks are rolled, annealed and polished to spec on more machines

  • Packaged in plastic and cardboard boxes on assembly line

  • Transported to your local IKEA for you consumption pleasure

I didn’t even go one degree beyond, much less six. Going into the power required to run those refining plants, presses or machinery, danger involved in blasting mountains, building and fueling the heavy equipment engineered to excavate those materials out of the ground, working in 1,000 degree furnace environments, fuel required for transportation, making sure necessary infrastructure is in place, etc.. going the full 6 degrees of separation would require one hell of a diagram linking all the different material/energy/labor resources of hundreds of overlapping occupations.

Both Danny and Carolina have talked about a stupid show called “The Week the Women Left”. The premise is really fucking stupid and there has been some debate amongst the sphere about what a show would look like if the script were reversed and all the men left. Funnily enough, that show was already made.. they just fucked up on the title of the show…


So the next time some strong independent beast of a woman tells you the world would be better if run by women or better yet, if all men just dropped dead or were eradicated.. simply tell them to walk down any street, and take a good look around them. The houses, the telephone poles, the power lines, the phone lines, the generators, the street asphalt, the manhole leading to the sewage system, the cars on the road, the road itself, the sidewalks, the traffic signals, the elevated highways, the power grid, the highrise condo’s.. who put them there?

And everyday items you use for convenience? When you turn on the light switch, or the microwave, tv or hairdryer? Who’s generating the power? Who built the hydro electric dams? Who engineered, built, maintain and run the nuke plants? Who blasts, digs out and hauls the coal for the coal fired plants? The hardwood floor you love to tell your friends about? The newspaper you read, the paper you write on? Who took down those trees? Transported them? Processed them?

What about the fuel you pump into your car? What about the plastic housing of your hairdryer? What about lipstick you put on your face? Who works on the rigs, derricks and floating platforms at sea to pump out the oil? Who works at the refineries to process that crap into gasoline and petroleum? The list of things touched by this one resource below in terms of our current society is mind boggling!

To enable women to be independent requires the collective efforts of thousands of men. It make me think of a quote from StarShip Troopers.

“M.I. does the dying; Fleet just does the flying.”

I work in downtown Toronto, and there are condo buildings popping up around me like high school boys when the sexy science teacher starts talking about biology. I walk past three construction sites on a daily basis near where i work. I see hundreds of hard hats a day.

Not. One. Woman.

Women enjoy so many conveniences on a daily basis that they take for granted because the men in the background toil and die for societies net benefit. Now… i’m sure i can hear the shrill noises of a thousand used up and goitered feminists yelling that i enjoy these benefits too and couldn’t be independent on my own either. Not every man has the knowledge required to create every modern convenience on his own, but they work together as part of a whole for the collective good. This is why men do dangerous jobs, because someone has to. If it came down to it, i’d be capable to work in a mine, or on a skyscraper, on the road, collecting trash, etc.. life would continue on as men would step up to the plate.

Imagine if every man just said ‘fuck it, let the women do it‘. Or if men really did just disappear one day. How many women would ‘man up’ and start doing these things? How many of them would wish for men to come back as civilization crumbled around them and were left to fend on their own, far removed from this clean civil society? How many of them would instantly revert to the demur, submissive, woe is me i am fragile and need protection and provisioning female in a microsecond when civilization starts to get a little grimy?



And my sincere condolences go out to the poor guy who fell off that roof and died.


Thought experiment for the day. Just look around you throughout the day and take nothing for granted. Explore where everything you interact with comes from and how it got there.

Prepare to feel smaller.


  1. It was when the police officer said “…husbands….and wives” as if there are so many women doing that type of work you’ve got to acknowledge them. Please.

  2. “Could it have all turned out so very different. Yes. My marriage could have remained intact if hypergamy hadn’t reared it’s ugly head and had feminism, my mother and father, and all members of authority not so deeply ingrained beta thinking and attitude into me. (My next post will be a multipart series detailing many aspects of that)”

    Can’t wait. Bring it. I can relate.

