Taking a break

August 22, 2012

Just an uber quick update.

I have a lot of stuff i felt like talking about and have started writing, but it’s in limbo. It’s in my draft folder in fragments of unintelligible gibberish refusing to congeal. Consider it writers block. I need to step back for a moment.

I also have a lot of reading to do and with a full time job, blogging will have to become what it was always supposed to be. A hobby.

I took Yohami up on his suggestion and ‘acquired’ MindOS by David DeAngelo & Dr Paul Dobransky. I want to study this thing in depth and uninterrupted. Ever since high school i’ve had an issue with studying. I hear and see things, understand them but cannot do recall later on. Or i’ll read the same passage over 8 or 9 times before getting frustrated that i can’t get the information to sink in.

So a little meditation is in order before i get into this.

Then we will talk.

Lastly, i want to turn my blog a little away from my angry snark and pissing over the past. Besides, i think the sphere has got women’s irrationality covered extremely well that i don’t need to be adding too much to it. Things like this over at GHOST NATION:

A woman tells the truth about shit tests.

Although everything she says is accurate and true, i can’t help but think that this is the thinking of a child that really needs to be beaten out of her.

I’d rather chronical a journey of my dreams, hopes and fears. Whether i succeed or fail, get on the horse or stay off, detailing where i came from, where i’m going and what i’ve learned. Discuss about the trials i overcame, why i was so beta to begin with, my lost youth, my Renaissance with strippers, and my approaches today and tomorrow.

So just because i will be very sparse for the next little while.. does not mean i’m dead. I’m just formatting the noodle and prepping for a new OS.

Oh, and i fight crime in my spare time. Didn’t you know?

I’m Batman.


  1. Best of luck. Hit me anytime if you want to chat over MindOS.

  2. Where’d you ‘acquire’ the MindOS?

    Also, totally understand taking a break. I hope you continue to give the rest of us some valuable feedback with good comments, but get that sometimes you just need to get away from it all as well.

    At the end of the day, do what’s going to lead to your long term health.

  3. Just so you know, you’re missed.

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