    Sadly, there would be no need for the manosphere if our society and parents had done their jobs.

  3. Won’t be my very next post, but soon. Just got 2 quick ones to shove out before I take that stroll down memory lane.

    Always great to see you around Deti.

  4. Glad you took the time to write this article, especially the segment highlighting the numerous constituent parts of forming one commodity – a stainless steel fork. Writing such as this shall too become part of a greater narrative some day – spelling it out for those who don’t quite yet know.
    The whole fork building process, save the consumption, dominated by men. From the ground breaking to the stamping out of and marketing the final forged product.

    You have managed to briefly relay the message of Six Degrees of….Dependence.

    And yes, that workplace safety for the “husbands and wives” of construction workers bit. This is similar to the public tributes to Viet Nam vets, “the men and women” who lost their lives in that war – the 58,000+ men and eight women (employed as medical staff, no less). That farce of (limited) inclusion that forgets or omits men, common or otherwise, as main contributors to anything good happens to rule over much of Canada too.

    Finally, regarding the hard hats that inhabit the construction sites in downtown Toronto, or anywhere else for that matter top the crowns of mostly men. Yet the most frequent hard hat worn by female construction staff happen to be coloured white – management. Someone who has enrolled in and completed the theoretical end of site work – in an air conditioned classroom. Many men previously employed in the grunt labour of construction had worked to higher levels due to their skill base and became site or other managers. They performed the material hauling, rebar placing, dado cutting, etc. prerequisites for the final project end and thus had gained years of insights relevant to the build team. Some, for good reason, grumble about whitehat/management decisions. The plan doesn’t always mix well with physics, the job at hand, the job of the construction worker.

    Anyway, saw your post on AVfM, which led me to your article. From a fellow Canadian, keep on writing buddy.

  5. Thanks for such a great article. Your work is greatly appreciated.

    It is beyond me how a woman has the gall to claim she doesn’t need men, or that men aren’t needed any more, or even worse, to say, as some commercial I recently saw on tv says, that “women make the world go around” !! This absurd notion should be classified as a new mental disorder -and a serious one too- and any one (woman or man) who utters such nonsense should be forced into a mental asylum and a mandatory mental evaluation and treatment. For a person who denies the unequaled and unrivaled importance of MAN to the world and to life as we know is beyond delusional and indeed must suffer from some form of mental illness.
    To even dare to compare women’s “contribution” -if there is any- to society to that of men’s, or even to deny the importance of men’s altogether is BLASPHEMOUS.

    Can someone please direct me on how to join a men’s right’s group in vancouver, BC.

  6. Your comment is appreciated. Thank you.

    Best bet to join the Vancouver chapter would be by registering at A Voice for Men and getting in touch with John the Other, or most anyone on that site will help direct you appropriately.


  7. Thanks, man. I appreciate the reply. I just registered with VFM not too long ago but it was my second try at registering because the first one I never received a password from them. The second time it took a long time to get one and I don’t know why that is.
    Anyway, I’m so eager to see some of these awesome MEN and thank them personally for having the guts to stand up for men’s -or I should say real MEN’S- rights and tell this sick misandrist society how full of crap it is.

  8. I had that issue too. Registered, never got the pass n forgot about it. 2 months later I got a password reset email from the site.

    Try registering again with the same email. If it says ur already in the system, look for a lost password link to reset it and hopefully you’ll get it.

    And check ur spam box.

  9. One of my best memories as a teenager – first day of 10th grade. Social studies teacher stands in front of the class and asks how many believe men and women are equal. A number of girls hands go up. He counts off, “OK, 1, 2, and 3. Here. Take this book order downstairs to the book supply room, and comeback with 30 textbooks.”

  10. “How many of them would instantly revert to the demur, submissive, woe is me i am fragile and need protection and provisioning female in a microsecond when civilization starts to get a little grimy?”
    Reminds me of Bill Burr:
    “There are no feminists in a house fire”.

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